Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 839

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Ye Yang thoughts move, the mechanism in the ancient palace at the beginning, worked quickly.

In the early days, if the gods in the ancient palace wanted to come out, they would be forcibly teleported to a distant place. The gods of the outside world are coming in, also from a distance.

Throughout the process, you can’t see the surrounding situation.

At least, Ye Yang cannot be seen.

At the same time, the gods in the ancient palace in the early days could not see the specific situation outside of chaos.

Recently, many things in the universe could not be calculated with the prophecy system magic, because the human heart is chaotic, and the divine sense power disorder is disturbed, and the law of guiding the void follows the disorder, and the result.

This gave Ye Yang considerable inspiration.

Therefore, with the help of various energies in the ancient palace of the early days and the functions of the ancient palace of the early days, the internal deities could not see the outside world clearly. If you look at it forcibly, you will see dozens of 100 different forged scenes, which are difficult to distinguish between true and false.

In this way, Ye Yang can continue to hide his identity.

Chaos deity… Such an identity will make the gods scrupulous and dare not enter the ancient palace at the beginning.

To maintain the prosperity of the ancient palace at the beginning, this identity has to be concealed for the time being.

All this said trouble, but in fact it was just a matter of Ye Yang’s solution, but the divine force consumed was a lot of crystallization. There are also a lot of chaotic forces nearby.


A huge voice came.

On closer inspection, it is a creature like a giant whale, but its shape is much weirder, with many wings on its body, which can be stretched out and recycled, and many tentacles and tentacles, which are also retractable. It can completely converge to disappear and can not be seen, and can extend million li 10,000,000 li.

In front of the eyebrow of this giant whale blooms rays of light, like the fiery white light at the beginning of chaos, the light of the beginning. This light forms a human-like silhouette, floating not far in front.

“Didn’t expect, there will be a god who controls Primal Chaos Law? The dignified god, can actually break through the limits of the universe and become a chaotic life?

“It’s really interesting and unexpected.”

The giant whale man incarnation said, not far away, another huge and simple voice came: “Little Brat, this is not the place you should stay. Only the purebred Chaos Divine Demon can occupy a party in chaos. “

At first glance, it is an octopus with 8 heads and 6 arms.

The head is like an octopus, not like a human.

The huge octopus head is in the middle, and there is a strange little head around it, such as the head of a crocodile, the head of a two-horned dog, the head of a long-haired cow, the head of a bald fish, the head of a 3-crowned bird, and so on.

Under his head, his neck was so short that he could barely see it. Underneath the neck is a pig-like body with six human-like arms, but many different scales. Further down, there is a giant lizard tail, also known as the dragon tail, and it has a spine, but apart from this is the leg formed by dozens of giant octopus tentacles.

It looks strange. Each body and everyone chaotic divine runes, constantly twisted and changed, cultivation base is not enough creatures, even divine creatures, at a glance will dizzy and eyes blurred, and even fall into a terror madness.

If the strength is weaker, it may even produce countless illusions at a glance, the illusion is endless, and then die headshot.

“This Chaos Divine Demon looks too weird, and the sins are not so bizarre.”

Ye Yang was thinking that there was another humanoid approaching in the distance.

If you look closely, it is actually a mermaid, and it looks like a mermaid.

But the difference is that with 6 arms, there are 2 faces on the back of the head.

If it is Medusa or Naga, it should be a snake tail. If it is a mermaid, there will not be so many weird arms.

“If you are an ordinary deity, or a god of evil, chaos outside the universe, let you come. Even if you are eroded by chaos, destroyed into nothingness, or distorted into chaotic creatures, I will not ignore it. But , As a god of chaos, you are not welcome here!” Chaos Divine Demon, the mermaid said.

Ye Yang looked on Monday and found out that only these three seem to have normal intellect, which is considered a truly intelligent lifeform. As for other strange and strange chaotic creatures, the strength is uneven, but all of them are violent breaths, and the Spiritual Fluctuation is extremely disordered and violent, obviously not a calm reason.

Spiritual Fluctuation is so violent that even the God of Wisdom can judge it has gone crazy out of control. Not to mention chaotic creatures?

The surrounding chaotic creatures are mostly fish-shaped, followed by insect-shaped, and beast-shaped and bird-shaped again. Many are very strange, not only distinguished by insects, fishes, birds and beasts.

Their specific strength is not easy to judge. But with Ye Yang’s understanding of Primal Chaos Law, his understanding and understanding of chaos, he can judge their power, each of which can explode with the ability not weaker than the power of stellar smashing, and even one blow can be comparable to the supernova explosion .

There is not much Law Power on his body, but it is enough to distort the law of destroying ordinary gods. Ordinary deities can resist the power of supernova explosions, but they can’t stop these chaotic creatures from hitting.

