Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1029


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“No no, no such thing!” Ye Yang said busy.

“Not really?” the monkey asked.


“In that case…you trust the deity?”


“Hehe, the deity and you can be said to have met at first sight. At first glance, the deity feels that you are a good boy and willing to associate with you, so that you can make trouble in it and destroy the plan of the Grand Dao Lord. Now I can again The encounter shows that we have a lot of fate. The deity happens to have a territory in the vicinity, which is a fairly complete universe. You can go there and let the deity entertain you well.” Monkey said.

Ye Yang said: “No, Junior still has some things to deal with…”

“Do you not want to give face to the deity?” The monkey’s face condensed.


“Hmph, you have to go if you want, and you have to go if you don’t want to go!!” said the monkey.

Ye Yang took a breath, his face changed, and said: “Forgive Junior, it’s hard to live.”

“Boy, your strength is not good, it is not a wise move to resist to the end.”

“Hmph, didn’t the predecessors say that they met the deity at first sight? Why are they behaving so badly now?” Ye Yang said.

The monkey said: “Don’t pretend to be stupid, you must have seen that the deity has to invite you. Oh, the deity has always been interested in collecting Chaos Controller. Unfortunately, other Chaos Controllers are old and have a strong cultivation base. Many of them have nearly one universe of power, and they will be connected to each other. The deity is not easy to start. Like you, the newly promoted Chaos Controller, the deity loves it the most.”

Ye Yang’s face changed suddenly.

The monkey said: “Do you know why the deity would be an enemy of the Grand Dao Lord?”

Ye Yang shook his head.

The monkey said: “The name of the deity is the Lord Heavenly Dao.”

As he said, his figure flickered, turning into the image of a thin, middle-aged Taoist with a scribe’s beard, but his body exuded chaos and other kinds of Law Power.

Ye Yang sensed that the other party within the body possesses the power of multiple avenues, not only can control countless other avenues and laws, but even Primal Chaos Law and Primal Chaos Qi can control. Although it does not have the power of Great Dao of Primal Chaos, almost all other Dao powers are available.

The strength is so powerful that it is terrifying compared to the Grand Dao Lord of the old universe.

Fortunately, it does not seem to be the main body. This Old Senior may also be restricted by a certain universe, and there is an incarnation battle with the Grand Dao Lord of the old universe. The incarnation here is probably not too strong. But Ye Yang is still not sure to resist.

“And the broken universe is actually called’Sky Splitting Universe’, which should be called the Split Sky Universe externally. It’s ridiculous. The Split Sky Lord of Universe, isn’t it the Split Heavenly Dao Lord? The deity’s name is Shengtian. How dare to call the cracking sky? That is the biggest original sin!!” said the thin middle-aged Taoist.

Ye Yang’s face is ugly.

Just because of a name, he was slain against the Grand Dao Lord of the old universe?

“The deity has always been self-willed. Anything that makes the deity uncomfortable for a while, the deity makes him uncomfortable for the whole life, irreconcilable. Boy, are you willing to be friends with the deity, or do you want to be an enemy of the deity?” The Lord Heavenly Dao asked .

Ye Yang faintly sighed: “If you can’t be an enemy of your senior, of course you don’t want to be an enemy of your senior…”

“A wise move.”

“Unfortunately, if you don’t become an enemy of Senior, you will die. It is better to be an enemy of Senior.” Ye Yang said.

“Huh, don’t recognize the praise! You may not be lost if you fall into the hands of the deity, but if you are an enemy of the deity, if you trifling the new Chaos Controller, you must be lost!”

“Haha.” Ye Yang sneered.

“The younger generation who once offended the deity, there is no one alive, whether it is Chaos Controller or Grand Dao Lord, or Heavenly Venerate and Tao Sheng. On the contrary, most of those who take refuge in the deity are still alive. Good.” Saint Heavenly Dao said.

“Maybe alive, but it may not be necessary to live well. The big living person becomes Primal Chaos Divine Artifact or Dadao Divine Item, and can only become Artifact Spirit. At the mercy of control, how can it be said that they are living well? “Ye Yang said.

At this time, the Lord Heavenly Dao grabbed a virtual palm, and in the sky generated hundreds of thousands of blazing lights out of thin air. The power of the different avenues and in the sky shuttled, and all the silhouettes of Ye Yang incarnation were penetrated and exploded. , Even if they are scattered in the void of tens of millions of light years, they are all killed instantly together.

Only Ye Yang’s body remains in place, punched out.

The Lord Heavenly Dao was furious, and he slapped it with a palm volley, condensing into a palm print of billions of kilometers, sealing the void, and when pressing down, there is an invisible force field that makes Ye Yang unable to dodge, and the palm print Compressed to a distance of only 100 meters.

However, when Ye Yang was about to be photographed, it stopped. The Lord Heavenly Dao stared at Ye Yang with a weird expression: “How can you run so fast?”

