Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 838

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Ye Yang would not dare to decide whether Dieyuan will stay obediently and honestly.

Law Power’s incarnation, the law Controller level powerhouse, he has no special ability, he does not know.

I was not sure how strong the previous oath was to her.

After all, there is no real thorough study of the “law domination” ability.

But He could not suppress it.

His cultivation base, background, has long been enough to promote the breakthrough god.

If the cultivation is other laws, the law of life is any other one Law, it has long been a breakthrough. The reason why there is no breakthrough, only the particularity of Primal Chaos Law, makes his cultivation a little unexpected and unable to break through.

But the details of all aspects are still accumulated. Now that we have a glimpse of the mystery, we can no longer suppress it.

Many incarnation

Consciousness is all fixed on the body.

A great breath rose to the sky.

In an instant, the ancient palace issued a reminder that a powerhouse is coming, please keep your gods’ guests safe.

There was no turbulence in the ancient palace at the beginning, but the entire ancient palace shuttling through the void at a very fast rate and entered chaos.

Before staying on the edge of chaos for a long time, it was to prevent 10000 from encountering too powerful enemies and having to escape into chaos. It is much easier and more convenient to want to enter chaos now.

A simple Transmission Array potential is left in place. In the beginning, ancient palace has been shuttled between chaos, surrounded by a large amount of chaos power Chaos Aura.

“What’s the situation? What happened?”

“In the beginning, the ancient palace suddenly left the place, is it possible that is there any powerhouse coming?”

“This ancient palace doesn’t seem to be safe at all.”

“Talk nonsense, in today’s universe, where is this place safe? Although the ancient palace was attacked from time to time, but none of the guests staying here have been hit, just like now, the ancient palace is flying well. Fast, but we didn’t feel any movement at all, stayed in the great hall, and didn’t feel that the ancient palace was moving. Many weak divine creatures here are also completely unaffected. This proves that the ancient palace’s Security is more powerful than imagined.”

The gods everyone talking at once, some asked what happened to the ancient palace at the beginning, some took the opportunity to discredit the ancient palace at the beginning, and some helped the platform of the ancient palace at the beginning.

But no one knows what happened, a little nervous. But he was full of confidence and was not afraid of sudden changes.

“10000 ancient palace is not good at the beginning, we have to flee outside, fearing that we will directly escape into chaos, it is easy to get lost.”

“Fart, why can’t ancient palace be in the beginning?”

Some gods quarreled.

At this time, Primal Chaos Qi distributed by Ye Yang itself could not be hidden.

From the chaotic energy zone in the ancient palace at the beginning of the sky.

In the early days, ancient palace deliberately let go of a gap and let Primal Chaos Qi spew out.

Ye Yang’s powerful spirit willpower also followed the overflow of Primal Chaos Qi.

Yes, Ye Yang suddenly moved the ancient palace in the beginning, the purpose is to conceal the movement caused by Primal Chaos Qi here.

It is not known that Ye Yang controls Primal Chaos Law, which is different from the gods in the universe. The nature is closer to Chaos Divine Demon.

At this time, Ye Yang’s consciousness diffused with that Primal Chaos Qi.

There is a very mysterious feeling.

All the chaos outside became Ye Yang’s eyes, and all the chaotic particles became his “sensors.”

Ye Yang can sense the energy turbulence induced by each chaotic particle, any force shock received, and any information fluctuations in contact.

This information is too huge.

He is so powerful and impossible to receive so much information at the same time.

But it can focus attention on any chaotic particle.

Ye Yang twitched in his heart, and found that his consciousness seemed to be able to break away from the ancient palace, the body, and the origin of Divine Kingdom at any time, completely detached, and placed in chaos.

Chaos does not die, then Ye Yang does not die.

Then again, He felt it.

In the vast universe, the scattered Primal Chaos Qi Ball. The large Primal Chaos Qi Ball is a giant of several million light years and occupies a certain area in the universe, which is larger than many galaxies.

The small Primal Chaos Qi Ball is only a few thousand kilometers, equivalent to a planet, floating in the universe.

He can clearly sense all the chaos.

His consciousness can even project part of those chaotic regions.

Thoughts move, the distant chaos automatically condenses, forming an incarnation transformed by Primal Chaos Qi.

However, this incarnation is not strong, and there are not many Primal Chaos Qi.

But Ye Yang’s thoughts were gone, and the incarnation disappeared.

