Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1065


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These avenue traces are not only caused by the impact of the avenue on the immortal land, but also the traces of various avenues impacting each other.

The traces of various roads have been deposited and accumulated. After countless years, they have conflicted with each other, but they have been gradually run in to reach a balance.

Balanced so that it looks unremarkable on the surface.

This state of balance is extremely precious.

By observing and understanding clearly, you will have a deeper understanding of the universe.

The Array of the Great Universe is nothing more than balancing the various powers of Grand Dao.

So, this is a treasure place.

Not to mention, the traces on this immortal land have more power of Grand Dao and more variety than other places Ye Yang has seen and sensed.

“This magical place…well, if you didn’t expect it…”

Ye Yang is lying on the ground again, without the demeanor of Chaos Controller at all.

divine sense plunged into the ground.

“Countless very messy power of Grand Dao fragments are gathering and gradually condensed into plane consciousness. In that consciousness, countless messy power of Grand Dao fragments reached a balance in the rudimentary consciousness. The prototype of the face consciousness will also be the prototype of a Grand Dao Lord!”

This makes Ye Yang feel weird.

If this continues to grow, this immortal place will become a universe? Or is there a new Grand Dao Lord inside? Even if the immortal land does not become the universe, Grand Dao Lord Zai will not be weaker than other places.

“Undying and Inextinguishable… Then why didn’t later generations sense the Grand Dao Lord in the land of indestructibility… Wait, it may not be without!

“Maybe, Lord Heavenly Dao, who is on the other side of the old universe, was born from this immortal land?

“Or, another Dao Lord Level other Ye Yang was born from this immortal land?”

The other Ye Yang is taking the road of Grand Dao Lord, and this Ye Yang is taking the road of Chaos Controller. The two are different.

However, if both Ye Yang are connected with this immortal place, it is not surprising.

“If the deity is not wrong, this immortal place is very strong, very strong!

“At the time, in the old universe, Self-destruction, the immortal land, was destroyed. It may just be appearance.

“The whole land is destroyed, Law Fragment, plane consciousness is annihilated. However, the avenue contained in this immortal land is still intact. It is insufficient strength, unable to see the avenue, and cannot sense the power of Grand Dao. So I thought the immortal land was destroyed.

“In fact, the inner avenue is not destroyed, and even if the entire plane is blown up, it can be restored. For example, even if the Divine Soul is destroyed by the broken body, as long as the true spirit is not destroyed, everything can be restored. True. Spirit is the most core key to the core of consciousness, the way of the self, the source of the law of the self.

“Similarly, so is the Immortal Land…”

Ye Yang temporarily gave up leaving the immortal land, but was attracted by the many things on the immortal land.

Walk all the way, observe all the way, feel all the way.

“Very strong! The more I feel, the more I feel that this immortal place is out of the ordinary!

“It’s just that if you don’t have the strength, you won’t be able to see and sense many things.

“This immortal land exists in multiple different dimensions of time and space at the same time, and the avenue is intertwined to form a multi-dimensional time and space. If its body is destroyed at the three-dimensional and four-dimensional level, the entire indestructible land appears to be blown up. But if it is not destroyed in the fifth and sixth dimensions, it is still intact in fact.

“The destruction is only the appearance. To recover, it can be done even without any force.

“Even if the multi-dimensional plane is destroyed, it can be restored even if the avenue it contains is not destroyed. The prerequisite is…the many avenue fragments in the core of this plane can aggregate into the origin of the plane.

“Once the polymerization is successfully formed, I am afraid it will be a real Inextinguishable Immortal!”

Inextinguishable Immortal, speaking of which is easy, in fact, even Grand Dao Lord is not really Inextinguishable Immortal.

Grand Dao Lord’s life essence seems endless, even if it stays in another universe and is impacted by the universe’s Annihilation Power, it will not die.

However, the universe in which the Grand Dao Lord proclaimed enlightenment cannot be destroyed. Once destroyed, the Grand Dao Lord will also be blown up.

The Chaos Controller is the same. The peak Chaos Controller can withstand the devastating impact of other universes, but the birth of a new universe within the body will also destroy Chaos Controller.

None is true eternity, true immortality, true detachment.

But this immortal land has such characteristics.

“Not only in the original universe, but in today’s immeasurable chaos domain, the extremely ancient tomb ruins, this immortal place can be called the Supreme Treasure, and contains secrets that the weaker can’t see!”

But, such a powerful and indestructible place, will it be countercurrent by the power of light at that time?

Ye Yang observed for a long time, collected all kinds of information, and gradually came to a terrifying conclusion.

This indestructible place, whether it is any solid, liquid, gaseous matter or various energies on the earth, all are affected by the time reverse, but most of the power of Grand Dao fragments inside are not affected. !

The road scars left on the ground were not affected.

