Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1062


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“This…what the hell stuff?!!!” The Heavenly Venerate was shocked.

If it is a deity with insufficient strength and cannot see those deep hidden avenues and special laws, it will think it is a curse, and it will be regarded as a curse-like avenue power.

But Heavenly Venerables present can see that this is not like a cursed avenue, but more like a avenue of absorption and decomposition or evolution.

The wisps of red hair, the avenue contained in it, is extremely similar to the avenue on the bodies of Heavenly Venerate. It just transforms the power of Grand Dao of Heavenly Venerate into red hair. The avenue contained by the red hair has not changed much, but Heavenly Venerables can no longer control the power like the red hair.

This is an ability to weaken Heavenly Venerate.

If Ye Yang did it, the Law Power on Heavenly Venerate would be forcibly transformed into chaos, and no matter what the law, it would be transformed into Primal Chaos Law Chaos Qi.

And these magical red hairs will not completely distort and change the other party’s characteristics, allowing the other party to maintain most of the original characteristics, but have an additional effect of transforming into a red hair shape and losing control.

In addition, the biggest use is… even the power of Grand Dao can be distorted and changed!

Ye Yang’s Great Dao of Primal Chaos is stronger than other power of Grand Dao, but it is not enough to forcibly twist and change other avenues.

Similarly, the power of other avenues is not enough to twist and change other avenues, including Great Dao of Primal Chaos, and they are not enough to forcibly twist.

Unless it is Grand Dao Lord, if multiple avenues are combined and used to achieve perfect cooperation, many avenues can transform their characteristics, strong and weak against the trend.

But it is not at the level of Grand Dao Lord, or Chaos Controller, which is about to become a new universe from Self-destruction, basically it is difficult to reverse the power of other avenues.

Able to attack and destroy, but it is extremely difficult to transform it.

“This red hair is amazing… Such a powerful method is very jealous, I really want to learn from the teacher.”

Ye Yang shook his head and sighed.

At this moment, the entire universe, the rays of light, are indeterminate and very unstable, as if they would collapse at any time.

Many Heavenly Venerate’s power fluctuates, and the input power is also unstable, plus this large array has already been unable to support it before. Therefore, the Great Universe Array is about to end.

Ye Yang divine sense swept the four directions, and sighed slightly in his heart: “It’s time… If you miss this opportunity, I’m afraid it will be difficult to have a chance.”

At present, Ye Yang’s body transfers most of the divine sense power, but the core of consciousness is still in the battleship of the Dragon Heart Association.

At this moment, a number of powerhouses emerged from the mysterious grave in the void, their bodies shook, and moved towards the direction of the mutual aid alliance.

The speed is extremely fast, but the red hair is faster. Before they got here, Hong Mao tore through the layers of protection of the mutual aid alliance and tore the door.


Ye Yang’s incarnation is flying by.

The Ye Yang incarnation of the Great Universe Array bursts into pieces and disintegrates into tiny particles.

His incarnation has also grown red hairs, divine sense wants to penetrate into the red hairs, and divine sense will also be contaminated. Therefore, it is normal to use Self-destruction to cut red hair at this time.

But his real purpose is not Self-destruction to cut off the pollution of red hair, but to split his consciousness into tiny particles, and then float towards the Heavenly Venerables in the Great Universe.

Members of this kind of plot against mutual aid alliance are considered breach of oath and will be backlashed.

However, Ye Yang’s current plot against is waiting for them to die before obtaining information, so there is no direct backlash. This backlash can be slow. In addition, the body is ready to withstand a great impact.

At the same time, the battleships near the Mutual Aid League quickly fled, but their battleships quickly grew red hair. The ancient powerhouses hit the Mutual Aid League, several palms fell at the same time, the Mutual Aid League headquarters blasted open, and one after another force moved towards those ships.

Obviously, no creatures will be allowed to escape.

