Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 833

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What makes Ye Yang and angry even more is that they can’t figure out who controls this thing behind the scenes.

Who wants to deal with the devouring god?

Who does the Devourer want to plot against?

Who is behind the scenes?

These, everything, are unknown.

When the incident spread, the ancient palace’s face was lost in the beginning.

Before the momentum was so full, very difficult to deal with.

But actually?

The true identities of the several emperors who shot the ancient palace in the early days are still unclear.

Now someone perfectly clear is to use the ancient palace of the early days, and use the ancient palace of the early days to plot against other powerhouses.

It was too disappointing if ancient palace didn’t show at all in the beginning.

“Ye Yang Your Majesty?” Gui Neng looked to Ye Yang.

Ye Yang said: “The position of the ancient palace at the beginning of the period is to remain neutral. It is the ultimate refuge for the gods. It is only responsible for the gods entering the ancient palace at the beginning of the period. This is the initial positioning. It was only a little stronger before. It makes people feel that the ancient palace was also involved in the hegemony and the avenue battle.

“But in fact, no god is killed in the ancient palace at the beginning, then the foundation of the ancient palace at the beginning is intact. Even who is killed in the ancient palace at the beginning of the palace, as long as the ancient palace at the beginning of the palace can get revenge back , Proclaiming that the world will also maintain the sanctuary’s reputation.”

Ye Yang was silent for a while, and then said: “Of course, using ancient palace for the first time for no reason, provoking ancient palace for the first time for no reason, if you don’t impose punishment, you can’t pass it.”

Then. At the beginning of the ancient palace, a statement was made.

Temporarily prohibit the incarnation of the God of Devouring and the Law of Devouring, and enter the ancient palace of the Taichu, unless the ancient palace is punished by the court.

And, before they obtain the wish of the ancient palace side, the wanted of the devouring god and the incarnation of the swallowing rule will not be cancelled. Any deity can cause a certain amount of damage or kill to these two people, and they can get a lot of rewards.

The reward has been hung on the mission platform of the ancient palace in the early days.

Seeing this, the gods were in an uproar.

“Law of incarnation? What do you mean?”

“Is there an incarnation condensed by the god with Law Power under his control?”

“No, it doesn’t seem like this…In the early ancient palace, new information came out here, and it’s still very cheap.”

Soon, many gods learned that Law Power had consciousness in the vast universe. Incarnation was formed.

It is unclear whether other Law Power forms an incarnation, but the ingestion law has formed an incarnation, which is certain. It has been pointed out here.

For a time, the gods and divine creatures and many mortals who received news throughout the universe were sensational.

Even if some places are still unclear whether the news is true or false, they are all disabled to bear and they are upset and discussed spiritedly on the Internet. Especially for the players of the universe adventure, the game characters of many players are discussed more violently.

“The ancient palace rewarded the god of engulfment and the principle of engulfment incarnation? Is it because they used the ancient palace from the beginning? The white silhouette that was against the plot did not directly use the ancient palace from the beginning, so it was not offered a reward.”

“The key is not here, the key is that Law Power can actually condense into incarnation?”

“Yeah, incredible, unimaginable. Well, that engulfing law forms an incarnation, which is probably a great secret? Ye Yang Your Majesty deliberately leaked the news out, even if it is a kind of revenge. It is very revenge. Just like a deity hiding well, waiting for plot against others, the position is exposed, and the blow is quite big.”

“In contrast, the deity is more worried about whether the ancient palace would offend the laws of the heavens because of this? Will it be rejected by many avenues?”

“What do you mean?”

“Before that, no one had thought that Law Power could generate consciousness and form a rule of incarnation? Even if anyone thought about it, it would be secret and not dare to say. Now Ye Yang Your Majesty has revealed so It is estimated that many conscious Law Powers have offended all of them. The consequences are worrying. If something goes wrong with the ancient palace in the early days, it will affect more than Ye Yang Your Majesty. We will lose this ultimate refuge and the impact will be extremely strong. Important.”

“Yes, this is the truth…”

“By the way, since the law of engulfment can produce consciousness, then the Light Law Dark Law, the Law of Fusion, the law of fusion, the law of fusion, the law of fission, etc., etc., etc., etc., are these forces, conscious?”

“This … it’s hard to say.”

For a time, because of this news, many gods with insufficient strength were even more alarmed. Even the powerful gods will be frightened by this news.

“If the news is false, then it’s all. 10000 One is true… Then, Law Power is also conscious? Personalized thinking? Terrifying if you think about it.”

“If the news is true, then the mutation law is the most likely to generate consciousness? The current mutation laws include psychedelic law, Light Law, Dark Law, Fire Law, Thunder Law, Dead Soul Law, Divine Law, The Law of Soul, the Law of Cause and Effect, Fusion Law, Life Law…etc., all of these may produce consciousness…”

“If consciously, when I control Law Power, will Law Power affect and control it in reverse?”

