Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1004


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Ye Yang has a vague understanding of the law of disorder between this Heaven and Earth.

The original Heaven and Earth Law was a mixture of the power of the two Grand Dao Lords from outside and the various powers in this area, but now it has gradually stabilized and can be divided into 186 different laws. Force source, coupled with a large amount of data calculations, Ye Yang has been able to predict the situation of Law Force in a few seconds between this Heaven and Earth.

“The most critical step has been taken!”

Of course, this so-called “First Step” is just to get important data and initially perfect the basic mathematical calculation model. It does not mean that you can really stand up and take a step.

“With the current strength of the deity, it is still possible to walk a few steps. If it is crawling, it is not a problem to climb faster than a mortal car. But what is the body of the dignified deity, actually crawling and acting?”

So, a few more days passed.

Ye Yang suddenly moved in his heart, and then he felt disappointed.

“It just seemed to have a hint of inspiration… The chaotic state of the laws between this Heaven and Earth has something in common with Primal Chaos Law. I thought this was the opportunity for the deity to promote Chaos Controller, but unfortunately… it’s just an illusion. .”

Ye Yang believes that he is close to the tipping point of the Chaos God Emperor.

Sucked into the insights of the laws of many Chaos God Emperors, his realm strength had already reached the peak existence of Chaos God Emperors. Within the body world Many computing centers continue to help calculate all kinds of data. Many things he understands can be processed by computers. The things obtained from the chaos gods are now considered to be digested.

The digestion speed is faster than he himself expected.

The benefits that you got from the creatures who ruled the inheritance of memory fragments by the laws of the previous generations are now considered to be finished.

“Hundred-footed success, wanting to go further, it is difficult.” Ye Yang faintly sighed.

If you can really get promoted, the pressure of this world is nothing to him. But it is really difficult to get promoted.

After all, that many Chaos God Emperor’s cultivation hasn’t been promoted for so long, and can reach the powerhouse of the Chaos God Emperor. There is almost no gap in their perceptions, but their personal understanding of chaos is somewhat different. Different, but the control of Chaos is not much different. Even if Ye Yang gathers their sentiments and chaotic affinity into one body, it is useless.

even more how, has the collection process been interrupted?

“That’s all, the most important thing now is how to adapt to this environment. Then I will study promotion.”

The divine sense fills the void, so two more days have passed.

Suddenly, Ye Yang’s heart throbbed slightly.

He suddenly felt a very dangerous feeling, as if a great crisis was imminent.

“Not good!”

Yuan Hao’s voice suddenly came from the side.

“Hurry up, hide.” Yuan Hao loudly said.

“Hidden? What happened? How to hide?” Ye Yang was a little confused.

“In the early days, the ancient palace was opened to the deity, and the deity will also enter.”

As Yuan Hao said, the whole tortoise slammed into the ancient palace of the beginning, and the huge body actually forced into the ancient palace of the beginning.

From the outside, his body is not smaller than the ancient palace of the primordial age, but at this time it can be compressed and reduced to enter the ancient palace of the primordial age in this special environment.

Of course, it was also because He stayed on the edge of the ancient palace and was enveloped by the power of the ancient palace.

He also released a wave of power, pulling Ye Yang into the ancient palace of the beginning. Ye Yang didn’t resist, it was like being pulled by a friend.

When I entered, I saw a broken turtle shell flying out of the ancient palace, floating in the air, exploding, forming ash-gray powder particles, and falling down. The surrounding breath changed.

“This is a concealment method. The surrounding sceneries are distorted and disguised. Even the Chaos Controller, who is beyond the level of the Chaos Emperor, can be concealed.” Yuan Hao confidently said.

Ye Yang said: “Senior is amazing. So, have you cracked the laws of this world? Can you perform normally in this environment?”

“Not yet, I can only passively carry the suppression of Heaven and Earth, and this disguise method is nothing but the Great Power of the World to suppress the power fluctuations and all kinds of light and sound waves from the ancient palace. That’s it, it looks the same as the surrounding environment.”

“so that’s how it is… By the way, what crisis did Senior feel?”

“I don’t know, in short, it’s very dangerous and dangerous!” Yuan Hao’s expression grave said authentically.

Ye Yang nodded, is about to arrange the ancient palace of the early days to send Yuan Hao’s body to the other side first, so that it will not affect the other gods here.

But at this moment, Ye Yang suddenly felt a sense of have one’s hair stand on end.

The heart beats wildly, the divine sense force merges with the ancient palace in the beginning, and the equivalent to the ancient palace in the beginning seems to have eyes facing outward.

Ye Yang saw it. Outside of this newly formed world, in the void, you can faintly see a gray silhouette, walking slowly from a distance.

gradually, I can see clearly, it is a mysterious man in a black cloak.

