Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 832

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Ye Yang is in a heavy mood and feels stressed.

“Is the law incarnation? That means that their control over a certain law overrides any deity, even the mutated deity does not know and control the law better than them. Whether it is the God of God Imperial Capital is not as good as them.

“What’s more terrible is that the battle strength is too strong. I can’t get close to this incarnation.”

For other gods, Ye Yang dared to provoke him and sent an incarnation instead of the body. Primal Chaos Law absorbed the power of the other. Gradually turned into its own use.

Can deal with these laws of incarnation, what engulfing transformation, it is estimated that it will not work.

“Trouble…big head.”

Once these so-called laws incarnation want to do something, for example, suddenly want to come to the ancient palace “brush prestige”, attack ancient palace and so on, but it is not good.

No one conceals their identity to start the ancient palace in the early days, let’s not say whether it can be broken, first strikes, turn around and escape, and then come again, this way, the ancient palace in the early days may not be able to calculate the true identity of the other party, even if the task is assigned It’s useless if the gods can’t find the target of revenge.

“It is estimated that there will be fun to watch next. This universe will become very’lively’, but it should not be a bad thing. It is now like’the heaven is disturbed’. Even if these rules are incarnation, it is difficult to trace the cause and effect. Something.

“Unless it is the face-to-face god.

“In this way, all kinds of yin ~ private, all kinds of secret plot against things, it is not easy to be discovered. My incarnation can also be sent out with more confidence.

“At the same time, a lot of Old Guys who have been hidden in the dark, will come out? Plot against each other, and care about each other, then I am afraid that there should be no time to deal with the ancient palace at the beginning.”

Ye Yang can only comfort himself so much.

It’s not that the ancient palaces are in trouble at the beginning, but that they are afraid of trouble.

“At this time, there must be many guys staring at the ancient palace.”

Ye Yang’s incarnation flew outside the ancient palace at the beginning of the day. After looking at it, he went to the outskirts of the Holy Night Palace and took a look.

“Sure enough… the guy with the Divinity Sovereign Level secretly stares at the ancient palace and the Holy Night Palace. If anyone else wants to work on the ancient palace…it will be quickly discovered by many gods.

“However, if anyone works on the ancient palace in the early days, if it is unsuccessful, it will be backlashed, and there will be problems, and it will definitely be targeted by other powerhouses. It will also be very dangerous.”

As Ye Yang guessed, now that the ancient palace is too early, even if it is stared at, no one is going to the ancient palace.

Without those powerful Law Power’s incarnation came.

However, Ye Yang’s defeat and control of the empty beads were intercepted.

Several powerful divine creatures exuding black air appeared near the hollow beads.

Each imposing manner issued is quite powerful.

The surrounding space was blocked, Space Law was subjected to an invisible suppression, and the empty beads could not be directly sent away by split open space.

Ye Yang immediately received a reminder of losing.

incarnation quickly shuttling through the void, and came out of the hollow beads.

Today’s empty beads are controlled by the negative, and part of the Divine Soul in the negative is controlled by Ye Yang in Ye Yang’s Divine Kingdom. At the same time, Ye Yang also has an incarnation hidden here, which can be connected with the body at any time, usually sleeping, and awakening at any time.

Ye Yang incarnation projection An incarnation of incarnation went out, at a glance, brows slightly wrinkle: “God of Devouring?”

There are 4 powerhouses, each of which has 4 squares to block the empty beads, each of which emits a black breath. Moreover, Ye Yang can recognize that the four powerhouses are all devouring gods.

4 incarnations transformed by one god.

Also, there is a silhouette silhouette of one after another in the vicinity. It is not clear whether it is a priest or an envoy or a puppet or a believer. Every power distributed is the same.

“Ye Yang Your Majesty has a good vision and can recognize the identity of the deity.”

One of the black silhouette roads.

Ye Yang faintly sighed: “Every one exudes the power of engulfing laws, and each engulfing law is so strong, so deep, how can the deity not recognize it?”

“Now that the identity of the deity is recognized, can Ye Yang Your Majesty know it?”

“What’s the meaning?”

“Oh, do you pretend to be stupid? That’s all, the deity speaks frankly… This empty bead is related to the deity. So, I wonder if Ye Yang Your Majesty can cut love?”

“Hehe, do you think it is possible?”

“It is said that this bead is under the control of your servants. Ye Yang Your Majesty has repeatedly declared that this thing is not yours, it is yours.”

“Yes, but the deity is obliged to stand up for the gods under his control. Whoever wants to snatch something from the deity, the deity will certainly be quite angry.”

“So, at the beginning, the ancient palace will definitely come, right?” That divine devoured.

