Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1069


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I don’t know how long it has been, Ye Yang suddenly eyes opened, frowning: “No, this is not right! There is a problem!”

Ye Yang found that his cultivation speed has dropped.

One reason, within the body is building the prototype of the nascent universe. But the embryonic form of this nascent universe must fit Ye Yang.

There is always something wrong.

So, I have to spend more energy there.

But this is not a big problem, Ye Yang knows that this is just a little bit close to accumulation of knowledge. It only takes a little time to solve it.

Even if you leave this immortal place, it will only take a little longer. The road ahead has been opened, unless Ye Yang falls, otherwise, Ye Yang will be able to figure out the prototype of the universe.

The key problem is that Ye Yang’s current cultivation lacks resources! !

It stands to reason that his current cultivation is not more difficult than before, but easier.

Before swallowing Chaos, there were all kinds of scruples. But now swallowing Chaos, there are fewer scruples.

Moreover, with his ability, it is easy to transform all kinds of matter and energy into chaos. Unless it is a lot of avenues, or Primal Chaos Law controlled by other Chaos Controller, apart from this, no matter what Law Power or various divine forces, it can be transformed into chaos.

For example, the mud and rocks in this immortal land where he is now, and even some of the dead spiritual objects, can be transformed into Chaos Qi and absorbed by him.

This increase in strength should be faster than some time ago.

But there is a very important problem-He must avoid the assimilation of the immortal land!

The area occupied by Ye Yang must be separated from the core of the immortal land. Or although it is not separated, the control authority should be separated.

Ye Yang wants to use his spirit willpower and the power of within the body to snatch control of an area from the entire immortal land? That is a dream!

The power contained in this immortal land is hard to see on the surface, but it is actually stronger than the total power of a Grand Dao Lord!

Ye Yang was impossible to grab by strength of oneself.

We must use the power of the Immortal Land to target the Immortal Land.

All kinds of memory fragments, all kinds of information and data analysis obtained before, just like that.

For example, if an ordinary person wants to use his own strength to contend with a super robot with a height of several dozen meters, that can’t be done. But if you can find the other party’s loopholes, invade the other party’s control software, and cut off the control of a part of the other party’s area, you can do it.

But in fact, this is more than just hacking into a super robot. It’s more like taking control of a part of the machine in a very large network empire.

Ye Yang’s method is to use the earth veins and Qi in a part of this immortal land to interfere and influence the immortal land.

Simply put, the stronger and more stable the territory controlled by Ye Yang, the easier it is to resist the assimilation ability of the immortal land.

The smaller and weaker the territory that Ye Yang controls, the easier it is to be assimilated back into the Indestructible Land.

Ye Yang wants to extract his own power to control this territory, which will cause instability here. The more you draw, the more problems you have. Then it will cause the entire area to get out of control. Ye Yang wanted to find another chance to seize control, but it would be difficult.

Have one chance to succeed, and want to use the same method again for the second time? Extremely difficult.

Therefore, Ye Yang can only try to extract Chaos Qi from the immortal land outside this area.

However, those Chaos Qi have not yet transformed. Directly swallowed, Ye Yang doesn’t worry about expanding and exploding, but will be affected by the assimilation power of the Immortal Land!

Those Chaos Qi contains the will of the immortal land, Ye Yang sucks it without purification. Isn’t it like an ordinary person who eats food without cleaning up bacteria and viruses? Or even eat medicine with Poisonous Insect? This will not work.

“Therefore, the increasing cultivation base must be safe, either directly extract Chaos Qi from this area under you. Or extract Chaos Qi from other places in the Immortal Land, but after purification, swallow and absorb.”

However, it is very difficult to compete with other areas of the Immortal Land for supplies and power. If you grab it, you can grab it, and you won’t get it too few. After all, other areas are just unconsciously maintained by the Immortal Land. As long as you don’t grab the “Duanyu Sword” and the area owner controlled by the ancient palace in the beginning, there will be no place.

But the power that is captured must be refining.

It can improve the strength, but the refining takes time. The stronger the spirit willpower contained in matter and energy, the longer it takes to refining. Like an ordinary god who wants to refining a divine force containing the will of the chaos god emperor, it may not be able to refining for thousands of years.

Ye Yang can refining the power of other places in the Immortal Land, but that speed…on average, every hour can increase the power comparable to that of a Chaos God Emperor.

It takes many years for ordinary mortals to cultivation to the Chaos God Emperor level, not to mention their talents, even if they are exceptionally talented. It was fast enough to be able to improve the power of a chaos god emperor in an hour.

Compared with the previous improvement speed, it seems to be inferior.

“What the deity needs is to increase the speed by hundreds of times or even hundreds of thousands of times! Only in this way can it grow to a level that can compete with the Grand Dao Lords as soon as possible.

