Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 834

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The Law incarnation of 2 Law Powers seems to be stuck in a stalemate.

The situation seems to be settled.

There has always been a deity concerned about the situation here.

Ye Yang’s face is calm, but his heart is quite depressed.

I didn’t really like the Goddess of Light Law staying in this ancient palace, which would put pressure on him.

Moreover, he is also a bit worried, will this bright master and Dark Ruler have already secretly joined forces? For example, pretending to be the enemy of the surface, in fact, should cooperate inside and outside. After calculating the loopholes and secrets of this ancient palace, after understanding the loopholes here, try to break it.

Only, there is no evidence. Moreover, even if it is unreasonable to drive away the Lord of Light, the other party still has a way to stay near the ancient palace in ancient times and use divine sense to observe the situation of ancient palace in the beginning.

Therefore, Ye Yang can only help.

But secretly has been watching them.

“Maybe, I can take a chance to spy out some of the mysteries of this rule of incarnation? Law Power, why does this itself generate consciousness?”

The more powerful the power, the more difficult it is to generate consciousness in itself. This is common sense.

For example, there are so many weak creatures on the planet, as long as the environment is slightly suitable, they can proliferate.

Various natural substances can constitute different lifeforms. But stars…the stars themselves generate consciousness, or white dwarf neutron stars, black holes, etc. How much do they generate consciousness?

In the same way, Law Power, why is consciousness born?

“Perhaps it wasn’t Law Power that gave birth to consciousness, but there was a strong Great Divinity above Divine Emperor, which itself was completely transformed into a law, fully integrated into the law, and its own consciousness was integrated into a certain law in the universe. The law If it does not go out, its consciousness will not go out. What the consciousness reaches is the law.

“The only thing that can be resisted is the other Law Power, that’s all… If this speculation is true, then will the deity cultivation become Law Power in the end?

“The deity at the beginning of the universe was transformed from the law. In turn, the deity cultivation becomes stronger, will it also become the law?”

This guess is very interesting.

I have had this idea before, but unfortunately, there is no evidence.

Ye Yang took advantage of the dominance of the light and Dark Ruler in the vicinity. The opportunity is rare and has always released the divine sense.

Sometimes Hou is Ye Yang’s incarnation just and honorable, and sometimes Hou Ye Yang pretends to be another god and releases the divine sense.

Because, in addition to Ye Yang itself, there are other gods who have released Divine Sense to Dark Ruler.

However, the overwhelming majority divine sense cannot be protected by his will, cannot pass through the protective layer of the law, and cannot sense the secrets inside.

Therefore, most of them do not play a provocative role.

It’s like a human being waving a fist towards another person, which is provocative, but what if some microbes that are smaller and weaker than ants and even unable to touch nerves, attack an individual? If you are completely indifferent, you will not be regarded as provocative.

The same is true of the light dominance here.

“My understanding of Dark Law is not weak. Primal Chaos Law is inclusive of all other laws. One of the characteristics of darkness is inclusiveness, so it is quite similar to Dark Law. However, compared with Light Law, it is far inferior.”

Ye Yang once received the Holy Grail, so it’s easier to feel the power of this light master.

“Unfortunately, I did not follow the Light Law way. Otherwise, with this insight, I can directly enter the realm of the Divine Emperor. The realm of the Primal Chaos Law seems to be more difficult to enter than the other laws.”

Talking under his heart, Ye Yang searched for the ancient palace in the beginning.

Before, there was a Goddess who had the mutant Light Law, and he didn’t know where to go.

There are gods that mutate Law Power, and there are corresponding laws of incarnation. What is the relationship between this rule of incarnation and the god of mutating Law Power?

The more I think, the more confused.

On this day, news came out that there was a light master and Dark Ruler fighting in the void.

Within the range of several million light-years in diameter, more than a dozen galaxies have been destroyed.

Not the kind of destruction caused by the resonance and vibration, but the direct annihilation.

The power of the light dominance completely sublimates each and everyone planet, and the particles inside various substances combine with each other to form rays of light, which diverge in 4 places.

The power of Dark Ruler makes all matter introverted, absorbs all light, and even absorbs various other heat energy. It will cause the substance to condense, and it will also allow the substance to decompose.

The two sides stand in the void, seemingly motionless, but they have the power of will and law to melt into the matter and collide in the void. Several millions of light years turn into extremely dangerous land with light and dark interlacing.

I don’t know if this news is true, only that neither Master Bright nor Dark Ruler can sit still.