Consciousness teleportation to the other corner of the universe.

There is also a mess of chaos. But it is 10000000 million light-years away from the chaos here.

There, the chaos condensed into Ye Yang’s new incarnation.

But thoughts move, far beyond the distance of this new incarnation more than 20 million light years away, in the chaos, another new incarnation of Ye Yang was born.

“Awesome, it’s awesome!!

“My consciousness can descend on any chaos in the universe.

“It can also come to many places outside Chaos, except for the particularly dangerous places, and the places with a very strong spiritual envelope. Those places are suspected of natural danger or where Chaos Divine Demon is. In addition to those places, consciousness can come at will.

“In a single thought, most places within 100 to 100000000 million light years away from Yuwai can be conscious of projection… A little more time, and even further away can be aware of projection!!

“Where my conscious projection reaches, you can remotely control the chaos there and condense to form an incarnation. The chaos there provides the power to provide the power required by the incarnation. You can even use the chaotic incarnation there to maintain the relationship with the body. Contact and maintain all the consumption required for the battle over there!

“So powerful…not at all the normal abilities that the emperor should have!

“Divine Emperor, some of the abilities can only be possessed by Divine Emperor!”

Ye Yang was very excited, very excited.

After trying a few more times, I realized that there is not much outside chaos that I can remotely control now. Consciousness can easily project a few hundred million to a few billion light years away, but there, the condensed chaotic incarnation is not much stronger than Demi-God.

Of course, it is just that the power capacity is not stronger than Demi-God. The real battle strength can be crushed by ordinary gods.

This incarnation is not strong, but it does not consume any divine force of itself, just a spiritual projection.

In addition, it is also possible to create dozens of 100 incarnations in a region at the same time, projections, and dozens of 100 chaotic incarnations can condense to form a more powerful incarnation.

“Under normal circumstances, it takes a lot of time to travel between 100000000 million light years and even 1 billion light years. The emperor is impossible in a moment. But I use this method to allow my power to reach any one of the universe. corner!

“If you want to use a stronger incarnation, you can also condense not far away from the body, and let the powerful incarnation shuttle through. Or let the weak incarnation created by the conscious projection create the Transmission Array in the distance, consuming the energy there, so it is convenient here. Powerful incarnation positioning transmission.

“Motion is more than ten times stronger than before?

“This alone is terrifying.

“Any chaos in the universe, everything it senses, everything it sees, everything it touches, all kinds of information can be sensed and obtained at any time. Even if the universe is turbulent and information is disturbed, I can get a lot of relatively accurate information.

“And, the thread of cause and effect, you can see…”

Ye Yang’s will condenses in the sky, where there is only a little chaos, but under the powerful will projection, the void collapses, forcibly extracting more chaos and turning it into an incarnation.

Looking down there, you can see that there is a myriad of causal filaments on the incarnation of a passing god.

The thread of cause and effect is not located in the 3-dimensional space, but is a time and space that travels through different levels of 4 5 6 7 eight-nine dimensions in higher dimensions. Moreover, it is not a continuous wire, it is a point of intermittent, but it seems to continue.

Sometimes it will be invisible, flickering.

The thread of cause and effect on each deity is very complex and numerous. But after a lot of data calculations, Ye Yang’s strength is enough to trace back to the connection of every thread of cause and effect.


Ye Yang waved his hand.

Some of the causal filaments on those gods were broken, but quickly recovered.

They seemed to realize something, and looked towards the void. But Ye Yang incarnation is invisible, covered with Divinity Sovereign Level power, and they can’t see anything.

“Cut off cause and effect, it is a bit more difficult for my incarnation. Moreover, after being cut off, the thread of cause and effect will slowly re-condense and cannot be cut forever.

“If you want to launch an attack that traces the cause and effect, to trace the origin of the damage to the body of the thing, it is estimated that it can’t be done until the emperor peak. In fact, the overwhelming majority of the emperor is not enough to trace the cause and effect to directly attack the enemy.

“What I’m good at is Primal Chaos Law is not a law of cause and effect. It can affect cause and effect now. It’s a good thing. Many new emperors can’t even see the cause and effect. Many emperors are not weak, they can only watch It’s impossible to touch or change because of the thread of cause and effect. I already have a considerable advantage.”

Ye Yang conducted various tests.

For example, directly condensing the chaos of the void into weapons, for example, let the chaos beyond the edge of the distant universe condense into weapons and then come to incarnation through time and space. For example, Chaos becomes Divine Armor, for example, let Primal Chaos Qi shuttle to a place in the universe where chaos already exists.