“Not so scary? It’s too exaggerated…just like humans controlling wild beasts, sitting on horsebacks, they won’t be controlled by horses in reverse…”

“But Law Power is much stronger than a horse. A mortal is not as powerful as a horse, but

Can control the horse with the reins. But if the horse is out of control, it will flee with the mortal, and the mortal can only follow the horse. Even if you will not be controlled by Law Power in turn, Law Power will be out of control consciously, what is the situation? “

There is also a deity: “The key is that the law of natal life… consciousness is enshrined in a certain law. That Law Power’s consciousness has a greater impact on the gods who possess the law of natal life than the spirit of a large number of believers. willpower’s influence on the gods is even more serious!”

“Yes, that’s it…”

The gods have to be shocked and have to fear.

Does the so-called law of incarnation have Law Power consciousness? Law consciousness? Or the will of the law?

Compared with the will of the god, how strong and weak is this law will and law consciousness? Will the deity in turn be controlled by the law of life?

Not clear, but there are concerns.

However, in today’s world, all beings are frightened, and the confusion of thoughts and the void leads to the chaos of the void. All kinds of information are disturbed, and the transmitted information is difficult to distinguish between true and false. The magic of the prophecy system cannot be accurately judged.

Therefore, there are gods who are worried, but gods who are lucky and calm.

On this day, a silhouette with a strong light came to the ancient palace and entered the ancient palace.

“this is……”

The gods saw that it was a beautiful and holy woman. The whole body is composed of light power.

Every move seems to resonate with the cosmic avenue in the dark, with a certain tacit understanding. The gods saw her just as mortals saw the creatures called “One with Heaven and Earth”.

“Who is this god… who?” a god was horrified.

At this time, Ye Yang’s figure appeared, staring at the woman with some surprise.

“What should I call you?” Ye Yang’s incarnation asked.

“Recognized?” The woman smiled slightly.

“En.” Ye Yang nodded.

“Let the deity be the master of light.”

“Dominate yourself?” Ye Yang asked.

The woman stared at Ye Yang and said: “Too much talk, but it’s not a good thing.”

“Since just and honorable came to the ancient palace as a guest in the early days, you shouldn’t be afraid of your identity being exposed. If you don’t want to expose it, it’s not good to cover up your identity?” Ye Yang said.

“The deity never hides its head and tail. Moreover, the essence of the deity is not easy to hide.” The woman said.

“The essence of light?” Ye Yang said.

Some of the gods around were still ignorant at first, but then, each and everyone gasped, and many gods reacted.

“Bright…law consciousness?”

“Is Light Law’s incarnation?”

“Yes, really?”

each and everyone were scared.

However, their own power is not based on the principle of light, and they are still relatively calm. Quickly let the power controlled by oneself adjust and use Light Law less. But those who take Light Law as the rule of life can sit on the wax.

I saw the woman who claimed to be the dominant light: “Ye Yang Your Majesty seems to be quite hostile?”

“The comers are not good…the strength is so realm to you and me, many lies are useless, you and I can sense each other’s hostility… Although the strength and realm of this deity are far from the Majesty of Your Majesty and your opinion on equal terms, However, in the ancient palace in the early days, it was okay to find that you had bad intentions,” Ye Yang said.

“Oh, toughness…you are not afraid, the deity forcibly took away the Holy Grail?”

“Are you here?”


“Since it is not, don’t use this to threaten the deity.”

“Hehe, it’s rude… The deity just came to look at the ancient palace at the beginning. By the way, this is called the permanent neutral place, the sanctuary of the gods. The deity is to come in and see if the name is true that’s all.”

“What about now?” Ye Yang asked.

“Whether the name is true or not, you have to wait for a while before understood.” Bright dominated.

The words fell, outside the ancient palace in the beginning, there was a rush of black gas, a black hair man wearing a black robe showed in the sky.

The black hair flew violently, but the skin was fair and clean, and a sharp black glow appeared in his eyes: “Glow, come out!”

“If you have the ability, let’s break through the ancient palace at the beginning.” Bright dominated.

“Ye Yang, the light is so cheap~~goods, intentionally cited the deity and the ancient palace as the enemy, is this a plot against the ancient palace? Is the defiance to you, but respects the identity of the primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure of the ancient palace of the Taichu, so Just to say one more word to you. How do you decide about this?” The black man outside was motionless and didn’t open his mouth, but the black mist in the void oscillated, forming a voice.

“Dark Ruler?” Ye Yang asked.

“It can be said, but also not… The deity is darkness, and darkness is the deity. My will is the will of darkness.” The man said.

The words fell, and the whole universe was dark.

It is not that the light of the whole universe is obscured, but that all the starlights coming from a distance are swallowed by the darkness and resisted by the darkness.

“Darkness…law consciousness? Dark Law incarnation?”

a The deity gasped.

“It’s definitely not conscious to be able to travel like this. Is it already there?”

“Why didn’t it appear before but now?”

