Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1032


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All the incarnations here have been wiped out, even the incarnation with the fragments of the young embryo seed.

So, Ye Yang quickly mobilized incarnation from other places, and collected the young embryo seed fragments here again. Leave in a hurry.

But it hasn’t flew far, yet another Heavenly Venerate-level powerhouse has come.

Ye Yang became proficient this time, directly mobilizing Chaos Qi, condensed into pieces of Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, and then turned into Chaos Dao Talisman. Or simply directly condense into a chaotic road iron talisman.

Form a large formation, condensing the temporary manifestation Great Dao of Primal Chaos. Either strikes directly, or transformed into a human form, commanding Chaos Qi around to attack in a short time.

As long as Heavenly Venerate is not too powerful, Ye Yang can win. At the very least, the other party can be forced to send it far.

“You only need Chaos Qi around you to play the full strength attack of Chaos Controller, or you can get the equivalent to Chaos Controller’s ability to fight for half a minute. This method is really useful.”

Ye Yang has also tried to absorb Chaos Qi, which contains the mental fragments of other Chaos Controllers.

If you let him absorb these Chaos Qi into his own incarnation, and turn it into his own use. Ye Yang didn’t dare. Because he is not sure to completely wipe out the Spiritual Imprint of other Chaos Controller. I can’t guarantee that the opponent can’t pretend to be obliterated, and then quietly trace the cause and effect to find Ye Yang’s whereabouts.

So, this part of Chaos Qi is not feasible for cultivation.

But if these Chaos Qi are used to directly attack the enemy, Ye Yang thinks it is feasible.

As long as you explode the strong enemy, retreat, and then cut off the incarnation here, and all your own cause and effect. All the related powers absorbed are not used, it is enough.

Of course, the incarnation that carries the fragments of the young embryo seed can’t be shot casually. Because this incarnation cannot easily fall away.

So, we can only let incarnation from other places rush over, and then use the surrounding chaos. Even if it alarmed other Chaos Controllers, when they rushed over, Ye Yang’s incarnation that carried the embryo seed of Young Yu was already far away.

Furthermore, since chaos can be extracted unscrupulously, there is no need to filter those Chaos Qi that contains powerhouse Spiritual Imprint, the Primal Chaos Divine Artifact and Chaos Taoist created by Ye Yang, the formidable power is much more powerful. The temporary Great Dao of Primal Chaos illusory shadow constructed is much stronger.

Of course, there is a small problem. This temporary Great Dao of Primal Chaos illusory shadow also contains the fragmentation fluctuations of the Spiritual Imprint of other powerhouses. Ye Yang cannot guarantee 100% control. Sometimes even out of control. The control rate does not exceed 70%.

But a one-time attack, or only a half-minute battle. Then there is nothing to be afraid of.

Sometimes Divine Item is used to create a temporary Great Dao of Primal Chaos illusory shadow. After attacking the enemy, it directly smash void to form an ultra-long-distance Transmission Passage, allowing one’s incarnation to carry the young embryo seed. Shuttle and leave, and then explode the transmission channel. Half a minute is enough to travel a long distance and then fly a long distance.

Furthermore, at the time of transmission, an almost natural passage is formed, just as a mortal digs a hole in the ground, so as long as it does not touch the wall of the well and jumps down, it will not contaminate the breath of the well wall.

This channel is the same, even if it uses the chaos that contains other powerhouse Spiritual Imprints to penetrate, as long as the incarnation does not touch the channel itself, but just shuttles through the gap, it will not be contaminated with any abnormal information. Tracked by other Chaos Controller Grand Dao Lord.

It’s just that Ye Yang is a bit confusing.

He has been so careful, and fleeing desperately, even tried to use any Spiritual Imprint power that does not contaminate other powerhouses to set up a concealed position so that incarnation can be hidden in it, so that he is still hit by the enemy.

How did the enemy find Ye Yang’s whereabouts?

“It doesn’t make sense… If you can find the incarnation of the deity directly, if you want to deal with the deity, then you can find the body of the deity.

“Therefore, they are very likely to directly lock onto the fragment of the young embryo seed, and be able to track the fragment. But thinking about it this way, it is even less clear.”

Ye Yang has also obtained a fragment of the young embryo seed, but cannot clearly sense the approximate location and whereabouts of other fragments through this fragment. If other fragments deliberately converge, unless Ye Yang’s spirit willpower blesses on this fragment, and releases the divine sense through this fragment, and then there are other fragments within the scope of the divine sense, it can be vaguely noticed.

But as long as the other fragments are outside the limit of Ye Yang’s divine sense, or deliberately concealed by others, it will be very difficult to detect and almost impossible to find.

And without this fragment, Ye Yang’s own ability would not be able to detect where the fragments of other young embryo seeds are.

“Therefore, the deity can’t find other Hinyu embryo seed fragments that are too far away and deliberately hidden, but can only find those pieces that are just and honorable. Then why can they track and lock the deity? Where are the pieces of Chuyu?”

