Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1066


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Ye Yang’s face is unpredictable.

Those powerhouses from mysterious graves are the least capable of Controller level. It is possible that because they slept for too long, they have not fully recovered and their full strength has not been restored. However, the total number of them is stronger than a Grand Dao Lord who is not asleep. That is certain.

The controller behind the scenes of the Mutual Aid League used all kinds of plot against to destroy the mysterious grave, but failed to kill the powerhouse inside.

When Ye Yang and the others shuttled into the Space-Time Tunnel, the Mutual Aid League looked almost impossible.

Adding to the fact that the red-haired monsters that the members of the Mutual Aid League are now falling, all this shows that the powerhouse that is suspected to be killed by the Grand Dao Lord with the power of the Mutual Aid League members is not the mysterious grave The opponents of the Old Guys who came out.

“If this world is also under their control, if they kill this World, then…simply is not an opponent. I am afraid that the deity cannot even escape…Wait, maybe not?”

Ye Yang turned his mind and looked at the ground under his feet.

The Immortal Land!

The Duanyu Sword also sealed a powerhouse that was suspected to be the Grand Dao Lord. If you get the Duanyu Sword, you can fight against the real Grand Dao Lord.

In addition, this immortal land is so important. If the powerhouse in the mysterious grave can completely control this undead world, would it be possible to give up this immortal land and ignore it?

Definitely not.

In this immortal land, at least one old powerhouse must remain in town, even if it’s just incarnation or Avatar. If it is inconvenient to create incarnation and Avatar shares here, then at least there must be puppets sitting here.

But now, no!

This shows that they cannot invade this immortal land, and they have no strength to break in.

“It is also possible that they have discovered the treasure, but they are afraid of each other and do not want their accomplices to come in and guard this place. Therefore, under mutual restraint, no one can enter.

“However, this probability is quite small. If the deity finds the place of great treasure, then definitely will not give up easily.

“If you are constrained with several powerhouses, at most everyone will release an incarnation or puppet here, rather than just leave it alone.”

Ye Yang’s eyes gradually brightened.

“Heh, this is the immortal place! No matter what, the deity must not leave this place easily.

“Moreover, set up more battlefields!

“Simulate the formation of the Great Universe. Even if there is a Controller level powerhouse, it is also possible to fight against the power of the terrain and the power of the earth.

“As long as you lead the opponent to become an enemy of this immortal land…”

Ye Yang pupil light flickered, all kinds of thoughts emerged.

At the moment, while setting up a battlefield, while observing the situation of the outside world and seeing the reaction of the immortal land.

Ye Yang saw that many red-haired zombies and red-haired skeletons had rushed to the land of immortality. It’s just that the red hair on the body that successfully broke through into flames or black smoke and black gas dissipated, no longer staying in the condensate.

The red hair on the body hasn’t faded away, and all have been reversed back by the powerful mysterious force. There is no way to enter the immortal land, which is reassuring.

“Yes, the power of the red hair really cannot penetrate.”

It’s just that more and more zombies and skeletons have been killed.

Some of them just wander around unconsciously, but some of them don’t care about the situation and kill other creatures when they encounter them. Whether it is flesh and blood lifeform, undead creatures or other life forms, they all attack.

There are no electronic life, mechanical life, etc., but there are a few rock-activated monsters, without flesh and blood, which will also cause the siege of these undead.

There are quite a few, so I rushed towards Ye Yang.

Some of them will be stunned by the imposing manner emanating from the battle, and will retreat quickly.

A part of it was forcibly breaking into Ye Yang’s formation, and was shaken by the force of the formation.

There is a part of it that actually has a relatively clear consciousness, IQ, and wisdom. Seeing that other creatures couldn’t enter this territory of Ye Yang, they didn’t come again. But one part is stupid and doesn’t care at all.

Even if many zombie skeletons are explodes into waste nearby, they continue to attack.

“hmph, the deity’s formation, the power is taken from the depths of the earth, and the void is extracted, and the source is endless. The power of Grand Dao is originally infinite, as long as it is not destroyed in an instant, as long as there is material around it With energy, the power of Grand Dao will continue to recover and constantly transform other powers.

“You want to break the deity’s battle, how can it be so easy?”

Ye Yang shook his head, sitting still.

Looking at the sky, the situation outside, he can’t see or control it now. I can only continue to study the data of the Great Cosmos Array I obtained before.

Ye Yang researched for a while, and found it a little bit bad.

There are too many zombies, skeletons, and dead souls around. Although they did not enter this battle, their overflowing power is too much and too strong, which actually leads to a large area of ​​surrounding areas. Law Power actually evolved into power of Grand Dao.

