Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1030


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With Ye Yang’s current strength, it is not difficult to create a new body again.

The dignified Chaos Controller has adapted to the power of Great Dao of Primal Chaos. As long as there is sufficient chaos, it can continue to create and recreate incarnation.

“However, to be safe, it is better to create an incarnation chain.”

The so-called incarnation chain is the previous one. Aincarnation controls Bincarnation, Bincarnation controls Cincarnation, and Cincarnation controls Dincarnation… However, Aincarnation cannot directly contact Cincarnation, cannot directly contact Dincarnation, only one-line contact.

You can sever the incarnation link at any time, so that enemies who come into contact with Dincarnation cannot be traced back to Aincarnation.

Ye Yang plans to do this again.

Then, ABCincarnation hides it and creates many equal Dincarnations, such as D1, D2, D3… etc.

Finally, D1, D2, D3…These incarnations continue to suck and become stronger in the outside world. After confirming that there was no problem, these incarnations were repeatedly tested, cut off other causes and effects, and then flew over to be absorbed by Ye Yang’s Aincarnation at a specific location, and finally merged into the new ontology.

In this way, the new ontology where Divine Soul is located is hidden, and the body directly connected to the new ontology is also hidden. After several different incarnation chains, thousands of Myriad Transformations bodies are differentiated. Those incarnations are only the projection of the Divine Soul projection. Sucking Chaos.

“Be so cautious, even if the Taoist master comes, as long as he is not lucky to find my new body directly, he will not be able to trace the true whereabouts of my Divine Soul!”

So, it’s safe, and the road to cultivation is steadily moving forward.

Although there is still turbulence around, even if it is not truly stable, the vicinity may still be affected. But Ye Yang has more room for manipulation.

“In this way, you can try some bold moves. For example… assign a few end-level incarnations, three, and continue moving towards the Chaos Sea, and see what is abnormal on the road, what power suddenly changes The deity is sent away.

“So, if one incarnation is teleported away, it will be seen by the other two incarnations behind. If the three incarnations are not teleported away, the deity can transfer Divine Soul directly to it, and then move the other puppets. Body.

“The other three incarnations were sent around the Time Forbidden Zone to see that Lord Heavenly Dao and Lord Heavenly Dao and many powerhouse melee places, the Grand Dao Lord of the old universe, known as Lord Heavenly Dao That powerhouse, if you are defeated or defeated, there should be some benefits left out. The incarnation of the deity may be able to pick up some cheap.

“In case of danger, it is just the loss of a few terminal incarnations. As long as the connection is quickly cut off, the cause and effect will not be traced back to Divine Soul.”

The more Ye Yang thinks about it, the more it feels feasible. This bold idea can be started.

Then he discovered again that it seemed that not only he, but also many powerhouses did that.

For example, the incarnations of other Grand Dao Lords and the incarnations of other Chaos Controllers appeared in the melee near the time and space restricted area, their whereabouts unknown. And the young man of the imperial cauldron is also fighting now, much stronger than the young man of the imperial cauldron near the long river of time in the old Yuxu of the time restricted area. But here is still his incarnation, not the ontology.

These powerhouses have the ability to trace cause and effect one by one. In a war, they must use the power of tracing cause and effect to directly impact the opponent’s body through the enemy’s incarnation. But still playing in a frenzy now, none of them backs down. It is estimated that there is a way to block some of the ability to trace cause and effect. Uncertainty, just like Ye Yang.

“Understood, the boundless chaotic domain is not much the same as the situation in the old universe. This is similar to what mortals call the Black Forest. The true body and core consciousness of every powerhouse must be concealed cautiously, Other powerhouses found out. At the same time, try to find the location of other powerhouses, and then… hunt?

“Whether it is hunting or not, it is necessary to hide oneself, and then use incarnation and puppets to contact other powerhouses. The communication between incarnation and incarnation, including the exchange of information and knowledge, in exchange for benefits. And the body and Divine Soul The core is always hidden.

“You can be strong if you can counsel!

“This is the world that belongs to Demon prostrating on the ground, the world that belongs to Old Yu’s yin goods. The more yin and yin guys can hide, the longer they live. As long as they live long…Basically, they will get stronger and stronger. Whether it’s Chaos Controller or Heavenly Venerate or Grand Dao Lord… because those who are not strong are likely to be over.”

