Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1063


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“Damn it! Give me a refund, give me a refund!!”

Ye Yang roared, ignoring that the injury was not alleviated, and forcibly blessed his spirit willpower on the engine and protective position of the Dragon Heart Association small battle fort.

The same is true for the president of the Dragon Heart Association and everyone Elder.

The other strengths in the small battle castle did not reach the level of Heavenly Venerate, and they almost stunned.

“Not good, Mao…”

Tuo Yang’s voice came.

Ye Yang divine sense swept, and found that the Dragon Heart Association member Tuo Yang’s body was filled with strands of Law Power and a few fragments of power of Grand Dao.

Not in the realm of Heavenly Venerate, but it is also close to the level of Heavenly Venerate and can use a little power of Grand Dao. But at this time all spilled out of the body.

The hair on the body gradually turned red.

“This… is this…”

Ye Yang took a breath.

The President of the Dragon Heart Association and the others also found out.

“Quickly, you focus on strengthening the protective position of this battle fort, we focus on strengthening the power of the engine…” The Dragon Heart Association president loudly said.

Ye Yang shook his head: “It’s too late!”

Ye Yang’s current strength is fully strengthening the protective position of the small castle, and it is difficult to resist the invasion of the outside world. That kind of red hair will also pollute here.

After all, his injuries have not recovered.

And the President of the Dragon Heart Association and the others, if you help him with all your strength, it is possible to block the invasion of external forces, but it will cause the engine power of the small castle to be insufficient and be sucked into the Space-Time Tunnel.

At this time, I have seen that the edges of the Space-Time Tunnel have unrecognizable power, condensing in the sky and turning into one after another red hair. Like a hairspring floating in the water, it floats around the void storm.

Went to the Voidstorm, but it made the Voidstorm stronger. A little entangled outside the small battle fort of the Dragon Heart Association, the battle fort itself grows red hair, and a lot of energy, various laws and avenues turn into red hair and grow out, causing the battle fort to become weak.

Ye Yang and the others can’t help but have a bad feeling.

“Break in!!” Ye Yang suddenly loudly said.

“What? Are you crazy? This Space-Time Tunnel may be a trap created by the powerhouse in the grave!” said the President of the Dragon Heart Association.

Yes, seeing the red hairs around, they have such guesses.

Ye Yang said: “But it is also possible that it is naturally generated. The red hair formed by the power released by the powerhouse is the chaser. We can’t escape, we can only avoid it by breaking in!

“Also, even if this Space-Time Tunnel is a trap set by them, then we must break in!”

An Elder asked: “Why?”

“Anyway, we can’t escape. Instead of waiting until the strength of the Fortress is exhausted and our hole cards are exhausted, we are forced to inhale it. It is better to take the initiative and break into the Fortress while the strength of the Fortress is not exhausted and keep some Confident. Moreover, they did not expect that we would take the initiative to break in, and the traps inside may take time to activate. In addition, they are now attacking the headquarters of the mutual aid league, and we break into the traps early, and we will have more chances . If we say that forcibly exhausting all the strength of our hole cards and then entering, it is ten deaths without life, then at the very least, we can also fight for nine deaths and still alive!” Ye Yang said.

nine deaths and still alive, still extremely dangerous.

But no matter how dangerous it is, it is better than ten deaths without life.

“Gamble on luck!” The President of the Dragon Heart Association sighed slightly.

At this time, the powerhouses quickly gathered their strength.

Ye Yang aroused the protective formation of the small battle castle, let the formation run automatically, and then gathered all the divine sense power back to the body.

Of course, he is more important than the safety of the Little Fortress. Protecting yourself with all your strength is smoother and has greater security probability than protecting the entire small battle fort. Of course, the small castle can be defended as much as possible.

Therefore, Ye Yang still keeps the protective formation running and running with super power.

The President of the Dragon Heart Association and the others also drew the power of the flight engine and the time-traveling engine to the Defensive Array, and then all recovered the divine sense power and power of Grand Dao .

She and several Elders also communicate with each other with the power of Grand Dao, faintly forming a Defensive Array potential.

Ye Yang sees, his heart moves slightly.

This Defensive Array is not simple, it actually has some traces of imitating the Great Universe Array. Therefore, the power of Grand Dao of the Elder and the power of Grand Dao of the President of the Dragon Heart Association can be so coordinated.

Although their tacit understanding is not ruled out, the information on the Great Universe Array is also indispensable.

“Obviously, they have also obtained a lot of information and data, not even less than the data and data obtained by the deity. But before, they actually threatened the deity…” Ye Yang hummed inwardly.

Suddenly hesitated, do you want to join their formation? Can your own Great Dao of Primal Chaos power and Primal Chaos Law power blend into it?

However, there is no time to respond.

The Little Fortress was precarious just now. Although everyone responded quickly, after a few moves, the Little Fortress was completely sucked into the Space-Time Tunnel.