These two people, first Dark Ruler was about to evacuate, and the light master flew out of the ancient palace, but they were intercepted by Dark Ruler outside, and the two sides actually fought near the ancient palace.

“If the 2 people are not far away, the deity can regard you as an intentional attack on the ancient palace, and the 2 people will no longer be welcome. More than that, the wanted will be released. Including the collection of 2 people’s information and full announcement!”

Ye Yang’s cold voice came.

The explosive power of 2 people made the ancient palace like a deep-water submarine washed by the strong wind and waves in the ocean. Although the entire ship was sloshing because of the turbulence, it was safe and sound.


2 people were snorted and ignored ancient palace.

It’s because they didn’t care about it.

In fact, I don’t want to offend the ancient palace too much. As long as you can’t slap the ancient palace to death, you don’t want to be too offended. But the two sides fought here, and they couldn’t stop.

Ye Yang controlled the ancient palace to fly a certain distance in the beginning, but his own incarnation stopped in the vicinity.

Without revealing his identity, this is an incarnation with chaotic power. Wearing armor outside, Primal Chaos Law is only inside the armor. The armor is made of special Divine Item materials, barely destroyed by the intertwined forces of light.

One after another Light Law and Dark Law Power scoured the body.

“The fusion of light and darkness can actually turn into chaos? It’s not as real as chaos, but it’s similar to the power of chaos.” Ye Yang was shocked by absorbing a lot of information.

This is also a harvest. Moreover, there are reasons to refuse these 2 guys to enter the ancient palace in the beginning.

The battle continued for some time before the two powerhouses stopped.

Moreover, he stopped abruptly, staring coldly at each other, then turned and left.

“It finally stopped, thank God.”

“Yeah, even if I stayed in the ancient palace at the beginning, I was still a little worried… This ancient palace was too close to the fighting area.”

“Speaking of which, what are these two great beings doing? Some don’t understand.”

“Right to die, of course, to die, what can’t understand?”

“They still have incarnation elsewhere?”

“Maybe, it was incarnation that entered the ancient palace in the early days. The rule incarnation …… may not be the only one. The mutation god entrusted by the mutation rule I encountered before, and the lucky people who were blessed by the mutation rule suddenly embraced Very powerful, but not out of control, it’s weird, maybe they are the weakened version of Law Power incarnation, maybe.”

“…Well, it makes sense.”

“By the way, Master Bright and Dark Ruler are now dead rivals. Why did they separate before they won?”

“There must be other masters coveting in secret. They don’t want to cheap the third party. Or, their laws will be revealed in the battle, and some mutations and evolutions may be seen by other laws incarnation. Will suffer.”

“Well, it makes sense… The rule of incarnation and the rule of incarnation are competitors. If their own transformation and promotion are all seen by other rules of incarnation, how can it be argued? If you don’t leave any cards, you can beat other rules of incarnation. “

“Speaking of which, from now on, there will be more laws incarnation to fight? Will this universe become more dangerous?”

“Who knows? However, with my strength, there is no room to intervene now. The deity does not want to blend in, just want to stay in the ancient palace of the early days, and wait here. The battle for the avenue has quickly ended, finished We can also feel at ease sooner. No matter what kind of law is promoted, it doesn’t matter, at least the deity is saved first.”

This is considered to be the voice of many weak gods, many gods secretly praised nodded.

Including many former Divine King, once wild ambition, now have to find a way to squeeze.

It is estimated that the ancient gods and emperors were reluctant.

After all, they had been hiding, healing, and hiding until now in the previous universe. After plotting for so many years, how can one say to give up?

The matter of Light Lord and Dark Ruler is worth discussing for a long time.

After that, a few days passed.

Ye Yang received some requests from the gods.

Submit a large number of divine force crystallization, sincere enough. Ye Yang didn’t shut down completely, just saw it with incarnation.

They want to buy some arms in that galaxy.

“Yes. As long as you have enough resources to submit, you can buy whatever kind of arms you want. However, some items are not in stock, or the stock is insufficient, you need to submit materials first, and then help build.”

Ye Yang only gave permission, and the last contact with them was the divine creature of the galaxy under Ye Yang’s shelter.

The mortals there, and even some people set foot on Demi-God. All are the most recent opportunities.

Let these new Demi-Gods and these Demi-Gods who meet Ye Yang’s gods negotiate prices.

Later, there were other gods asking for advice, which were similar requests.

