Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 841

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With a single order, the hollow beads maintained the size of ten thousand meters in diameter, stopped growing, and quickly rushed forward.

The 3 Chaos Divine Demon is not ready to respond, and the empty beads have already rushed to the light film.

“Stop it !!”

Three Chaos Divine Demon exclaimed almost at the same time, one after another the vast Power of Primal Chaos rushed insanely. There is Chaos Energy column compression in front, condensed into one after another solid chaotic liquid column, interlaced into a net. Behind there is chaos to form one after another huge chaos whip, entangled towards the hollow beads.

However, the hollow beads quickly swirled and quickly sucked up the surrounding chaos, and the hollow beads vibrated.

Ye Yang incarnation stood on top of the ancient palace at the beginning and quickly followed.

“Get back!!”

A Trident, a tentacle, a huge palm print, moved towards Ye Yang incarnation strikes here.

Ye Yang grabbed it, and the ancient palace was in the beginning.

boom! ! !

Many attacks were stopped.

The hollow bead suddenly withdrew, quickly sucked these three Divine Item, and then immediately hit the front again.

The light film suddenly burst into black glow.

However, this light film is in the form of a “hollow ball”, completely covering the surrounding large space, so as to prevent Ye Yang’s will from extending out and remote control Primal Chaos Qi.

This is a completely enclosed envelope, but the empty beads are an impact on the point.

Dignified Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, the Divine Item that devours the attribute, how can’t break this layer of light film. trifling The shield of will jointly laid out by several Chaos God Emperors, even if integrated into Chaos, is impossible to block the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure with attack attribute.

Unless this Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure falls into the hands of the weak Demi-God and even mortals, it cannot play a role. But this Supreme Treasure has been restored for the most part, with complete functions and immense power, and then under the control of Ye Yang. formidable power is absolutely amazing.

Oh la la made a loud noise, and the light film was broken by forcibly.


The three Chaos Divine Emperors shot at the same time, and suddenly a huge bubble formed, covering Ye Yang with the ancient palace and the hollow bead clusters.

The hollow beads fly forward, the light film also follows forward, the hollow beads fly left, and the light film also follows the left.

Similar to the situation when dozens of emperors laid siege to the ancient palace at the beginning.

This protective layer moves with the hollow beads.

Ye Yang let the Devouring Bead go to the left, and he and the Taichu ancient palace to the right, but the light film followed the Devouring Bead, Ye Yang and the Taichu ancient palace could not break the light film at all.

The hollow beads collided with Ye Yang and the ancient palace at the beginning, and the light film turned to Ye Yang as the center. Ye Yang is to the left, the light film is to the left, Ye Yang is to the right, and the light film is to the right.

“Not good, if you go on like this, even if the hollow beads and the ancient palace can break through this light film, but this body can’t rush out, it’s useless. The main spirit willpower is condensed on this body, which is the body in the ancient palace Escape is also equivalent to temporarily losing a lot of fine divine sense power, which is no different from being trapped.”

Ye Yang’s face was solemn, and his mind was turning rapidly.

Suddenly, let the hollow beads expand again, but the “protective layer” of the light film also expands.

After the expansion of the optical film, the protective power has become weaker, but it can still be done to block Ye Yang’s will to diffuse.

“Damn!” Ye Yang’s face was solemn.

“Junior, you can’t escape, useless!” Chaos Divine Demon of the octopus head said.

Ye Yang said: “But in this way, you can no longer suppress the banned deity, the deity is here, and you can’t help getting the deity.”

“Oh, do you want to compete with us for patience? So stalemate, wait for 1000 years, 10000 years, 100000000 years, and then see how. I have to wait for patience, wait.” said the octopus head.

Ye Yang’s face sank again.

They can’t suppress Ye Yang, and Ye Yang can’t escape. Such a stalemate really needs to work with patience. Ye Yang really can’t beat them.

He is outside, there is still much to do.

In the beginning, the ancient palace wanted to accept other gods in and out, and that butterfly source…… This is a great opportunity, Ye Yang will not give up.

As for letting Dieyuan come to the rescue?

This is like a soldier being trapped by an enemy on the battlefield. The sword and shield in his hand are not good enough. It is ridiculous to want a laptop computer as a shield.

Butterfly’s true value is not in combat. But let Ye Yang comprehend understand the deeper secrets of the law. Even if it is raised to be a beautiful vase, it is much better than being a burden when brought here.

“Hehe, give up, obediently trapped here.” The fish said: “Even if you escape, it is useless, we will record the situation here, and then promote it to everyone in the universe, when everyone knows You Ye Yang is actually a god who owns Primal Chaos Law, and will be considered as a part of Chaos Divine Demon, then even if you return to the universe, you will not be able to gain a foothold.”