Which of these operations consumes more and which consumes less. The loss of Ye Yang’s spirit strength, whether the body’s divine force is lost, etc., have been tested.

The Primal Chaos Law, which is in control today, contends with other Law Power, and the effects it produces have been tested. As a result, he is to be wild with joy.

“As long as the opponent’s cultivation base does not reach the God King Level, the god power or the gods under Divine King, the controlled Law Power, will be completely resisted and absorbed by my Primal Chaos Law. It can be said that ignore Divine King Any of the following attacks!

“Even if my incarnation is condensed, the power contained is only Half-God Level, but, after the war, any creature below Divine King can’t break the defense!!”

This is terrible.

Ye Yang can now aggregate multiple incarnations. It’s just that the spiritual realm has not reached the level of “no distant master”. To control the incarnation too far, the spirit consumed is still not small. The number of incarnations controlled at the same time will be affected.

But it is already invincible to abuse vegetables.

“But at the Divine King level, there is Divine King divine force blessed by spirit willpower, or Law King Power blessed by Spirit Kingpower, which can easily crush my incarnation. As long as the defense is broken, my incarnation cannot stop it.

“Unless it is a fusion of multiple incarnations, or the incarnation condensed near the body is transmitted. But it takes time.

“I am currently the strongest incarnation from Condense. Its strength is almost the same as that of the main body. It can exist at the same time. But if I want to exert all my strength, I still need all my spirit willpower blessing.

“However, even if you defeat and lose, you are destroyed by an incarnation, but there is a little loss of spirit. Just a little divine medicine that supplements the spirit can make me recover quickly. The divine force I have now has a lot of crystallization, these contain Divine medicine purified from divine creature spirit strength can be bought a lot.

“Even if you don’t use divine medicine, the spirit of consumption can be recovered through meditation and breath adjustment within a day or two. Even faster.”

This is terrible.

The general deity creates a powerful incarnation, which rarely exceeds 80% of the body. Often only half of the body, even less than half of the strength. And the resources consumed are huge.

Many deities, survived hundreds of thousands or even millions of years, but only have a few strong incarnations. The loss is very distressing.

Although there are universe adventure games to create incarnation, the required resources will be less, but also not can be casually lost without distressing.

Even Ye Yang, who previously created a strong incarnation, consumed the crystals of the divine force and made him very heartbroken.

But now…the incarnation is almost endless. Every time an incarnation of Divinity Sovereign Level battle strength is created, it only takes a moment, and all resources are taken from chaos. Even if this incarnation is killed, the lost spirit will only need to be recovered in a maximum of one or two days.

If there is a divine medicine, then, fight with other gods, send a Divinity Sovereign Level incarnation to fight in the past, lose the Self-destruction and then quickly send a god incarnation to the past.

It can be said that as long as it is not pulled into the body, no matter how many emperors come, Ye Yang can forcibly grind them to death.

God Imperial Capital can’t. Looking back at the causal attack, Ye Yang can now cut off causality to prevent it.

On the Divine Emperor, more powerful laws dominate, if you don’t use it, the power of crushing, Ye Yang can fight with one without the ancient palace. The body is hidden in chaos, or the body is hidden in the ancient palace in the beginning, and then hidden in chaos, then even if facing the rule of law, it can be invincible. Although it is invincible, it cannot be defeated.

Of course, it refers to the powerhouse at the level of the light dominance and Dark Ruler, and it is really expected to be promoted to the incarnation of Law Power of the Universe Avenue. These incarnations are called incarnation, in fact they are equivalent to the full power of a certain Law Power in the entire universe. Unlike the god’s incarnation, it is ridiculously strong.

If the battle strength scum like Dieyuan is irrelevant, it is of no value for discussion.

“It’s too strong… only to be promoted to the emperor.”

Ye Yang took a deep breath, ready to recover his consciousness from the outside world, and then slowly study the ability of the Chaos God Emperor and other magical things. Now I have to go to meet with Butterfly Source first.

But as soon as the consciousness regained, Ye Yang sensed several powerful hostility, one after another, and the maliciousness ranging from strong to weak.

In chaos, one after another The dark and huge shadow gradually manifested and floated around the ancient palace in the early days.

“Chaos Divine Demon?!!!

“My promotion shocked them?” Ye Yang jumped suddenly.

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