Ye Yang said: “You should know the answer.”

“In this case, there is no way… I can only accept the hollow beads before the ancient palace came.” The god said, waving his hand, and the silhouette of each and everyone around him was quickly released. one after another black breath came over.

The Sky Beads slammed into the past, and suddenly there was a booming muffled sound, forcibly breaking through the incarnation of the Devouring God.

The surrounding divine force was actually swallowed by the hollow beads forcibly.

“hmph ,overestimate one’s capabilities !”

A negative silhouette emerges, said with a sneer next to it: “The so-called emptied bead is also Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, even though it is not as good as the ancient palace at the beginning, nor is it trifling. The god of engulfment can covet.”

“is it?”

The engulfing sneer sneered, and immediately waved his hands to release the huge vortex of each and everyone, sucking everything around like a black hole.

With a shot of incarnation, these vortex actually form a looming situation.

The powerful suction from different directions respectively, the empty beads that had been flying forward at high speed, actually stopped for a moment and slowed down.

It’s like an ordinary car bound and blocked by many invisible chains, it is difficult to move at all.

“Variant swallow Law Power?” Gui Neng was surprised.

“Just know it!” The Devouring God sneered.

At this moment, the ancient palace shuttled from afar towards this side.

However, before approaching here, one after another black silhouette appeared in the sky.

“The God of Devouring, do you dare to stop the ancient palace?” Ye Yang’s incarnation manifested itself.

“How about stopping you? Attacking the ancient palace at the beginning, the deity may not be able to catch it, but a little stop at the ancient palace at the beginning, but it is okay.”

That one after another black silhouette said, the letter hand waved, one after another vast swallowing Law Power appeared in the sky.

The time and space vortex of each and everyone black is formed, and the powerful force is pulling the ancient palace.

At the beginning of the ancient palace, a strong rays of light suddenly emerged, an artillery appeared out of thin air, a powerful blow was shot, and a powerful divine force penetrated the void, and actually exploded a huge vortex.

“This… what weapon is this?” Many gods who saw the situation were surprised.

Then, a lot of strikes, each and everyone vortex were constantly bombed.

But in an instant, each and everyone vortex was formed.

The Devouring God was surprised: “Ye Yang, what is your Divine Item?”

“Divine Item made by mortals…” Ye Yang said.

He does not believe in these gods and cannot see them.

The kingdom of that day had long tried to combine mortal weapons with the divine force of the gods. In this way, a small amount of divine force can play the role and effect comparable to a large amount of divine force.

It’s just that the gods in the universe are getting higher and higher, and their strength is getting stronger and stronger. The research made by the country of Ye Yang’s kingdom can sweep and crush many ordinary deities, but it is useless in the face of powerful deities.

But this is just a conventional weapon, does not mean that there is no killing move.

For example, among the mortal weapons, there is an antimatter annihilation gun, and the Time and Space Annihilation cannon.

Antimatter will devour normal matter and form a strong nuclear explosion. Of course, if the calculation errors are not used correctly, they are just annihilated normally without explosion.

The Time and Space Annihilation cannon destroys all areas of Time and Space. It is a cross-dimensional attack. 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D space and time all exploded together.

equivalent to cross-dimensional attack.

But it is only a theoretical value, generally only works in 3-dimensional space-time, but it is possible to annihilate the 3-dimensional space-time space, and even completely annihilate matter and energy.

Ye Yang added divine force to these attacks, and the technology that has been researched for a long time has made this attack qualitatively change.

The country of Nadan spent the whole country’s power, and the resources of a galaxy could only create ten or two such cannons. Most are still being manufactured.

There are some special resources, which cannot be created by divine force, but are formed in nature, but can only be formed by refining many stars or pulling them out of a large number of stars through special forces.

Ye Yang estimates that this is what formed the Universe Avenue and the Law. After all, 10000 things in the world follow certain physical rules. Conversely, all laws and avenues will have the power to extend to different substances and energies. Traces of the laws and avenues can be found from any matter and energy.

This naturally produces some very fine good things that mortals can’t perceive, and it is normal to sleep in the stars.

This was only noticed as Ye Yang’s strength rose to the Divine King level and he controlled Primal Chaos Law. Some stars have these things, some do not.

Then there is the breakthrough of that mortal technology.

Refining the manufactured annihilation gun, each shot requires a large amount of divine force crystal destruction. If it is operated at full power, the formidable power can be many times stronger than now.

Ye Yang first moved it over and hid it in the ancient palace of the early days. Today, it is just to let the gun show 10% of the formidable power for test.

“If this thing is easy to use, maybe I will try to collect this special material that has not been discovered by the gods in the future. Particles that contain chaotic properties and are hidden in countless stars in the universe. In a star However, there are several millions of special particles smaller than protons.