“I dare not say that I want to fight with them and seize opportunities. At the very least, I must have enough self-protection ability.

“Furthermore, the current immortal land is not completely controlled by the deity. It is just that the true core of consciousness of the immortal land has not been fully formed. There is still the danger of being assimilated back, once this place is It’s not good to regain the will of the Land of Destruction.

“You can only give up this precious place and leave.

“So, to protect this protected land, even if the deity can refining the earth and other materials and energy in other areas of the Immortal Land, then directly fill the refining earth into this area controlled by the deity. The immortal land is more difficult to assimilate and it is more difficult to snatch back control of this area, isn’t it better?

“So…you can only look outside.”

There was a lot of chaos before, but swallowing requires scruples. Now when it really can be swallowed without scruples, the chaos suitable for use is not enough.

“If the deity is only going out incarnation, the strength is insufficient, and safety cannot be guaranteed. In the Immortal Land and the surrounding dry bone area, it is not easy to find a way to the outside world.

“But if you don’t send incarnation, you can’t. Only send incarnation…I guess not.”

Ye Yang pondered for a while, suddenly eyes shined: “Perhaps, can you send some condemnation to the past?”

Let these undead creatures devour the matter and energy of the immortal land and become stronger. Ye Yang’s consciousness split, attached to these undead creatures.

Will these undead creatures get out of control?

Don’t worry about this, their core brand remains here in Ye Yang, threatening them, even if they are controlled by the power of the immortal land, as long as you don’t want to die, you have to listen to Ye Yang. Moreover, if they really don’t obey orders, Ye Yang will squeeze their brand directly, and they will not be afraid of backlash.

But Ye Yang himself cannot swallow other powers.

For example, mortals don’t dare to swallow all kinds of dirt directly, but plant plants to absorb the dirt, and then eat the stems, leaves and fruits that the plants grow. Or mortals dare not eat those very unclean foods, but they can feed livestock, and then control or eat them.

“You can try…”

Ye Yang waved his hand, and the undead creatures emerged, surrounding Ye Yang.

Ye Yang’s mind is condensed on a skeleton body and let it fly forward.

It’s far away, Ye Yang can hardly sense what’s going on with him.

“Some adjustments are needed…”

Grab another skeleton.

This skeleton looks like a normal gray-white skeleton. Actually, the dry bones on the body are harder than the neutron material, and the bones are also inlaid with thin spaces and compressed stars. The tiny star stone.

No matter how strikes a mortal’s star-killing weapon strikes, it won’t hurt this skeleton. Even black hole destruction bombs, space energy bombs, plus the blessing of divine force Law Power, can’t hurt this skeleton.

Ye Yang cuts the bones of the skeleton with one finger, inserts the divine sense force into the skull, and drives the skeleton away.

“It was sensed…you can share the skeleton’s’vision’ and’hearing’ and’divine sense’ intuition at any time. You can also cut off the induction at any time, and you can also perform preset command control when cutting off the induction, etc. , Very good.”

Ye Yang controls the skeletons to fly out, and there are many other skeletons on the horizon to kill them, as well as fake Ye Yang and so on.

There is even the phantom of Grand Dao Lord, but the strength is equivalent to the five-pole Heavenly Venerate level, not too strong. It’s just a phantom after all.

As soon as the Phantom shot, Ye Yang’s skeleton was crushed.


Ye Yang waved his hand, tearing the space channel in front of him, and the earth veins in the area not controlled by Ye Yang in front appeared hollow, and a large amount of earth vein gas surged here.

Ye Yang frowned.

These forces have extremely strong interference with Ye Yang’s body.

So He does not absorb.

Furthermore, before refining, I waved a brand projection out with a wave of my hand, and all these forces were stuffed into the skeleton projection.

In an instant, the skeleton came back to life again.

To be precise, the core consciousness of Skeleton is in the brand that Ye Yang grasps. Those who died before can be said to be incarnation. As long as the brand here is immortal, it is not really dead.

Now it’s just reshaping the body.

This shell contains a lot of energy and breath of the immortal land, but…

“What does it matter? It’s not the deity’s absorption, but the skeleton’s absorption.”

Next, Ye Yang tried again, forcibly extracting the power from the unrefining place ahead. There will be the malicious indestructible place over there, and the power of the fake Ye Yang and other creatures will attack. However, those forces were mostly blocked by Ye Yang’s protective formation.

After the invading force entered Ye Yang’s control of this area, it was weakened.

Those sucked in the power, continue to shape the bodies of skeletons.

“Sure enough…”

Ye Yang’s heart flashed, and with a wave of his hand, the zombie army of skeletons was dispatched.

“Open up territory for the deity! If there are fake Ye Yang nearby, kill them all!

“Anyone whose strength has reached the Heavenly Venerate level, if the deity does not know it, and has no benign cause and effect, kill them all!”