But it is impossible to stop all Heavenly Venerate completely. It is like the battleship of the Dragon Heart Association. It accurately calculates the timing of the opponent’s attack on the headquarters of the Mutual Aid League, and the aftermath of power sweeps toward other battleships that flee. This extremely short moment is the best time to escape.

It exploded with a boom.

Dragon Heart Club battleship Self-destruction.

The outer core is shattered, and the inner core is shuttled out instantly.

Ye Yang felt weak in his body.

The inner core of the Dragon Heart Club was thrown into the depths of the void, and the high-speed rotation swayed, surrounded by a violent void storm. Fortunately, the formidable power is not comparable to the void storm near the mutual aid alliance.

The headquarters of the Mutual Aid League was exploded, and the divine object that contained the pledges of your allies was also exploded.

If you break the oath at this time, you will suffer the weakest backlash.

The deity and the deity swear to each other, swear by their own hearts, without trusting foreign objects, that vow backlash will only be issued from their own hearts, and some deities can violate them. And if you trust a foreign object, you will be punished if you have a secret technique to prevent the strength of Backlash from emanating from your heart. But the disadvantage is that once the foreign object entrusted with the oath is blown up, if the deity breaks the oath, the backlash it bears will be weak.

The best way is to use a foreign object to carry the oath, and to swear it with your heart. The package includes not only the powerful Divine Item, powerful gods, but also the invisible road.

Unfortunately, the mutual aid alliance family has a great cause, and there is no time for all allies to swear in pairs, and the gods’ oaths rest on the divine object. As long as the headquarters is not breached, and the things that entrust the power of the oath are not exploded, it does not matter.

However, now that the headquarters has exploded, the things that entrusted God’s oath have also exploded.

“I expected this scene long ago!”

The consciousness particles condensed by Ye Yang faintly revealed his silhouette, and then moved towards a Heavenly Venerate. With the power of femininity penetrating, like ghosts plot against living people, penetrating into their consciousness. Take advantage of their chaos.

I can’t capture important information, but the Spiritual Fluctuation of their thoughts and thoughts can be collected. Induce them, let them think of the big universe array.

In addition, the Great Cosmos Array also burst at this time, exploding a lot of energy fluctuations.

“These data…it’s okay! With the previously harvested data, to restore the Great Universe Array, very large calculations are still required. But it is enough!”

Even without this move, the information and data collected by Ye Yang before, as long as very complicated calculations and tests are performed, the prototype of the Great Universe Array can finally be completed. However, the time required may be longer and the energy consumption will be greater.

But now that the second batch of data is obtained, the time required for Ye Yang may be less.

Afterwards, the consciousness particles here were annihilated one after another.

Ye Yang’s body received the information and data transmitted by the resonance from here, and it spewed a big mouthful of divine blood, the body’s face was deathly pale, Chaos Qi burst out of his body, but he was forcibly suppressed in an instant.

“Almost… Chaos Qi on his body was almost out of control and violent!”

The spirit willpower is severely depleted. If it weren’t for Ye Yang’s Chaos Qi to have been refined to remove most of the chaotic will, it would have been out of control and would explode entirely, or Ye Yang would fall into madness and lose his reason.

This is the terrifying part of Chaos Will.

But if Chaos Qi does not have chaotic will, the formidable power is not strong enough. Generally, the will of Chaos Controller is used to replace the will of Chaos Energy in Chaos Energy, or replace most of it. Turn part of his will into chaos, and then merge with Chaos Qi. This is the process of refinement.

Chaos Qi’s inherent chaotic will is obliterated and purified and becomes pure. After Chaos Controller absorbs it, it is easy to integrate into its own will. These forces will not be much stronger than normal Chaos Qi, but they are not easy to lose control. Even if Chaos Controller is more powerful than it, it is extremely difficult to take control.

This is also the reason why Ye Yang’s recent cultivation progress is not as fast as when he was promoted.

“This wave…some losses, but the benefits gained are also great!”

Ye Yang’s eyes are as bright as blazing sun.

