Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1067


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“This… so familiar feeling!”

Ye Yang has recalled that a long time ago, when he collapsed in the indestructible place of the old universe, he also encountered a similar thing.

At that time, another Ye Yang appeared.

Ye Yang silhouette copied from the plane of the immortal land. There are also silhouettes of other partners around.

“However, this time is different from then!”

What strength was Ye Yang at that time?

And now, what strength is it?

The difficulty of copying varies greatly.

More importantly, Ye Yang discovered that part of the origin of the immortal land that he had acquired at the beginning, in the current immortal land, is not at all what special benefits.

His right hand stretched out, condensed chaos, transformed into other Law Power, and then transformed into the plane Source Aura that he had sensed before.

However, this power has some intimacy with this immortal place, but it failed to allow Ye Yang to control anything with this power.

“What a pity.”

Ye Yang shook his head, shook his hand, and dissipated this power.

“If the deity is not wrong, the Ye Yang outside……huh, it must be the power of the deity to discover the power of the deity through the veins, and then copy it?

“This can be regarded as an invisible will behind the control, but what about the instinct of this earth vein?”

Ye Yang observed for a while, the strength of that other Ye Yang was not comparable to him.

The power used by the other party is all the power used by Ye Yang after coming to this immortal place.

Ye Yang has used the methods used in this immortal land, Ye Yang understands them, and has used them all.

However, Ye Yang didn’t use any methods, and Ye Yang didn’t use it either.

Ye Yang has always been cautious, no matter where, as long as there is exposed probability, he will not expose his true ability and trump card. Unless encountered a great danger and have to use it.

“Then, this fake Ye Yang, is it the hidden ability of the deity? It is clearly known, but like the deity likes to hide?

“Or, simply don’t know the unrevealed power of the deity?”

Ye Yang pupil light flickered, and suddenly burst out with a whistling palm.

A black Molong moved towards and rushed out of the protective formation he had set up.

In an instant, that Molong killed the fake Ye Yang.


It exploded all at once.

The violent force tore that Ye Yang to pieces, and the large zombie skeletons around them also scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

“Heh, hehe.” Ye Yang sneered.

divine sense sweeps all around.

At this moment, far away, a faint silhouette appeared.

In an instant, many skeleton zombies surrounded him, and the silhouette punched out, Chaos Qi gushing, swept away many zombies.

“Here again?!!!”

Ye Yang recognized that it was another fake Ye Yang.

At the moment, another palm was shot over there.

At this moment, this fake Ye Yang actually slapped him with a palm.

Two black dragons collided in the sky, exploded, and burst into hundreds of millions of sword shadows, sword shadows, bell shadows, gun shadows, shadow shadows, drum shadows…

On the surface of this Molong, it looks like Chaos Qi condensed, but in fact, every scale is forged from a temporary Primal Chaos Divine Artifact.

Ye Yang used powerful means to temporarily create a bunch of “one-off” Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts, and then combine them into a Molong.

On the surface, it is an attack killer move. In fact, it is a Primal Chaos Divine Artifact that strikes out.

When Ye Yang’s strength can’t compete with Era Skulls and the like, he uses many one-time Divine Items to form a battlefield, and then exerts various magical effects, exerts super formidable power, and leapfrogs the battle. .

Now, it’s just a one-time Divine Item that Chaos Qi created temporarily to replace the one-time Divine Item that’s all that can last for a long time.

Previous disposable Divine Items can last for several decades, hundreds of years or even millions of years. They will not be consumed as long as they are not used, but they will disappear as soon as they are used. It takes a lot of time to manufacture, and it is impossible to create hundreds of millions of pieces in an instant.

Today’s one-time Divine Item, the formidable power is not weaker than the original one. Each Primal Chaos Divine Artifact can only last for no more than half a minute, but Ye Yang can create hundreds of millions of 1 billion pieces in one thought.

If the maintenance time can only be guaranteed for three seconds, it can even create tens of billions in one thought.

Ye Yang didn’t use such a powerful ability, just a test.

Absolutely unexpectedly, that fake Ye Yang actually used this move to come.

“Try again!”

Ye Yang took another palm shot at the moment, and a Molong roared out.

However, when Molong was halfway through the charge, it suddenly exploded and turned into a huge golden bell, blocking the Molong released by the fake Ye Yang.

The golden bell broke into a small half, and the remaining part sent out a strong shock wave, annihilating the surrounding large areas of undead, and then covering the fake Ye Yang, and then bombing the ground, the fake Ye Yang was destroyed again.

But also at this time, a vast sword energy rushed into the sky.

Ye Yang felt that there seemed to be a powerful sword intent sweeping near him, and then disappeared.

“Duanyu Sword?!!!”

Ye Yang’s pupils shrink slightly.