The previous move of hiding the body to advance to the Chaos Sea, now it seems that it is rash.

“Since you know the true rules of this World, you are eligible to compete for the position of true powerhouse.” Ye Yang sighed slightly.

I previously searched the Divine Soul of several Chaos God Emperors and obtained a lot of information, but I didn’t understand their rules of survival.

They are too weak, so they need to hide. Their incarnation cannot be independently cultivated and then merged with the ontology to make the ontology stronger, because they have reached the bottle item and cannot become stronger without breaking through into the Chaos Controller realm. Therefore, the information Ye Yang has obtained from them is inadequate.

Those Chaos God Emperors were born in the immeasurable Chaos Realm. They were born powerful and have extremely strong natural bottle items. I don’t understand the true “Powerhouse Way” of this World.

Now Ye Yang understands the way to become stronger here.

“Let’s start exploring incarnation. At the same time, don’t forget to continue to build the incarnation chain. By the way, Divine Soul sub-chains will also be built. Create some simulation Divine Soul, virtual Divine Soul, and even some dangerous incarnation using technological means Temporary connection control, it will be safer…

“Also, on the side where the body and Divine Soul are located, more efforts are needed to hide. In this immeasurable chaotic domain, there are also high-dimensional time and space. But high-dimensional time and space are all fragments of time and space, not a large piece of continuous .But even in fragmented time and space, the body and Divine Soul can be hidden in, hidden in the fragments of nine-dimensional time and space, and then hidden… By the way, the powerful incarnation is hidden in other nine-dimensional time and space fragments, or eight-seven-six-five. Among the four and three-dimensional space-time fragments, the incarnation chain is inserted into different space-time fragments, which will be more secretive…

“No, some time-space fragments are connected to each other to produce time-space fluctuations, and those special time-space fragments must be selected. Then, part of the incarnation chain is hidden in the same continuous and endless three-dimensional space, and is hidden by the power of the natural environment and the Spiritual Fluctuation ……”

Ye Yang seems to have burst of inspiration, and the new body hides extremely deeply. Even if Grand Dao Lord comes to the slaughter, if all the surrounding time and space fragments are not crushed and destroyed, it may be difficult to pull out Ye Yang Divine Soul. However, it is necessary to know exactly in which area Ye Yang Divine Soul is probably hidden. If you don’t know this, even if you want to keep smash void, it will be difficult to find him.

“This is simply a paradise for yin goods.”

Ye Yang muttered.

Suddenly, my heart moved.

His three incarnations have arrived in the Chaos World collapsed area where the old universe is located. The once forbidden zone of time collapsed, not only because the chaos inside it spurted out. The time lapses inside and outside are different, the entire area of ​​time reverses and then turns forward, the external chaos is constantly being mobilized, and now it suddenly stops sucking the external chaos to promote the time variation, resulting in a larger area of ​​chaos surging outside.

Ye Yang discovered that except for the battle area of ​​the powerhouse where the melee is fighting, the outside is also the same. From time to time, there are distorted Space-Time Cracks. Some don’t look dangerous, but some look extremely terrible.

“Wait, what is that?”

Ye Yang saw that the illusory shadow of the flower of the avenue shattered, and the petals were torn apart. It was also seen that a piece of what was suspected of being a young embryo had cracked into a larger piece and many very small particle fragments. The largest piece still retains 90% of the young embryo seed, and the second largest piece is equivalent to 2% of the young embryo seed. The remaining 5%, turned into dozens of small pieces, scattered in all directions.

Some were snatched and captured by the powerhouse, some shuttling through the void disappeared.

“Chuyu embryo seed, is it so broken?”

Ye Yang’s incarnation shook his head slightly and sighed.

Heavenly Venerate, who had a big battle, passed by, saw Ye Yang’s incarnation and frowned, and then took a palm shot and ignored it.

That palm contains the power of tracing cause and effect, but it is not strong. It only destroys one end incarnation of Ye Yang and retroactively destroys the other incarnation, that’s all. Even if Ye Yang does not react at all, this power is far from being traced back to his body, Divine Soul.

Obviously, it’s really just disapproving and casually wiped out.

