Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 831

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“It’s incredible, where did this thing come from? Who created it?”

Ye Yang does not think that this thing is formed naturally.

Based on the natural conditions in the universe, impossible formed such a vast ocean containing Law Power out of thin air, and it was formed in a short time, more impossible.

For example, Earth, where it used to be, is the world of refuge, but what if it is a planet in the real world? In a world like Earth, will plastic products be automatically formed in nature?

It has not been seen that nature has automatically formed plastic products for a few billion years. It can only be artificial.

In the same way, the ocean of oceans made up by this piece of Law Power is a non-substantial but practical ocean, which is probably created by a powerhouse, rather than born naturally.

“But this way, it feels too wasteful… Even me, I am not willing to create a Law Power ocean like this, anyone can use it.”

Ye Yang turned around this piece of Wang Yang with some surprise.

There is no strong blockade around, as long as it is a divine creature, you can come and touch the things here.

However, the power here cannot be taken away.

No matter who it is, you can seduce Law Power here to do things, but you can’t take Law Power here away.

“Strange… well, I try.”

Ye Yang’s thoughts are slightly moving. Between this incarnation and the body, there are several incarnations at any time. You can self-destruction some at any time to forcibly cut off the causal connection.

One of the incarnations is still in the chaotic fringe area in the universe, and one incarnation is in some energy turbulence area. At that time, self-destructed incarnation will be washed with Power of Primal Chaos to ensure that all the causal threads will be cut off and no longer remain.

“that’s it.”

Ye Yang flew into the Sea Territory of that piece of law. With the right hand, the surrounding Law Power condensed towards his fingertips. With Ye Yang’s control power, he shattered the void and hit a huge space channel.

After a few hundred million light years, far away, the forcibly punctured a hole.

There is a divine force that shuttles out of the void, and after puncturing a planet, the remaining force hits the void out of a space channel.


Ye Yang feels that a lot of Law Power is integrated into this incarnation, and it is easy to apply food, and you can point it out with one finger. The medium effect is all moving with your heart.

This feeling, like a mortal, can spend a lot of money indiscriminately.

Even if it is a 100000000 10000 rich man, his family property is so ridiculously large that these people should pay attention to the use of funds. Otherwise, if you hit the ground desperately, a few 100 100000000 and a few 1000 100000000, it is estimated that you will be able to smash it in less than half a month.

Even if you own a country and own a private country, your wealth is amazing. When you use the property of great generosity, you need to consider some impacts.

But now, equivalent to there is endless wealth, can not transfer money, can not be handed over to others, can only point out how to use it.

Then it can be used directly.

Mortal World has a wealth of 1000 to 100000000 million wealthy people. It can cost a few million a few million a few 1000000 million or even a few hundred million in a blink of an eye, but can you throw out a few billions of a few 10000000 billion to 100000000 million?

Not for investment, not to do business, or to buy real estate, but for temporary luxury.

People with normal spirits can’t do it unless it is for money laundering. It may mean investment. Normal people, impossible leave a few 1000 100000000 million liquidity without using.

Now, Ye Yang, there are a large number of Law Power can be used casually.

The divine force crystallized by him and the power contained in the hollow beads add up to only a lot more than here, but if you want to waste it casually, then Ye Yang is not willing to give up. As long as there is no mental problem, I will not throw out a few 1000000 divine forces to crystalize.

But here, there are no worries.

Ye Yang first broke the void beyond 100000000 million light years. Then punched the other side.

That’s when Ye Yang heard rumors in recent days, probably where there will be deception. At this moment, all kinds of Law Power and split open space are used here to open the passage to those places.

Void disorder will seriously affect the interference to Space Transmission. But Ye Yang opened several hundred space channels on the side.

Each space channel points to the same place.

Even if most of them are randomly leading to unknown places, even if less than 100 out of 5 channels can be accurately located, it can be considered to be able to get to the area you want to investigate.

A large number of divine force surges, forming a huge formation of each and everyone in the sky, but it is the formation used by each and everyone’s prophecy system. Forming such a formation with divine force will allow divine force to flow and automatically form a certain spell effect. To achieve the purpose of prophecy.

“Well, there are rumors here… this is actually true, there is really a Demi-God less than the god level that can easily burst half of the galaxies, and some of the body is materialized flesh and blood. It has not been completely transformed into a body of divine force, and the core of consciousness has not pinned the void, but the battle strength is stronger than that of many gods.

