Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1031


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“It seems something is wrong. How can the trifling two Heavenly Venerates make the deity feel palpitations? Even if it’s just an incarnation, it shouldn’t react so strongly.”

Ye Yang’s mind turns, and the incarnation sweeps backwards quickly.


The voices of the two Heavenly Venerates are transmitted across the void, but their body shape transmission speed is much slower, not as good as the space shuttle of sound.

Ye Yang hehe smiled and ignored it.

“Flee as soon as we meet? Can someone dare to stay for a fight?” another Heavenly Venerate shouted.

Ye Yang still ignored it.

It’s just that the two Heavenly Venerates are getting closer.

One of them, in the gray black qi exuding, faintly concealed the dark golden color, the other, faintly concealed red light and blue light, red and blue interlaced, partly blended, but all with Dark color, dark color.

Ye Yang’s incarnation speeds up and escapes, but the silhouette is slightly blurred, and several Ye Yang incarnations shuttle over.

Through the incarnation positioning here, consume the chaos in the sky on both sides to send other incarnations here.

Heavenly Venerate coldly snorted of the dark golden Ze: “fuck off!”

A palm swept over, and two blazing lights swept across the void, and Ye Yang’s two newly emerging incarnations were so destroyed.

“A trifling is less than the incarnation of Divinity Sovereign Level of Chaos, and I want to stop us? It’s just courting death.” Heavenly Venerate sneered.

Ye Yang is still going backwards and fleeing, a group of incarnations from other places rush over, and then one by one is easily bombarded by the opponent.

“Trouble…The incarnation of the Divinity Sovereign Level battle strength is not enough to stop Heavenly Venerate’s blow. And if this incarnation of the Divinity Sovereign Level battle strength is allowed to fight, within the body of the young Yu Embryo fragments may be lost. Because they may not win.

“If the fragments of the young embryo seed are transferred to other incarnations, and the other incarnations do not have enough strength to support the fragments of the young embryo seed, at least they must have the strength far beyond the normal Chaos God Emperor.”

Ye Yang thought, there is a blazing light that slashes the void, passing through the Cutting Void from the side of his powerful incarnation.

“Heavenly Venerate that controls the tearing avenue? No, there is also the rupture avenue… The two avenues are very close, why not merge?”

The avenue of tearing is called tearing. In fact, any attack caused by sharp-edged weapons on the target can be regarded as tearing. Therefore, the controller of this type of avenue is very good at swords and weapons. If you use the corresponding Divine Item to attack, the formidable power is extremely strong.

That one after another blazing light, seemingly pure power of Grand Dao, is actually formed by the fusion of millions of sword energy and sword light, which is enough to easily kill many chaotic gods.

Ye Yang avoids this sword, and in the sky sinks suddenly, as if a huge fist smashed the void. The Chaos Void here looks like frosted glass, so many cracks are easily broken.

This is the power of breaking the highway. The avenue of rupture often includes the avenue of tearing. This is the information Ye Yang read from the Shrimp and Crab Chaos Emperor.

But that Heavenly Venerate has two avenues at the same time… Obviously, this is a tricky means to get him from the one-dimensional Heavenly Venerate to the binary Heavenly Venerate.

The seemingly controlled avenues overlap, only equivalent to one kind of avenue. In fact, the battle strength is more than twice as powerful.

There is a saying that the battle strength possessed by One Yuan Heavenly Venerate is comparable to 120,000 nine thousand six hundred Divine Kings of Chaos. But another way of saying that the battle strength of One Yuan Heavenly Venerate is only comparable to 120,000 nine thousand six hundred gods. But it is unclear whether this god is the Chaos god or Yunei god.

It can be seen that the description of battle strength in this realm is not very accurate. Because, the battle strength gap between Divine King and Divine King is very big, and the gap between gods and gods is also very big.

But Heavenly Venerate, which controls two avenues, is twice as powerful as Heavenly Venerate, which controls one avenue, that’s for sure.

“It turned out to be a clever man who divided his own avenue into two… No, he used his avenue to forcefully generate new weak avenues, trying to use it to climb to a higher level, but this kind of trickery The strength derived from the Fa is extremely unstable, and you are inferior to the powerhouse at the peak level of the one-yuan Heavenly Venerate.” Ye Yang sneered.

“What did you say?”

Various massive attacks blasted over.

But Ye Yang one after another avoided.

“Wait, it’s not quite right, how can this guy keep avoiding our attacks, and keep escaping faster than our pursuit?” Another Heavenly Venerate with red and blue lines said.

