Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 842

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There are many ways to resolve rumors.

The most right way is to blame ~ ~ rumor.

Unfortunately, Ye Yang does not want to use this method.

Because this method is too passive.

Once it is suspected that Ye Yang owns Primal Chaos Law and has become a part of Chaos Divine Demon, it would be more difficult to wash white.

Not to mention that he is really a chaotic deity, even if he is not, how to wash it, how to use prophetic divine techniques to prove, there will be gods who do not believe this fact, just want to believe their own guesses.

Even more how, Ye Yang is the real Chaos God himself?

Therefore, only other methods can be used.

The most direct is to solve the rumor.

Before they spread the rumors, grab them and kill them.

This cannot be done by Ye Yang.

The current strength is not enough to capture several Chaos Divine Demon of Divinity Sovereign Level and kill them.

It is difficult for them to destroy Ye Yang, and in turn, Ye Yang wants to obliterate them, which is also extremely difficult. Unless the three guys foolishly ran out of chaos and entered the universe, then they can use a variety of Law Power full of order characteristics to suppress them and slowly wipe them out.

However, as long as they are hidden in chaos, only incarnation enters the universe. As long as the chaos is not extinguished, then their bodies are immortal, even if the incarnation is extinct many times.

“Think about it, only start by being strong.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mortal or a god. I’m always used to being’first-in-the-middle.’ I’ve passed various messages and rumors before these Chaos Divine Demon. After that, even if someone hears similar messages again, they will doubt it or not. “

Three Chaos Divine Demon, born in chaos, are more strongly rejected by the universe than Ye Yang.

Ye Yang was born in this universe, and there was an ancient palace in the early days to accumulate luck, and has never excessively destroyed the rules of this universe. Therefore, the rejection by the universe is not too strong.

Ye Yang can project consciousness at will and control the overwhelming majority of chaos in the universe. No matter where the chaos is, it may be condensed by his consciousness to form incarnation. This is a great advantage.

The three Chaos Divine Demon can’t do this. But it is possible to send several incarnations to break the chaos and break into the universe. Although the cultivation base will be weakened and severely suppressed, you can log in to “Universal Adventure”, create game characters, mix into the player group, and then spread Ye Yang’s bad words wantonly.

Spreading rumors and bad words does not require a too high cultivation base.

Cultivation base is weak and may not be valued, but if you spread more, there are more people who believe.

But it takes time.

Ye Yang is now about to make a time difference, to be ahead of them.

in this way……

But for a moment, Ye Yang’s conscious projection was everywhere in the universe, in a chaos, and gradually silhouetted Ye Yang incarnation’s silhouette.

Then, each and everyone incarnation flew outward.

Soon after, various videos, rumors, and information were disseminated.

According to legend, the owner of the Holy Palace is a Chaos Divine Demon. It is for this reason that he can be recognized by Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure in Chaos.

The origin of the Holy Night Palace is the same as that of the ancient palace and the empty beads in the early days. In the early days, ancient palaces and hollow beads were discovered among the lost galaxies. And the Holy Night Palace, escaped into chaos a long time ago, until not long ago, there was the influence of the Holy Night Palace to open this mysterious Supreme Treasure into the lost galaxy.

“It can be seen from this that the people of the Holy Night Palace are most likely to enter the chaos, find the Holy Night Palace in the chaos, and obtain recognition. However, if the god who entered the chaos stays in the chaos for a long time, If it is not engulfed by erosion, it will gradually transform its characteristics and become a part of the Chaos deity. The Lord of the Holy Palace is thus the Chaos Divine Demon. It even controls Primal Chaos Law.

“Recently, the chaos in the universe was controlled by the Holy Palace behind the scenes.

“They had been laid out in secret a long time ago, secretly controlling some gods whose body and incarnation were separated. Their actions and ambitions had long been exposed. This time, it is not impossible to manipulate the chaos of the universe in secret. It is just repetition. What they have done that’s all.”

This is a rumor about the Holy Night Palace.

Next, it is the god of cause and effect.

The god of cause and effect escapes into chaos and has the power of Primal Chaos Law. The so-called law of cause and effect is only his apparent disguise.

There are also rumors that Dongming Divine Monarch of the Eastern Pole League is one of Chaos Divine Demon.

Great Elder of Fengshen Association, some people suspect that he secretly contacted Chaos Divine Demon and joined forces in secret.

At the time of the siege of many ancient emperors of the ancient palace, some suspected that they had joined forces with Chaos Divine Demon. They are sure to join forces with the god of cause and effect, but it is a secret to join hands with Chaos Divine Demon.

There is also a heavy rumor that the 10000 Demon Emperor itself is Chaos Divine Demon, which controls Primal Chaos Law. Recently, there is a strange god incarnation who can control the Power of Primal Chaos and make troubles everywhere, that is, the incarnation of Demon Emperor of 10000 Yuan.

