Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1005


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Only sandpiper and clam war together can the fisherman catches both!

Ye Yang dare not compare himself to a fisherman, just treat himself as a small crab hidden in a crack near the beach. If you want to avoid the water bird that likes to eat fish, shrimp, mussels and crabs, it is best to have one Only a clam clamped its beak tightly, so that Ye Yang had the chance to escape alive.

“The flower of the avenue, the Taoist species of Hunyuan, the Golden Lotus of chaos, the holy embryo of the beginning of the Yuan…Wonderful!”

Ye Yang is certain that things here will attract the powerhouse on the other side of Guangchang River sooner or later.

The chaos beyond the chaos, the powerhouses there, will sooner or later know that there are so many legends here. It is not a legendary object among mortals, nor is it a legendary object of the gods of Yuuchi, but the very ancient legendary divine object in Chaos World.

If they know that there are these things here, they don’t know if this is a trap and killing game deliberately set by a Grand Dao Lord. So, will they come across the long river of time and try to extract these Supreme Treasures?

Ye Yang thinks, definitely.

Even if it is him, as long as he can be promoted to Chaos Controller realm, knowing that there are so many magical things here, and not knowing that there is a Grand Dao Lord here, then he will let incarnation travel through time The long river came, seeking to seize the treasure here.

If it’s fake, it’s just a waste of time at best. For the ancient powerhouses in Chaos World, what’s the point of trifling for a little time?

just in case it is real? If there are so many legendary Supreme Treasures here, even if you only get one of them, the reward will be great.

“It’s just that the flower of the Dao Dao…Shenzhen Yuanshi…sounds like very difficult to deal with, ah, I don’t know what’s the use? Even if it is a little worse than the young embryo, I am afraid it will not be worse. ?”

Ye Yang’s heart is itchy, I really want to fly out now and pick those treasures off.

Anyway, as long as he is not promoted to Chaos Controller realm, the Grand Dao Lord might not show up to deal with him. This is a great opportunity.

It’s a pity… Ye Yang still has difficulty leaving.

Unable to move freely in this world.

“hahahaha, there are so many divine objects in this world? It’s heaven helps me! The deity is not wrong.”

The powerhouse that just appeared out of the long river of time, laughed, and flew in the direction of a certain avenue flower.

But suddenly, the figure was in the sky forcibly stagnated.

He wanted to hold his body forcibly, but he was still floating forward uncontrollably, but the speed was much slower than before.

“This…what’s the situation?” The powerhouse panicked.

On the treasure tower above the head, there are strands of mysterious yellow Ze Primal Chaos Qi flowing down, and the Supreme Treasure, which looks like a cloth streamer and is actually compressed and condensed by chaotic time and space, is underfoot, and the two are swirling rapidly.

Primal Chaos Qi streamed down, and the rotating Supreme Treasure below had just thrown out the place of chaos, weakening the suppression of the surrounding suction.

He shook his body and flew towards a large piece of land nearby.

It’s just that, halfway through the flight, he stopped abruptly, and moved towards the vortex household in the sky: “Xiaoyu embryo seed? There is actually Xiaoyu embryo seed here?”

However, even if this ancient corpse had the ability to move on the land of that continent, it could not stop the mysterious old man’s three moves, so it was bombarded, and then fiercely shot down and buried deep in the earth.

Although it hasn’t fallen, it’s still miserable. I’m afraid it’s not far from its fall, right?

“So cruel!” Ye Yang’s face changed suddenly.

Fortunately, the old man didn’t come here.

I only saw that the old man was flying across the ground.

Ye Yang stares far away, faintly enlightened.

Suddenly, his mind moved slightly, Ye Yang’s incarnation walked out of the ancient palace in the early days, and suddenly flew up.

Then was sucked down by a strong pressure, fiercely stepped on the ground.

However, Ye Yang’s face showed joy.

Incarnation is running quickly on the ground, then flying by.