His face is hidden in the shadows, unable to see clearly.

It looks like a slender figure, suspected to be a young man with a good figure, but… it can only be a guess.

As the silhouette approaches, the entire ancient palace oscillates uncontrollably.

“It’s over, I can’t hide it.” Ye Yang’s face was solemn.

It’s not easy to fight in this environment.

But at this time, you can’t fight without fighting.

I saw that the entire world, boundless might converge, all kinds of chaotic and violent laws, all kinds of power of Grand Dao fragments, and the mysterious power that Ye Yang can’t figure out but can vaguely perceive, are all converging .

In just one second, a huge palm print was formed in the void, floating above the ancient palace in the beginning.

Ye Yang is very familiar with this kind of slap technique used by powerhouse bullies. This is obviously because the visitor has seen through the disguise of the ancient palace in the early days, and did not pay attention to the ancient palace in the early days.

in an instant, Ye Yang’s Taichu ancient palace flew out densely packed Divine Items, one by one around the Taichu ancient palace.

However, as soon as it was about to fly around, it exploded, emitting a lot of Primal Chaos Qi.

In this environment, these Primal Chaos Qi are severely suppressed, and many of them are out of control. But a considerable part of it was quickly transformed into a huge protective Formation under the control of Ye Yang, like a pot lid, forcibly moved towards the giant palm above it.

Boom! ! !

A dull sound.

The giant palm fiercely was shot down, and the “pot lid” constructed by Primal Chaos Qi was directly smashed, and the giant palm was crushed on the ancient palace.

The entire ancient palace of the primordial age suddenly sank for most of the time, pressing into the ground, and only part of it was exposed to the outside world.

Ye Yang complexion sank, my heart beats wildly.

The opponent is really strong!

“Can only use the hole cards?”

The so-called hole cards are burning all the power that can be burned. Many Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts, including the ancient palace in the early days, forced Self-destruction, and the gods inside forced them to explode, including Ye Yang’s Divine Kingdom and Divine. The various reserve forces in Kingdom.

In this way, a vast force was formed, and Ye Yang’s Divine Soul core, including the consciousness core of the creatures he favored, were sent away together.

These core consciousnesses have no quality, and sending one is not much different from sending a group.

In this way, it is possible to escape alive, but Ye Yang’s loss can be great, to make up for it, I don’t know when.

Unless as a last resort, such a trick is useless.

Of course, with only this move, Ye Yang is 99% sure that he can escape. If Yuan Hao is willing to cooperate with the calculation, it will be an infinitely close to 100% success rate.

It’s just that I really can’t bear it.

At this time, the man on the opposite side actually stopped.

The big palm that was photographed on the ancient palace in the early days obviously still had some spare power, but it dissipated automatically. His eyes are fixed here.

Ye Yang is ready to detonate everything at any time.

As long as the other party hands, they will give the other party a pot. Apart from escaping, he still has to teach the other party a fiercely lesson.

It’s just that the man’s eyes burst into flames.

Ye Yang has a kind of intuition, the other party’s eyes completely see through the ancient palace of the early days, and everything here is clearly seen through, Ye Yang’s body is completely understood by the other party.

And also at this moment, Ye Yang felt that he saw the avenue.

The other party within the body contains countless kinds of avenues, avenues of Yunei, and even the atmosphere of Great Dao of Primal Chaos from Yuwai.

The roads are like dragons entangled within the body, but they move freely without any conflict.

No, it should be said that the Infinite Avenue constitutes this man.

“The Avenue…Dominates?!!!”

Ye Yang’s face instantly turned pale, and a feeling of excitement, joy and fear rose in his heart.

Excited and happy that he saw the true nature of the avenue with his own eyes. Many avenues lined up without conflict, which was very useful for him. The moment he saw this man’s true face, Ye Yang reaped immense benefits.

If he is given a hundred years of retreat, he is sure to be promoted to Chaos Controller. The opportunity has been reached, but it takes time to integrate this perception with everything that I have previously known and learned, and to change all my strengths one by one.

What’s terrifying is that the man in front of him, his identity is too terrifying, and his strength is too strong. Ye Yang now feels that he can’t escape with 90% certainty, only 50% at most.

What shocked him even more is… Behind the twisted space-time hole, the afterimage of Grand Dao Lord Jae in the old universe and the “Grand Dao Lord Jae” in the second universe are fighting fiercely, and there is still a little aftermath. Reveal. Where did this powerhouse, which was suspected to be owned by Grand Dao Lord, come from?

immediately, Ye Yang thought about it, this is most likely the real Grand Dao Lord of the old universe.

The powerhouse that defeated the Grand Dao Lord of the Second Universe 10 billion years ago, and the powerhouse that was promoted after swallowing the suppression of the Second Universe for countless years.

