Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 840

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“It’s an entity of chaotic stars, but daring to stop the car?!!!”

Chaos Divine Demon, who was in the form of a whale, sneered. With a wave of his hand, it was actually the convergence of chaos in 100000000 absolute, condensed and transmitted.

Counting 1000 and 10000 light-years away, Grandiose’s Power of Primal Chaos shuttled to this point, condensed into his palm, and fiercely shot it down.

boom! !

The vast chaotic stars condensed by Ye Yang, violently turbulent, burst out the cracks of the road, and exploded and sprayed one after another like a volcanic eruption of chaotic flames.

At the same time, Chaos Divine Demon in the shape of a half-fish beauty also attracted chaos in 100000000 million absolutely, compressed and condensed into Trident, enough to kill Killing Divine Sovereign’s chaotic sea king halberd fiercely.

On the other side, that octopus head Chaos Divine Demon, numerous tentacles twirled, inducing chaos with a diameter of 10000 light years, compressed and condensed into a huge vortex cone, drilling towards Ye Yang.

Of course, no matter which Chaos Divine Demon, mobilizing the Power of Primal Chaos in the distance, must use the rules of Space Attribute. The chaotic and chaotic nature of chaos will allow a lot of chaos to run out of control and cannot be completely transmitted. Moreover, there are many chaos not at all controlled into giant palm or vortex, so the attack power is also limited.

However, the limited attack power is enough to easily kill the God Sovereign Level powerhouse.

Ye Yang’s chaotic stars suddenly broke apart, and 3 powerful and cohesive attacks fell down.


The chaotic stars that have just broken still contain Ye Yang’s spirit willpower, so in a moment, the chaos collapses and the violent power explodes.

Countless chaos formed Divine Item fragments of temporary nature, cut into those 3 attacks, and forcibly weakened them.

At the beginning of the ancient palace, suddenly in front of Ye Yang, forcibly blocked these 3 attacks.

“Come back!”

Ye Yang incarnation has suffered a lot of injuries, but in the Power of Primal Chaos continuously, chaotic particles converge, and the injuries recover quickly. Where there are erosion of different forces on the body, all are cut off and quickly recovered.

Here, but incarnation only, not afraid of anything.

“There is a kind of intuition, it must be the body to be able to set the stage. However, don’t worry…”

Ye Yang flashed this thought, incarnation held up the right hand.

Haohao chaos, mad flooding.

Around me, there are 1000 1000000 large and small space-time wormholes. The small ones are only as small as the hair strands. The larger ones are bigger than the fists. The biggest ones are even like a portal, which can accommodate Ye Yang incarnation.

These chaos, from different places, are in the chaotic void outside the universe. There are 100 100000000 miles away, 1000 100000000 miles away, 10000 100000000 miles away, a few light years away, a few dozen 100 a few 1000 a few 10000 light years away.

Random fixed-point, random transmission, crazy influx.

There is chaos everywhere, that is, it is difficult to be intercepted without a fixed point.

Chaos rushed into each other, impacting each other, forming a violent wave, which directly blasted Ye Yang incarnation into serious injuries.

But at the beginning, the ancient palace was safe and sound, and the incarnation of Ye Yang sucked in more chaos in the next moment and re-solidified the body. This chaotic body is more solid than before.

The chaotic explosion exploded into the four weeks.

The three powerful Chaos Divine Demon, which had just been blown upside down and rushed over again, were washed back again by this surging chaos.

The whale-shaped Fiendgod retreated sharply and merged into the giant whale. When the giant whale opened its mouth, it sucked massive chaos, and the void condensed a chaotic compressed cone, each one The length is more than 10000000 kilometers, the number is very large, each one is enough to destroy a side galaxy.

The densely packed pointed cone slammed towards Ye Yang after being compressed again.

The murlocs killed here with their halberds. The octopus heads controlled the vortex of the chaos, holding the swords, swords, forks and shields compressed by the chaos. Various weapons were killed here.

But Ye Yang continued to attract chaos and continue to send chaos. The Power of Primal Chaos is endless, bursting and scouring out, making 3 Chaos Divine Demon inaccessible.

“This child has realized the power of Chaos God Emperor so quickly, so I can’t stay!”

“Do it quickly, can’t give him more time to adapt to the power of Chaos God!”

Three Chaos Divine Demon quickly stood away, trapping Ye Yang in the middle at a 3 angle orientation. And, they suddenly turned into multiple incarnations, and surrounded them in all directions.

Of course, it is surrounded. In fact, the nearest one is more than 8 million kilometers away from Ye Yang.

However, the will they exude is connected together.

Ye Yang saw that, in the chaos, it appeared out of thin air.

At first glance, these light films are actually substances in a crystalline state that are compressed by chaos, but they are flexible and not strong enough.

A large number of Primal Chaos Qi can actually flow through these optical films, and it seems that it cannot stop the diffusion of Primal Chaos Qi.