This evolved power of Grand Dao is relatively complete, and will attract some fragments of the power of Grand Dao around it, which poses a greater threat to Ye Yang.

You don’t even need to attack this side of the formation, it will affect the formation.

“This will not work.”

Ye Yang flew high into the sky, still under the influence of the formation, but could see the situation in the distance.

It is farther than the distance seen before in the Indestructible Land, but much shorter than the distance seen in the Indestructible Land before.

Between Heaven and Earth, a variety of astonishingly rich powers are surging, many familiar fragments of Law Power and power of Grand Dao, and all kinds of weird powers. It’s like cursing, mental, and causal. The combination of these produces many effects that seem very unreasonable but they are real, which is a headache.

Although it has not entered the battlefield for the time being, if it continues to grow, the battlefield here will definitely be affected more and more.

Ye Yang looked down at the front, and on the ground, there were various zombies, skeletons and dead souls everywhere. There are many flying. Human-shaped skeletons, bird-shaped skeletons, animal-shaped skeletons, dragon-shaped skeletons, insect-shaped skeletons. Dragon-shaped dead souls, bird-shaped dead souls, etc., a large piece of black crushed.

“It’s so fast…this is unreasonable!”

Ye Yang felt weird.

Outside this immortal land, even if there are more zombies, skeletons and dead souls, they will not be able to go to the immortal land here.

The speed of red hair pollution is so fast, many of the skeleton zombies that Ye Yang has seen have red hair. Therefore, after Ye Yang fled to the land of immortality, there are not many zombies and skeletons with red hair outside, so there should be not many.

If you have red hairs, you can’t come up. Among the undead with red hairs, only a few can escape the influence of the red hairs on their bodies and ascend to the immortal land. Most of them don’t have the ability.

Therefore, although the number of undead who have reached the immortal land will not be too small, it should not be so ridiculous.

“What’s wrong in the end?

“There are no dead bones and sleeping undead here in the immortal land. The undead come in from the outside. But now, there are too many. The immortal land is so big, how can so many undead get around Crowded?”

For a while, I didn’t see why.

“that’s all, try to kill a group first.”

Ye Yang thoughts move, he looked at the zombie and skeletons around him, and sensed the changes in the underground veins, and suddenly a strange thought occurred in his heart.

He landed back on the ground, and his divine sense force merged into the ground veins through the formation, but he could withdraw it at any time without being affected by the ground veins, but he could control the ground veins to a certain extent.

Suddenly, a piece of land in the distance instantly turned into lava, hot power gushing, and large zombies and skeletons turned into fly ash.

Ye Yang thoughts move again, interfered with the veins of the earth, and a large area of ​​land cracked in the distance, and many undead fell down, unable to climb out.

There is also an earth vein, with continuous rumble of thunder, and aurora gushing out of the underground, rushing and killing many undead.

There are many undead, and the destruction will be destroyed, but a few of them still have their marks.

The consciousness of powerhouse will be stagnant in the void. For example, Heavenly Venerate cut a knife in the sky hundreds of millions of years ago. The Blade Qi of this blade contains the meaning of a sword, and it may stay in the void for hundreds of millions of years. Than last longer. Contact with those with insufficient strength will inspire sword intent and be killed.

However, this knife meaning knife meaning is permanently imprinted on a fixed area. Or transform into form and move in a certain area.

But these undead’s marks are like the obsessions left over from the powerhouse, but they don’t fix an area, but flutter around.

Some even fly out of the immortal land, and do not grow red hair.

There are still some, burned in the void, and gradually absorb the surrounding dead energy and various resentments and other negative wills, turn them into dead souls, or other undead creatures, and then resurrect.

“These marks…”

Ye Yang stretched out his hand and scratched it, and there was a brand that was caught in his hand, and gently pinched it to break scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

The undead cannot be resurrected.

Ye Yang thoughts move, reaching out to grab a ghost, and pointing in.

The ghost’s expression was fascinating, but at this time, a bright light appeared in his eyes. His chaotic will within the body is adjusted to be regular and regular by Ye Yang, and this ghost produces wisdom and consciousness.

Like a powerful artificial intelligence expert, it is easy to piece together various scattered programs and data combinations into artificial intelligence.

Ye Yang is almost the same now, but even more amazing. In the mortal myth, Divine Immortal can turn stones and plants into creatures, and he can do it easily now.

When this ghost saw Ye Yang, he was not respectful or grateful. Instead, he was afraid and struggling to escape.