Ye Yang took a deep breath: “It seems… I can only try it.”

His body stood up and held back, saying: “Turn on the empty bead, and let Rongbenzun move in!”

Ye Yang’s body stayed in the ancient palace of the early days, and he partly consciously became the Artifact Spirit of the ancient palace of the early days. At this moment, this part of the Artifact Spirit also melts into the body and becomes a part of himself, and then shuttles into the bite. Among the empty beads.

No anomalies can be seen outside.

Ye Yang stood on the vast earth inside the hollow beads, closed his eyes and spread his will.

What can’t be seen by ordinary eyes can be sensed.

At this moment, the entire hollow beads bloomed in black glow, Grandiose’s Primal Chaos Qi spewed out, and the whole beads became gray, exuding a simple and ancient atmosphere.

“Sure enough… temporarily giving up the control of the ancient palace in the early days, you can get the approval of the hollow beads. Before that I was in control of the ancient palace in the early days, so I couldn’t melt the second Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure at the same time, because I lacked strength.

“Now, the secret of the ancient palace in the early days has been fully grasped by me. Even if the Artifact Spirit is temporarily recovered, no one else will control the ancient palace in the early days.

“The life and death of being under control is under my control. I want temporary supremacy. It’s easy… Primal Chaos Law to destroy Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is the way to truly exert its formable power.”

Ye Yang thoughts move, the hollow beads quickly bloom a huge suction.

In the beginning, the ancient palace stood still, and the incarnation of Ye Yang was motionless.

The power of the hollow beads seemed to deliberately bypass them.

But the surrounding chaos, the light film of will created by the three chaotic emperors, was actually attracted by this powerful sucking power.

Space is compressing towards this, a huge space vortex is formed.

“What power is this?”

“Not good, the hollow beads are actually not broken, and they can still exert the formal power of the real Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure!”

Three Chaos Divine Emperors were frightened.

Before, I thought that this Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure had a problem, so it was not very strong. It is now suddenly discovered that Ye Yang did not know how to use Primal Chaos Law’s power to control the empty beads before.

The hollow bead itself was almost repaired.

Now, the real formidable power of the hollow beads exploded, and the powerful suction made them all unstable, and each and everyone was drawn close.


“Damn it, get away!”

They waved the Primal Chaos Divine Artifact in their hands, and chopped the Chaos Energy column that was visible after one after another. The air column formed by absorbing power and absorbing chaos was slashed by them with Divine Item.

But the suction is not at all weakened.

They flew out crazy.

Then ignited chaos, compressed into a ball in front, and suddenly detonated.

The energy condensed by the chaotic compresses contains countless Law Fragments. Some Law Fragments are pieced together into a long chain of laws with corresponding Law Power. Some Law Fragments are chaotic, but they will impact other laws. Chain.

Once detonated, not only will Law Power explode, but also the terror shock caused by the destruction of the law chain.

Through this one after another impact, they quickly flew forward.

“Damn it, Ye Yang, you remember this deity!”

Several Chaos Divine Emperors roared, but all moved away quickly.

Ye Yang sneered: “You are, remember to the deity!”

I haven’t revealed this holiday yet, so I will revenge in the future.

However, this is not the time.

He could sense that Primal Chaos Abyss, and many coveted eyes, was shocked by the power Ye Ye showed before, so he didn’t come.

If Ye Yang is weaker and can barely get out of trouble, it is estimated that it is not 3 Chaos Gods, but 4 5 6 7 8 digits, and other Old Guys will also come across 100000000 million and 1 billion light years to seal Him.

But now, with such a strong performance, no Chaos Divine Emperor rushed to die.

“The stronger and older guy is not sensed, maybe there is no movement, maybe the sleep has not recovered, maybe it is too far away…” Ye Yang guessed.

Thoughts move, Ye Yang’s body flew out and merged with the outside incarnation.

At this time, neither the ancient palace nor the hollow beads were directly controlled by Ye Yang. But it is indirectly controlled, so that the 2 will not fall into the hands of any other gods.

The core of Ye Yang’s consciousness, all the power and will of the body, are all integrated with the incarnation here, and the other incarnations outside are all gathered together.

spirit willpower diffuses and quickly imprints into the void.

In an instant, he felt that his body became very large, like a huge air mass with a diameter of more than 10000 100000000 million kilometers.

“Sure enough… Absolute Control right!!”

Primal Chaos Qi in the range of 10000 100000000 kilometers, all broken laws and ordered chains of laws, all kinds of energy, are all under the control of His will. This 10000 100000000 million kilometers of Primal Chaos Qi seems to have become His body.