The Molong he just released is itself a Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, which can be simulated as the illusory shadow of the Supreme Treasure of most of the Chaos Gods that have been seen before, and play a blow to the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.

Originally, Ye Yang wanted to simulate the illusory shadow of the Broken Universe Sword, but thought that there is a Broken Universe Sword in this immortal land, and fearing that it might cause any accidents, he temporarily used the Primal Chaos Divine in the shape of a dragon Artifact simulates the illusory shadow of Primal Chaos Bell.

However, Duanyujian’s reaction was still triggered.

“What’s the matter?”

Ye Yang wondered.

At this time, another fake Ye Yang appeared in the distance.

Ye Yang blasted out with another palm. It was still Molong, and it was still the Divine Item combo array, but the formation simulated a giant axe.

The fake Ye Yang releases Molong, simulating the illusory shadow of Primal Chaos Bell.

Kaitian giant axe smashed Primal Chaos Bell in half in an instant, and blasted the fake Ye Yang into scum.

Ye Yang sensed that the Broken Yu Sword was again slightly blooming sword intent, but it was swept towards the false Ye Yang, ignoring the true Ye Yang here.

“so that’s how it is…the Duanyu Sword, and Primal Chaos Bell, there must be a holiday, so whoever simulates Primal Chaos Bell will arouse the reaction of the Duanyu Sword…Huh?!!!”

Ye Yang eyes shined.

My heart moved slightly, and I looked at the direction of the Duanyu Sword over there, and then looked in the direction of the skeleton army ahead, and it happened that another fake Ye Yang appeared again.

Ye Yang has a strange smile at the corner of his mouth.

A Molong blasted out with a palm again, and the fake Ye Yang also took out his palm.

The two Molongs collided, Ye Yang still simulated the illusory shadow of Primal Chaos Bell this time.

However, it is stronger than the Primal Chaos Bell simulated before, and the imposing manner is stronger.

Although the fake Ye Yang on the opposite side imitated Splitting Heaven Ax, he couldn’t split the Primal Chaos Bell illusory shadow. It was split in half and exploded.

The Duanyu Sword above the Immortal Land burst out with a strong murderous intention, shrouded towards Ye Yang.

Not once, but twice. As if he was about to lock onto Ye Yang, then he backed away.

“Hehe, interesting… If the deity is not wrong, this Duanyu sword is very stupid!

“Maybe there is no Sword Spirit, or the Sword Spirit inside is very stupid. It only has some instinctive reactions and activities. Although it can bloom strong spirit willpower and comprehensive sword energy, it is just… Instinctive reaction.”

This means that as long as Ye Yang finds out the other side’s way, he can plot against this Duanyu sword.

Use its various instincts to use its power to deal with the enemy. If you have good luck, maybe you can get this Duanyu Sword.

The Duanyu Sword in the old universe has been shattered, and it carries the core of consciousness of a lucky person, which is close to the Sword Spirit, which is difficult to snatch. The strength behind is strong, and snatching is of little use.

Now this Duanyu sword, the formidable power is countless times stronger, if there is no Sword Spirit in it, or the Sword Spirit is very dumb, use Ye Yang’s spirit willpower to split a part of the body possession……

“Compared with the Artifact Spirit, which was transformed into an ancient palace, the benefits are greater and the benefits are greater.”

However, now is not the time to interrupt Yu Jian’s idea.

Fake Ye Yang appeared again.

This time, what came out was not a fake Ye Yang. But two fake Ye Yang.

They no longer directly attack the zombie skeletons, but kill them in the direction of the true Ye Yang moved towards here.

Molong waved from a distance.

Ye Yang can see through at a glance, one Molong formation can simulate the illusory shadow of the Kaitian giant axe, and another Molong formation can simulate the illusory shadow of Primal Chaos Bell. one attack, one defense, also has the power of shock, want to deal with Ye Yang.

Ye Yang smiled suddenly.

The real Primal Chaos Bell can not only concuss smashing void, but also has powerful defensive ability, but also has the ability to fix time and space. Equivalent to has a powerful Time Law and Space Law Power. Even the power of having a space avenue is uncertain.

However, the Primal Chaos Bell that Ye Yang has seen is also broken and weak.

Primal Chaos Bell, which was simulated before, did not release Space-Time Force. It is almost impossible for the opponent to simulate it smoothly.

Ye Yang waved his hand, and two black dragons roared out, blasting them on the ground beside them, flying them away, and then two Ye Yang incarnations slammed out and fought with them.

The strength of the two Ye Yang incarnations is not strong, just like the two fake Ye Yang.

Moreover, the methods and abilities used are the same as Ye Yang’s previous abilities.

The difference is that Ye Yang will perform various calculations in the Divine Kingdom on the body side, and then transfer them to them.