“Although his information was kept secret, it was still found by me.

“If I want to calculate such a thing, it will be extremely expensive and certainly unwilling. But with the sea of ​​laws here, I am not afraid of waste.”

Ye Yang quickly attracted Law Power to come together.

The power of Law predicted by the prophecy system is different from the psychedelic Law Power here. However, it is still possible to use the power of psychedelic laws to promote the laws related to prophecy in the sky. It’s just too much.

It just happens to not worry about consumption, Ye Yang, why is there no reason not to work hard to calculate?

In an instant, the truth of everything was speculated.

This large ocean of Law Power actually contracted at a rate that is visible to the eye, and was consumed by Ye Yang for about 100/4.

“It’s really suffocating. Didn’t such a waste jump out?

“Well, since this is the case, some of the more important doubts can be calculated.

“Next, what information do you want to calculate?

“Which gods and emperors jointly attacked the ancient palace at the beginning? This is too difficult to calculate, and it can be done without Law Power, and even if it is calculated, it does not make sense to me. Revenge? If I am strong, Every god emperor has to suppress it. It is not strong enough, and it is useless to calculate.

“And then it is estimated who made this sea of ​​laws and stays here?

“Well, it is estimated that there may be something wrong here. It’s wrong, and consume more Law Power.

“Then, the whereabouts of the god of cause and effect? ​​The position of the god of chaos and the god of mist? Also, who was behind the scenes to push the control and make the universe chaotic? That handwriting can be powerful, just let the gods and mortals If the mind becomes chaotic, it can actually induce the disorder of the infinite number of beings, Spiritual Fluctuation and Thought, which blends into the void and drives the disorder of the Universe Rule.

“This is not something that ordinary characters can do, even if there are factors that take advantage of the environment and the timing, it is also amazing

“I’ll count it carefully…”

Just as Ye Yang was about to consume the amount of divine force here, his heart suddenly jumped violently.

Subconsciously turned his head and saw that in the sky a god came and went.

“Ah? This space channel leads to this place?”

“Where is it? How can there be so many Law Power?”

Many gods came here inexplicably and were very interested in the situation here.

These gods also saw the incarnation of Ye Yang.

However, before they asked for a voice, there was a huge force in the sky.

From 100 to 100000000 million kilometers ahead, there seems to be a translucent river created by holographic imaging technology.

Above, you can see countless images. Each drop of water is like recording the history of different periods in the past, including the history of a corner of the universe, and the history of a sector.

“Time is long?”

“Is it a long history? Doesn’t it seem to be true…”

The illusory long river condenses in the void, turning into a silhouette of an old man.

Many gods were a little dazed, and many released divine sense to scan in the past.

But Ye Yang did not release divine sense.

At this moment, he sensed that the old man was looking towards the law of this side.

“God of knowledge?”

In an instant, Ye Yang knows the identity of the old man in clear comprehension.

There was no voice, no one introduced, and I had never heard of the old man’s news before, but Ye Yang understood it and knew what the other party called in an instant. This is the power of the law.

Then, the ocean of laws next to Ye Yang suddenly surging and quickly coagulated.

I saw that a huge translucent giant was formed.

“What’s the situation?” Ye Yang’s scalp numb.

I just didn’t feel the existence of consciousness. If there is consciousness, this piece of Wang Yang will not let Ye Yang consume His Law Power at will, but now, it is indeed Law Power that consumes it.

And, in the next moment, Ye Yang saw that the huge silhouette formed by Law Power glared at Ye Yang.


Ye Yang quickly Self-destruction this body, but without Self-destruction, this incarnation was stunned by the opponent’s power. And the power to trace back and forth quickly surged.

If it is not Ye Yang who also understands the law of cause and effect, and has had a positive fight with the god of cause and effect and used Primal Chaos Law to absorb the power of cause and effect, then Ye Yang will not be so sensitive now, and the reaction will not be so fast.

In the sky, each and everyone Ye Yang incarnation, Self-destruction in different spatial positions, completely cut off the connection between this side and the body.

“Terrifying… Almost traced back and forth to find the location of my body, and may even cause the body to be attacked and injured.

“This is so amazing, it’s incredible… what the powerhouse of realm is?”