Moreover, it is 100000000 million 10000 times higher than the control of mortals on their own bodies. Just like the deity’s control of every divine force of himself.

There are a few Primal Chaos Qi that will suddenly lose control, but they are quickly brought into control. But this is the characteristic of chaos itself, caused by chaos and disorder in chaos. In any case, it has become stronger than before.

The divine sense force expands, instantaneously, extends beyond one light year, and then instantaneously, extends to ten light years, 100 light years, 1000 light years…

Time passed, ten or two hours. After 2 hours, Ye Yang’s will expanded to a diameter of 24 light years and a radius of 120,000 light years.

At this time, He sensed that his spirit willpower was already weak.

It can be extended to a distance of 120,000 light years in a straight line, but if you want to cover the whole range, only cover up to 1024 light years.

However, His Spiritual Imprint has firmly controlled the area with a diameter of 120,000 light years.

Without the elimination of His Spiritual Imprint, the chaos in this area cannot be controlled by other chaotic emperors. The chaos here can be called by Ye Yang at any time.

Of course, only the power within the area of ​​1024 light years can be fully Absolute Control. The larger scope is only indirect control.

“Really strong… It feels like I have a huge body with a diameter of more than 1000 light years, similar to the huge gaseous body of a sphere. Just one punch is enough to detonate a huge galaxy with a diameter of more than ten thousand light years.

“It’s not a means of resonance or vibration, but forcibly crushing it. If Primal Chaos Law’s power is used, Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse will be killed in no time.

“Unfortunately, only in this area can it be so powerful, and elsewhere it cannot be so powerful.”

Two hours passed after the time passed, Ye Yang condensed the chaos, forming each and everyone chaotic stars, floating in this area.

These chaotic stars are actually a kind of “matrix”, imprinted with his will, surrounded by these tens of thousands of light years, which can ensure that the will of other powerhouses cannot call the chaos here. Once the powerhouse’s will invades, Ye Yang will instantly sense it. You can resist even without Ye Yang’s shot.

“Empty bead, it is set here. As a Divine Item, whoever dares to come, destroy him.”

The hollow beads continue to absorb chaos, where it is easier to recover and become stronger than in the universe.

In the ancient palace in the early days, the gods under Ye Yang had maintained order. The gods can be teleported from outside, but they can’t see the situation outside the ancient palace in the beginning.

In this way, for 100 hours before and after, Ye Yang’s body finally condensed back into the ancient palace of the early days.

“This chaotic area will be my Absolute Domain in the future!

“The rules here, the chaos here, only listen to my will, my will here is Supreme.

“And in places other than 10000-1 light years, I can also project the will, call chaos over there, form a projection incarnation, or send chaos over. It’s just not as useful as chaos within the scope of this Absolute Domain.

“Here, the powerful laws dominate and cannot do whatever they want. Here, even other chaotic emperors cannot interfere.”

Ye Yang has the intuition that as his will grow stronger, the field will continue to expand in the future. You can even control this area to collide with other areas of Chaos God.

As long as this area is not destroyed, Ye Yang’s authority in Chaos World will not be weakened, and within the body divine force will not be weakened, and no matter what, it cannot fall below the level of Chaos God Emperor. Even if Divine Soul is damaged, the authority will not decline, at most the will will become weaker, but the battle strength will decline, but Life Level will not decline.

“No wonder those guys will come to suppress me. They will not allow new equalizers to appear. And, no real conflicts of interest can be seen now, but in the future, there will be great conflicts of interest that will surely be theirs. Archenemy.”

Clear comprehension arises in Ye Yang’s heart. When your own cultivation base becomes stronger, it will certainly threaten the authority of other Chaos Gods.

Therefore, if necessary, they will not give Ye Yang a smooth ascension, and Ye Yang will not want other Chaos Divine Emperor to ascend. When a new Chaos God Emperor is about to appear, Ye Yang will also stop it and weaken his authority.

Were weakened, it would be difficult to promote again.

“The other chaotic emperors, 100000000 million 10000 years, have not much improvement, but I am different, and there is a period of ascent. There is a great opportunity in the universe.”

Ye Yang thoughts move, the ancient palace moved back to the universe in the beginning, staying in the marginal area of ​​the universe, but still enveloped with a touch of chaos.

“By the way, those Chaos Divine Emperor, it is estimated that they will spread “rumors”, let the world gods know that I control Primal Chaos Law, become a Chaos deity, this is not good for me, you must deal with it first, and then go to study butterfly Source… Now let an incarnation stay with her in the past, the main energy is to find a solution to the “rumors” first…”

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