Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 836

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“Oh, are you a tiger? little kitty that’s all.” Ye Yang said.

The god angel roar, accumulated in the sword intent of 4 weeks, suddenly condenses and merges to form each and everyone powerful humanoid illusory shadow. It seems that countless small human figures “join ~ ~ body” into each and everyone more powerful.

Blade Qi sword energy is incorporated into them with the body, each of which has battle strength comparable to that of gods. Although it is only temporary, it has a very powerful threat.

All this takes less than 0.1% seconds. Then, there were many silhouettes rushing towards Ye Yang.

“Fuck off !!”

Ye Yang waved his hand and turned chaos into one after another sharp blade glow sword glow to attack.

What is contained in sword glow blade glow is not the law of swordsmanship, but the law of destruction. There is also the high temperature level of Dark Law and Light Law that came out not long ago.

A sword energy burning flames, one after another Blade Qi which exudes cold and flames. one after another Ling Li is like the sword light of the electric mans. There is also the Demon Sword formed by the rolling black mist, the intense light that emerges from time to time in the black mist.

These attacks swept out in an instant, and immediately collided with the silhouette.

one after another Furious and terrifying power scours the 4 sides, various swords illusory shadow and energy entity swords, one after another.

The violent force stirs up and tears everything apart. 100000000 absolutely crushing energy, infinitely powerful, sweeping 4 sides.

Immediately afterwards, a chaotic whirlwind formed from Ye Yang, attracting the surrounding debris and spreading outward.

Tilting, the surrounding energy was suddenly emptied.

The god, not far in front, looked here in horror.

The surrounding void presents the dark space vortex of each and everyone, the blade glow sword energy a little further away, etc., all of which become translucent, as well as the translucent vortex, faintly visible from the outside.

Bang!! !

The entire Divine Realm was exploded.

“Really strong, who are you in the end?” The god stared at Ye Yang in horror.

“Go to hell and ask Universe Source!”

Ye Yang rushed in, and Primal Chaos Law Strength’s condensed big palm fiercely shot down.

The god instantly released countless swords. Ye Yang’s Primal Chaos Law giant palm is penetrated by one after another sword.

However, the whole giant palm not at all shattered, keeping the gap between each and everyone through the hole, fiercely slapped on the god and flew him out.

In a flash, I saw that there was flame burning on the deity, flashing electric flashes, entanglement of ice, dark antimatter, bright white hole material, various divine force and Law Power, mixed together .

boom! ! !

The void exploded, the vacuum was turbulent, and the space waves sent roaring tremors.

Most of the debris was blown away by the deity, and it turned into a Divine Sword that had cracked numerous cracks and fled through the void.

Ye Yang face turned cold, pointing away from a distance.

boom! !

The deity exploded again in the distance, and then the speed slowed, almost stagnation.

Each and everyone Ye Yang silhouette emerged from the sky, but all turned into a black air envelope, and the chaos permeated, even if there were powerful gods in the vicinity, they couldn’t see their true colors.

Pieces of divine force suffused with black breath crystallized and dropped, which happened to form a huge formation.


The deity sensed a strong crisis and emerged one after another, a more powerful sword glow than before.

In the midst, Ye Yang saw that there are countless sword intents converging towards here. The law of kendo and the law of sword in the vast universe are blessed with power.

These two Law Powers have no incarnation rule, no rule rule, and no variation rule, but they instinctively protect it.

Ye Yang has a faint feeling that this god… is probably the most powerful house of swordsmanship cultivation base and swordsmanship cultivation base in today’s universe, otherwise impossible will have such a favor.

If you kill him, I am afraid that the law of swordsmanship and the law of swordsmanship will be almost irreconcilable.

But if you don’t kill this guy, how can you rule the female rule? How can it be easily subdued without letting her sigh?

Ye Yang thoughts move, a great power chopped the god into pieces, and the void emerged each and everyone space vortex, cutting off a large number of Law Power pieces from the other person’s body.

At the same time, the Divine Law and the Soul Law and Primal Chaos Law are transformed into one after another skein, shuttling through the void, entangled the god, and suddenly twisted, twisting the other party‚Äôs invisible Divine Soul into pieces. Contains the memory fragments of the other party, including the other party’s perception of sword and kendo.

These Law Power fragments, Blade Dao insight and Sword Dao insight will be scattered all over the universe. Everywhere is innumerable living beings Converging Ground.

There, there will be lucky people who inherit these Blade Dao insight and Sword Dao insight, and will quickly have sword intent, a Sword Art genius and Blade Technique genius rise, each and everyone will use the sword to seal the gods, and the sword to seal the gods. . battle strength Ling pressure the same rank.