Ye Yang doesn’t care either, the chaos is boundless, and the incarnation is boundless. As long as you don’t let the chaotic will and chaotic thinking affect you, as long as you don’t read the corresponding chaotic information, or erase it when you read it, it won’t affect the Divine Soul side of the body.

New incarnation creation is condensed, continue to watch the game there. As long as they don’t obstruct Heavenly Venerate, or get too close, they won’t bother.

Just like soldiers fighting on the battlefield, who would deliberately step on ants on the ground? Unless the brain is abnormal.

Ye Yang’s incarnation of incarnation of incarnation… Nearby, there are many chaotic emperors and rulers waiting to pick up the benefits that powerhouse has missed, and they have survived in this way.

Those laws govern, and they can survive in chaos without being restricted by the universe. The laws of the body are also different. It also has the ability to draw other Law Power from the chaos. But the extraction speed is quite slow, not fast, and it can maintain their survival in the chaos and low-intensity battles. If you want to really grow stronger, you have to find safer special areas or enter the fragments of the universe.

“Well, the deity also waits to see what the outcome of this battle will be…Huh?!!!”

The other three incarnations of Ye Yang walked on another road and were already close to the Chaos Sea. Then they discovered that the void nearby was distorted, and two very small particles were projected out.

One of the small ones shot towards the side of Chaos Sea, and the other one shot towards Ye Yang incarnation. Although it is a little bit off, the distance is really close.

“The crumbs of Chuyu embryo seed?!!!”

Even if it is only equivalent to a small fragment of 0.5% the size of the young embryo seed, this is a part of the true young embryo seed, and it is the debris from the inside of the seed. .

“This thing…”

Ye Yang moved in his heart, without thinking, let the incarnation on his side quickly suck away the debris.

Even if there is a trap, he must first figure out the function and effect of this thing. It is absolutely extraordinary that that many powerhouse can be snatched.

It’s just…

Incarnation burst to pieces with a boom.

“This incarnation is not strong enough, it must be strong enough…”

At the moment, two nearby incarnations merged and ran after the particle. Other incarnation came quickly.

Nearly a hundred incarnations are fused, because the chaotic power that absorbs and transforms is not enough, so many incarnation combinations, only equivalent to the battle strength of a few chaotic gods, should be enough.

Suck the debris all at once and forcefully seal it within the body of this powerful incarnation.

“It is so powerful and demanding so high, it seems…the powerhouses before, all want to go wrong.

“If you want to absorb a young embryo seed, you need at least hundreds of Chaos God Emperor’s power before you can refining. Or temporarily not inhale within the body, place it outside the body, and spend a long time slowly practicing. If It’s just that the Chaos God Emperor Peak, or a powerful guy like the former Yuanshi Corpse Queen, wants to sacrifice a complete Hunyu embryo, let alone a hundred million years!

“It takes 100 million years to be absorbed into the body and then cultivated. As it becomes stronger, it continues to grow stronger.

“It’s just that, that many powerhouse snatching, want to cultivate the sacrifice for 100 million years? It’s just a dream.

“So, from the very beginning, many chaotic gods, void prisoners, and many pre-epoch powerhouses that have slept for tens of billions of years, are not eligible to contaminate the young seed. Only the powerhouse of the Heavenly Venerate level , Or the powerhouse whose incarnation reaches the Heavenly Venerate level, is eligible to snatch it.

“This kind of powerhouse can take away the embryo seed of Hina Yu in an instant.

“It’s like that cauldron from the Imperial Ding Youth Senior. It is probably prepared for the young embryo seed. Otherwise, the incarnation with stronger projection would not be better to go in? Why bring a cauldron?

“As for other powerhouses, the overwhelming majority are just running with them.”

Ye Yang also thought that the monkey could knock the young embryo into flight, even if it was incarnation, it was out of the ordinary. In addition, many powerhouse melees, even the embryo seed of Chuyu exploded. It can be seen that if you don’t reach the Heavenly Venerate level, you will only be lost when you enter.

“Horrible, fortunately the deity did not participate. Well, this fragment…”

Ye Yang’s Divine Soul projection condenses divine sense, sweeping and sensing the situation of the debris. The expression on his face is getting more and more strange.

“This thing is really suitable for the deity.

“No wonder, no wonder that many Grand Dao Lord Jae and Chaos Controller desperately want to snatch this thing!”