“To build such a cannon, too much material is needed. Obtain these particles from the stars and melt them into some Divine Item materials to get this special barrel. If the material does not meet the standard, such a can’t be released at all. attack.”

At this moment, a gun went down, and each and everyone vortex was destroyed.

“Actually… can the vortex created by the phagocytosis of mutation promotion explode?” The god of phagocytosis was surprised.

“Your incarnation will explode together!” Ye Yang sneered.

A shot passed and burned 10000 divine force crystals.

An incarnation of a devouring god screamed and dissipated.

However, although the formidable power of the shelling is strong, the Divine Emperor’s body is difficult to resist, but there is no special effect that traces the cause and effect, which is inadequate.

Then a shot blasted at the incarnation of another devouring god. The devouring god quickly evaded and flew out of millions and millions of li.

However, the gun actually split open space, out of millions and millions of strokes out of thin air, fiercely incarnation explodes into waste residue.

“Just failing to trace cause and effect does not mean there is no traceability.”

It is not difficult to annihilate an attack in time and space and to hit the target regardless of the distance in space.

As long as it is a target that can be captured by the signal and can be pushed against the calculated target, it can be hit. Unless the opponent instantly escapes from the locked range here, there is no way to kill. Nor can it kill this incarnation and trace the cause and effect to the body of the devouring god.


The incarnation of the devouring god was indignant for 10000 points. With one wave of his hand, one void channel after another was formed, and the suction generated the ancient palace. The incarnation of the devouring god of each and everyone wanders in the sky at super high speed. When the Time and Space Annihilation cannon is about to be launched, the devouring god will disappear and then appear again.

Here is an ancient palace entangled in the beginning. On the other side, around the Devouring Beads, the incarnation of the Devouring God is constantly being hit by the Devouring Beads, which actually swallows the Incarnation of the Devouring God into it.

“I can even swallow the mutation law? Worthy of it is Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure!” in the sky came the voice of gnashing teeth.

“Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is, logically speaking, a level existence with Grand Dao Source. Chaos opens up and then the universe is born, and the universe is born. The Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is also born of chaos. Law Power, what’s the calculation?” Negative coldly said.

At this moment, in the sky a laugh came: “Good talk!”

I saw a white silhouette, appear out of thin air, a palm moved towards an incarnation strikes of the devouring god.

“You!!!” The incarnation stared wide-eyed of the Devouring God, his face full of incredible colors, and then stayed motionless in the void, did not dissipate, and did not break free of the bondage, as if he was imprisoned.

The white silhouette laughed and disappeared into the void instantly.

“What’s going on?” Ye Yang was a bit stunned.

But Ye Yang suddenly moved his heart, and the body quickly calculated it.

Then let the incarnation of this side fly forward, and in the sky, a wave of space blooms.

There is one after another energy fluctuations gushing out of it.

Ye Yang glanced at them, and these invisible wave information became a scene in his eyes, and there was still sound. It is like an instrument that receives some Wireless Electronics waves that are invisible to the eyes, but can transform video and sound.

Ye Yang saw that the other side of the sky was far away, and I don’t know the specific location. The body of the engulfing god sit cross-legged in the sky, and each and everyone positions were arranged around it. It seemed that the incarnation here was remotely commanded through those positions.

The white silhouette, traced back to cause and effect, is transmitted through the incarnation of the devouring god.

“I found you!” White’s silhouette laughed loudly, and a palm slammed toward the body of the devouring god.

boom! ! !

The body of the Devouring God suddenly exploded.

All positions exploded, forming a violent force that enveloped the four sides, completely blocking the void over there and unable to teleport.

“Ha ha ha ha!!! You are fooled!” The devouring god laughed wildly.

The dark silhouette of the surroundings suddenly showed one after another powerful silhouette.

“Law Power’s incarnation?” Ye Yang saw something faintly and gasped.

But the void in front is no longer readable and useful information can no longer be read.

His face was gloomy.

“The white silhouette just now…” came the negative voice.

“It should be the spokesperson of some kind of law-the deity of variation, and even the incarnation of Law Power is possible.” Ye Yang said.

Gui Ning breathed a sigh of relief: “So, have we been used as a tool?”

“Yes, some people expected that the white silhouette would be against the devouring god, so beating somebody at their own game, deliberately exposing the devouring god’s incarnation, attracting the white silhouette to deal with his body. But the devouring god’s body It is also disguised, there are traps, waiting for the white silhouette to come…” Ye Yang’s face was ugly.

Negative speechless.

Dignified The ancient palace in the early days, emptied the pearl, was they regarded as an available tool?

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