For one of them, Ye Yang arranged to defend and patrol around his own area, and for the others, he rushed out.

Killed back the uncontrollable undead outside, but they are still being created constantly, and they are constantly killing towards Ye Yang.

Ye Yang doesn’t care either, creating a stable formation of drawing strength, so that the fallen subordinates will continue to resurrect and continue to move forward.

Form a stalemate with the surrounding invading forces.

“This is truly safe for the time being. As long as Duanyu Sword and Ancient Palace do not personally attack the deity, otherwise, the immortal land will not be able to regain this place for quite a while. This is the place where the deity lives. .”

Ye Yang quickly released many incarnations.

Each incarnation commanded a group of skeletons to fly outside.

These incarnations are very weak, and each of them contains very little power. You can Self-destruction at any time. They couldn’t even withstand too strong backlash power to come and hurt Ye Yang’s body.

This is relieved.

Under normal circumstances, they are of little use, they can only bully the Chaos God, or the general Yunei Divine King. In this extremely ancient tomb ruins, it is of no use at all.

However, if there is a group of powerful undead “subordinates” who are supporting the incarnations of Ye Yang, and even allowing them to get into the body of the undead like taking a Mecha, then these incarnations of Ye Yang will be safe Guaranteed.


With an order, these “exploration teams” rushed to the battlefield, broke through the War Zone in the melee, and went to other places in the Immortal Land.

Beyond the Immortal Land, the earth has become pitch black and gray, and it is very dangerous to feel the aura and power left by many powerhouses on the earth.

The red hair before, there is still a little residue. Every strand of red hair contains a trace of the will of the powerhouse of the ancient tomb ruins.

When the powerhouse falls, these wills may merge to revive the powerhouse.

But there are too many red hairs, Ye Yang did not clean up one after another.

The exploratory team under him keeps advancing around.

It can be seen that there is still an endless sea of ​​bones around, and a little further away is the dead spiritual object species seized by red hair.

Suddenly, tens of billions of dead spiritual objects screamed and annihilated one after another. Some red hairs turned into fly ash intermittently.

“What’s the situation…wait, is it…the controller behind the red hair has fallen?”

This kind of red hair is not clear whether it is a curse or some kind of special power. However, the loss of the controller may cause them to lose their true formidable power.

“There is another avenue, Controller level powerhouse, which has fallen down? But I have never seen a divine corpse have fallen down.”

Ye Yang asked the skeletons to continue to advance, but they did not advance far. There were many dead spiritual object species outside, some of which did not appear on the ground, just stretched out bone claws underground to grab.

“Fly to the sky and have a look!” Ye Yang is bold now.

Even if you meet the Grand Dao Lord, you are not afraid. at worst Let these incarnations and these skeletons self-destruction.

It’s just that these skeletons flew into the sky and were stopped by the gray cloud.

It looks like it is Chaos Qi, but these skeletons can’t tear through all the clouds. They can only tear through clouds that are less than ten thousand meters thick, ten kilometers away, and the clouds in the depths can’t tear apart.

“There is no way to the outside?”

Ye Yang frowned.

Lord Jae clearly fell from here in Grand Dao before. It seemed that it was easy to break through the clouds…

Thinking about it, Ye Yang’s heart moved, causing many skeletons to fly over.

Some of these skeletons are born and shaped by nature. It’s not that certain creatures fall into existence, but they are skeletons when they are born.

But some are transformed by the remains of creatures. There are more or less fragments of power of Grand Dao on it. And it will automatically absorb the free energy in the sky, and thousands of years or tens of thousands of years will transform a little power of Grand Dao fragments.

This is also the reason why there are that many power of Grand Dao fragments in this bone sea world. Why can the immortal land extract enough power of Grand Dao “nutrition” in this boundless bone world.

“You, according to the meaning of the deity, arrange the formation!”

Ye Yang uses these skeletons with different power of Grand Dao fragments as tools.

While calculating in my heart, let them form a line.

“The Array of Simulated Great Universe…”

Vaguely there is a power and aura similar to Grand Dao Lord’s being radiated from the formation.

Only comparable to Grand Dao Lord 1 in 1 million or even weaker power. But the body of power has reached the level of Grand Dao Lord, after all, it is composed of thousands of fragments of power of Grand Dao. The body is close to the Grand Dao Lord who has the Tao of the whole universe.

And just as this aura formed and rose into the sky, in the sky, a distorted space hole appeared.

“Is it really possible? The power of the Controller level…Even if the level of ‘quantity’ is not enough, only the level of ‘mass’ is barely close, and the clouds here can be dispersed?”

Ye Yang quickly controlled these skeletons and zombie to fly out.

“Here is the ruins of… Mutual Aid League…?!!!”