Ye Yang laughed: “Senior, if you want to refine Junior into a Divine Item, just take this body away.”

The divine sense of Lord Heavenly Dao is swept away, and his face is sinking, coldly snorted.

He also didn’t expect, Ye Yang said to flee and flee.

It’s not something that escaped, but Ye Yang’s core of consciousness.

But, except for the Divine Soul, which is formed by the core of consciousness, everything else is here.

Equivalent to Ye Yang gave up the entire body, and it was the moment when the Lord Heavenly Dao appeared, that he had already escaped, and the words just now were just delays. Because the escape was too fast, Ye Yang’s body and incarnation did not change after the Lord Heavenly Dao came, and he didn’t even find Ye Yang escaped.

“You only have one Consciousness Incarnation, and your strength can only bully the Chaos God Emperor. Even if you face other Heavenly Venerates, you will be hanged. The ruler of the fifth-order rule can suppress you, so you are willing?” Saint Heavenly Dao The Lord asked in surprise.

Ye Yang said: “The deity has been promoted to Chaos Controller, and you will get it forever. Now that you lose this body, nearly nine hundred Chaos God’s peak powers. If Divine Soul can escape to a suitable place, there is enough chaos, The cultivation base can be restored in half a day at most.”

Promoting Chaos Controller is so good and can be so willful.

In the past, even if Ye Yang escapes, it will leave incarnation to stop the enemy, while the body flees, as it is now, let the body stay directly, which contains the great power, all the cultivation base is left, only Divine Soul escape .

This escape is too fast, too decisive.


The Lord Heavenly Dao was unwilling to withdraw his hand.

“Why not shot?” Ye Yang asked.

The Lord Heavenly Dao said: “The deity sees your determination and will to die. Once your body is taken away, your body will definitely be Self-destruction and will not fall into the hands of the deity willingly. Therefore, it is better to keep you ‘S life.

“Although there have been acts of bullying before, but it has not really been completely dead, so it is not irreconcilable with you. If you grow to the limit of Chaos Controller in the future, you can still have room for change.

“even more how, even if you are taken away by various methods, all the information in your ontology will be erased, leaving only the less important information, and the deity will not benefit much.”

Ye Yang slightly nodded: “Since the predecessors have kept their hands, then Junior has thanked the predecessors.”

The Lord Heavenly Dao said with a cold face.

Ye Yang Divine Soul remotely has a small strand of consciousness projection in this body, which can be cut off at any time, and the damage caused to Divine Soul is extremely weak, and it can even not hurt Divine Soul. The body is equivalent to puppet instead.

Divine Soul can condense the body separately.

His body groaned slightly, and said: “This body, the deity does not want to reclaim it, I am afraid that there is something abnormal in it…”

“You are too careful.” Saint Heavenly Dao said.

Ye Yang said: “If the deity condenses the body separately, and then draws Primal Chaos Qi to reunite the cultivation base, with the characteristics of Chaos Controller, it is easy to upgrade the cultivation progress. However, the current body does not dare to settle in Divine Soul and discard it. It’s a pity that it’s better to refine it into a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure. If you want to get Junior, don’t you just want to condense a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure? The deity can now condense it by itself.”

The Lord Heavenly Dao said: “Unfortunately, your Divine Soul did not remain. Without the Artifact Spirit, this Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is not strong enough. If there is an Artifact Spirit, even if the Artifact Spirit is finally erased, The rank of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is also high enough and strong enough. If the Artifact Spirit is acquainted, it can be retained.”

Ye Yang said: “Presumably, many people who fell into the hands of the predecessors will not end well after becoming Artifact Spirit?”

“The obedient is naturally good, and the disobedient will be destroyed.” Saint Heavenly Dao said.

“so that’s how it is…well, the Divine Soul of the deity is also far away, so, the body here will say goodbye to seniors. This is Self-destruction.”

“Wait, don’t you want to refine your own body into a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure?” Saint Heavenly Dao asked.

Ye Yang said: “Senior almost fell with a palm just now, and the surrounding void is imprisoned again. This deity has to worry. You have used some methods that Junior did not know about, leaving some hands and feet on Junior’s body. , If you refine this body, you trace the mark and find the deity’s Divine Soul, what should you do?

“So, regardless of whether you give up killing the body of the deity, the deity can only give up this body. Although the heartache is a pity, it can only be so.”

The Lord Heavenly Dao was shocked and stared at Ye Yang in surprise.

Too cautious, too careful, this kind of god is really rare. In particular, Chaos Controller and Chaos God Emperor are affected by Chaos. I have hardly seen such a cautious one.

But Ye Yang used to be a mortal who was very weak and was very cautious and became a habit. After the strength is strong, there are many things that can be done by relying on the strength and pressure, without too much care, not too much strategy. Now, with powerhouse in front, Ye Yang’s strength is not enough to ramp up the boundless chaos domain, he can naturally be cautious.

a real man, can stretch and shrink.

