Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1064


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Ye Yang only guessed two probabilities.

One, this immortal place has life!

The plane consciousness above is revived, taking the immortal land as its body, and it is not affected by the reverse flow of time. Follow the gods Heavenly Venerate and Taoists to go back to this ancient time.

Two, this immortal place…Although it has been affected by the reverse flow of time. However, as early as a long, long long time ago, before the Rippling Universe (Old Universe) and the Second Universe in the time forbidden zone were born, this immortal land already existed!

If it is the first possibility, there is a great danger ahead. Compared with the powerhouse in the mysterious graves, compared with the controller of the source of the void storm, it will not be much weaker.

If it is second, maybe…

Ye Yang can’t help but guess, a long time ago, could it be that the fragments of the Immortal Land and the Ancient Battlefield formed the time forbidden zone and formed the old universe (Sky Splitting Universe)? Then it became a “blooming world” in the old universe.

Now, looking back in time, this immortal place has returned to its pre-extremely ancient state?

“Too weird, too weird.”

Ye Yang did not feel danger, and even some familiarity and intimacy. Of course, there is also a strange sense of strangeness.

However, red hairs surged around, and countless undead rushed toward this side, and some fell halfway. There are many more drilled out of the depths of the earth, unleashing the power of powerful fragments of the Avenue of the Dead to block the red hair, but they may not be able to hold them for long.

So many weird things come here from all directions.

Ye Yang has nowhere else to escape.

above heaven under earth, all directions, all are red hairs.

Moreover, the surging undead, all kinds of skeletons, zombies, ghosts, Lich Bone Dragon, ancient corpse, etc., are gathering here more and more densely. Even if Ye Yang didn’t want to enter this immortal land, they would probably be squeezed in.

It’s not very crowded now, but it will be crowded sooner or later. At that time, the crowds might be red-haired creatures, red-haired undead. Although it may block it for a while, it may not last long.

“Go through…the immortal land. It’s impossible not to enter now. Unless you block the red hair here, or try to bypass the immortal land, ask for a glimmer of among nine deaths and still alive survival .

“Otherwise, you can only enter the land of immortality!

“However, you can choose to stay inside, or after passing through, escape from the other side!”

Looking around, the divine sense detection cannot reach far.

Ye Yang sighed slightly.

The current situation is almost the same as staying in the battleship of Dragon Heart Club before.

Either take the initiative to move forward, or passively wait until the number of various undead around increase, Ye Yang is squeezed into the immortal land again.

Go in now, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is that you can master a little initiative. The disadvantage is that if there is danger in the Immortal Land, the power against Ye Yang will be more concentrated, and there are not too many undead to help share the power of the crisis.

And if you go in later, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is that in case there is any crisis, those undead can act as cannon fodder, bear some crises and bear some dangers for Ye Yang.

The disadvantage is that the immortal land may not have a crisis now. If too many undead rush in, it will activate the crisis instead. For example, the dangerous powerhouse is hidden inside. It was not awakened. Too many undead broke in to wake it up, which is not appropriate.

In addition, too many undead squeezing, may also contain Ye Yang, making it impossible for him to quickly pass through the immortal land. There is cannon fodder blocking the road in front, and cannon fodder squeezes up from behind, which is a dilemma. This is not good.

“Still bet!”

Ye Yang hates this kind of situation that can only rely on luck.

What kind of wisdom is of no use when the intelligence resources are inaccurate.

Many successful people clearly did not have enough intelligence, but with some speculation and a certain amount of wisdom and courage, they finally succeeded. After the fact, it will be touted to have great wisdom and grandeur. In fact, luck plays a major role.

Ye Yang doesn’t want to put his safety on luck.

At the moment, divine sense has scanned the surrounding undead.

Forcibly separated by incarnation.

In this weird environment, Ye Yang used various means to cut off the erosion of red hair while unleashing his own power, and at the same time used his incarnation to forcibly blend into some undead.

With a wave of his hand, they slammed them forward and plunged into the immortal land.

Ye Yang’s divine sense is attached to them, sensing some situations ahead.

At the same time, I split a part of my consciousness core and hide it underground here.

This is dangerous. If the red hair invades the core of its own divided consciousness, it may also contaminate the core of its ontology. But the good thing is that if oneself perishes in the immortal land, the split consciousness can be revived here, accept Ye Yang’s consciousness transfer, and resurrect.