“It should also be said that this child is just incarnation here, and the strength of the body is not below me. And all the power of this incarnation is used to drive. Well, maybe there is no need to suppress the young embryo within the body To plant fragments, as long as the incarnation has enough strength, the young embryo species can adjust the power to increase the speed.” said Heavenly Venerate, who controls the avenue of fracture.

“so that’s how it is.” Another name is Heavenly Venerate nodded.

Ye Yang face turned cold.

This Heavenly Venerate, not simple.

The one who broke Heavenly Venerate has been irritated by Ye Yang, but this Heavenly Venerate just a word, let the broken Heavenly Venerate quickly restore calm through thinking, and since just now, there has been no shot, just another one Shot.

Ye Yang doesn’t believe it, there will be two Heavenly Venerates truly wholeheartedly cooperating to hunt him down. It’s a joint effort, but why didn’t they outflank the attack separately? Moreover, how to distribute afterwards? This Heavenly Venerate, which has red and blue rays of light, must also be an old yin product. It is estimated to be full of plot against.

“Perhaps, can you guide them to fight inward?”

It’s just that the time is too late.

The two Heavenly Venerates are not slow, they are getting closer.

At this time, Ye Yang sighed slightly.

The body shape suddenly shakes, and another Ye Yang appears out of thin air.

This newly-appearing Ye Yang actually possesses the power of five Chaos God Emperors.

This was sent after the incarnations were merged elsewhere.

At this moment, Chuyu embryo seed fragments are handed over. This incarnation with only the power of five Chaos God Emperors quickly absorbed the fragments of the young embryo seed into the body.

Because Ye Yang has done certain research on the fragments of the embryo seed of Chuyu, and has a little familiarity, so he can seize the fragments with the incarnation composed of the power of five chaotic emperors. It’s just that the speed of the journey has to slow down.

This new incarnation was rushing with the fragments at a slower speed, and the other incarnation, which originally contained fragments, moved away from the fragments, and stood in place. With a wave of his hand, the chaotic wind of grandiose gushed out. The way of the name Heavenly Venerate is blocked.

“fuck off!” The ruptured Heavenly Venerate hits it with a punch, and there is a phantom of a vast river of avenues like a long river of time emerges, billions of sword energy swords fly out in the river, in the sky It becomes a river, swallowing and changing the chaos.

“hehe, didn’t the two of you have been chasing the deity to stop the deity before? Why did the deity stop now, but you let the deity roll away?” Ye Yang retreated, slapped it out with a palm, the chaos condensed Pressing forward into a giant palm, the many Blade Qi sword energy are shot and scattered, but more than half of the sword energy is undamaged, and Ye Yang’s chaotic giant palm has been completely torn apart.

“Our purpose, you know!” The Heavenly Venerate said, grabbing with the right hand, the grandiose avenue, actually condensed into the hand, forming a long double-edged soft gun. It looks like a long river that shrinks and shrinks, and it looks like a long spear handle that is as soft as a sword, but the front sides have good edges, and only a small part of the edgeless part in the middle is held by the Heavenly Venerate. Hands.

With a shot, the void of this immeasurable Chaos Domain was cut open, leaving a huge valley that was tens of billions of kilometers long. Void Canyon, or Chaos Crack.

Ye Yang stepped away a step ahead of time, his body still retreating, his back fiercely hit the other incarnation that held the young embryo seed fragments, and at the same time, he moved his hands to attract chaos to form a space-time barrier to stop him.

“The deity is curious, I didn’t see you before I came into contact with the fragments of the embryo seed. You only appeared later, how do you know that the fragments fell into the hands of the deity?” Ye Yang said.

The two Heavenly Venerates ignored them, and the red and blue Heavenly Venerate said: “You and I each leave an incarnation here to entangle with him, and send another incarnation to snatch it.”


So, two Heavenly Venerate divided into two. The split incarnations all have battle strength comparable to ten chaotic emperors. But the two Heavenly Venerates here are also weakened.

Obviously, incarnation is here. But battle strength is comparable to the incarnation of the Heavenly Venerate level. It is hard to say what kind of cultivation base their body is. But looking at Heavenly Venerate’s tricks, it is estimated that it will not be too strong. Therefore, the strongest incarnation that can condense is the Heavenly Venerate level, which will not be stronger, and the number will not be more, otherwise it is not just these two silhouettes that will kill before.