Ye Yang’s complexion changed.

The other incarnation is outside, staring at the direction where the rule of the ocean was, but nothing can be seen.

“The transmission of information in the universe is chaotic, and even some of the laws are chaotic. It feels like a “disturbing heaven” in Myths and Legends, so that no one can calculate the true truth through the prophecy divine. “

Ye Yang used a lot of Law Power to make calculations before. Is the calculated result true evidence? He is not sure now, without too much assurance, maybe the calculated result is also blinded?

“The god of knowledge… the ocean of laws… no, I’m going to take another look.”

Ye Yang’s incarnation continues to shuttling through the void.

Arrived in the previous area very smoothly.

In today’s universe, what is disordered is all kinds of information, and part of the authority of the law. All kinds of energy, time and space, are not a big mess, just a little mess.

Therefore, as long as the use of various capabilities is not related to information, the impact is not too great.

Shuttle time and space is also possible, but the positioning is not accurate. But after many shuttles, he still reached his previous position smoothly.

“Yes, it should be here…but why? The sea of ​​laws is gone? Can’t see? The god of knowledge can’t see it? Is it gone? What about the other gods who randomly shuttled here before? “

Ye Yang was thinking, seeing the sky in the distance, an endless flame, burning out in the sky, burning through the sky, traversing millions and millions of li. Then, condensed into a flame formed person.

This scene seems to be nothing at worst, the creature that Flame Power has turned into. Vulcan and the like have such abilities.

But Ye Yang thoughts move, his face faded: “Not the God of Fire, but Fire Law…just just Fire Law Power, but it turned into a human form?”

It is possible that there is a powerhouse to control the flame into a person, but Ye Yang sees that there is not a powerhouse in control. Then, it is possible that… Fire Law itself has become humanoid.

“Fire Law manifested as a deity?”

“Law Power has consciousness itself?”

“Is Law Power possessing consciousness, or is Fire Law in the universe possessing a unified consciousness?”

Ye Yang thought about it and saw that the flame silhouette disappeared.

But not long after, the void where the flame silhouette was, suddenly tore apart, and a powerful black clothed god came out of it.

A black robe, long hair tied into a bun, wearing something like a crown of road.

The imposing manner exuded by this deity was so vast that Ye Yang glanced at it. The incarnation here was turbulent, and the contact with other incarnation and the body would be interrupted at any time.

“This is… Divine Emperor? At least God Emperor Level, or even stronger!”

However, without waiting for him to say hello or retreat, he saw the powerful Divine Emperor powerhouse, shuttling through the void, teleporting to the distance.

Then, in an instant, there was a silhouette that appeared out of thin air. It was a woman wearing green clothes, and she could sense that the very pure and pure life Law Power.

She was coldly snorted, right hand gently stroked, the God Emperor Level powerhouse that had shuttled and fled far away, suddenly stiff in the void motionless.

He turned his head around, his face was astonished, but when he had no time to say, his body broke apart, and turned into countless fine particles. A small particle quickly took root and sprouted in the sky, shuttled to different time and space. Among.

“God…God Emperor Level exists, was killed by a second? Who is this woman? who are you?”

The woman turned and left, Ye Yang thought to herself, do you want to calculate her identity?

But at this moment, a strong sense of crisis rise in the mind.

“Not good !”

Ye Yang thoughts move, many incarnations connected to this incarnation, exploded at the same time, chaos washed away, and the cause and effect were cut off.

“Terrifying, too terrifying… My incarnation is only the incarnation of the incarnation, but the inner spiritual consciousness is God King Level or something. However, when I thought about something that was not good for the woman, I was directly Found and obliterated? My kind of incarnation, the thoughts in my heart have passed the woman?

“What strength and identity is the knife?”

Ye Yang’s face sank like water.

Can’t believe it, the gods can be so powerful?

“Not a god…maybe, I have always guessed what I have been worried about, and I am afraid it has happened…

“Law Power…with consciousness!!!

“Law Power can be shaped, manifested, and manifested in consciousness! They are probably a more powerful and advanced lifeform than ordinary gods, not just a power.

“Why did they be used by the gods in the past, and why did they not manifest their consciousness, it is unclear. But I am more than 80% 5 sure that the previous woman… is the incarnation of Life Law!!!”

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