“You are a human being. If you don’t perish, you will surely become one of the Peak powerhouses in the immeasurable chaos domain.” Saint Heavenly Dao said.

“Thank you for the exaggeration, but the deity will not be arrogant because of it. Goodbye.”

After that, Ye Yang’s body really exploded with a bang.

The self-destruction of the power of the nine hundred chaotic emperors is not as simple as the equivalent to the self-destruction of the nine hundred chaotic emperors, but the fusion of power is superimposed and exploded, and the formidable power is doubled.

The power of the void is violent, and Ye Yang Divine Soul and the cause and effect here are completely cut off. Grand Dao Lord Zai and Chaos Controller of Dingfeng personally cut the cause and effect, they may not be so clean.

The violent waves of chaos rushed everywhere.

Capture some chaotic particles, but there is no extra information about Ye Yang.

“This kid…” Saint Heavenly Dao’s main complexion is gloomy.

He has been secretly blocking the void, secretly condensing divine sense and branding on Ye Yang’s body. Even after Ye Yang Divine Soul escaped, he still wanted to trace his Divine Soul location through Ye Yang’s body. What expected Ye Yang to take this opportunity to delay time and escape further, and then decisively Self-destruction?

And now…

Ye Yang has not really stayed away completely.

Because, before traveling all the way, it was unexpectedly strange and teleported back to nearby.

So, before figuring it out, Ye Yang didn’t dare to dash forward carefree.

But if you keep hiding in the vicinity, it is not safe.

So, He simply divided himself into thousands of ways.

After leaving the area where the Lord Heavenly Dao is, Ye Yang absorbed the chaos and reshaped his true body, while splitting his true body. It can be called incarnation or the old true body.

Ye Yang’s first body is self-destructed near the Lord Heavenly Dao, now he has a second body, and then splits out, and then creates a third body, splits again, and creates a fourth body …

So, the thousandth body controls the Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth body, and the Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth body controls the 998th body…

There is a one-way connection between all the shells, and each shell only contains basic judgment capabilities, which can be fused at any time.

In other words, even if the Lord Heavenly Dao can trace back to Ye Yang’s body, Ye Yang can quickly cut the connection again.

Even if someone finds his thousandth body, he still needs to go through a thousand levels to verify Ye Yang’s current body and find Ye Yang’s current Divine Soul.

Ye Yang tries to hide the body of Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth as much as possible, leaving only the body at the end of the control end.

This was originally a way to protect your own safety, to avoid Dao Lord Level and powerhouse to find his Divine Soul retroactively. However, Ye Yang found out because of this that all the bodies he released could absorb chaos and cultivation progress automatically.

It’s just that the speed of cultivation progress is not very fast.

Ye Yang quickly observed, studied and tested, and was surprised to find that these real bodies were contaminated with Ye Yang’s soul energy. Although this trace was obliterated, these bodies have undergone certain transformations and are no less inferior The first-order Primal Chaos Divine Artifact is even the top Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, which is close to the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure. It just lacks Divine Soul in it.

“So, if these shells of mine contain Divine Soul, or Divine Soul fragments, or Divine Soul projection…”

Ye Yang thoughts move, and projected his Divine Soul into three hundred of them.

For a time, the Primal Chaos Qi in a large area surged, and the bodies moved towards Ye Yang poured in.

“It is actually feasible?!!!”

Only Divine Soul projection produces a body with a small part of the abilities and effects of the Great Dao of Primal Chaos. Not inferior to any Chaos God Emperor.

“This also means…the deity can use this method to conceal the heavens and cross the ocean and absorb all the available chaos!”

Hurrying from here to the Chaos Sea in the distance may be unsafe. It was teleported back inexplicably before, but if you move on now, you might be teleported again.

But if Ye Yang splits his body into thousands of pieces, each piece contains Divine Soul projection. But the price is that the speed and efficiency of each body’s absorption of chaos and refining chaos slows down. What effect will it have?

The effect is that because each body’s speed and efficiency in absorbing chaos slows down, it will not cause too much turbulence and will not attract attention. Even if it is discovered, it is estimated that it can be concealed, disguised as the Emperor of Chaos, will not be regarded as Chaos Controller, unless there is a top Heavenly Venerate or Taoist deliberately to check.

Then Ye Yang waited until the strength of a body became stronger, and then he could gather them and fuse them together.

If a body possesses the power of a chaotic Divinity Sovereign Level, and ten thousand bodies are combined, even if it cannot exceed the power of 10,000 chaotic divine emperors, there are thousands of chaotic divine emperors power, compared to the previous Self -Destruction’s real body is even stronger.

The key is that being able to become stronger is not noticeable, and there is no need to rush to the Chaos Sea.

“This method…workable!!”

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