But in the next moment, Ye Yang discovered that the time and space wormhole of each and everyone around him was closed. Some did not shut down, but no chaotic power poured in.

There are only a few, and there is chaos.

“No, there is a problem with the light film… Is it Attribute Power of space? Stop me from chaos in the distance of space summon?

“No, it’s not space Attribute Power, but…will!!

“The will of Chaos Divine Emperor!!”

A bright light flashed through Ye Yang’s mind, and a clear comprehension suddenly appeared.

The deity’s will is the law in Divine Kingdom.

The deity’s will is the authority in Divine Kingdom.

The will ruled by the law, the will of the avenue, and the will of the Universe Source are the laws in the universe.

The will ruled by the law, the will of the avenue, and the will of the Universe Source are also the authority of the law in the universe!

Similarly, the will of the Chaos God Emperor is the rule and the authority!

The will of the 3 Chaos Divine Emperors is condensed into the void, so that Primal Chaos Qi here can only flow out and not flow in. Space Attribute Power can still be used, but… Ye Yang’s will cannot be passed on!

That layer of light film is a manifestation of will, which is condensed into chaos and manifested.

The main function is to prevent the will of Ye Yang. Regardless of whether it is cross-space or cross-dimensional, even if you want to pass through the space and time of higher-dimensional dimensions, it will not work. Even more how, here is Chaos World, the dimension of dimension is also unstable, and there is not high-dimensional space and time everywhere.

Ye Yang’s will cannot be transmitted, and the chaos in the distance will not be ordered to be transmitted here.

Simply put, the will of these three emperors cut off Ye Yang’s authority, so that his authority cannot be extended to the outside world.


The giant whale Fiendgod angry roar, the tremendous sound vibration, the chaos rolling, one after another rushing to the Ye Yang side, the incarnation here was instantly retreated, and the Power of Primal Chaos within the body was crowded Gushing out of the mouth.

“really strong !”

Ye Yang sniffed in cold air.

Although it is incarnation here, but the strength and the body are almost the same, and my own will is blessed here.

“Only forcibly breaking this will blockade!”

Ye Yang waved his hands, and the chaos gathered, condensing into one after another dark blade.

It is not a powerful magic spell, it is not a powerful Law Power, it is pure Ye Yang’s will condensed in chaos and slashed out.

As it happens, Chaos Divine Demon in the form of a murloc, waves the halberd to create each and everyone.

Ye Yang’s lacquered black light blade was cut off, chaotic creatures were destroyed, and tentacles were cut off, but they were not broken.

Part of the lacquered black light blade cut into the light film, and actually broke the crack.

But the next moment, the light film healed again. And thickened layer by layer.

“You’re dead! Primal Chaos Qi here, you can only go out and can’t come in. You can’t control Primal Chaos Qi in the distance to send here. And I can wait for the continuous support of Primal Chaos Qi from the outside, even if it is grinding, all Can harden your life!” said the octopus head Chaos Divine Demon.

Ye Yang burst into laughter: “Even if this incarnation can’t win, there is also an ancient palace at the beginning, and death is impossible.”

“Then you try, hiding in the ancient palace in the beginning can you stop our attack?” said the octopus head.

Ye Yang said: “Are you stupid?”

Hiding in the ancient palace at the beginning, without the body and the incarnation, completely hidden, it is like the nobles of Mortal World who gave up their territory and fled, and the territory was captured, there will be no more.

After returning to Chaos World from the outside world, Ye Yang’s control of the power of chaos will become weak, and it will be difficult to even divide a site into its own “country”. Even if a site is forcibly occupied, the power in this site will not be as good as other Chaos Divine Demon.

This is the message conveyed by the invisible will of chaos in the underworld. What he felt from chaos.

Promotion to God Emperor, there must be a disaster.

In the universe, the gods will have God Emperor Tribulation, which may be Heavenly Tribulation Thunder Tribulation, or it may be God Tribulation.

Among the chaos, there are Primal Chaos Tribulation and Fiendgod.

Ye Yang did not encounter Primal Chaos Tribulation, but encountered Fiendgod. Fiendgod robbery is similar to human robbery, it is caused by the destruction of Outsider.

Can not survive this tribulation, still the emperor, but the favor of chaotic will and the blessing of chaotic power will become weak. Just like the rise of the Cao Tou King among mortals in troubled times, once defeated and repelled at the beginning of the rise, the vitality will be greatly damaged and the reputation will be lost.

Here is more serious than mortal dropping prestige.

“Since you don’t retreat, die!”

3 Chaos Divine Demon, strengthen the light film, and all kinds of attacks fall down here. These attacks are not strong, they mainly strengthen the light film first.

Ye Yang sensed that he could no longer summon any Power of Primal Chaos in Chaos World outside of this light film, and his authority was completely blocked.

However, in the universe, the incarnation formed by Ye Yang’s will projection. But the incarnation over there, the connection with this side, intermittently, will be cut off at any time. It is even impossible to send Primal Chaos Qi Ball in the universe.

