Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 835

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In the next moment, Ye Yang discovered that he had appeared in a strange world composed of countless blade light sword energy.

Between Heaven and Earth, one after another huge tornado cyclone, reaching up to 90000 miles above the ground and down to 10000 miles below the earth.

The ground here is formed by a weird energy force field, which looks like mud. In fact, it is just an invisible repulsive field, but it contains sword intention and sword intent.

This world is 1,000,000 kilometers in diameter. Just a little further away, it is a thick barrier formed by endless blade light sword energy.

And within this 1000000 km range, there is one after another twisted silhouette flying in the void.

It looks like a Swordsman and Sabrewielder, there are men and women, there are humans and non-humans, and they are exhibiting a set of very exquisite sword techniques and Blade Technique. It’s just that all these silhouettes branded in the void are only afterimages, illusions, not real creatures,

If you look closely, you can see that it is condensed by sword intention and sword intent.

This side of the world is actually a huge mysterious world formed by the sword intent.

“Divine Realm ?”

Ye Yang thought of this possibility in an instant.

The so-called Divine Realm is similar to the field.

The mortal cultivation success is a god, there are many ways to go, but different routes to the same destination.

One of the ways is to first cultivate the “realm” and then evolve the “realm” into Divine Realm.

The field is that within a certain range, there is a powerful force that circulates continuously.

For example, the field of flames is to extract the power of between Heaven and Earth to form a continuously burning flame range around itself. In this area, these Flame Power are controlled by the powerhouse. It can burn all enemies and protect all friends.

However, these so-called fields do not contain laws, but only a certain kind of energy is continuously circulating. And, many of them will form different laws to operate. Like some so-called Sacred Domain martial artists, there will be Fire Dragon circling around the release field. In some cases, Icicle keeps spinning around the body.

For the deity, this power is impossible to withstand a single blow.

But if you continue to improve, the field is promoted to Divine Realm, you can let the power inside have Law Power’s blessing. For example, the flame field becomes the flame Divine Realm, which means that Fire Law is constantly circulating, which can pose a threat to the gods.

If Divine Realm is transformed into flame, it can condense into Divine Kingdom. This creature is also a deity, and the body can be hidden in it.

However, it is not necessary to condense Divine Kingdom, the flame Divine Realm is powerful to a certain extent, this creature itself has a divinity, which is regarded as a Demi-God or a real deity.

Some gods generated in nature do not need faith and do not establish Divine Kingdom, there is often Divine Realm. Ontology walks everywhere, and Divine Realm does not destroy itself.

Such a deity, battle strength is strong. But once it was hit and wanted to be resurrected, it would be more difficult. I don’t know how long it will take to reincarnate in the universe, consciousness recovers, and gradually refocuses Divine Realm, and then returns to life.

Because their consciousness is not pinned to the void, but condensed in the body, or in their own Divine Realm. It is a kind of false god. But in this way, Law Power, which is equivalent to their Divine Realm, is the “Law of Life” and has not been recognized.

If the law in Divine Realm merges with the corresponding Law Power in the universe, or resonates with each other, and this law in the universe does not perish, then even if they die, they will one day resurrect in the sky. Its own Divine Realm is no weaker than the “life rules” strengthened by any deity. It is also possible to call it a deity.

But the universe has always been insecure. Even gods who take the road of Divine Realm cultivation often pin their consciousness on the void, or hide the body elsewhere, and incarnation comes out.

Incarnation can also use Divine Realm. But it is too obvious that this Divine Realm will often be recognized as soon as it is used.

Powerhouse with Divine Realm, equivalent to Divine Kingdom projection that does not need to consume power, is stronger than other gods with the same level of battle strength, but has obvious characteristics and is not easy to accommodate other Law Power.

“This should be Divine Realm formed by sword intention and sword intent, but, such a god… It seems that I have heard it, but I can’t recognize who it is. There are many mortals who become gods with sword intent cultivation. , And gods and gods cultivation Divine Realm.”

Ye Yang brows slightly wrinkle, looking towards 4 weeks.

It was discovered that the beautiful woman suspected to be dominated by a certain law was about to rush to the end of this World, and was forced to come back by a long Blade Qi.

in the sky one after another translucent silhouette surrounded by.

“You, can’t escape!”

The eccentric creature with a lot of blade glow sword energy also flew over, not far away.

The woman face deathly pale.

“In other words, the deity does not want to be involved in the battle of the two. Can the deity leave first?” Ye Yang said.

That woman is one of the rulers. The essence is not inferior to the ruler of the light and Dark Ruler. Ye Yang’s cultivation realm is much weaker than hers. From Divine Emperor to Divine Emperor to Divine Emperor, it is unclear whether Divine Emperor is ruled by laws.