Ye Yang sensed that in that small piece of debris, there were about 10,000,000,000 embryonic forms of large galaxies, each of which looked like a nebula cluster, very tiny. But Ye Yang can see their future. In the future, it can be transformed into huge galaxies.

What power Ye Yang provides to them, what power they will use to form the galaxy.

It’s just that the inside of this fragment is very unstable, and it will take a long time to repair and make it stable. Moreover, its potential has been fixed, there can only be tens of billions of galaxies at most, and there can be no more. Moreover, it is very likely that a large number of galaxies will be wiped out in the future, swallowing each other, and finally there will be less than 100 million galaxies left.

Unless the entire young embryo seed is repaired together, it will have unlimited potential.

The role of this young embryo seed is to condense Chaos Controller within the body into a new universe. Or let Grand Dao Lord slaughter within the body and condense into a new universe.

Chaos Controller itself can attract chaos and create a new universe within the body. Under normal circumstances, the new universe expands and Chaos Controller expands with it, and then bursts.

But if there is a young embryo within the body, then when the young embryo forms a real new universe, it can be released from the body, which is an alternative delivery. But this newborn universe has become the companion universe of Chaos Controller.

Even if the companion universe does not die, Chaos Controller will not explode. equivalent to this companion universe helps to settle within the body chaos. Whether it is divided or not divided, it has the effect of suppressing the chaos, can suppress the chaos of the chaos, and can help fix the Great Dao of Primal Chaos.

It is reasonable to infer that Chaos Controller can be infinitely enhanced from then on, as long as this new universe continues to strengthen and reach a balance with itself.

It is possible to transcend to a higher level, to stay away from the chaos beyond this chaos, from this boundless chaos domain to the real Undying and Inextinguishable eternal shore.

The Grand Dao Lord is restricted by the enlightened universe. In which universe you become enlightened, you have to be fettered with which universe, and when that universe is destroyed, you will also fall with you. And can’t travel far away from that universe.

Generally, there is only one way to return the cause and effect of the enlightened universe, or to completely refining the enlightened universe, compress and condense it into within the body. It is not difficult for Grand Dao Lord to control the universe. Compressing and condensing an entire universe into the body is difficult. It will cause itself to expand and become stronger. It is extremely difficult to compress the universe into a very small one.

It would be different if there was a complete embryo of Chuyu.

You can cultivate this young embryo to replace yourself with the original enlightened universe, and get out of it. Or by transforming one’s own obsessions, avenues and laws into the young embryo seed, so that the young embryo seed can absorb the original universe and grow. The original universe was annihilated. Grand Dao Lord should have died with it or was extremely weak, but with the support of a growing young embryo seed, Grand Dao Lord could still be immortal and possess all the power of young embryo seed. The equivalent to strength hasn’t been weakened much, and he has been free ever since.

It is also possible to transfer the stars and sentient beings of the original enlightened universe into the universe formed by the embryo seed of the young universe. It can also carry the universe that can be transformed by the young embryo seed, which can become larger and smaller, and is no longer restricted to a certain place.

“This is really Supreme Treasure… Fragments of the embryo seed of Hina Yu, I’m going to decide! No one will give it! I will become stronger in the future, and I have to find a way to grab all the other fragments!” /p>

It’s just that, in addition to being excited, Ye Yang can’t help but raise doubts.

The Grand Dao Lord of the old universe ruled and split the Heavenly Dao Lord, how did it do? Go out from the old universe, and return. The old universe turned into a Yuxu and then exploded. The Lord of Heavenly Dao was not weak or perished.

No wonder the Lord Heavenly Dao will stare at Him, even if there is no name conflict, he will be interested in the Lord Heavenly Dao? There must be a great secret hidden in him!

“Well, no matter what, I have to wait until my strength becomes stronger. It doesn’t matter whether I collect debris, find revenge for Lord Heavenly Dao, or explore the secret of Lord Heavenly Dao, it is not what I can do now.”

Ye Yang’s thoughts turn, divine sense slowly condenses into the young embryo seed fragments within the body.

At this moment, a panic surged.

Turning back suddenly, I saw that in the distant void, two powerhouses that were suspected of Heavenly Venerate, driving the power of Grand Dao, rushed toward this side.

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