Ye Yang’s heart moved slightly, and countless Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts rose rapidly around him.

One by one, Primal Chaos Divine Artifact spins and turns into a huge formation, intercepting it like a barrier.

Four Heavenly Venerate silhouette strikes, the big formation quickly broke into a large piece, and they broke into the formation.

Ye Yang’s many Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts are blooming, and the Divine Item itself burns out, but there is a fusion of blazing lights converging on the illusory shadow of a Broken Universe Sword, fiercely splitting off.

This Broken Universe Sword is Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, a full strength attack, comparable to the full strength attack of Heavenly Venerate.

Those four Heavenly Venerate quickly handed over,

Two weak Heavenly Venerate incarnations were bombarded by the aftermath of power, and the long blade of the broken Heavenly Venerate blocked the blow of the sword, while the other was only impacted by the weaker sword energy aftermath. So easily blocked.

“Dare to use a sword in front of the deity?” The cracked Heavenly Venerate sneered, waved the long blade, swept abruptly, the long blade whirled like a whirlwind, and hundreds of millions of sword energy flew out, densely packed Strikes towards Ye Yang.

Ye Yang retreated quickly. The surrounding chaos suddenly shrank, turning into countless Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts in an instant.

However, many Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts were blown up just after they took shape.

Ye Yang was very angry, wishing his body would come and crush these two guys.

But at this moment, after several Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts were smashed, they turned into fragments and did not dissipate. They changed and recovered automatically. Chaos Qi faintly converged on the Chaos Dao Mark above.

In response to this scene, Ye Yang’s mind flashed a bright light.

“so that’s how it is…this is the correct method of use!”

In an instant, the remaining Primal Chaos Divine Artifact bloomed one by one, and the shape changed rapidly.

Whether it is a knife-shaped sword-shaped axe or a bell-shaped piano-shaped tripod, all Divine Items are squashed and turned into a piece of paper suspended in Chaos Void. The talisman paper condensed by chaotic power, each has Dao Mark on it.

Dao Mark of Great Dao of Primal Chaos! !

Every symbol has a Dao Mark on it.

Each Dao Mark is a talisman, a talisman, and a complete talisman method. However, these Dao Marks are not complete. Because it takes 120,000 to nine thousand six hundred Dao Marks to combine to form a complete Great Dao of Primal Chaos!

No, it should be said that the combination of 120,000 and nine thousand and six hundred Dao Mark includes all the Dao Mark contained in the Great Dao of Primal Chaos. These Dao Marks can be put together to form a complete picture of the Great Dao of Primal Chaos.

The shape of the avenue is invisible and intangible, but it merges with energy and matter, and with the help of energy and matter to manifest, there is form. These Dao Marks are equivalent to depicting the lines of the tangible avenue. This kind of texture is not fixed, countless changes, billion absolutely kinds of changes. But these Dao Marks themselves change at any time. This is a dynamic painting, not a static painting.

At this time, the spells were suspended in the void, and the two Heavenly Venerates suddenly felt pressure.

“What’s the situation?”

Behind each spell, different Primal Chaos Divine Artifact illusory shadows faintly appear.

Ye Yang suddenly, the so-called Primal Chaos Divine Artifact is just a part of the characteristics of Great Dao of Primal Chaos. The combination of many Primal Chaos Divine Artifact features is the complete feature of Great Dao of Primal Chaos.

In the past, different Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts have been used to form a formation. I only know that the combination of a part of the Divine Item can make the formation stronger. It can simulate various Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasures, and can simulate different void prison creatures and others. Powerful enemy. However, why this can be achieved is actually not very clear.

Moreover, it is impossible to simulate the formation of too powerful existence.

Now, Ye Yang understands.

“Break these spells!”

The red and blue rays of light Heavenly Venerate loudly said.

The long blade that broke Heavenly Venerate slashed over.

However, the large array of Ye Yang’s many spells is going backwards. This big array is still incomplete, and Ye Yang’s powerful incarnation suddenly emits a huge Chaos Qi. This powerful incarnation became so weak that it only possessed the power of twelve chaotic emperors.

However, the Million Charm has been formed.

120,000 Nine Thousand Six Hundred Charms should be enough, but Ye Yang is not as proficient yet. So I prepared a lot.

Seeing the combination of millions of spells merged, in an instant, more than 800,000 spells were destroyed, equivalent to pieces of Primal Chaos Divine Artifact burst open.