Simply put, this immortal land, looking back in time, the earth reverses to its past state, but its inherent power of Grand Dao is exactly the same as in the future!

“In other words, it can only condense into the true core in the future. If this immortal place is the immortal place that has been seen in the old universe, then when it collapses in the old universe , Its inner core has not really formed yet!

“The immortal land that the deity sees, on the surface, is the immortal land of the past years, but its inner avenue, the core that is about to solidify, is completely unaffected by the years, not the past The state of the age. It is exactly the same as the state of the immortal place of the age where the deity is located!

“And this core, at least Heavenly Venerate level strength can be seen and sensed…”

This makes Ye Yang expression a bit weird.

A lot of information was collected.

He faintly discovered an amazing secret.

“It is very likely…This immortal place existed in the era of the ancient tomb ruins active, but absorbed many pieces of Ancient Battlefield, and gradually formed a new time forbidden zone, and formed in it The’Splitting Universe’.

“Then, this immortal land has stayed in the’Sky-Splitting Universe’.

“Until countless years later, the sky-splitting universe was destroyed, the time forbidden zone was destroyed, and the deity escaped from it. Then, many Grand Dao Lords successfully slaughtered the plot against, and time went back to a large area, and the surface of this immortal land changed back The state of the past years…”

In other words, this immortal place is the source of the universe where Ye Yang was before.

The Sky-Splitting Universe, where he used to live, was actually a fusion of many fragments in the Ancient Tomb Ruins and various Dilapidated Cosmos fragments.

Including the Chaos World where he was before, the source is the same.

There are many times that time goes upstream and downstream, and Chaos Controller was born and destroyed many generations. The universe was destroyed and born again… This immortal place was destroyed and restored many times on the surface, but in fact, Its inner avenue has not been affected by it?

Its core of consciousness, gradually condensed in Birthed Life and Extinguished Death?

“terrifying, what is the origin of this immortal place?”

The more Ye Yang thinks about it, the more he feels that the hidden secrets of this place are huge and terrifying.

“For the time being, it is estimated that it is impossible to fully expose the secret here, at least until the strength of the deity is close to the Grand Dao Lord, or even beyond.

“Now… quickly settle down to prevent the next undead impact.

“This place is so powerful that the red hair should not be able to invade. Therefore, the main body stays here, as long as there is no real’plane consciousness’ born here, the deity It shouldn’t be Big danger, safer than elsewhere.

“Here, there is also time to comprehend the information of the ‘Great Cosmos Array’ obtained earlier.

“Unfortunately, Chaos Qi here doesn’t seem to be a lot. It’s a gain or a loss.”

Ye Yang’s thoughts flickered, he found a mountain range, flew over, then opened up a cave mansion and set up a formation.

The formation here is based on the power of the earth in this immortal land. The fragments of power of Grand Dao and Law Power hidden in the earth are brought together by the formation to form a protective Formation.

I also lost Ye Yang’s understanding of some information about the Daewoo Array, and there is another Dao Divine Item fragment as the core, otherwise it would be impossible to mobilize various power of Grand Dao fragments.

After all, he is walking the path of chaos, unlike other Heavenly Venerate that controls other roads. But even the other Heavenly Venerate, they often only master a few avenues, instead of mastering a comprehensive avenue like Grand Dao Lord Jai, and they can’t control all the power of Grand Dao fragments here, and they need to use external forces. .

“Well, this should be almost done.”

It took a short period of time for Ye Yang to set up this battle.

With Cave Mansion as the center, there are countless layers of Formation within thousands of miles around. Even if the outer Formation is broken, there will be resistance from the inner Formation. If the inner Formation is broken, there will be inner inner layers again.

The smaller the Formation goes inward, the more concentrated the strength of the gathering. If the outer layer of Formation is broken, the force of the formation will eventually concentrate on the inner layer of Formation, and the defense will get stronger.

Unless a powerhouse directly destroys the hidden underground formation, the more you attack, the harder you will fight.

But the underground formation is divided into layers and circles. Even if a powerhouse wants to break the underground formation, it must first destroy the outer protective formation. Only by breaking a layer of Formation and destroying the next circle of formation can we ensure that the Formation here will not get stronger.

It takes a lot of time to break in.

“Whether it is the dead spiritual object species, or red hair, or the red-haired stiff red-haired skeleton red-haired monster that has been assimilated by red hair, never want to attack here!”

Ye Yang is very confident of his position.

However, the formation started for a while, and he was studying more information about the Great Cosmos Formation, and suddenly found that the formation seemed a bit wrong.

Sweep the divine sense.

“This…the formation set up by the deity is slowly being assimilated by the Immortal Land?!!!”

This formation seems to have partly melted into the earth veins and Qi, as if part has become a part of this indestructible place.

If this formation is integrated, under normal circumstances, it should gradually lose control. But at this moment, Ye Yang discovered that the formation was integrated into the veins, but it was still under Ye Yang’s control.