And the god in front of him must weaken his personality.

Moreover, Divine Soul will be damaged because of memory damage. It is extremely difficult to make up for it.

After all, the law of swordsmanship and the law of kendo are not good at repairing Divine Soul. This is not the law of soul and the Divine Law of variation and strengthening. everyone has their own field of specialisation, a mortal general who sweeps the battlefield, wants to compare his medical skills with world famous doctors? It is simply cracking a joke.

At this moment, the invisible law in the sky favors the advent.

In the midst of life, as if guided by fate and luck, the deity of the deity itself shattered the void, and it happened that this void had a powerful energy burst, sucking the deity into the void channel, random Transmission goes out, even if Ye Yang chases down, he can’t catch up.

This seems to be a natural coincidence involved in the void channel. In fact, it is caused by the power of the law of swords and the law of sword intent.

There are no creatures to control the power of using the law of swordsmanship and the law of swordsmanship, and this Law Power does not form the law of incarnation, then many forces will not directly manifest themselves in combat, because there is no consciousness. But it will affect something like destiny in the midst and change reality.

“Even if he wants to recover, it will take a long time. Moreover, the many creatures who have obtained his Blade Dao insight and Sword Dao insight will be his greatest opponents. To recover his power, he must first rise up with those new rises. The swordsman genius and the swordsman genius are enemies.

“In a short time, impossible will come to trouble you again.” Ye Yang said.

The female dominator stared at Ye Yang in a daze, then immediately trembled slightly, and said: “Thank you for the life-saving grace of Your Majesty. Dieyi is grateful.”

“En.” Ye Yang turned his head, looked at her, and found that this rule ruled, and it seemed a bit afraid of him. The strength he showed seemed to scare him.

“Is this really a master? Actually weak to such a degree?” Ye Yang thought, a little unbelievable.

However, the master, represents a realm, represents a Life Level, represents a kind of authority, not necessarily a strong battle strength.

For example, the six books of a dynasty have great power. However, the Ministry of Industry Shangshu wants to compare military force with a 6 enemy general on the battlefield? That cannot be compared.

The current situation cannot be directly compared in that way, but it is probably the same.

“Although it can be understood, it is really weak.” Ye Yang’s thoughts turned.

The woman saw Him staring straight, panicked in her heart, and retreated slightly.

Ye Yang said: “The fighting in this place is too dynamic. I will leave here and talk about it first.”

“Ah?” The woman was surprised, but only nodded.

I was a little disappointed in my heart, and thought that Ye Yang saved her and would leave her.

With a wave of Ye Yang’s hand, a space vortex was formed, and a great force enveloped him, shuttled with the woman.

Of course, there will be other incarnations coming around. Prevention 10000 one, 10000 one This woman can not send away, but it is not good.

“Your name is Dieyi?” Ye Yang asked at the edge of a broken galaxy.

That woman dominates nodded.

Ye Yang also said: “Although charity doesn’t forget to repay, it is the true virtue. But at present the great benefits, no virtue can be ignored. Save you before the deity, how do you repay the deity?”

“This…” The woman hesitated and seemed to be thinking.

“Acknowledge allegiance Yu Zun!” Ye Yang said.

“Ah? No, no!” The woman shook her head again and again.

Ye Yang face turned cold, but before speaking, she braces oneself and gritted her teeth: “Dieyuan I will never hand it over, if you want to devour me, I… this Venerable also is never yield . I would rather burn both jade and stone!”

“Who is going to devour you?” Ye Yang surprisedly said.

He has no interest in eating humanoids. Even a god who can countless changes.

“The deity doesn’t want your source of butterflies, nor will it devour you.” Ye Yang said.

“Really?” the woman asked quickly.

“Well, the deity can swear, as long as you are willing to temporarily follow the deity, the deity can promise to bless you. No matter who wants to fight your idea, you must pass the deity level first. This is also good for you You should know that the person at your Controller level has only such a weak battle strength, which will attract the covetment of many powerhouses. If you fall into the hands of other gods, the consequences are unimaginable. But if you follow the deity, the deity Guarantee, higher treatment will be given than other subordinates…” Ye Yang said.

“Really? You said you would protect the deity from other gods?” The woman’s eyes lit up.

Ye Yang nodded.

Now that he has taken over, he will naturally take shelter.

The woman was busy: “Well, as long as you are willing to take shelter of me, and promise not to take away the butterfly source, and promise not to devour me… Then I… the deity is willing to acknowledge allegiance, willing to obey all your orders. What you want to do, the deity will agree.”

“Good.” Ye Yang smiled on his face.