In the gray passage, red hairs blooming with dim black red rays of light entangled here.

Little Battle Fortress automatically accelerates forward.

However, without sensing any power to work, this battle castle is decayed and aging!

This is not a Mortal World weapon, but a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure!

This thing is almost immortal.

But now, it’s actually aging.

The surface and the inside are as if things cannot withstand the washing of time.


The small battle fort burst suddenly.

Ye Yang, several Heavenly Venerate and many members of the Dragon Heart Association were thrown out.

Here has not left the Space-Time Tunnel yet. Did not penetrate the past.

Countless red hairs on both sides of the tunnel entangled.

Some members of the Dragon Heart Association, who are not as strong as Heavenly Venerate, have exploded in the void before the red hair gets tangled. Some are entangled with red hair and quickly become old.

Originally possessing the rule of almost eternal lifespan, it becomes old all of a sudden, and even becomes dry bones and zombie.

Some are turned into ashes, destroy both body and soul.


Which law governs the lack of powerful Law Power?

Even Law Power is decayed and aging…

“Too terrifying!”

Ye Yang have one’s hair stand on end.

It is not the power of the powerhouse that is afraid of, but the unknown.

The unknown is the most frightening.

The power he didn’t understand made his scalp explode.

At this moment, many red hairs entangled, Ye Yang quickly dodges, but he was still entangled by a few, and he felt his life force continuously gushing out.

This in an instant, Ye Yang suddenly.

“It turns out that Chaos Controller also has life essence…but, this life essence has nothing to do with the body, only with Divine Soul!

“Divine Soul is where the core of consciousness, or true spirit, or immortal true spirit is contained in it. With vitality and vitality, ideology is full of vitality, that is youth. If ideology and mentality are both old, it is life Be old and weak!

“The divine sense is powerful and active, it can move but still, and the response is quick, that is young. The divine sense can be static but hard to move, lack of vitality, lack of response, it is old…

“Seriously old, you cannot control your own avenues and laws, and cannot control the avenues and laws of the outside world, and you will be assimilated or backlashed by the will of the Dao and the will of chaos. Seriously, even the different kinds of Law Power can assimilate or backlash .”

Ye Yang is awe-inspiring.

In the next instant, I forcibly chopped off a lot of red hair, but I still lost a lot of Divine Soul origin.

The figure is rushing forward, but it is difficult to dodge in the Space-Time Tunnel. In a hurry, I saw a branch gap in the Space-Time Tunnel ahead, clenched the teeth, and moved towards the gap that was suspected of directly communicating with the outside world.

In an instant, Ye Yang fell into a seemingly strange and familiar time and space.

What’s strange is that this time and space has never been touched.

What is familiar is that this place is full of Death Aura.

I don’t know how much the land is, or what the terrain is in the distance. I only know that the earth here has a stronger gravitational force than the outer shell of the universe, which is billions of times stronger than the gravitational force of neutron stars and black holes in the universe.

The strength is not at the level of Heavenly Venerate, and it is estimated that it will be directly crushed. Unless you are in control of the laws of gravity type or defense type rules, or have the great Divine Item and the powerful Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure protect you.

Ye Yang only had time to sense these, and his body fell.

in the sky, the vast gray fog, endless, covering the sky…Even, whether there are Sun, Moon and Stars here, it is not clear. It is the gray mist formed by the fusion of death air and chaos. Chaos occupies a minority, and death-qi is the majority, or it is a kind of mutant chaotic power dominated by death-qi.

On the ground, there are large patches of gray, pale and dark gray.

Countless dead bones, countless limbs. There are pale withered bones, gray withered bones, pale limbs, bluish limbs, pitch-black limbs, and limbs with a patina-like color.

Ye Yang smashed down heavily, a lot of bones were smashed, and bone meal was flying.

This environment…If it wasn’t that the dead spirit was too strong and the gravity was too strong, it would be very similar to the undead world that Ye Yang had encountered before.

Here is an endless sea of ​​bones, countless bone meal and dry bones, and dry, aging or hardened limbs. Some bone meal flies like snow and fog, some bone meal is stained with pitch-black Corpse Water, yellow and black Corpse Water, dark yellow Corpse Water, various chaotic liquids, and so on. It turned into something like mud and stuck to the ground.

Some even formed corpse marshes, bone meal mire and other weird terrains.

The corpse of a huge giant dragon tens of kilometers in the distance is also faintly covered with various small bones, humanoid bones and other shapes. It’s like a small mountain range, but the gray world can only see several dozen li, and you can’t see it farther. At most a hundred miles, it is completely gray, and the divine sense cannot be penetrated.

The divine sense penetrates into the depths of the earth, only extending several hundred meters, it is difficult to penetrate. Many bones will also have powerful murderous intention or death intentions, which will be stimulated. Some just interfere with divine sense’s downward exploration.

Ye Yang found some messy and weak points, and penetrated deeply into the ground, but it was only a few thousand meters deep, so he could not go down.