Ye Yang is still far from the god emperor. All levels have been reached, but there is no way to transform.

Yes, there will be First Transformation from Divine King to Divine Emperor. Ye Yang’s Primal Chaos Law wants to transform, and it’s more difficult. This is stuck. Otherwise, everything has reached the standard.

It’s just, don’t say Half-Step God Sovereign, even if it’s a half-step Divine Emperor, don’t dare to say that let your own body compete with a ruler, let alone an incarnation here?

“Irritation!!” The silhouette formed by the sword-word sword energy, coldly glanced at this side: “Do you want to help her take the opportunity to leave? The deity lets you leave, she has a chance to come out of the gap?”

“The deity has no such thoughts…”

Ye Yang is busy explaining.

The loss of his incarnation is also a little bit distressing. Moreover, it is worried that the power ruled by the law will trace the cause and effect, and the attack power will trace the source and affect the body. So, although I can’t sense how strong this guy is, I still admit it.


Silhouette coldly snorted formed by sword energy, turned to look at the woman: “Isn’t it good to be acknowledge allegiance Yu Benzun?”

“Acknowledge allegiance to you, will you be swallowed up by handing over the butterfly clan’s origin? There will be countless racial extinctions in the universe. Sorry, I can’t do it!” the woman said, and flew towards the end of Divine Realm .

“Hmph, acknowledgment allegiance, you can still suffer less. Even if you are down, the deity cannot take care of your family. But if you resist again…”

Halfway through the silhouette, I found that the woman had rushed out, and the surrounding one after another sword intent silhouetted by the energy of many petals and butterfly wings released by her waving, quickly dissipated into small particles of light.

“courting death !”

The silhouette was furious and waved. Throughout the Divine Realm, countless sword intent burst out, and 100000000 10000 Blade Qi sword energy went wild.

Many void creatures sucked in together, the void giant beast, have been crushed and destroyed.

The woman was instantly annihilated by a large amount of sword intent, and countless blade light sword energy whirls wildly beyond the glow.

Ye Yang faintly sighed, ready to be smashed by countless swords and swords.

However, the next moment, he found that something seemed a bit wrong.

Many sword intents are very powerful, not much worse than the normal Divine King incarnation, and even enough to kill the incarnation of overwhelming majority Divine King, but it does not include Ye Yang.

These attacks slammed down and instantly weakened Ye Yang’s power. Chaos Aura, which was instinctively released into the body of incarnation, was all cut and blown away.

However, those attacks fell into his within the body, but most of them were like clay ox entering the sea, which was blocked by Ye Yang’s incarnation forcibly. Part of the sword intent and Blade Qi sword energy were absorbed and incorporated into Ye Yang’s Primal Chaos Law and Chaos power.

There is also a part of sword intent and Blade Qi sword energy, which is actually blocked by this incarnation. It is like a marsh quagmire, wrapped in small rocks and pieces of wood thrown in from the outside, so that external attacks cannot penetrate into the body.


Ye Yang was surprised.


The silhouette was also surprised: “didn’t expect is actually a powerhouse!”

In an instant, a large amount of Blade Qi sword energy around him slashed towards Ye Yang.

The entire Divine Realm, with a diameter of 1000000 kilometers, suddenly reduced its systolic pressure to less than 10000 kilometers. Various forces condensed and the attack intensity increased suddenly.

Most of the power came to Ye Yang. Only a few forces crushed the remaining few giant beasts, and enveloped the woman who was not killed.

However, although these attacks were fierce and powerful, they only changed quantitatively, but did not reach the level of qualitative change. Ye Yang thoughts move, and the surrounding void suddenly shattered.

With the improvement of realm, Ye Yang can gradually extract chaos in the void.

He has the intuition that when he is promoted to Divine Emperor or Divine Emperor, he can easily break the space into chaos, and the mixing of other laws can also turn into chaos.

Although it doesn’t work now, we can’t turn space into chaos, but it is still possible to extract some naturally existing chaotic power from space.

Chaos opened up and the universe was born. The universe was where the chaos was. It is chaos into Heaven and Earth into starry sky into space and time. Therefore, there is very weak chaos after any matter and energy are broken. Some chaos is less than the size of 100000000 10000 1/10000th of the nucleus, but it does exist.

Here, the power of chaos seems not weak.

The incarnation of Ye Yang formed the protective barrier of Primal Chaos Law. Various attacks blasted in, only weakening his defense, but quickly absorbed these attacks. The sword energy and Blade Qi sword energy were absorbed by 10%. Into chaos.

He suffered a minor injury and was weaker than before, but impossible will be instantly spiked and can support for a while.

“How come I suddenly become so strong… No, I am not strong, but these two guys are weak!!”

Ye Yang was shocked.