“It can only be so. There is not enough time to prepare too much.”

Ye Yang decided to force it through.

After passing through, reclaim the split consciousness here.

What if the other side of the immortal land is also densely covered with red hair?

I can only go through it first, now there is no information, and it’s useless to think too much.

Then, Ye Yang grabbed a few skeletons, shook his figure, and quickly broke into the immortal land.

There is dead silence around, no signs of life.

Ye Yang is getting faster and faster.

He found something shocking.

He felt that he was flying faster and faster, but in fact, the speed was slowing down, and his consciousness was affected.

The space of this immortal land is also distorted.

Flying over thousands of mountains and arriving on a desolate, silent and huge sandy ground. Ye Yang stopped suddenly.

The two cannon fodder that he threw before had already been surpassed by Ye Yang.

He is still holding a cannon fodder in his hands at this time, and he will throw it wherever there is danger.

Now, Ye Yang also lost these two skeletons.

“This land…”

Ye Yang landed on the ground, suddenly squatted down, and then got down.

divine sense penetrates into the earth.

“Is that so?”

There are many “scars” in this immortal land.

It’s Injury of Great Dao!

There used to be countless kinds of power of Grand Dao, which had an impact on this land.

However, they did not appear at the same time, but accumulated over countless years.

It’s as if some stars in the universe hang in the void for 1 billion years, and the 1 billion years are intermittently impacted by different celestial bodies.

This immortal land is similar.

It seems to have endured a very rare and tragic battle, but in fact, it has only been impacted by the power of Grand Dao countless times in the long years. Of course, there may have been many small-scale but not weak road impacts.

More importantly, Ye Yang sensed that the core of this immortal land is slowly taking shape.

Slowly forming, it means that it is about to form, but it has not yet formed.

Here, there won’t be much danger for the time being.

Many avenue fragments in this immortal land are converging, forming a huge plane consciousness. Compared with Ye Yang’s previous encounter, the boundless consciousness is stronger. It is the first generation consciousness. If the cohesion is successful, it will not be much worse than a Grand Dao Lord.

But it’s not solidified yet. There would be no such powerhouse to deal with Outsiders.

If there is a powerhouse eyeing this piece of land, then the benefit that can be gained here, in addition to observing the traces of the road, is to hunt for plane consciousness. If this face consciousness is not condensed, he will not do it, but hide it, waiting for the opportunity.

Or, if you want to eliminate Outsiders, you will do it, and you will never burst out too strong power to avoid affecting the formation of plane consciousness here.

“This is a treasure land…”

After groaning for a while, Ye Yang still decided to go through it first.

I flew up and swept across the void, and after a while, I saw the other end of the immortal land.

However, the outside is boundless. And there are many undead pouring here.

Ye Yang complexion slightly changed.

Although I haven’t seen the red hair yet, seeing so many undead gathering here, it is time to guess something.

So, he flew toward the side of the immortal land instead.

Then Ye Yang saw a sword.

It’s very huge, about one million metres high, which is a thousand kilometers.

It penetrates deeply into the ground, and it is a thousand kilometers above the ground.

“Duanyu sword?”

Ye Yang took a breath.

At first, I thought I was dazzled and divine sense was wrong. No matter how careful I am, it is really a broken sword.

Different from the Duanyu sword I have encountered, this sword is even larger.

However, breath and power fluctuations are very similar.

Moreover, this sword seems to be unbroken, a little broken, but it’s not broken in two like the previous Duanyu sword.

“Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure could have become bigger and smaller, is it possible that, this is really a sword of broken universe. However, the imposing manner is too strong!”

Ye Yang is shocked.

This sword is enough to kill Grand Dao Lord with one sword!

The premise is that the Grand Dao Lord can’t dodge, avoid, or defend.

It doesn’t sound great, but in fact, it’s already very strong!

Not any Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure can kill a Grand Dao Lord who can’t avoid it.

“A complete form of Duanyu Sword?”

With a grasp of his hand, a single skeleton dangling in the distance was caught.

Other creatures that have no activity within thousands of miles can only catch this undead creature.

With a wave of his hand, the skeleton fell within a hundred miles of the Duanyu Sword.

Then, it turns into fly ash and is wiped out. Even the fly ash no longer exists.

“What a terrible sword intent!”

I didn’t see any sword energy, nor did I sense any sword intent.