Under 1000 meters, there are still bones and bone meal. Many skeletons and broken bones are crushed underneath does not raise.

Ye Yang sensed that there was a white jade-like bone in which a Remnant Soul with a strong Great Divinity was sealed. But he was so crushed, there was no chance to escape from it and fly up.

The powerful Divine Soul in some corpses will penetrate the divine sense to the outside, trying to control the external bones, reorganize themselves, or get up, but they have been trying to be suppressed and unable to do it.

There are many similar situations, and they are never uncommon.

Many of these Divine Soul Remnant Souls have no wisdom, only instincts, and cannot communicate at all.

“Where is this undead world…? Why does it make the deity feel incomprehensible?”

Ye Yang used to be “Necromancer”, but that is already a matter of mortal time.

He has a deep understanding of the law of the dead, and he is also good at the law of the dead now. But compared with Heavenly Venerables, which controls the Avenue of the Dead, it is totally impossible to mention on equal terms. Moreover, Ye Yang himself prefers to use the power of Primal Chaos Law and Great Dao of Primal Chaos.

The power of the undead, for him, has long been outdated, very weak!

“The gray mist here, the gray gas between this Heaven and Earth, and even some skeletons walking on the ground, whether human-shaped, horse-shaped, bird-shaped or other shapes, are not as powerful as this Venerable, They will be easily controlled by the deity. They don’t need to be directly controlled by their own spirits, and they will instinctively obey and behave just by giving an order.

“For the gods of the Way of the Dead under Heavenly Venerate, this is a treasure, but for the deity, it seems to be of little use.”

Ye Yang shook his head.

He doesn’t need to comprehend the Avenue of the Dead and the Avenue of Death, even if he does, he won’t use it. Even if powerhouse instills such avenues to him, it will be integrated into the Great Dao of Primal Chaos.

“Wait, if the deity has more control over Great Dao of Primal Chaos, can Great Dao of Primal Chaos simulate and derive other roads? Both Primal Chaos Law and Chaos Qi can decompose other Law Power fragments. In terms of Great Dao of Primal Chaos, it should be ok…well, I have never heard of Chaos Controller.

“Maybe the deity is lonely. But if it has to be done, it will be extremely difficult. The only hope is after the body is condensed into a complete universe. Even if the universe is small, all kinds of power are needed. of Grand Dao Gu Quan…”

Ye Yang was thinking, a strong sense of crisis suddenly arose in his heart.

In the sky, strands of red hair stretched out.

On the ground, zombies and undead skeletons stand up.

Many are still controlled by Ye Yang’s will, but many have red hair on their bodies, and they don’t listen to control. Moreover, the strength seems to have become stronger.

Zombies and skeletons with countless red hairs dangling on their bodies exuded an imposing manner not inferior to Heavenly Venerate, but they flew towards this side at a speed slower than ordinary gods.

Of course, in Ye Yang’s eyes, it looks slow, but it is already sub-light speed.

The visibility here is only several dozen li, which is less than a hundred miles, but these things actually come around at the speed of sublight.

Ye Yang said nothing, grabbing a few zombies and skeletons without red hair and rushing forward.

But there are also red hairs on the ground, extending out one by one.

When running wildly, I suddenly encountered an arm stretched out from the ground, which looked like a zombie arm, but when it was caught, it was comparable to a four-pole Heavenly Venerate.

Ye Yang didn’t have time to avoid it, so he stuffed a clutching skeleton in his hand. The figure used this time to evade suddenly, and it was worthy of passing through.

The large red hairs in the rear continued.

It seems that there is invisible power spreading here in the distance, and red hair grows everywhere. Ye Yang can only desperately moved towards the place where the red hair has not grown.

I encountered a sudden red hair in front of me several times and had to change direction.

So, after running for dozens of seconds, Ye Yang suddenly stopped.

In front, there is a place like “Holy Land”.

It is not sacred, but there are many red hairs around it, but it cannot invade that area.

Moreover, the visibility of this area is very wide and very far away.

This area looks desolate. There is no life on the ground, no plants or animals, but there are few dead bones, which is different from other places.

But this is not what surprised Ye Yang the most.

What made him most shocked and most astonished was…He had a very familiar feeling about it. Familiar with strangeness.

“Here…the immortal place?

“Yes, if you didn’t feel wrong, this should be… the immortal land that once appeared in the old universe, and appeared on the way from the Immeasurable Chaos Domain to the Chaos Sea!

“The place where the deity lived before he became a god.

“Why does it appear here?

“Furthermore, it is clear that time has been reversed, and the gods and gods Heavenly Venerate are not affected, but lifeless things, all kinds of buildings, mountains, ground veins, voids, and fragments of the universe, all have time reversal. Ancient Battlefield has all turned back to ancient , The lost extremely ancient tomb ruins reappear.

“But the indestructible place actually…appears here almost completely?!!!”

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