Earlier, I found that the woman was some kind of Law Power incarnation, ruled by the law, but after being hunted down, I felt that the ruler was very weak, much weaker than other rules. Even if you can’t beat other masters, you should be able to support it reluctantly, or melt it into the law of the void and move it elsewhere, not to be killed for keeping the human form.

But subconsciously still believes that the hunter may be close to the controller level of the law, at least the god with the mutation law, this kind of mutation god will have part of the power ruled by the law.

But now it seems…

“It’s just a God King Level…it’s just a special Divine King…”

Ye Yang was shocked.

It will be hunted down by a Divine King who does not have the mutation rule blessing, the woman, the rule dominates, how weak is the scum?

At the same time, it was shocked, would you actually look away?

I couldn’t help feeling a little ashamed, and my face was a little bit red.

But in the next moment, Ye Yang’s face showed a mad color of joy: “The odd goods can live!”

This woman is actually ruled by law?

Such a weak rule dominates, others can chase down, why can’t Ye Yang? Grab her and take control. The benefits are unimaginable. The mystery ruled by the law will surely be revealed to him! !

Even the weakest rule of law is the rule of law. Even the weakest rule of incarnation is the rule of incarnation. No matter why she is so weak.

Such benefits, the fat sent to the mouth, if not eaten, heavens cannot tolerate.

“Heaven does not take, but suffers from it…”

In my mind, the spirit willpower of Ye Yang’s body instantly blessed across the void, and all spirit willpower were blessed on top of this incarnation. Ontology and all other incarnations ceased to be active.

Many forces are transmitted across space toward this side.

Even if you spelt out the body and spelt out that Ye Yang had a big secret like Primal Chaos Law, it was worth a bet!

At this moment, the blaze exploded, spinning violently, around one after another sword intent silhouette was flying, one after another Blade Qi sword energy was shattered and crushed by Ye Yang forcibly.

The entire Divine Realm is violently turbulent, and Ye Yang is like a huge black hole. This is clearly Divine Realm broken, internal and external communication. However, the internal Space Power is stronger than the external, and will surge outward, forming a vortex black hole.

This is a normal phenomenon. It can be judged that it has been broken.

“How are you…?”

The powerhouse silhouette formed by Blade Qi sword energy is terrifying.

The next moment, Ye Yang quickly moved towards the woman’s direction.

With a wave of hand, the countless Blade Qi sword energy revolving around her, containing the various attacks of the weird Law Power, was quickly broken by Ye Yang.

“Is sword and sword? These two laws will be highly praised by mortals. In the world of mortal cultivation civilization and Martial Dao Civilization, sword and sword are very powerful Law Power, but they are placed in the universe. In, it is just a weak force.

“The beginning of chaos, the birth of all beings, the sword and the sword have not been invented yet, where is the sword and the sword? So, the sword and the sword are just the laws of the day after tomorrow. It is the most peak of the laws of the day after tomorrow. But as long as in the universe The swords were destroyed by all means. Knowing that the creatures of the swords have forgotten the swords and no longer use the swords with the swords, these two laws will disappear.

“Kendo and Sword Dao have the word Dao, but only one side has the Dao. It is not one of the cosmic avenues. It is not as good as Light Law and Fire Law.

“It’s just that if these two laws can be condensed to the extreme, they are not weaker than any other cultivation law’s deities, and even stronger in attack ability. The weakness is insufficient defense, and it is slightly more difficult to cultivate other laws, and this The law of swordsmanship and the law of swordsmanship are almost impossible and transformed into one of Universe Avenue and Universe Source…”

Thinking of this, Ye Yang is more at ease.

In a blink of an eye, many scattered attacks were scattered, and I saw that the silhouette of the woman had weakened a lot, curled up in a corner, and was not killed, but it was very embarrassed, like the powerhouse formed by the sword intent. Not directly exterminated.

Ye Yang instantly released the great power of chaos and enveloped her. The surrounding attacks could not fall in.

“Unimaginable, what kind of Lawcar’s incarnation will it be weak to such a degree? Is there such a weak law in the universe? So that the rule of dignified is bullied by ordinary Divine King and almost killed?”

In the vast universe, there is no lack of strange things.

Ye Yang sighed with emotion and was full of excitement. At this time, if you can capture the woman and cut off the “competitor”, you will make a lot of money.

“Don’t be afraid, the deity likes to help others the most, but he doesn’t want others to strength to bully the weak. You see how the deity destroys him and vents for you!”

Ye Yang swiped a favor and turned around. The outside world 100000000 10000 sword glow and endless swordsword sword energy spin violently, the strange sword sword powerhouse, anger and murderous intention, grandiose horizontal, enveloped 4 sides.

“Dare you seizing food from the tiger’s mouth? You are courting death!!!” the god said angrily.

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