Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 837

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Seeing that the woman’s body gradually blossomed out of rays of light, not too dazzling.

It can be clearly seen that her figure and appearance are slowly changing.

Soon, it became a beautiful butterfly girl.

The fluttering hair, 2 huge butterfly wings, the perfect and flawless face, and the figure in full proportion with the golden section.

On her body, she only wore clothes that looked like a apron.

The degree of conservatism is similar to that of women’s swimwear, but the sense of confusion is more than ten times and more than 100 times.

Ye Yang stared straightly, unable to bear took a deep breath.

Gu lu ! !


I just felt dry.

About 3 seconds later, he woke up suddenly and took another breath.


If it is a normal mortal, seeing a peerless beauty dressed like this, unable to bear swallowing saliva or feeling dry mouth, it is still normal.

But Ye Yang is a dignified god, the Divine King is the peak, and the incarnation is not weaker than the god. It would be impossible to bear and almost lost his gaze. What an amazing thing?

Only one explanation!

The woman had a special Mo Ming powerful rule, which had an effect on Ye Yang. It has a strong influence on the spirit or other aspects.

Otherwise, even if you look beautiful and look good, and how special you are, it is impossible that Ye Yang and other gods are emotionally disturbed. Unless this deity is not a cultivation along the way, or a deity focused on desire.

“This butterfly source, not simple…”

Ye Yang glanced up and down at her, and the more she looked, the more thrilling she was.

The appearance is perfect, the figure is perfect, and almost no flaws can be found.

This is almost impossible.

The so-called perfection may be seen in the eyes of mortals, but in the eyes of the gods, any creature of impossible is “perfect”.

Because different creatures have different preferences and different visions.

This place seems to be perfect and very good. It may be in another raw spiritual eyes, but it is a flaw and a bad place.

The reverse is also true.

If you can make Ye Yang powerhouse feel perfect and flawless, then there must be a problem.

“One with Heaven and Earth!!”

It is difficult for a mortal to be in One Small with Heaven and Earth in a Small World. Put it in the universe. This so-called One with Heaven and Earth is nothing.

But this butterfly source is now in the vast universe void, giving people a sense of One with Heaven and Earth. Her every move seemed to coincide with the mysterious avenue in the world. Her demeanor, even breathing rhythm, pulse pulsation, and energy pulsation, all have a sense of fit and resonance with the deep road.

Look at the two wings on her back. It is obviously not owned by humans. Ye Yang’s appreciation is also human, but for this pair of butterfly wings, there is no row to expand me.

At first glance, some of the colors and stripes on the wings are perfectly matched, as if the pattern of the avenue is imprinted here, as if it contains the mystery of the avenue of the universe.

Ye Yang couldn’t help but indulge in the film for a while, and then he woke up.

Closed your eyes and it took a few seconds before the eyes opened.

I saw that Butterfly’s face was slightly red, both hands crossed near chest, and the butterfly wings on the back slightly fanned. The flapping of the wings has 7 faint lights, and the rhythm seems to have some kind of echo with the universe’s avenue and origin.

“This…is the master?”

Ye Yang clearly realized for the first time that the power of the four words “law dominates”.

I have seen the Lord of Light before, a Goddess of Light, I have seen a Dark Ruler, a God of Darkness.

But Ye Yang was pretty sure that what they showed, it must not be the truth!

It must have concealed the true face, at least, concealing the peculiar rhythm that echoes the vast Universe Source Avenue.

Once concealed, although it still looks like that, it never has that magical effect.

For example, the current butterfly source, whether it is any mortal, see her image, as long as you remember, never forget. Then meditating and meditating, in the heart, contemplating her body, equivalent to the road of enlightenment, can keep the spirit strong.

Even if it is a weak god, contemplating the image of Butterfly Source can also improve the cultivation base and the awareness of the law.

To visualize her image is a kind of cultivation, a kind of cultivation.

But if she changes back to her original appearance, then mortal visualizing her image will have little effect. For example, the former ruler of light, Dark Ruler, saw it, and it was useless to visualize cultivation. If you use the camera to take the current butterfly source and let people visualize it, it is also useless, and you have to see it with your own eyes.

Ye Yang’s body is also very powerful and special. If you let mortals see and visualize, you can also enhance your spirit. However, it is completely useless for other gods to visualize the body of Ye Yang. Ye Yang’s body conceals, incarnation lets mortals see, no matter how it is visualized, it is also useless. The same reason.