But in the next moment, the woman suddenly blushed and said, “Just, deity… I have seen many mortals serving powerhouses, but have not personally served any mortals or gods, I am afraid they may not do well…”

“Huh?” Ye Yang was startled.

What do you mean?

There was almost no reaction for a while.

The next moment, with a sad face on his face, said: “Where do you want to go? The deity just wants you to accompany the deity’s cultivation.”

“Ah?” The woman was dumbfounded, and then her face turned red.

Ye Yang couldn’t help whispering again: “Is this guy really the ruler? Is it really Law Power’s incarnation?”

Secretly shook his head.

Ye Yang at first did not intend to accept her as a subordinate, nor did she feel that she could conquer such a powerhouse.

Initially, I just wanted to make friends with this woman, and I could discuss with her, exchange information, and understand the strength characteristics of Controller level. But thinking of your own secrets, especially some of Primal Chaos Law’s information, and Primal Chaos Law contains information that belongs to Ye Yang and is different from other Chaos Divine Demon, these all are absolutely undisclosed.

Only then did I try to make her acknowledge allegiance. I wanted to intimidate and threaten her, and then forced her to make an oath to ensure that she will test Primal Chaos Law with Ye Yang for the next period of time, and keep it confidential, that’s all.

But didn’t expect, she actually so counseled, not only easily agreed to become Ye Yang’s men, but actually wanted to wrongfully “serving” Him to please him.

It’s an eye-opener.

Is this really the master?

Is it really some Law of Law Power?

Ye Yang couldn’t help but be curious, and asked, “If you speak of which, what rules do you control? What rules do you represent?”

“It’s the Butterfly Law.” The woman said.

“Butterfly Law?”

What a joke…

Never heard of it.

Is there such a rule in the universe?

Ye Yang’s face was dumbfounded.

The woman said: “This is a very rare Law Power.”

“Well, it’s really rare. I haven’t heard of this deity… I haven’t seen it in the ancient palace and the Fiendgod Temple in the early days.” Ye Yang said.

After a short pause, I asked again: “This kind of law really exists… No, what is this kind of law?”

The woman said: “It is the avenue of the Butterfly tribe.”

“Butterfly Avenue?”

“Yes. In the universe, many worlds, with human beings as the protagonist of the world, promote the process of world civilization, so there are’human ~ ~ Dao law’. So, since there can be’human ~ ~ Dao law’, why can’t there be What are the powers of the “Bee Dao Law”, “Insect Dao Law” and “Butter Dao Law”?” The woman was both an explanation and a rhetorical question.

It sounds reasonable, Ye Yang is speechless.

The woman said again: “Only one side of the world has’bee life’ as the protagonist of the world, and civilization has developed for many years, and luck is strong, there will be’bee law’. Only one side of the world has’butterfly life'” As the protagonist of the world, and the civilization has developed for many years, the luck is strong… then there will naturally be the law of the butterfly.”

Ye Yang nodded: “It’s similar to the rule of humanity~, but it’s different.”

“Yes, unlike the Human Race in the universe, the hundreds of thousands of different butterfly families are only biased in one corner. Therefore, the power of the Butterfly Dao is much weaker than the power of the human ~ Dao. But even the weakest is the same. The World Protagonist of several galaxies in the constellation of several millions of light years. This butterfly power is not enough to become one of the Universe Source, and it is not enough to become one of the universe. “” The woman said.

Ye Yang nodded: “so that’s how it is…”

What an eye-opener.

Such a thing, unheard-of, unprecedented.

“So, you are hundreds of thousands of different butterflies’ lives… common civilization consciousness?” Ye Yang asked.

“It can be said, but it’s a little different. However, I can’t die. Once I die, all the intelligent butterfly clan will cease to exist. Even if it is not the butterfly life that lives in our Starway Star Domain, it will lose its wisdom. Even genocide.” The woman said.

“Understood, then, what is Butterfly Source?” Ye Yang asked.

“Butterfly source…Butterfly source is the Dao source of the butterfly family, the source of all the laws of the butterfly family…that is me… my core you.” The woman’s face was slightly red.

“So, Butterfly Source is you, you are Butterfly Source, your name should be Butterfly Source, you shouldn’t call Butterfly Source.”

“Yes, but if it is called Dieyuan, it may attract some gods’ attention and covetment,” she said.

Ye Yang hehe said, “It’s as if you don’t reveal your real name and you won’t be coveted.”

Butterfly source is speechless.

“So, what is your image now, is it you? It doesn’t look like a butterfly.” Ye Yang said.

“This is not my true face, it’s also disguise…”

“What did you look like to make it easy to show up?” Ye Yang asked.

The woman hesitated a little, slightly nodded.

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