The remaining spells were transformed into different Divine Item illusory shadows, and twisted into Dao Marks. equivalent to The texture of the lost talisman paper floats in the void out of thin air. In this dimension, it is a spell, but in another dimension, it is a Divine Item. They are in different time and space levels at the same time, and the scenes that can be seen on different levels are different.

bang!! !

Many spells turned into a ball of glowing light, and then stretched out, it turned out to be a huge Great Dao of Primal Chaos illusory shadow. It’s just that the illusory shadow fades, and there is a man in a robe with long hair tied up inside, with a huge divine might blooming on his body.

“Chaos Controller?”

“A new Chaos Controller?”

“hmph, Chaos Controller is nothing more than Heavenly Venerate level battle strength.”

The two Heavenly Venerates are here.

I saw that the man in the robe flicked his right hand, and the surrounding chaos tens of billions of light-years away, ignoring the spatial distance and teleporting over. But the silhouette of the man suddenly became fuzzy.

The chaos sent over, condensed into a pitch-black sphere.

“Not good, quit!!” The two Heavenly Venerates were shocked.

The chaos of the tens of billions of voids is compressed at once, even if it is a real Chaos Controller, it is impossible to control.

So, after 100 million 1/10000th second, these chaos that have not yet fully condensed burst open. Many chaos within tens of billions of light-years were out of control before they were completely transmitted here.

However, the chaos that was out of control just spread out randomly, while the condensed and exploded chaos was under the influence of the Grand Dao Lord’s illusory shadow, and most of the power moved towards the two Heavenly Venerates.

In an instant, the Heavenly Venerate holding the long blade was bombarded into scum.

Although he waved his long blade and released countless sword light containing the power of Grand Dao, he could only cut off part of the chaotic impact. The void torn by the long blade only sucked away part of the chaos. Other chaotic powers can easily drop this Heavenly Venerate in seconds.

The strange thing is that the Heavenly Venerate that blooms with red and blue rays of light has a strange expression, and it disappears out of thin air.

The emptiness of trillions of light-years suddenly became chaotic. In the overwhelming majority area, the degree of danger can kill ordinary Chaos gods, but for Chaos gods whose strength is above the level of gods, or the Divine King in Yunei, they will not be afraid of this chaos.

Only the most core area is it dangerous and terrifying enough to kill the Divine King of Chaos in a flash. But this is only a million light-year range of trifling. Only eight thousand light-years in the middle of the most core can kill the Chaos God Emperor in seconds. In addition, Space Teleportation and high-speed flying are temporarily prohibited here.

“The means of very difficult to deal with…The equivalent to Chaos Controller’s desperate move is similar to Chaos Controller Self-destruction?” Ye Yang expression was weird.

In an instant, the chaos that drove tens of billions of light years should be mastered by many Chaos Controllers, and Ye Yang was in extreme danger. However, this move is a big move to destroy the enemy and ourselves.

Ye Yang didn’t dare to let his real body use it, and incarnation couldn’t use this move either.

However, attracting chaos to create the Great Dao of Primal Chaos sign, forming a large array, and then converging to create a temporary Great Dao of Primal Chaos. With the authority of the Great Dao of Primal Chaos, the chaos that is trillions of light-years away is temporarily controlled in an instant…this move is terrifying.

The formidable power is not much weaker than the release of Ye Yang’s ontology, but in the end it only destroys Ye Yang’s incarnation outside and has little effect on his ontology.

“This move must be practiced more. Also, the temporary Great Dao of Primal Chaos illusory shadow created by summon is not limited to using this move of condensed chaos. There should be other attack methods, which need to be tried and practiced. It can last longer.

“Also, the instant summon chaos of tens of billions of light years is because the divine sense of incarnation is not weak, and there are many Space Cracks around it, which can extend the divine sense to hundreds of billions of light years away. , Otherwise, chaos will not respond to the call if the divine sense is not up to it.

“This Great Dao of Primal Chaos illusory shadow, after all, is not the main body. It cannot be integrated into the chaos to gain ultra-long-distance chaos manipulation ability. Once integrated into the chaos, it dissipates. Therefore, this move also has many shortcomings. The advantage is still very big and can be carried forward.”

Apart from this, Ye Yang also discovered that the two incoming Heavenly Venerates seem to have a weird relationship. Only destroy the broken Heavenly Venerate, then the red and blue Heavenly Venerate also disappears?

Why is it so, it is not clear now.

“In short, hurry up and take away the young embryo seed fragments here.”

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