He discovered that his incarnation speed can reach more than 30 meters per second, running without hindrance, and jumping up to a dozen meters high. As long as the energy is running, it can even land lightly.

On the surface, the strength looks like the “martial arts expert” among mortals. Still very Peak kind.

Compared with truly powerful supernatural beings and divine creatures, it is far behind.

But this is the First Step. After successfully stepping out of this step, Ye Yang can gradually unblock his strength and use more power on this continent.

“Yes, I can finally “freely move”.”

Ye Yang stepped heavily on the ground, and with a bang, he exploded a huge pit with a diameter of more than ten meters, and then punched towards the earth, and it was another huge pit with a diameter of four five meters. The depth is several feet.

Ye Yang tried here, got used to it, and didn’t forget to pay attention to the mysterious old man.

Suddenly, I saw the old man’s figure swept and plunged into a huge crack in the valley. Then there was a bang, and the entire huge land trembled violently. In the muffled hong long long, countless densely packed cracks opened in all directions.

That huge piece of land has become fragmented like this.

The mysterious old man is holding a bunch of rays of light bursting into the sky soaring into the sky.

The earth is cracking and splitting, but the magic is that the old man flew up with the group of rays of light, and he could easily shuttle through the ruins, moving towards the direction of the avenue flower.

The suction force generated by the young embryo seed in the distance and the mysterious space hole seems to have no effect on him.

“What’s the situation? What is that ball of light?” Ye Yang asked Yuan Hao in surprise.

Yuan Hao shook his head: “I don’t know. I guess… Maybe it can help him resist the mysterious suction around him? Can he easily get rid of the shackles of the earth? With that thing, go pick the flowers of the avenue, and you won’t be afraid of being spaced. The hole is sucked away.”

While talking, I saw that the mysterious old man was approaching the avenue flower, but the avenue flower disappeared.

The old man held the blooming object in his hand, condensed and shot a beam of light towards the front, the layers of twisted void disappeared, where the flowers of the avenue used to be, there was still a wispy breath.

“This is…”

“The flower of the avenue is actually a phantom? No, it is not an illusion. It is the flower of the avenue hidden in the interlayer of parallel time and space in different dimensions, but the projection reaches this time and space. The luminous thing can not only break the illusion, but also Breaking the void barrier can open the passage to parallel time and space in different dimensions, and help him find the flower of the avenue!!”

Yuan Hao is very excited, it seems to be eager to have a try.

Suddenly turned back to Ye Yang and said: “Ye Yang…Your Majesty, this continent world where we are must have a similar core? Go and take it out, we are not afraid of the invisible suppression of this land, and can play Full strength. Moreover, the mysterious old man is collecting the flowers of the avenue, we can take the opportunity to target other Supreme Treasure.

“Although it may not be comparable to the flower of the avenue, it is definitely an extremely rare Supreme Treasure!”

Ye Yang thought for a while and shook his head: “No, the deity doesn’t have enough strength for the time being, so I have to try to adapt to the environment here.”

“Whether it’s better to find the core of the world while adapting to the similar luminous object?” Yuan Hao asked.

Ye Yang still shook his head.

The flower of the avenue? Or other Supreme Treasure?

Ye Yang is moved, and I definitely want it.

He understands that those things are probably true. Even if it is fake, it is a high imitation, very precious and important, and it can definitely bring him great benefits.

But at the same time, I understand that these are baits and traps.

Want to swallow the bait but spit out the hook? How can there be such a good thing?

If Ye Yang guessed right, these things are hidden in the so-called interdimensional parallel space-time interlayer, which in itself is a great crisis. If anyone got in foolishly, they would probably be trapped in the parallel space-time interlayer. Then, the Grand Dao Lord appeared, which could be easily harvested and was able to cover people’s eyes, not afraid of being discovered by other powerhouses. Allow other powerhouses to continue to hook continuously.