However, if they enter the universe, the weakest can’t beat the god-level deity, and in the chaos, the weakest can’t beat the Divinity Venerable Level’s deity.

The strongest, more powerful than Divine King. But wisdom is the key. There are so many weaknesses to pick up.

However, a large number of these chaotic creatures are mixed together, and they are clever and domineering. Any Divine King who comes from the universe will only be hanged, not to mention the other three Chaos Divine Demon with high wisdom. Too.

“Why aren’t deities welcome here?” Ye Yang asked.

“Because, they don’t have the authority of chaos, you have!” said the murloc.

Ye Yang suddenly lost.

Power, control the power of chaos, this is the key!

The gods in the universe come here, if they do not die, become chaotic creatures, and understand Primal Chaos Law, then it should be possible to call the power of chaos, but the extent of this call should be limited. It is not a real authority.

And Ye Yang …… Now level, you can mobilize the infinite power of chaos. Even changed Primal Chaos Law in an area.

Only in the area covered by the powerful Chaos Divine Demon’s will, Ye Yang could not mobilize the chaos there, and could not change the laws there.

This is authority.

Any powerful Chaos Divine Demon has authority similar to Ye Yang.

Therefore, they are all competitors.

“So, do you join forces to drive the deity?” Ye Yang’s voice was cold.

“Oh, you made a mistake by two.” The fish said humanly.

“Which 2?”

Just 2 mistakes in one sentence, so ridiculous?

Yuren said: “First, we are also opponents, not joined hands. Chaos Divine Demon, there is no real friend, even if it is a friend for a while, maybe it will suddenly turn back when you are. It may not be for the benefit, nor It must be for the mood. Chaos contains chaos, and we will not have real allies. At this time, it is not a team. It may be a good thing for you.”

Ye Yang astonished.

To my surprise, it was not this answer, but the fishman who was willing to explain?

“What about the second?” Ye Yang asked.

“No. 2…I did not come to drive you away.”

“So why?” Ye Yang asked.

“You look delicious.” The whale said.

Ye Yang complexion slightly changed.

The weird Chaos Divine Demon of the octopus head said: “The deity is not interested in devouring deities, especially chaotic deities like you. The deity is here to kill you… No more powerful Chaos Divine Demon can grow up. You, Must die.”

Ye Yang took a deep breath and asked the murloc, saying, “What about you? Why are you here?”

Yuren said: “The deity also doesn’t like the growth of a new Chaos Divine Demon. He doesn’t like the birth of a powerful chaotic deity. He then occupies the power of chaos.”

“Understood…” Ye Yang pondered for 2 seconds, turned to stare at the whale, and said: “If you devour the deity, you can absorb Primal Chaos Law, can you become stronger?”

“It’s possible. But how can Primal Chaos Law you control compare with Divine Demon Idol, who was born into chaos in my own way? The deity is just for delicacy.” That whale humane.

“But it can still get stronger.” Ye Yang said.

Yuren said: “We don’t need to provoke alienation, we will work together, we will blow you up first, and then say, after you are seriously injured, whoever takes us will decide who will take care of you. Whether to devour or kill…”

“Haha, the realm of the deity, the strength, the realm, the consciousness can be projected in the chaos in the universe at any time, and teleportation of the core of consciousness, all the consciousness is transferred, how can you destroy the deity? Moreover, there is the ancient palace in the beginning. You have so Confidence, can kill the deity?” Ye Yang sneered.

These three, no matter which one, came to kill him, he will naturally not be polite.

“Oh, can you kill you, not tried, who knows? The gods in the universe may not be enough to wipe you out, but I am waiting for Chaos Divine Demon, and even the rule of the law in the universe, may not be able to kill you.”

The words fell, and a chaotic creature around quickly moved towards Ye Yang and rushed over here.

Three of them did not move, but all other chaotic creatures moved.

In an instant, there was a huge chaotic vortex of each and everyone nearby, and the powerful suction force attracted Ye Yang, turning left and right.

The power is so great that it is difficult to fix the figure.


Ye Yang used Primal Chaos Law to lock his body firmly, and his mind communicated with the ancient palace in the early days. A great force held him close to the ancient palace in the early days.

But in this way, the power will become weak.

There are a lot of tentacles swinging over here.

It has a violently swirling flame, blooming electric light, and spitting black gas, similar to the horizontal Fire Dragon volume, blasting to Ye Yang.

There is a thunderbolt similar to blade glow sword glow, splitting chaos and falling down here.

Various other Law Fragments were triggered, and different Law Powers impacted and agitated each other.

Ye Yang coldly snorted, with a wave of his hand, many forces instantly shattered and turned into chaos.