I didn’t use too much computing power, enough to make two incarnations match the two fake Ye Yangs. Neither win nor lose.

“Just be so stalemate. Keep fighting and delay the time. The deity took the opportunity to study this immortal place. In addition, collect more of the dead spiritual objects.”

Ye Yang doesn’t want to expose too much of his power, letting the other party learn it. Waiting to figure out how to copy Ye Yang in this immortal land, then block the copying ability or block the plagiarism ability, and then use your true strength wantonly, you will not be afraid of being stolen.

Before clarifying the indestructible place, it is okay to collect more undead men, and then send them to set up a large array to siege and kill the fake Ye Yang.

Even if the opponent plagiarizes this undead army, it cannot be fully simulated unless this immortal land directly replicates a large number of dead spiritual object species. But to keep copying like that is to reveal his secret to Ye Yang.

“Put it here first…”

Ye Yang grabbed his hand, and the skeletons or ghosts sucked in.

Then plunder the core of consciousness, plunder their brand. Threat and throw them out.

The brand of a spiritual object that died was collected by Ye Yang.

“If these spiritual object species all come from the outside world, the more spiritual object species the deity controls, the more the false Ye Yang can control. The deity’s influence on this immortal place will be greater.

“If these dead spiritual objects are copied from the immortal land, and the imprints can be extracted, then from these imprints, you can get a glimpse of the essence of the immortal land!”

Ye Yang has a very good idea.

However, it was soon discovered that the fake Ye Yang had become three, four, five, six…more and more. But the strength is similar.

When the number reached nine, there was no increase.

Some still control the undead army to kill.

Ye Yang hasn’t taken any action to control the undead army formation yet, did they actually make it out first?

So Ye Yang also controlled the army of the undead to kill.

At the same time, create a few more powerful incarnations and kill them.

The two sides are fighting.

Ye Yang’s body stretched out his hand and grabbed each of the other’s undead General. The powerhouse in the army.

Then plunder the brand.

“Huh? These brandings are different from before…Is they really copied from the immortal land?!!!”

Ye Yang was stunned, and then he suddenly said: “With so many dead spiritual object species, of course the impossible are all coming in from the outside. No one with red hair can get in. So, there must be a large number of copies. It’s just that the fake Ye Yang attacked the alien spiritual object species before, and didn’t fight the copies. The spiritual object species that was attacked squeezed toward this side, and the deity caught before, mostly from the outside world.

“There are also reasons for luck.

“Now, I finally caught these copies.”

For the copied spiritual object species, Ye Yang cannot command them even if they control their core consciousness. They don’t seem to be afraid of the core of their consciousness being destroyed, one by one they regard death as home.

Ye Yang also squeezed the core of their consciousness one by one, divine sense constantly scanning and sensing.

Some of them are left in hand, divine sense penetrates, browse and read the information inside.

“Hehe…interesting! The secrets hidden in this immortal land are really amazing…”

Ye Yang got a lot of messy information. Many of them have no value, but a very small amount of special information has been read.

For example, in this immortal place, there have been many battles between the Grand Dao Lord and Chaos Controller. But it was a very long time ago.

The immortal land has been destroyed many times and reborn many times.

There have been many times that even the Immortal Avenue in the Land of Immortality was damaged, but the damage was not serious. But more often, the Immortal Land is only superficially destroyed, and the Immortal Avenue remains intact.

This immortal avenue, called avenue, is actually completely different from Unai avenue. It is also different from Chaos World’s Great Dao of Primal Chaos. It is a very special immortal characteristic. Ye Yang doesn’t know exactly how it is.

I only know that the ancient tomb ruins once contained countless powerhouse wreckages, countless powerhouse obsessions, all kinds of resentments, all kinds of killing intent murderous intention, and so on.

Then, over the long years, these forces accumulated in the ancient tomb ruins, and gradually became the early prototypes of the immortal land.

At that time, the Immortal Land attracted the attention of many powerhouses such as Grand Dao Lord Jai, and even the supreme powerhouse planted the flowers of the avenue here, or tried to refining the Immortal Land. But in the end, those powerhouses disappeared. I don’t know if it was lost or hidden.

There is only an indestructible place that has been left to this day.

“So, the immortal land was originally in the ancient tomb ruins. Later, it was transformed into a time forbidden zone, but it was only a short course in its’life’.

“On the surface of this immortal land, there is nothing desolate and silent, but in fact, the deep underground of the immortal land, as well as the parallel different dimensions hidden by the blockade, contain great and deep Secret!”

Ye Yang is excited, grabbing more dead spiritual objects and planting them, controlling the branding, or reading information.

But also at this time.

The sky, cracked.

A silhouette exuding the might of Grand Dao is similar to the Controller level powerhouse of the avenue I have encountered before, but it was pierced by a lance and fell into a very high void.