Treasure is good, but if it is a trap, Ye Yang will not be very excited.

“What a pity.” Yuan Hao sighed: “If you miss this opportunity, you are afraid you will regret it.”

Ye Yang laughed: “Senior has an unparalleled ability to calculate, why not personally take action to find out the new origin of this land, and then go to pick those legendary Supreme Treasure?”

Van Hao shook his head without saying a word.

His calculation ability is extremely strong, but he only calculated one result-there are crises and dangers everywhere. If he acts alone, he will surely perish, only relying on staying near Ye Yang can he have life.

That’s what he calculated, so no matter how good the treasure is, no matter how good the treasure is, he never leaves.

So, Ye Yang continued to practice here to adapt to the suppression of this world, and the strength he could exert became stronger and stronger, and gradually reached the level of super power among mortals.

In the Yuxu, the mysterious old man has been walking through the parallel voids, searching carefully, looking for the true whereabouts of the flowers on the road.

It’s just that he has gone through too many parallel time and space, and has not found the true location of the flower of the avenue. It is as if the flower of the avenue is manifested after millions of times of refraction and projection. It must be traced back again and again, countless times to find its true position.

But the old man sensed that the flower of the avenue was getting closer and closer, and he was about to find the real location.

Looking from the outside, the gods found that the silhouette of the old man was already faintly discernible, neither real nor virtual, as if not in this space and time. But his silhouette is reflected and manifested in layers of parallel time and space. So every divine ability sees his existence.

At this time, the long river of time blooms with a strong glow.

The three powerhouses flew out of it, and fought with each other as they flew out.

The vast expanse of Void collapsed, and the imposing manner that burst out was stronger than that of the imposing manner before, and it was not far from the mysterious old man.

But the same thing is that as soon as they appeared, they were drawn by Mo Ming’s suction, and their bodies deflected.

But again, they quickly stabilized from their consternation.

Looking at all around, I saw the young embryo seed, the flower of the avenue, and many legendary Supreme Treasure. each and everyone are almost dull eyes

The mysterious old man before, with the Divine Pagoda above his head, holding a group of origins of a certain continent in his hand, his right hand explored a blooming avenue flower, as if within reach, he was about to pick it.

“Stop it!!”

The powerhouses who just came out of the long river of time suddenly furious. One of them, holding a trident-shaped divine object in his hand, fiercely threw it at the mysterious old man.

bang!! !

The void shattered. Trident walked through the illusory silhouette of the old man and blasted and shattered a large illusory space-time.

But the old man’s silhouette is a layer of time and space projection and manifested here, not at that location, so it was not hit by the front. But his body trembled violently, expression turned cold, staring coldly at this side.

It seems that he has been attacked by the power of tracing cause and effect, and the real body hidden in the depths of parallel time and space has received a strong impact.

“Old Guy, put down the flower of the avenue!”

Here several powerhouses from the long river of time, angry roar, killed them.

The strange thing is that they actually killed the mysterious old man in a special parallel time and space in twos or twos. The battle broke out instantly, violent energy emerged, and it was difficult for the outside world to see the fighting situation inside.

But also at this time, a huge land not far away burst and shattered, and the youth of Yuding stepped on the huge mysterious giant cauldron, exuding the breath of ancient vicissitudes, and carrying a mass of origin in his hand, soaring to the sky. Rise.

It was actually moved towards the direction of the flower of the avenue.

But before flying far, the long river of time is blooming again with intense rays of light. Then… the densely packed skeletons flew out of it. One is similar to the Jiyuan skeleton, but with a slightly weaker breath, and has two wings or four or six wings on its back, all of which are bony bodies. The whole body blooms with white holy rays of light.

It looks like an unreasonable lifeform like “dead angel”.

What’s even more terrifying is that there are too many.

Densely packed, thousands and tens of thousands of animals continue to emerge, and many similar creatures emerge from behind.

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