Even part of the earth veins and Qi here are affected by Ye Yang.

Of course, it’s only an indirect influence, not directly controlled.

But Ye Yang was shocked.

“If the deity deploys a large number of such formations, can this immortal land be controlled?”

The more I think about it, the more I feel.

It’s just that the plan is good, but after careful calculation, I feel it’s not right.

My own formation can cover such a small area, and being integrated into the veins also indirectly affects this area. To completely cover the entire immortal land, easier said than done?

It’s like a mortal discovering that he can plant a Fruit Tree on a field under his feet and harvest more fruits. I want to plant the entire world of the Fruit Tree, which sounds very exciting. In fact, with the strength of oneself, I can’t do it all my life.

“The immortal land is too huge…Huh? Wait, what is this?”

Ye Yang’s divine sense slightly senses the ground pulse through the formation. I discovered that there were intermittent power fluctuations coming from a distance.

There are a large number of disorderly and chaotic power of Grand Dao underground, but where the veins pass, these power fragments are relatively orderly, although they are not completely consolidated, at least they are relatively organized.

The information transmitted by this ground vein is also different from the chaotic power of Grand Dao fragments and Law Power fragments.

“This is… a vibration in the distance. Based on this vibration, the underground situation can be judged. It is like a mortal using a sonar instrument to detect underground space. Moreover, this type of detection here is limited to the special environment and is more than the deity’s divine sense detection distance is farther…”

Ye Yang briefly analyzed these fluctuations, and found that it came from many different directions, one of which was where the Broken Yu sword was.

“Judging from these fluctuations, there is a head under the Duanyu Sword…No, there is a Grand Dao Lord?!!!

“Is it the real Grand Dao Lord?”

Ye Yang’s face changed in amazement.

The Broken Yu sword penetrated deeply into the earth, Ye Yang couldn’t get close. It’s just that, on the surface, it’s not obvious at all, what is underground.

The information received now shows that Duanyu Sword was nailed to the head of a Grand Dao Lord in the ground.

Of course, it is impossible to judge whether it is the real Grand Dao Lord or not.

But the Broken Yu sword was nailed to the head of a very, very powerful body, suppressing the opponent in the immortal land, that’s for sure.


Ye Yang expression is changing, there is a little movement. I want to go out there and see if I can dig under the Duanyu Sword.

It’s just that Duanyu Sword is very strong, it was impossible to approach before, and it is hard to say now.

Moreover, there are now a large number of dead spiritual object species coming here, and many of them are not inferior to Heavenly Venerate. If Ye Yang is under siege, I’m afraid he won’t be able to return.

“that’s all, add a few more layers to guard this place.”

It was also at this time that Ye Yang suddenly saw the meteor.

Here, above the dark cloud void, a large number of dark clouds are rolling. But a few glowing lights fell through the dark clouds.

The flames are burning, they emit powerful waves of destruction, and red hairs are faintly visible.

Ye Yang stared intently.

“This is not a meteor, but a corpse falling from the sky. A corpse with red hair…Wait, why does that corpse look so familiar?”

Ye Yang remembered.

One of the chaos gods I have ever met in the mutual aid alliance!

The opponent is already in the realm of Chaos God Emperor Peak, half step into Chaos Controller level, Yu Li is comparable to half step Heavenly Venerate. As the leaders of other organizations entered the mutual aid alliance, Ye Yang only saw two eyes.

However, he is dropping from the sky now.

The other half of the body is still intact, the other parts are all entangled with red hair, and more and more red hairs are pouring out of the body. Just in midair burns like a meteor.

After that, his body became stiff, and his whole body was completely covered by red hair, like a red-haired monster. But unlike other red-haired monsters, when he fell, his body was forced to Self-destruction, and his power was extracted by those red hairs. He did not succeed in Self-destruction, but his body became scorched and the red hairs were completely burnt.

Half-step Heavenly Venerate’s Self-destruction power still has a little effect on red hair.

Those red hairs have lost their vitality.

The corpse fell in an indestructible place not too far from Ye Yang, smashed a hole in the ground, then climbed up and turned into a scorched corpse, like a normal zombie, slowly and stupidly Get up. But the strength was stronger than ordinary Canggu Feizheng and Epoch Skeleton.

The other “shooting stars” fell into the sky above the immortal land, and were repelled by powerful forces, bounced back, and fell outside the immortal land.

“A corpse with red hair can’t enter, and undead without red hair can enter. Zombie with red hair inactive can also enter.

“This immortal place is not simple.

“In addition…the red-haired corpse fell from the sky. is it possible that…The mysterious grave has been controlling the passageway into here? At this time, suck the body of the defeated in this way? Next, after the Mutual Aid League is completely defeated, the extremely ancient tomb powerhouse that controls the red hair in the mysterious tomb will also enter this sea of ​​bones?”

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