Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1002


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“What’s the matter?”

“What happened again?”

each and everyone panicked.

Including Ye Yang, at this time, they are all calm.

I have never seen this situation before.

The causal connection has been severed, and Space Power is banned from being overwhelmed over here. The ancient palace flew so far to Primal Chaos Abyss at the beginning, but at this time there is still such a strong attraction. ancient palace sucking over there?

With Ye Yang’s ability, forcibly keeping the ancient palace away from the beginning, they couldn’t resist the suck of that terrifying force.

Hundreds of billions of light-years in the void, as if compressed and distorted at this moment into a distance of only a few million kilometers of trifling.

Every time the moved towards the universe is drawn and flew for a certain distance, it is equivalent to spanning an unknown number of light years.

Different from the common way of flying directly across space, this kind of flying method seems more advanced? In other words, it is more rare.

No matter what power Ye Yang uses, he and the ancient palace cannot avoid this pulling force.

The gods in the ancient palace in the early days still don’t know what happened outside, they only feel the shaking of the ancient palace in the early days, but based on the trust in Ye Yang, at this time each and everyone is still active in the ancient palace in the early days. . Only a very small number of projections incarnate outside the ancient palace in the early days, and then they suddenly lose contact with each other.

“Did something happen?” A god questioned.

But, who will answer him at this time? Ye Yang didn’t have time to pay attention to them, the overwhelming majority god in ancient palace didn’t know what was going on.

Next, something more bizarre and terrifying happened.

Ye Yang felt that his body was out of control, and flew out of the ancient palace of the primordial age, and the ancient palace of the primordial age was absorbed into his body.

His body was pulled and flew closer and closer to the universe. The huge pitch-black gap between each and everyone is sucking at him. A little further away, other gods were also being madly sucked, constantly moved towards the persecution of the universe.

“Damn it!!”

Ye Yang has red eyes, angry roar, but this feeling is like a mortal being thrown in the air, the parachute has not been opened yet. Or it’s like a mortal who doesn’t know water put on a mask that transforms oxygen and was thrown into the bottom of the water.

Everything around seems to be weak, there is nowhere to be effective, and nowhere to be effective.

“Return it to me!!”

Ye Yang’s fine divine sense force controls the contraction of his body, but it is difficult for the body to shrink and shrink. The ancient palace, which used the divine sense force to forcibly control itself within the body, becomes stronger.

With a bang, the ancient palace came out from Ye Yang within the body forcibly, and blasted his small half of his body to pieces.

He spit out, coughed a few times, and his face was miserable: “I’ve been careless, I’ve been a god for so long, I still make this kind of low-level mistake.”

You should control your body to make a hole and then take out the compressed ancient palace. You don’t need to be directly exploded by the ancient palace like now.

Fortunately, the ancient palace did not contain any particularly powerful alien powers in the early days, and the damage caused to the gods of this level is not the foundation of damage.

The body quickly recovered and became smaller, and returned to the ancient palace in the early days. The ancient palace in the early days became bigger and stronger, supporting Ye Yang.

If you are sucked into the old universe and want to save your life, you may rely on this ancient palace. How can you hide the ancient palace from the beginning into your own body? You can only enter the ancient palace from the beginning of your own body, which is called security.

However, Ye Yang still feels a strong suction force.

Not only the body, but Divine Soul is also sucked away from the body.

But at this moment, Ye Yang’s heart moved, and there was a faint guess.

In an instant, Ye Yang’s divine sense force separates from the body and condenses into the ancient palace of the beginning. My own spirit willpower merges with the ancient palace of the beginning.

At this moment, the various perceptions acquired by the ancient palace at the beginning are shared with Ye Yang, and Ye Yang’s will completely controls the ancient palace at the beginning. It is as if the entire ancient palace in the beginning has become the incarnation of Ye Yang.

At this time, Ye Yang discovered that the pulling force still exists, but his body will no longer be forcibly sucked out of the ancient palace.