But this is not to say that sword energy and sword intent do not exist, but that it is too high-end and too high-end, so powerful that Ye Yang cannot sense it from a distance.

The sword qi and intent contains the avenue of phantom attributes or the avenue of invisible type, which can conceal Ye Yang’s induction. Only in this way can it be explained clearly. The destructive power that Ye Yang can’t even discover is what happened.


Ye Yang walked around and arrived at the side end of the immortal land. Outside was a sea of ​​bones. You could also vaguely see an ocean of muddy liquid composed of chaotic muddy liquid and corpse fog. But many skeletons and zombies in the form of sea races flooded in.

Red hair is raging at sea.

“Is it possible that, this undead world, is also the ancient powerhouses in the mysterious grave under control?”


Ye Yang turned his head and flew to the other side.

Go back to the vicinity of the Duanyu Sword, go around, and go straight forward. After a long time, Ye Yang was startled again.

At the beginning of ancient palace!

He actually saw the ancient palace of the beginning.

thoughts move, fly forward.

But it was about a thousand miles away from the ancient palace at the beginning, and it was blocked.

In this immortal land, the range that divine sense can sense is much farther than the outside world, but the flight speed is limited. Outside, the sensing range is small, and the flight speed is not limited, on the contrary.

So, Ye Yang can use divine sense to sense the situation of the ancient palace in the early days.

Failed to penetrate.

But it is clear that this is most likely the ancient palace He once owned.

However, this ancient palace is complete and has not been crushed by Grand Dao Lord incarnation. It is stronger than the ancient palace that Ye Yang previously controlled. There should also be no gods in it. Ye Yang is not sure whether it is really not there, and can only judge based on some information collected outside.

“So, in the early days, ancient palace and Duanyu sword were both affected by the reverse flow of time? Restored to the state of the ancient times?

“The Sword of Duanyu in the ancient times could really cut off the power of the universe? The ancient palace at that time was actually stronger than the original deity’s’repaired’ and’strengthened’ the ancient ancient Palace is stronger and stronger?”

This is quite amazing, and it surprised Ye Yang.

What’s even more shocking is that as powerful as the Duanyu Sword and the ancient palace of the early days, as well as the tombs of that many ancient powerhouse, have been “reversed in time”. It can be seen that this power of retrospecting time is so powerful powerful?

Based on Ye Yang’s perception of time, the overall time changes downstream, impossible going back to the past. However, for individuals, time is reversible.

For example, the time of the entire world is always forward, but the time of a certain area or a certain object in this World can be forcibly reversed. All the energy of all the matter in this area needs to be traced back to the “state” of a certain era in the past.

is a change of state.

However, the energy consumed can be terrible.

“Let the time flow in such a large area, so that Heavenly Venerate, Grand Dao Lord, and Chaos Controller are not affected. How huge is the resource consumption? Even the natural might of the immeasurable Chaos domain, those Grand Dao Lords The price we paid is not small.

“Moreover, will such consumption cause unfavorable changes in the Boundless Chaos Domain?”

It’s hard to say, but in this era, the Immeasurable Chaos Domain does not have enough resources to make the Grand Dao Lords detached. It can be said that the resources are depleted, but they still play such a trick and consume such a huge amount.

Ye Yang always has a bad feeling.

I’m afraid not, the entire immeasurable chaos domain will have big problems.

Of course, I don’t care about these now.

Even the situation of Ancient Battlefield and Extreme Ancient Tomb Ruins, Ye Yang could not take care of.

Pay attention to your own safety first.

Ye Yang passed through the area where the ancient palace was located at the beginning, and arrived at the other end of the immortal land, and found that the other end was also a vast world made up of bones. However, there is a sea of ​​blood in the area where the bones accumulate.

I don’t know what is made of something that resembles plasma, and there are countless black shadows surging inside. Huge tentacles rose to the sky.

A large number of dead are also coming here.

“Nowhere to go?”

Ye Yang expression grave.

Afterwards, he smiled: “This immortal land can withstand the invasion of the red hair. Many undead come in, indicating that it is temporarily safe here.

“The crisis here is nothing more than too many undead rushing up. The deity can build a fortress, set up a battlefield, and hold one side before they all rush up. Be safe for the time being, and consider other things.

“even more how, the land of immortality… there may not be no good here.”

There are so many traces of the avenue, compared to Ye Yang’s previously seen and sensed. If you can observe one after another, it may be of great benefit.

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