Chaos is similar to chaos and disorder.

Many Law Powers shattered, energy and material were mixed, time was chaotic, and space fragments were doped, which was similar to chaos.

It is extremely difficult to turn these forces into order, but it is not difficult to use Primal Chaos Law to force them into chaos.

At this moment, many chaotic creatures roared, sending out huge shock waves, which could disturb Law Power by Void Quake, chaotic laws, and rushed towards this side.

Ye Yang’s finger, all kinds of Law Power strikes, sweeping towards chaotic creatures, are blocked by the skin on them, the breath emitted is blocked, and they cause almost no harm to them.

Many attacks crashed down, and Ye Yang shook his figure, retreating to the back of the ancient palace at the beginning, but there were also chaotic creatures killing behind.

“courting death !!”

Primal Chaos Qi converge, condense in the hand, grow into a machete of several million li, like a long spear that swings and bends, like a slashing sword, sweeping 4 sides, a chaotic creature is split into two and a half, at will With a stab, only chaotic creatures were penetrated.

Some chaotic creatures exploded and shattered completely, while some chaotic creatures were injured, but quickly retreated, sucking up the surrounding chaos and quickly recovering themselves.

Some chaotic creatures were even chopped into pieces, but they were also recovered in a very short period of time. The reorganization was successful without any loss. There are even some chaotic creatures, which become 2 pieces, 3 pieces, 4 5 6 pieces after turning into fragments.

Ye Yang was furious, thoughts move, the ancient palace flew in the early days, rammed and chased many chaotic creatures, but Chaos Divine Demon of the octopus head was thrown by a tentacle, and the ancient palace was blocked in the beginning.

A few whips were drawn, and the ancient palace was intact, too immovable, and could not move, but the ancient palace wanted to fly, and could not fly, and could not move.

This is the characteristic of anti-high attack and weak, too early ancient palace.

Each and everyone The weird rune appeared on the ancient palace at the beginning of the year, faintly creating turbulence with the surrounding chaos.

Ye Yang’s heart jumped, suddenly realized

In the early days, ancient palace was originally Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure. Born in chaos, it also has the power of chaos. These runes, some of the special abilities contained in it, can only be exerted in chaos, but not in the universe. Of course, there are also some runes. The effects in the universe are different from those in chaos, and there will be additional destructive effects, which is not easy to say.

Ye Yang glanced at the rune, and suddenly the right hand stretched out, and the chaos of all directions gathered toward him very quickly.

Many chaotic creatures are torn by chaos.


With a deep drink, the chaos of a chaotic creature within the body exploded. Ye Yang’s law authority controls the chaos of the weak chaotic creature within the body. After the explosion, it can make these creatures unable to heal and recover, and completely destroyed.

The Primal Chaos Qi under control, containing Ye Yang’s will, penetrates into those chaotic creatures within the body. They could have used their spirits to keep themselves within the body from being controlled by Ye Yang’s laws, but one injury, Ye Yang The will and spirit emanated, taking control of the chaotic part of them within the body.

Thoughts move, more than half of the chaotic creatures are destroyed.

“you are courting death !!”

3 Chaos Divine Demon unable to bear, waved his hand, chaos compression and coalescence, millions and millions li Chaos formed long spear lance, formed countless swords, created new temporary chaotic creatures out of thin air, rushed towards this side.

One blasted to Ye Yang, and the other only approached Self-destruction.

Ye Yang incarnation was not hidden in the ancient palace in the early days, because, he had just seen those runes, and he had clear comprehension in his heart.

“These three guys are not here to kill me, but to weaken my authority! If my will merges with this void, this place will become my base and be unshakable. Unless they break through this area Otherwise, the chaos authority here cannot be used.

“Destroy me, or I will retreat in a head-on battle and hide in the ancient palace at the beginning. After that, even if I set up a Divine Realm here, the chaotic authority here will also be interfered by them!”

A Chaos Divine Demon has a nest and a site, where the authority of chaos can only be controlled by them, and Chaos Divine Demon cannot be controlled by the outside world. This is the foundation.

Ye Yang is newly promoted to Chaos God Emperor, and he is going to build a territory. They are here to stop and weaken.

It is extremely difficult to kill Ye Yang, so weakening authority is the main thing.

How can you retreat in such a time?

“The battle of Chaos Divine Demon is dominated by power. The deity has realized this and you have no chance!”

Right hand stretched out, 100000000 absolutely in and out, from several light years to dozens of 100, several thousand, several thousand, and 1000 light years away, boundless and infinite chaos, shuttling through the void, random transmission Ye Yang gathered here to condense into a vast chaotic star, completely covering him with the ancient palace of the early days. It took a moment to block all attacks from 10000 Chaos Divine Demon.

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