“so that’s how it is…this suction power is actually aimed at Divine Soul? If Divine Soul rests on the body, then suck Divine Soul, if Divine Soul rests on the ancient palace, then draw on the ancient palace. If Divine Soul is out of body and not attached to the ancient palace of the beginning, will the Divine Soul of the deity be directly attracted to the old universe?”

At this time, if Ye Yang’s Divine Soul leaves, perhaps the ancient palace would not be attracted to it in the first place. However, people have selfish hearts, let alone a god like him? Sacrifice yourself to save the gods in the ancient palace? how is this possible?

Only the other way around, sacrificing the gods and protecting himself, is this the right choice for him. In the beginning, the ancient palace, the Supreme Treasure, must be brought in to save lives.

It was also at this time that Ye Yang discovered that there were still many gods nearby, who had entered different Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasures. For example, the imperial ding young man had his body hidden in the giant cauldron. And the giant cauldron exuding Profound Yellow Qi, faintly bloomed with huge fluctuations of will. Obviously, the young man also condensed spirit willpower into the giant cauldron.

It’s just that the two sides look close, but they are actually tens of millions of light years apart.

Ye Yang is so far away, so the distance to be sucked is far, and it is relatively far behind, that Yuding Youth is a strong cultivation base, so it is not sucked so quickly, and it is also located in the broken universe. outer.

The universe has collapsed, and all space fragments in the universe can be regarded as the scope of the old universe.

Ye Yang saw that there are some gods who, in the process of being sucked, turned abruptly and landed on the broken ground, or landed on one after another broken stars.

Some are still sucked away, but some are stabilized.

For example, a vast piece of land condensed by hundreds of billions of star fragments, with a length and width of several light-years, as if a small half of a galaxy was compressed and condensed. It is unclear how dense it is. There is a powerful suction force on this vast land. A god forcibly descended on this land, and was able to sit cross-legged motionless on it, no longer being sucked away.

This seems to be a way to save yourself?

Ye Yang pupil light flickered and wrote it down.

It’s so convenient to have pioneers wandering through the thunder in the front, and walking in the back following the footprints of the powerhouse in front. Of course, the direction of the shuttle flight is not really the same as that of the powerhouse, but Ye Yang can forcibly attach to some huge massive continents like them.

At this time, Ye Yang moved his mind and body, and he saw that his avatar flew by not far away. The connection between the incarnation and the body was not cut off, because there was the body of Ye Die. They had stayed in the chaos territory newly created by Ye Yang before. Now that the Chaos Territory has been destroyed, they have also been sucked over, protected by Ye Die, and Ye Yang’s avatar has not disappeared suddenly.

Ye Yang beckoned, forcibly retracting the Ye Yang butterfly body and his avatar.

Next, I saw a huge silhouette flying by.

“Yuan Hao Senior?”

The giant tortoise.

The defensive ability is extremely strong, not inferior to the ancient powerhouse that was originally ancient palace. It was once known as Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, and then became the rule of Yu Nei Law.

On battle strength, it is the controller level of the law, but that is that the attacking ability is too poor. If you talk about the defense ability, it is much stronger than the normal rule.

Ye Yang thoughts move, and forcibly sucked this giant tortoise over.

“Hhoo, I’m saved.” The giant tortoise sighed.

“It’s too early to say that we can be saved.” Ye Yang’s consciousness attached to the ancient palace in the beginning and said.

Suddenly asked again: “Didn’t Senior have another real body before?”

The giant tortoise said: “That’s fake. This is the main body of the deity. What stays in the ancient palace of the primordial age is only an incarnation. Fortunately, the body of the deity has always followed the ancient palace of the primordial age. Otherwise, it will be staggered with you. Although they are not saved yet, they can at least support each other.”

“Senior think, what is the situation now? How should we save ourselves?” Ye Yang asked.

“I don’t know… but the deity can be sure that there is a mysterious fog in front of us. Everything we see is not completely real. There are illusions that disrupt our perception. Unless we go deep, we can see the truth. !” Yuan Hao said.

This Divine Tortoise is good at calculating, and a small piece of Yuan Hao’s shell contains a strong prophecy. With Ye Yang’s weak strength before, I only feel that the power of the equivalent to the controller level of the turtle shell lies in it. Now naturally it can be seen that if this tortoise shell is burned with Grand Dao of Fire, even the secret of Chaos Controller may be calculated.