Ye Yang tapped gently, and the ghost’s branded core was extracted by Ye Yang.

But it still floats in the void.

Ye Yang waved his hand, and the ghost exploded and destroyed.

However, the surrounding power gathered in the brand of Ye Yang’s hand, and there was a power projection, and the ghost once again manifested in the void.

It stared at Ye Yang in horror, begging for mercy.

Ye Yang said: “The deity can add the characteristics of Undying and Inextinguishable to your brand. As long as the deity does not fall, you can keep your brand indestructible. Your ghost body can be annihilated and destroyed outside. Infinite resurrection. The most painful when you fall, your brand will be damaged, but the deity can help you restore your brand.

“You can even set up a formation to automatically restore your brand, which is equivalent to giving you the characteristics of Undying and Inextinguishable.”

The ghost was surprised and joyful, and there was fear in joy.

But the wisdom is not low, he asked suspiciously: “What is the command of the gods? The younger one must do his best.”

“Very good…Go, attack and kill the undead creatures outside.”

“Yes…but they are too many.”

“What are you afraid of? Anyway, you can Undying and Inextinguishable.” Ye Yang said.

Speaking, drive the ghost out. He grabbed another undead creature, a zombie, and also took out his brand.

So many times in a row, some species, such as skeletons, zombies, ghosts, etc., can be extracted, while some can’t be extracted.

Ye Yang one after another traps their brand in the newly established miniature formation.

“Just observe, they fall more often, will they lose their nature?”

When they fall, the damage is serious, and their branding will be damaged, and then repaired, so that the damage will continue to recover. After a long time, will there be any bad consequences?

Ye Yang can also be here, and incarnation can go out and act. But the fall of incarnation sometimes affects the ontology. However, the causal attack may hurt the body, and the feeling of death is very uncomfortable.

“If the main body of the deity is here, incarnation goes out, and can also send out a large number of these undead men…that would be wonderful.

“You can pretend to be a Heavenly Venerate who is good at the Avenue of the Undead. And even if you encounter a strong enemy, you don’t need to fight alone.

“Even if you encounter Grand Dao Lord slaughter, you can let these undead rush up as cannon fodder. At least it can delay time so that the deity does not have to bear the attack of retrospective cause and effect, which is all good.

“If there are more men…hehe, Grand Dao Lord may not be hurt. If this immortal land can block the attack of retrospective cause and effect, it will be invincible.”

This reminds Ye Yang of the situation when he obtained the ancient palace in the early days as a new weak god. At that time, he dared to compete with many pseudo Divine Kings by virtue of the powerful defense characteristics of the ancient palace in the early days.

Now, if the plan is right, the immortal land can really help him, then even the newly promoted Chaos Controller can also compete with the Grand Dao Lord. Landing in Jigu Tomb Ruins, he is no longer completely passive.

“Try again, get more of the undead. Send some of them out forcibly to see if they can recover when they fall outside. See if they can block the attack of causality.”

I was thinking, there was a commotion in the distance.

Ye Yang looked closely, it turned out to be a powerful bone monster. Many skeletons blend into a hill-like monster. The body exudes chaotic spirit willpower, and thousands of fragments of power of Grand Dao are condensed within the body.

“I am the Daoist, and everyone must acknowledge allegiance to me!” That monster loudly said.

Ye Yang almost lost a smile.

This guy… dare to be the master?

Of course, Taoist is just a title. For example, in some worlds, there are people who dare to praise Taoist if they are not in the realm of immortals. But here, only Grand Dao Lord can be regarded as the real Dao Lord.

The countless kinds of power of Grand Dao that control an entire universe.

Even the Heavenly Venerate, which integrates a variety of avenues, is like a trivial ant in front of the Grand Dao Lord.

It’s just that the surrounding undead are not smart, and there are many acknowledge allegiances to that monster, and they are ordered.

Then I saw that there are many similar guys nearby, either in the shape of a bone monster or in the shape of a cluster of ghosts. There are many fragments of the power of Grand Dao on their bodies, which can drive the power of Grand Dao. Fragments.

Most of them are integrating the surrounding spiritual object species.

“Has the chaos gradually become orderly? This is not good. If these guys integrate the surrounding undead, how can the deity control the many undead as his men?”

Ye Yang’s eyes are light flashed.

I was about to act, and suddenly I couldn’t help but gasp.

He saw it, a familiar silhouette moving crisscross among the dead. Destroy large tracts of undead with gestures.

The silhouette of the image, the aura that it exudes, and the various power fluctuations, are actually exactly the same as Ye Yang.

That turned out to be… another Ye Yang? ! !