Ye Yang is very big.

Because, the enemy continuously.

They are not weak, Ye Yang often needs to waste some incarnation to defeat them. On the other side, although there are other incarnations that continue to absorb chaos, they are also constantly creating new incarnations. However, while supplementing and consuming, Ye Yang’s strength recovery speed is very affected, and he has not been able to recover to the level before the Self-destruction body.

“If this continues, it will be difficult. Is it possible to let the deity give up this young embryo seeding?

“No, if you give up this young embryo seed, relying on the deity’s own ability, it will be quite difficult to suppress within the body without swelling and self-destruction.

“It’s okay to suppress it, but if you are distracted and suppressed within the body, your cultivation progress will be affected. If your strength reaches a certain level in the future, you might have to do it like other old Chaos Controllers. Find a place to stop, build a special area to block chaos, and dare not run around anymore.

“With a complete Hinayu embryo seed, you can rest assured that it is impudent to increase cultivation base. Now it is just a fragment, and the increasing cultivation base is not too impudent, but with this fragment, it will be possible to obtain it in the future The complete embryo of Chuyu.”

Ye Yang is unwilling to give up this fragment, but now he is being pursued without giving up.

“Damn it, must figure it out, how do those powerhouses chase the deity? How can they get rid of their chase?”

Ye Yang escaped all the way.

Unexpectedly, another fragment of the empty bead was found on the way.

Ye Yang’s heart moved.

This empty bead can absorb all kinds of energy and transform into a divine force crystal, which is of little use to Ye Yang now. His incarnation absorbing power is no worse than this known as Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure. This thing is only good for the creatures below Chaos Controller. Or some Heavenly Venerate is not good at sucking power, perhaps use the empty bead.

But this thing, after transformation, coupled with the formation, may automatically absorb chaos, refine the essence, and condense savings.

“If you find more fragments and imitate the creation of long-lived imitation sky-phasing beads, perhaps, you can save the cultivation time of the deity, and the chaotic cultivation speed will be faster.”

Ye Yang was about to fly towards the sky-splitting pearl, when suddenly he saw a ruler flying around with a colorful glow.

She also has two high-level Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts on her body. Divine Item protects her and hides her power fluctuations with a gray aura. Therefore, do not draw the attention of other powerhouses. If Ye Yang weren’t an incarnation approaching here, he would not notice.

Power fluctuations can be covered, and abnormal rays of light can also be covered.

This incarnation of Ye Yang didn’t carry the young embryo seed fragments, hidden in the chaos, almost fuse together with the chaos, and was not discovered by the god.

“Hehe, it is accurate, it is too right! Flying towards this side, you can find something very helpful to the deity’s cultivation base.

“I don’t know what fragment of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is this thing? It seems to be able to directly absorb chaos and transform it into other powers. This is the ability that Heavenly Venerate powerhouse possesses. If this deity studies it thoroughly, it is a little imitation. You can continue to obtain your own corresponding Law Power, and even turn the law into a road, and have the opportunity to become Heavenly Venerate.”

The ruler of the female figure stretched out his hand with a smile and sucked in the empty bead fragment.

Ye Yang complexion slightly changed.

Suddenly came and manifested in front of her.

“Ah! You…you, you, who are you?” The woman stared at Ye Yang in surprise. Then, divine sense swept all around and found that there was no restriction around, but the powerhouse in front of her gave her a very dangerous feeling.

I didn’t escape directly at the moment, brace oneself said: “Jingru has seen Senior, I don’t know Senior…”

“You just talked to yourself, the deity heard it.” Ye Yang said.

“Ah…” She was so scared that she covered her mouth.

The rule of dignified is governed by subconsciously speaking out the thoughts in my heart, and I like to talk to myself. Such huge loopholes and weak spots are really speechless.

Ye Yang glanced at her and vaguely felt that this was a lucky person. Similar to the previous Ye Die, it was also a good luck and became the ruler of the law, the kind without much experience. If you encounter a real crisis, you will die at any time.

However, Ye Yang can’t guarantee whether this is an incarnation created by a certain super boss, but this woman does not know that she is an incarnation of other powerhouses. No matter it’s soul search or other means, she can’t get it. She gets useful information, and this probability is also there.

So, Ye Yang did not destroy her casually, nor did he kindly say that he wanted to recruit her to protect her.

Only said: “You said before that you flew towards this side because of the means of prediction and calculation, and got this Divine Item fragment?”

“Yes, yes.”

“What kind of predictions did you make?” Ye Yang asked.

“Ben…I just used a one-time Primal Chaos Divine Artifact to calculate and see which direction I can get to help one’s own cultivation opportunities. Then I’m in this direction.” The woman is pitiful and authentic.

Ye Yang eyes shined, muttered: “so that’s how it is ……”

He vaguely understood.