The reason why people are attracted is because of the power of Law Power contained in them.

“Your strength is not weak.” Ye Yang suddenly said.

Dieyuan’s eyes flickered: “But he still can’t beat the sword Sword God just now.”

From this point of view, it is indeed scum, perhaps stronger than God’s Venerable, and much weaker than other rulers.

“If you deliberately reveal your true nature, revealing this mysterious power, I am afraid that even the Imperial Capital is enough to be confused and be in a trance?” Ye Yang said.

Butterfly source nodded and shook his head again: “It is possible to deal with most Divine Emperor, some are not affected. For example, the previous sword Sword God, who specializes in sword and kendo, has a strong will, and my two-winged butterfly pattern is not enough to affect his mind.”

Was it just happened to be defeated by Sword God?

“And, against other Divine Emperor, even if it can affect it a little, it just makes them trance, and it will continue to come and do it. It is useless. Instead, because I have the pattern of the road, they will make them rise to seize the heart, Will be irreconcilable to snatch. So, in front of God Emperor Level God, I am absolutely afraid to reveal my true nature.”

In fact, if it wasn’t for Ye Yang’s request, she didn’t plan to show her true colors.

Just listen to her and say: “In addition, to deal with the weak-minded deities, they will be affected by my power, and I can’t came back to his senses in my mind, but I can only take the opportunity to escape, not to him They are hostile or malicious, and they cannot attack, otherwise they will wake up in an instant.”

Ye Yang said: “In the final analysis, you are too weak. If your strength is slightly stronger, Divine Emperor Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse, even if you are in a trance in the battle, it is enough to strike them and strike them seriously. Yes, if you can’t wake up in your two-winged streak, and have time to escape, that time is enough to bombard them into scum, and even the core of consciousness pinned on the void may be found and destroyed.”

Dieyuan’s face was slightly red: “My rule is not good at fighting.”

“Your power of the Butterfly Dao includes all the civilization and social rules of the Butterfly Clan? Butterfly creatures also have battles, then your Butterfly Dao should also contain the knowledge of the Butterfly Clan’s survival, and it should be able to fight.” Ye Yang said.

“Yes, but too weak.” Dieyuan said.

The rules dominate, very strong, but you can only use the rules dominated by yourself, not other Law Power. But it is said that other Law Power can be forcibly converted.

For example, Light Law dominates, and all the mysteries of Light Law can be used, but other Fire Law Thunder Law, Dark Law, Life Law, Divine Law… etc., all cannot be used.

However, when fighting with other gods, you can forcibly convert the opponent’s Law Power. It seems normal to turn darkness into light.

If you fight against Sword God, the law of swordsmanship and the law of swordsmanship will be forcibly transformed into Light Law and will be controlled.

This is where the powerful terrifying is dominated by the law. Even if only one type of Law Power can be used, it can override all God Emperor Level powerhouse.

It is the incarnation transformed by Law Power, and it can also call the endless Law Power in the universe. Like the ruler of light, all the light Law Power in the universe can be called. In addition to the Light Law contained in the within the body of the other Great Divinity, as well as the Light Law contained in some suppressed Light God devices. In addition, all the bright forces can be arbitrarily used.

How powerful is this?

How weak is the butterfly source in front of you?

It’s almost like a vase.

“Even if it is a vase, it is also a vase with infinite value. Never let her fall into the hands of other gods. Otherwise, either she was destroyed or other gods took the opportunity to grow up and become a great enemy. Or control her , Or kill her!” Ye Yang flashed this thought.

The butterfly source seemed to be aware of it and retreated slightly.

Ye Yang said: “You said you want to submit to me before.”

“Yes… yes. However, the conditions you promised cannot be changed.”

“Yes. Set your God’s Oath, and you can be at ease.” Ye Yang said.

“Good.” Butterfly source is nodded.

Before, Ye Yang was not in a hurry to make a vow. She was strong enough. It was enough to observe the secret of getting the Controller level from her, even if she left when she arrived. But now, I feel that she cannot be left easily, and she must make a vow.

Dieyuan also wanted Ye Yang to make an oath to guarantee, otherwise, he was also afraid that he wouldn’t keep the oath and would devour her.