“The heavenly universe in the universe has been chaotic. Even if it disappears again, it is estimated that it will not be caught by the gods. It will not be caught by other rules of incarnation. If the deity is correct, within three days, the whole universe will spread all over. News. Any rule will have a corresponding rule incarnation. Rumors will come out that most gods will not know which Law Power manifests consciously, and which Law Power does not have incarnation manifestation, because it is not clear which item is Rumor. Similarly, the opponents of these law consciousness, the secret third-party plot against, can not count their behavior. This is the appearance.” A wise Goddess incarnation said.

This is a Goddess who lost his body and incarnation produced a separate consciousness but stayed in the ancient palace for a long time without going out.

“So, the next battle is the real law? I’m afraid that even the Divinity Sovereign Level is difficult to intervene?”

“Not necessarily, if the God Emperor and even God Emperor Level exist, have a thorough study of a variety of Law Power, and should be able to fight against a law consciousness that is not part of its own destiny. For example, to master Han Ice Law and a variety of Law Power Yes, it should be able to resist Fire Law incarnation…but no, the deity only guesses, it’s not easy to say.”

The gods are whispering.

However, his gaze gazed in the direction of Ye Yang, wanting to see how He did and how to decide.

“Those who can enter the ancient palace of the early days are all guests of the ancient palace of the early days. However, since the light master has plot against the ancient palace of the early days, then the deity will offer one piece of advice. Light Law’s consciousness is curled up here, why should the dark Your Majesty take the opportunity Expand Zhang Quan handle? The light power is hidden in the ancient palace in the early days. The outside world is suitable for the expansion of the dark power.” Ye Yang said.

The bright master stared at Ye Yang and said, “Are you deciding to be an enemy of this deity?”

The Dark Ruler outside also said: “The deity is not satisfied, just want to work on the light.”

Ye Yang said: “In the early days, ancient palaces welcome outsiders, but it is forbidden for any powerhouse to operate here. If the light master does not want to stay here, please use the power beyond the specifications and it will be automatically transmitted. If you continue to stay here, then, it is too early Ancient palace will not be forcibly expelled, unless you personally work on the ancient palace in the beginning, then you are no longer welcome to enter.”

The bright master stared at Ye Yang, as was the Dark Ruler outside.

“Interesting, do you ignore me with a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure?” Dark Ruler sneered: “However, although the deity thinks you are not respectful enough, it is good for the deity. The light is hidden in the ancient palace at the beginning, the deity is outside Expand the Zhang Quan handle. The light is impossible to bear, and it is forcibly excluded. The deity is waiting for an attack from the outside. It is very good. However, in the beginning, ancient palace has the ability to drive out the incarnation of a Light Law’s will?”

Ye Yang laughs without speaking.

Just watching the light dominate.

The woman stared at Ye Yang for a while and said, “The deity is here to hang out. As long as the rules here are followed, the ancient palace will not catch people in the beginning, right?”

“Yes.” Ye Yang said.

The Bright Master seemed a little worried that Ye Yang and Dark Ruler would join forces. If she starts to do something here first, and can’t say, Ye Yang and Dark Ruler will deal with her immediately, then Dark Ruler will be happy.

Ye Yang is not enough, but in the beginning, the ancient palace was a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, the Sky Bead was a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, and Dark Ruler was the same level as the light, which is not good.

Light Power just and honorable, otherwise it will damage the personality, can’t do some secret plot against things. Plot against is okay, but it is mainly based on Yangmou. Otherwise, it will affect the characteristics of light, and the authority of Light Law will shrink. This is limited by itself.

If it is a conspiracy law, a wisdom law, etc., you can plot against a conspiracy, but she can’t.

Coming in, causing Dark Ruler to chase here, is already the limit. No more tricks can be used.

“If Dark Ruler works on the ancient palace in the early days, may Ye Yang Your Majesty help the deity to suppress it with all his strength?” The Bright Master suddenly asked.

“In the beginning, the ancient palace welcomed all friendly people, but if you want to destroy the stability and peace here, the ancient palace will never be tolerated.” Ye Yang said.

Dark Ruler’s eyes were cold outside.

However, staring at the ancient palace that many ancient powers looming in the ancient palace fluctuated. Even faintly aware of the existence of Primal Chaos Law. In addition, the name of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is not simple, so it is still tolerant.

“Is the light power retreating because of darkness?” Dark Ruler’s voice said.

Light dominates: “Foolish mortals would think that light must overcome darkness, but with a little wisdom, the temporary retreat of light is not inferior to darkness. Once light rises, there is no darkness to stop it.”

“Oh.” Dark Ruler sneered.

Watching these two people confront each other without pushing, some gods were a bit disappointed, some gods felt happy, and some gods guessed: “Looking at their performance, it seems… innumerable living beings The thoughts of the gods seem to have an influence on their authority? Otherwise, why are they so much bullshit? It seems that they want to stand on the side of’reason victory’. Does this have anything to do with authority?”

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