Calculate carefully, my current body still has the battle strength cultivation base of the four-pole Heavenly Venerate and even the five-pole Heavenly Venerate. The incarnation is lost, but the information gained is enough to deduce the great universe array.

It is possible that you can understand the secrets of the universe without simulating the scenes of the birth and destruction of the universe, and condense and create a new small universe within the body.

It’s just that with the kind of means of simulating the scenes of the birth and destruction of the universe, the knowledge gained will be more complete.

“As long as the world within the body and within the body Divine Kingdom can be transformed into the inner universe, it has the function of the embryo seed of the young universe, and has the potential to grow into a new universe. Then…the future is bright!

“It doesn’t take too long for me to step directly to the top of Chaos Controller!!”

This is where Ye Yang is happy and ecstatic.

It hasn’t been long since he was promoted to Chaos Controller. It’s not easy to divide the realm. If Chaos Controller is divided into new, Early-Stage, mid-stage, late-stage, peak, perfection, and transcendence, the new promotion is considered unrealistic. Steady, transcendence is considered to burst into the universe. Ye Yang is now above Early-Stage at most, not in the mid-term.

But the accumulated background, as long as there is enough Chaos Qi, it can quickly rise to the peak, and even Perfection.

Just like a well-educated person among mortals, he has learned Dao and Dao for several decades without any cultivation base, but once I enter Dao, he immediately suddenly enlightenment Transcendent Saint. The meaning of this accumulation is here.

“What the deity is worse now is to organize the information and data. Then, find another Divine Item that can use the power of Grand Dao, even Chaos Controller can also use the Divine Item of the power of Grand Dao. Only difference These two points.

“As long as two different powers of Grand Dao can be used, even if the deity cannot blend the worlds created by these two powers of Grand Dao, they can be temporarily blended with each other through the Great Universe Array and then exploded. , Simulating the scene and breath of the universe’s birth and destruction…”

Ye Yang’s heart moved, thinking of the President of the Dragon Heart Association and the Elders of the Dragon Heart Association.

In their hands, there may be a great Divine Item. Even if the level is not high, at least there should be. The battleship of the Dragon Heart Club itself can be regarded as a Divine Item or Divine Item of the Dadao.

“If you can let them borrow or cooperate…”

Ye Yang just thought about it, suddenly felt a strong murderous intention.

Looking up suddenly, I found that several Elders were staring at him.

Ye Yang sneered: “Guild Master, don’t you want to take the opportunity to do something to the deity? Although the deity is injured by the backlash at this time, it is still possible to drag the core of the Dragon Heart Association battleship to death.

“Even, the inner layer of this battleship is finished, and the deity still has a core of consciousness to escape. The true spirit is immortal, and it may not be impossible!”

The president of Longxinhui hurriedly said: “Dugu Jian Elder, don’t misunderstand, other Elders are not malicious!”

Speaking, fiercely glared at the other Elders and said, “What do you want to do? Elder and we are now on the same boat, co-existing and dying. What do you think of when you think about it? Elder is not good, don’t blame the deity for being polite!”

Ye Yang hehe smiled: “Guild Master, don’t pretend, they are in the same group with you. You did not distribute murderous intention, this is the biggest anomaly!”

The chairman complexion slightly changed.

She is good at Murder Dao. It is difficult to suppress murderous intention murderous aura to control the avenue of killing. Just like when Ye Yang was the enemy before.

But now, she did not show the killing intent, only a few Elders have the killing intent, which is obviously problematic. She wanted to plot against Ye Yang in her heart!

Just like some mortals, when they usually fiercely scold others, although they are terrifying, they are not the most terrifying. The most terrifying thing is when I think about how to kill the other person, but my face is amiable and smiling.

The president of the Dragon Heart Association had murderous intention killing intent before. Although the murderous intention is fierce, it can still be persuaded.

The killing intent is completely condensed, but harboring malicious intentions, this is terrifying. The will may be extremely firm and difficult to deal with.