Those Heavenly Venerables who are chasing over are not able to directly calculate the location of the young embryo seed fragments, but predict which direction they will go in, and they may get a great opportunity.

So, I found Ye Yang here.

Their calculation ability is really so powerful?

Not necessarily.

If there are thousands of Heavenly Venerate or thousands of Heavenly Venerate’s incarnations, and different calculations are performed, then even if the accuracy is only 3%, there will be several or even dozens of Heavenly Venerate who can find Ye Yang Here.

Even more how, the accuracy rate is unlikely to be as low as 3%.

It would be extremely difficult to directly estimate the embryo of Chuyu, but it is much less difficult to estimate which side has the chance. If you only calculate the approximate location, the difficulty will be even smaller. If you then extrapolate “probably you may encounter opportunities that will help your cultivation progress”, it will be easier.

There are not many opportunities for Heavenly Venerables to be promoted.

If you search all the way, only Ye Yang will be found. Then they must doubt whether Ye Yang this incarnation carries any treasure.

There are really not many treasures that can improve the Heavenly Venerate cultivation base. The powerhouse below Heavenly Venerate, many resources can help. But the general Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure can’t help Heavenly Venerate. Only the legendary Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure can help Heavenly Venerate.

Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure will not be much in number, and none of them can be called Supreme Treasure. But the immeasurable chaos domain has existed for too long. Calculated on the basis of trillions of years, in such a long period of time, coupled with the infinite and vast void and countless restricted areas, no amount of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure can come up.

Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, which is extremely rare elsewhere, is not uncommon in the entire immeasurable chaos domain.

These Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasures can’t help Heavenly Venerate. What can help them, except for the flowers of the Dao and the Golden Lotus of Chaos that have existed for more than multiple cosmic epochs?

Together with some information fragments obtained on the road, I know that powerhouse has obtained the fragments of the embryo seed of Hina Yu, and there have been wars. Then it is not difficult to speculate that Ye Yang may have fragments of the embryo seed.

Maybe they are not sure, but they cheated. Then Ye Yang let his incarnation escape like a frightened rabbit, and other incarnations will intercept it. Isn’t this not going to recruit?

Ye Yang is also because these Heavenly Venerables all pick up the young Yu embryos as soon as they show up. As a result, they subconsciously thought that they were tracked all the way, but they didn’t expect that they just found here and cheated Ye Yang.

“Although the deity is not a wily old fox, it is quite deep in the city. The plot against is powerful and good. Didn’t expect, I was plot against by other powerhouse today without knowing it.” Ye Yang felt a little blush.

At this time, he has understood the truth of the matter, and Ye Yang also knows how to deal with it.

This incarnation shuttled away quickly.

The woman let out a long sigh: “I finally left…well, the deity’s previous calculations are indeed correct. This time, I was really surprised. I was really scared just now, really. I was surprised. But after all I got something.”

At the moment, quickly leave with the Fragment of the Sky Devouring Pearl.

And many incarnations of Ye Yang, search in in the sky.

“It is necessary to find some mysterious Space Cracks that can travel far away in an instant. At the same time, it can be guaranteed that the incarnation of the deity will not be destroyed during the transmission. Moreover, the transmission is random.”

Ye Yang took a while and finally found one.

A huge fragment of the ruins of the ruins, the ruins of a certain universe that once existed in the boundless chaos domain.

It is a supercontinent formed by the compression of hundreds of billions of stars and black holes.

The barren above, but there are mountains and rivers. One of the giant mountains has Space-Time Tunnel and random transmission.

Ye Yang’s incarnation carried the young embryo seed fragments, avoided many powerhouses, and after many concealing methods such as cutting cause and effect, came near the tunnel entrance.

Neither go in nor leave, just stand at the entrance of the tunnel, staring solemnly at the entrance of the tunnel, right hand pinching something.

Soon, a Heavenly Venerate wearing a purple robe and a purple gold crown, incarnation came, looked at the hole, then looked at Ye Yang, suddenly said: “This Fellow Daoist, here Space- Time Tunnel, where does it lead?”

Ye Yang glanced at the opponent, coldly snorted, and ignored.

There was a trace of murderous intention flashing in the eyes of Heavenly Venerate incarnation, but he didn’t do it. He looked at Ye Yang and then at the Space-Time Tunnel.

“Hehe, even if you don’t say it, the deity can guess it. If you’re not mistaken… there was a powerhouse with treasures that shuttled away from this Space-Time Tunnel, right? Or, this Space-Time Tunnel, To lead to a mysterious treasure, you must travel at a specific time to accurately travel through the past to reach the goal. Right?

“This Space-Time Tunnel, which looks like a random transmission, actually has a certain pattern. Fellow Daoist, you are calculating that pattern, and calculating the time to jump into the Space-Time Tunnel, right?”

The Heavenly Venerate said triumphantly.

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