However, once the tortoise shell is burned with Grand Dao of Fire or Chaos Fire, it is discarded. No matter how good the turtle shell is, it can only be calculated once.

But with this tortoise, when there is really no way to go, trying to wear away the whole shell, maybe you can find a glimmer of survival. Even the real Grand Dao Lord’s information can be calculated. Of course, before the last minute, you won’t use such a hole card, after all, there is only one chance.

This is also one of the huge reasons Ye Yang pulls on this Yuan Hao.

“In addition, if we follow those gods and find a large piece of land to settle on, it might be feasible.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang nodded.

Then, the speed of flight is getting faster and faster. This is not because He wants to speed up, but with stronger suction. The void is even more distorted, and the area that originally seemed to be only a few million light-years away seems to have become a huge one hundred billion light-years away. Here, the spatial distance has become distorted and impossible to calculate, like a piece of space at the same time there are multiple different dimensional scales, mixed together. If you are not strong enough, you will feel dizzy even a little bit.

Furthermore, in the void, Ye Yang faintly sensed the aura of the original power.

Ye Yang is no stranger to the original power. When the world was annihilation, World Source leaked. When I saw the ruins of the immortal land, I also encountered the breath of the original power. When I watched Taidao dominate the afterimage retreat, I even saw Universe Source.

At this time, it is as if the Universe Source is shattered into countless mists and mists, scattered very sparsely in this broken universe ruins.

Frowning, Ye Yang divine sense swept four times, and found that the distance that his divine sense can sense is getting shorter and shorter.

Next, there is a strong gravitational force nearby, Ye Yang tried hard to control the ancient palace to fly over there.

That is a huge land, composed of more than trillions of broken stars. Including a large number of stars and black holes, as well as neutron stars, white dwarfs, various ion stars, dark matter planets composed of unknown matter, and so on. When these things gather, they will swallow and burn each other, repel and burst, and then squeeze them under strong pressure.

There, the two Grand Dao Lords slaughtered the leftover forces of the war, very violent. Perhaps the two Grand Dao Lords are still fighting, so it is terrifying there. The powerhouse that was sucked in there, there was a roar in front, but silent in the back. Only the terrible wave of power blooming in that area exudes.

“too terrifying…”

“You must escape, but how to escape? Where to escape?”

Ye Yang’s heart is cold.

“Didn’t you think of a way to promote Chaos Controller? How is it?” Yuan Hao asked Ye Yang suddenly.

“Almost a little bit.” Ye Yang said.

“How much is a little bit?” Yuan Hao asked again.

Ye Yang smiled bitterly: “It’s like a mortal downloading a movie or a game. When it reaches 99% point nine, the rest will not move.”

Van Hao was speechless.

“If the deity is promoted to Chaos Controller, is it possible to escape from here?” Ye Yang asked.

“Maybe it is possible.” Yuan Hao said, and asked: “What are you lacking?”

“If I know the shortcomings I lack, I can figure it out by myself. It is precisely because I know that I am a little short of it and I don’t know what I lack, so I get stuck.”

Ye Yang is very depressed. The sentiments of the Chaos God Emperors who sucked behind him seem to be fresh, but they are essentially repetitive.

“Then it can only depend on chance…”

Yuan Hao was faintly sighed, but the words were halfway through, and suddenly the complexion greatly changed: “Then, what is that? How does it look like legendary…too much!”

Ye Yang turned his head and took a look, only to see the area where the two Grand Dao Lords slaughtered the battle, suddenly compressed and condensed into a black hole that was pitch black like a pearl. There will be reflective black holes, have you seen them? He saw it for the first time.

“What is this? Senior You just said, what is this thing similar to legendary?” Ye Yang asked.

“It seems…a bit like a young embryo seed?” Yuan Hao said.

“What?!!!” Ye Yang was stunned.

This is unreasonable!

It’s completely different from the rumored way of birth of Chuyu embryos!

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