Will she gain the corresponding power by swallowing her? Will there be a corresponding increase in law perception?

She didn’t know, but before the Sword God king wanted to devour her, and also to integrate her into the sword sword kendo, she was still scared in retrospect, of course, this is very important.

The vows made by both parties are vows on their own soul, core of consciousness, and the laws of their own lives that they control. Mortal swearing is not necessarily something. The gods swearing can often not be violated easily, otherwise, they will pay a great price.

“There must be one more item in the oath. Not only can you not devour me, you must not order me to do mortal things, you must not deliberately abuse and humiliate me. And you must protect me with all your strength,” Dieyuan said.

But worried that Ye Yang disagreed and said: “But apart from this, as long as it does not destroy the Butterfly civilization, I will obey any other commands you have.”

“Yes.” Ye Yang only wanted to increase his strength. Whatever he had improved, it was easy to say: “I have no interest in the Butterfly civilization, and I will not be a tyrant.”

Then, the oath was successfully formed.

“Change back to what we were before. Let’s find a place that is less disturbing.” Ye Yang said.

Because, he discovered that there is a legendary scene of “law hajj” in the void near him.

The invisible Law Power, even the Law Power that Butterfly source can’t control, is manifested in the void, forming a scene of environmental protection. This easily attracts the attention of other gods.

“Is the essence of the rule of law so amazing?”

Quickly take the butterfly source that has become the image of a human deity and evacuate this area.

In the vast universe, many places were carefully searched, and finally determined.

Remote enough, there are no other gods hiding nearby.

Ye Yang used divine force to lay down heavy enchantments and said to Dieyuan: “Change back to your original form.”


After the butterfly source responded, it turned back on the back grows a pair of wings, 2 beautiful butterfly wings. He only wore a piece of clothing similar to a swimsuit. This is the result of the divine force and the law, more or less will affect the manifestation of the law.

Although Ye Yang had been mentally prepared for a long time, she couldn’t help but trance. Came back to his senses after a few seconds.

Quickly release the power of chaos, and huddle over itself. Divine Law, Soul Law, all kinds of power transformation.

At this time, she stared at her wings again, and the impact was not significant.

“Shoot, attack me.” Ye Yang said.

“Ah?” Dieyuan was a little dazed.

“Use all the Law Power you can use to attack me.” Ye Yang said.


“En. Hurry up.”

“Then you be careful.”

Butterfly source said, with a wave of his hand, Law Power turned into a light curtain similar to a translucent damask yarn, circulated in the void, and various elements turned into beautiful petals, one like butterfly wings. The wings, and the translucent image of the beautiful butterfly girl each and everyone.

From the 4th week, Ye Yang rushed here.

Where they passed, the void was twisted, as if every petal could crush a large void. The various Law Powers around were rejected.

Ordinary Divinity Venerable Level powerhouse, even if the body is here, will be instantly killed. Even the ordinary Divine King is hard to resist.

Before the sword Sword God, the battle strength was far superior to the ordinary Divine King. Ye Yang is special with Primal Chaos Law.

“If I really fight, I wouldn’t be her opponent if I didn’t use all my strength. She was not as weak as expected.”

Thinking, one after another great power impacted Ye Yang’s chaos, Primal Chaos Law was turbulent.

In an instant, He felt one after another invisible power from the emptiness of emptiness to his body.

“Actually comes with the ability to trace the cause and effect to the source?!!! It doesn’t seem to be deliberate, but it can actually attack my body directly from here?”

Fortunately, without killing intent, Ye Yang was also prepared.

So, after about half a minute, Ye Yang hurriedly said: “Stop!!”

Butterfly source quickly stopped.

Ye Yang pondered for a while, and said: “didn’t expect, really didn’t expect…”

“Send, what happened?” Dieyuan asked nervously.

Ye Yang said: “Nothing, you stay here first. Don’t move. Cultivation has just begun. I just didn’t expect, just started, I actually hit the opportunity… Well, I want to break through first and promote to the emperor. And come back to continue.”

Ye Yang only started comprehend the law of this butterfly source, and had no contact with the secret of “Law of Rule”, he didn’t touch a little bit, but just watched butterfly source a few more times, and then was struck by her power incarnation, body Suddenly there was a wonderful change. Can you break through the emperor?

That line, the last level, just broke!

This “treasure” is unexpectedly amazing.

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