Many foreigners and powerhouses from the long river of time suspect that this guy has left this chaos and went to the chaos beyond the chaos, but now, he actually appeared here?

What’s the situation?

Is the body here or is there another incarnation or afterimage left?

What are his goals and plans?

Ye Yang feels that he has discovered a big secret.

This mysterious Grand Dao Lord Jae must have a very shocking and terrifying plan.

“Escape, you must escape!!”

Ye Yang’s heart is full of warning signs.

Breaking through such a big secret, that mysterious man won’t let Ye Yang go? Will you die?

However, the next moment…

The imposing manner on the man has converged, and a lot of spilled power of Grand Dao is recovered.

“Heh, does the law rule the road? A half-ripe fruit…Little Brat, if you don’t want to conflict with the deity at this time, put your power away. Also, if you reveal the secret of the deity…immediately appear Quit your mouth!”

The man said, his voice echoed like a avenue, making people unforgettable when he heard it, as if the memory of reincarnation is imprinted in Divine Soul.

Then, his silhouette gradually faded.

Turned around and walked a few steps before dissipating into the void.

Ye Yang expression is stiff, after a long time, it gradually came back to his senses.

“What’s the matter? What happened just now?”

“It always feels like something happened just now.”

The gods in the ancient palace suddenly looked around in doubt.

Ye Yang didn’t say a word.

Because, just now, all the gods in the ancient palace fell into a state of time cessation, and even the activities of Divine Soul and thinking have stopped. Now they don’t know what happened before.

“It’s terrible.” Ye Yang sighed slightly.

“You must leave quickly.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang’s heart moved: “Senior, the one just now…”

“Don’t talk, don’t say, don’t talk, just understand it in your heart.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang nodded.

But after pondering for a while, I couldn’t help but ask: “Why let the deity go?”

Yuan Hao said meaningfully and authentically: “My own character, the deity dare not say…it’s not good!!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Don’t think about how to leave in a hurry.” Yuan Hao’s expression was bitter.

Ye Yang was startled, then his face gradually paled.

He understands.

Then Grand Dao Lord, why did you let Ye Yang go?

Thinking of the “half-ripe fruits” he said before, Ye Yang can guess some.

The other party, maybe you want to wait until Ye Yang is promoted to the Grand Dao Lord, and then “picking” or “harvesting”?

Does that mean that the other party is already eyeing Ye Yang?

Not willing to kill Ye Yang easily at this time, waiting for him to “promote” and wait for him to mature.

If Ye Yang reveals the other party’s information and secrets, the other party will definitely appear instantly.

What if Ye Yang wants to escape this world?

Escape from this world, maybe you may not show up. But if you want to escape from this dilapidated Yuxu, the other party will definitely show up and hunt down.

Staring at the ripening fruit, you want to run? How can you tolerate it?

So, can’t leak, can’t escape, can’t even get promoted to Chaos Controller too quickly?

“The situation is more terrifying than expected.” Ye Yang’s scalp was numb.

Guessing the identity of the other party in my mind, is it the body of Grand Dao Lord? Or is it another incarnation left behind by Grand Dao Lord?

If it’s just incarnation, Ye Yang still has a chance to escape.

As long as you are promoted to Chaos Controller and burn all the foundations, you may still escape.

The other party seems to see through everything about Ye Yang, it just seems, it’s hard to say whether it’s completely seen through.

But if the other party is here, don’t even want to escape.

“What plans does he have? What plot against?”

Ye Yang is worried.

The immediate situation is almost dead, unable to crack.

He didn’t even have the thought to perceive the laws of the outside world.

So, a long time passed in silence.

Ye Yang absolutely Unexpectedly, the variables came so fast.

First of all, Ye Yang discovered several continents, and drastic changes have taken place. There seems to be a powerhouse battle.

But the turbulence was too great, Ye Yang suspected that it was the black man who was shooting.

It’s just that almost all the places are done at the same time, and then the light and energy fluctuations pass a certain time before they reach here.

So, the other party did it in multiple places. After doing it, it stopped and stopped.

Then another day passed.

Ye Yang discovered that in the long river of time, a mysterious old man shrouded in the rich Primal Chaos Qi came out, with a chaotic treasure tower above his head, and his feet on the Primal Chaos Heaven flag, exuding a grandiose imposing manner. The imperial ding youth group before Qi was even stronger, and could sense the terrible fluctuations far away.

Ye Yang was shocked, but also a hint of joy.

The variable, here comes!

If there are more and more powerful powerhouses appearing in the long river of time, powerhouses are competing, and even the black mysterious Grand Dao Lord Jai is attracted to the past and involved in the struggle, then Ye Yang’s opportunity will come?

If you seize the opportunity, you will not only be able to leave smoothly, but even, maybe there will be unexpected great benefits…

“This is the dawn!”

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