The orders are large. For example, the Time and Space Annihilation cannon has 100 orders.

However, this Time and Space Annihilation cannon is not for sale.

Because the method of refining that special particle as a material is not disclosed. That involves the fusion of multiple laws, even the rule of incarnation, the rule of light, may not be mastered.

Moreover, there are many planets required for refining.

And it is not good if it is not disclosed at all. So Ye Yang prepared a rough method for them to collect materials, and then refined by Ye Yang or his gods, and then handed over to the galaxy.

The method of refining, even the people of that day’s galaxy, including the new Demi-God and the like, can’t master it.

It is the secondary Time and Space Annihilation artillery that is sold outside.

Then, various neutron war stars, also known as neutron star level war fortress, also have large orders. It is not a normal neutron star transformation, but a system integrated with the divine force crystallization after the neutron star transformation, you can use the divine force crystallization.

For these things, formidable power is not as good as most Divine Items, but it is even more powerful than some low-level Divine Items. After all, it is also applied to the crystallization of divine force.

Moreover, mass production is huge. It consumes much less resources than the normal Divine Item, and requires less divine force to actuate.

Therefore, the advantage is a huge number.

“1,000,000 super war fortresses that can use the compound divine force crystallization power? More than 80% of the neutron matter composition. Oh, really great generosity… This order is accepted.”

Ye Yang expression is weird.

With 1000 such war fortresses, mortals can dive their minds, and how to say it is also Divine Item. 100 such war fortresses can sweep any galaxy without deity protection.

1,000,000 war fortress like this? I don’t know where to do the major event.

“Even if that order is not received by the galaxy, there will be other gods, but the output and quality are not as good as that of the galaxy. Nowadays, the forces under the other gods have the technology that is not comparable to that. Once the galaxy is poor.

“It’s just that it feels like I’m becoming an army~fire~monger who promotes war.”

The situation here is left to the gods under his control, including new gods and old gods. Ye Yang’s incarnation went out again.

Much of the information in the universe is not accurately seen with our own eyes, and it is more and more inaccurate based on the calculation of the prophetic system.

It’s just that the situation is not good.

The area He came to has a length of nearly 10000000 light years, and a width and height of about 1000000 light years. All galaxies within this range were actually destroyed.

“Is this universe going to be beaten into chaotic driving? It’s too tragic…”

Flying over, only saw countless broken Star Stone, various chaotic particles, various ray of disorder. one after another distorted space crack. There are traces of power remaining from the powerhouse wars.

After flying out of this area, Ye Yang saw that in a galaxy, there were flying gods with a count of 1000000.

Not a real deity, nor a real divine creature, but strangely, they can all use divine force.

They are fighting with the gods of another galaxy in the surrounding area.

And in the void near these gods, there are many eyes lurking, one after another hidden in the dark sight. It is not clear where the owner of the sight is hiding.

Apart from this, there are all kinds of strange void creatures nearby, formed by the condensing of energy and messy will, and it has all kinds of strange looks.


Ye Yang shook her head.

Suddenly my heart moved, and when I turned my head, I saw a silhouette of a glowing light in the void, flying rapidly.

It was a beautiful woman, wearing a light blue shiny dress in white. Wherever she passed, the void energy turned into flower discs and various energy particles similar to petal shapes.

Behind is a quirky silhouette of 1000000 counted swords and sharp rims gathered to hunt.

“this is……”

Ye Yang stared for less than a second, and a look of shock appeared on his face: “The law is incarnation? The one who fled ahead is actually a Law of Law. The power may not be as good as the light master and Dark Ruler, but the essence of power is the same level. of.”

This kind of existence should coexist with the universe. Undying and Inextinguishable?

But now, it was actually chased.

The woman seemed to be rushing towards this side. Will not hit Ye Yang here, but will pass by nearby.

But before it was near, the chaser had countless sword lights slashing forward.

The incarnation of the law of escaping screamed, the fluttering energy like petals and butterfly wings flew into the void, and contained a very strange Law Power.

The breath of that rule incarnation became a lot weaker in an instant.

Spraying divine blood, escaped towards this side.

Ye Yang was ignorant.

There is such a weak law incarnation? Such a weak master…an eye-opener.

It was too late to think about it. The woman was approaching here, and seemed to hesitate for half a second before turning around and flying away from Ye Yang. However, before flying out of less than one million li, in the sky a one after another distorted silhouette came, covering her with Ye Yang and some nearby void creatures.

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