It can be said that foreign aid is almost extinct.

“Senior trifling, the acquired god in the universe, who also wants to be the emperor of Chaos? Ridiculous!” The octopus head sneered coldly.

“Isn’t the deity now the Chaos Divine Emperor?” Ye Yang said.

“Even if you want to become the Chaos God Emperor, you can only become an authorityless Chaos God Emperor, want to hold the real authority of Chaos World? You dream!” Octopus said.

“Junior, if you are acquainted, the deity advises you to quit as soon as possible.” That fish said.

Ye Yang sneered.

“Do you think that we are just to weaken your authority? Do you think that we will be relieved just by driving you away? The authority of Chaos Divine Emperor is not so easy to suppress. Chaos Divine Emperor, immortal in chaos, 10000 robbery Don’t wear Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable. Although it’s not impossible to completely wipe out, but it is extremely difficult to wipe out. So, only drive you away, we will not be relieved.” Yuren Road.

Ye Yang suddenly had an uneasy hunch and asked, “How are you going?”

“Naturally, you are confined in chaos, so that you can’t sleep and recover!” The giant whale groaned.

Ye Yang’s complexion changed suddenly.

When the other party mentioned the Zhenfeng, it seemed to have touched a certain fragment of will in the chaos, Ye Yang realized a very distant ancient message from the chaos around him.

In the very, very long past, there was once a Chaos God Emperor named “Pan Huang” who was suppressed in chaos by a very old powerhouse, which went through 100000000 10000 epochs.

By the time this “Pan Huang” woke up, his consciousness was already vague and unconscious, and there was not much reason. If there is enough time, wisdom will gradually be restored. However, I don’t know which Chaos Divine Demon was instigated, this Pangu anger broke through chaos frantically.

Then, stupidly, splitting heaven and earth apart, creating order and laws in the chaos, forming a universe, and then, being decomposed by the order and laws of the universe created by itself, and finally destroyed.

“How does this sound a bit like Myths and Legends of Pangu splitting heaven and earth apart?” Ye Yang’s face changed suddenly.

The information obtained from these chaos, this depravity of the Panhuang, happened in the last cosmic era.

That Panhuang, before being suppressed, was already beyond the level of Chaos God Emperor!

It’s just that when the other party is in the Chaos Divinity Sovereign Level, the reputation it broke is too strong, and the Chaos Divine Demon is countless, so it is still called Panhuang.

Such a powerhouse can hardly be killed in chaos. But because of the repressed seal, he slept and did not recover. The power of chaos made the dream of the other party chaotic, the consciousness was not conscious, and finally woke up and fell into the sky…

“Terrifying, I will never accept this fate!!”

Ye Yang knows that these 3 guys, if there is an opportunity, will definitely think of suppressing the seal of Ye Yang together with the ancient palace of the early days!

In the beginning, the ancient palace could not be broken, so the seal was suppressed.

Although Ye Yang is only incarnation here, the consciousness of the body is concentrated on this, and the body is still in the ancient palace. Once it is suppressed and sealed, it will not be much better than the original Panhuang.

100000000 million 10000 years later, Ye Yang woke up and would not split the heaven and earth apart with an axe like Pangu, but would grasp the ancient palace splitting heaven and earth apart in the beginning, and then attract chaotic backlash to suppress it. Eventually it had to become Tianzhu, and then be destroyed by the order and laws of the new world.

“Your destiny is doomed!!” 3 Chaos Divine Demon sneered.

“The prison of will is stable, you can’t break this layer of prison of will!” said the octopus head.

Cage of Will… refers to the black light film?

Ye Yang thought and smiled coldly: “You guys, do you know that the deity still has a killing move?”


“Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure was born in Chaos. Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, which is good at engulfing, is easier to engulf chaos than to engulf the sun, moon and stars. Even… Chaos Divine Demon, it is possible to engulf!” Ye Yang said .

At this moment, the space channel around Ye Yang suddenly expanded.


3 Chaos Divine Demon roared, Ye Yang’s space channel suddenly compressed and became smaller.

However, after a while, the space channel generated a strong suction, which suddenly increased to 10000 miles.

“Come back together!!” The invisible will of the three Chaos Divine Demon rolled over.

In an instant, the space channel was closed, but outside the huge black light film, another space channel was formed, and a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure appear out of thin air with a powerful force oscillating and slamming. Over here.

That light film is not only Chaos Divine Demon’s will, but also Chaos Divine Demon’s strengthened chaotic power, enough to withstand countless Fiendgod attacks.

However, the huge group of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, a little stagnation, suddenly contracted and became smaller, shrinking from the size of a huge star to the size of a fist, fiercely hit the light film, and shuttled to Ye Yang’s ancient palace next to the original, Only then became bigger again.

“Empty bead?!!!”

“It is said that the Chaos Divine Demon’s Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure can be engulfed indefinitely by Chaos Divine Demon…”

The three Chaos Divine Demon were shocked.

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