“hmph, since you can see it, the deity is no longer in vain. You must have discovered the relevant information about the Great Cosmos Array. You must have played some tricks before you bear the backlash. This information, hand in !” said the president of the Dragon Heart Association.

Ye Yang sneered: “Why?”

The vision of the president of the Dragon Heart Association exploded with murderous intention, and the core of the entire battleship was shaken. As if trying to explode here, Ye Yang will kill him.

“You wanted to kill the deity before, and then search for the soul to grab the memory information, did you? You didn’t plan to discuss it well. However, if you suddenly attack, there is a chance. But the deity is now on guard. Regardless of whether you can cope with your surprise attack, at the very least, it will prevent you from obtaining the memory of the deity!” Ye Yang’s voice was cold.

The president of the Dragon Heart Association has murderous intention violently, staring at him fiercely.

Ye Yang, unwilling to show weakness, stared back.

In this case, Ye Yang can completely erase the relevant memory information when his defeat is set. Therefore, the stronger the killing intent, the stronger the president of Longxinhui, the less dare to act blindly without thinking.

“Let’s talk about it, what conditions and benefits do you need to share the information with us?” President Long Xinhui said with a cold face.

The related information of the Great Cosmos Array, even if it is not the technique of the formation, is just the fluctuating information spilled during the operation of the formation, and part of the content detected by you Heavenly Venerate, which is extremely precious when combined. She knows the importance of this thing.

Ye Yang hehe smiled: “Is it okay to say that earlier? What you want, discuss it carefully…”

“What trick do you want to play?!!!” The Dragon Heart Club president complexion slightly changed.

Ye Yang is stunned.

“What happened to you just now, impossible is not angry. Do you want to plot against us? Give false information or…”

“You are so worried.” Ye Yang said.

However, as the words were being said, the core of the entire battleship banged loudly and swayed violently.

A strong external force impacts the inner core of the battleship from the outside.

“This is…” Everyone changed their expressions.

The battleship core is shuttled out, and there is the remaining Time and Space Strength to support the battleship, coupled with the battleship itself’s protective array, the surrounding void turbulence is terrifying, but it is not irresistible.

even more how, as soon as it is sent out, Ye Yang is affected by backlash. Several powerhouses gathered around. In this way, it takes only ten seconds or so, and the time is short. How can something change so quickly?

For a time, everyone’s divine sense bloomed and penetrated.

It was discovered that there were actually a large number of air currents vortex composed of void storms, plus a large number of chaotic winds and Time and Space Storm that seemed to be disorderly, forming an unfathomable large array.

In the middle of this formation, there is an illusory and super huge dragon head, with blank eyes and a huge mouth. In the mouth of the phantom-like dragon head, there was a huge vortex slowly appearing.

Chaos converges in it, and many road fragments and laws converge in it. The void condenses here, as if time and space are collapsing here.

“It is actually a Space-Time Tunnel? Hurry, run away!!”

Space-Time Tunnel is not terrifying. What is terrifying is that it is not clear where it is transmitted.

If it is in the normal universe, or even in Chaos World, which is less dangerous, they would dare to rush into the Space-Time Tunnel. However, the extremely ancient tomb ruins of Ancient Battlefield, teleporting indiscriminately, is an extreme danger.

Different from the previous battleship linear teleportation, where this tunnel leads is not only completely unpredictable, but the power is too strong. The opposite is definitely not easy to deal with. Even the power of the tunnel is strong enough to tear apart the one-yuan Heavenly Venerate and the two-yuan Heavenly Venerate.

At the moment, battleship’s inner core battle fort has exploded with all the remaining power, the built-in engine runs at full power, and the power of Grand Dao Chaos Qi is running in the engine’s inner formation, spewing out powerful forces, some of which form a driving force. Some tearing up all the surrounding obstacles are used to speed up the escape of the battleship’s inner core small battle castle.

However, not only did this little battle fort not escape the gravitational force, but instead was attracted to the huge Space-Time Tunnel at an ever faster speed……

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