“Why can the 10000 Demon Emperor control the abyss world in many abyss areas? In the era when neither the Divine Emperor nor Divine Emperor was born, the 10000 Demon Emperor has always been exposed to the eyes of the gods. Moreover, his power was suppressed and rejected by the universe. Prove that the 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor is Chaos Divine Demon …… is the Primal Chaos Demon Emperor. The so-called 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor is nothing more than a false name.”

“What is the difference between the 10000 Demon Emperor and Primal Chaos Demon? The abyss contains endless chaos, and it is also engulfing the universe, and chaos is also eroding the universe. The two are different, but extremely similar. The 2 Demon Emperor is also very similar. It is also Primal Chaos Demon or Chaos Divine Emperor, which is too normal.”

In addition, there are also claims that the god of deceit controls which mutation law, the god of deceit is the incarnation of the law of chaos, and the ruler of chaos. Deity XX is the Destruction Ruler, and fights against the Lord of Light and Dark Ruler.

There is also a legend that Ye Yang actually mastered the law of immunity. Can be immune to the damage of many laws, so it was recognized by the ancient palace in the early days. Ye Yang might actually be the incarnation dominated by the law of immunity…

Wait, all kinds of rumors.

Some of them flowed into the ancient palace in the early days, and some were rumored outside.

During this time, the universe was chaotic, and there were too many rumors and information.

Therefore, not every rumor has a deity to carefully distinguish and use deduction to calculate. Even the deduction is not necessarily successful, and many powerhouses cannot directly calculate it. For example, the powerhouses of Divinity Sovereign Level are difficult to calculate. Even many Divine Kings are difficult to calculate.

Then there are a lot of jade pendant composed of “multi-sovereign aura interest”, a sub-divine item contains a variety of divine breath, enough to cover up many calculations.

This makes the gods have a suspicious look at all kinds of rumors in the universe.

Unless it is related to yourself, it will find a way to distinguish it carefully, otherwise, it will only be regarded as an interesting topic, just listen to it. It’s like a mortal listening to a short story after a meal.

“In this way, it’s interesting, seeing that they still made my rumor?” Ye Yang sneered.

I want to calculate Ye Yang too much.

With the obstruction of the ancient palace and the energy pool in it, Ye Yang’s affairs are difficult to be deduced. Therefore, he is not afraid of the power of the prophecy.

After Ye Yang spread a lot of rumors, he waited quietly.

Within a few days, there was news.

“It is said that Ye Yang Your Majesty is a Chaos God Emperor?”


“It has been confirmed by powerhouse that Ye Yang Your Majesty owns Primal Chaos Law and becomes a chaotic deity.”

“What a joke?”

Many deities do not believe it.

“If it is said that Ye Yang Your Majesty accidentally acquired the knowledge of Primal Chaos Law, the deity is a bit convinced. After all, the ancient palace included 10000, and Ye Yang Your Majesty also has hollow beads, and the income of the divine force crystal is very much, can It’s not surprising to buy some news. But if you say that Ye Yang Your Majesty is already Chaos God…hehe, I don’t believe it. Hearing this, I know this news is a lie.”

“Yeah. Ye Yang Your Majesty is powerful, but it is based on the ancient palace and other foreign objects. On its own cultivation base, how could it be impossible to reach the realm of God Emperor. The realm of God Emperor, It can’t be pushed up by the divine force.”

“If you say that Ye Yang Your Majesty suddenly becomes a mutated deity, that’s a little possible, but it can only be confirmed by a vision in the ancient palace at the beginning. Ye Yang Your Majesty cultivation base has arrived to the Divine Emperor… hehe.”

“Even with more resources and more crystallization of divine force, you can only push a new god to the realm of God. Ye Yang Your Majesty. How long will it take to be promoted to a god? This is not a secret. It was only a few years ago. A new god, not in the realm of God, now you say that he is already the emperor?”

The gods do not believe it.

Some gods suspect that Ye Yang has not yet reached the level of god. But some deities also boldly speculate that if Ye Yang has too many resources and is willing to waste, it is possible to forcibly pile up the cultivation base to the level of deity, but it will consume a lot and affect the foundation and affect the future development. .

“If you want to break through to God King from the level of God, it is not enough to rely on resources alone, and it is also not enough to realize by multiple laws.”

“There are mortals who are favored by the law of mutation, and the infinite resources of the law in the universe are enough to fight against the gods, or even stronger. Most of them are not even this level. Demi-God is blessed by the mutated Law Power , But the battle strength is comparable to Divine King. The Mist God is a common deity, which is blessed by the mutated Law Power, but it is equivalent to an ancient god that is slightly stronger than the ordinary God Emperor, an ancient powerful God Emperor level. Ye Yang Your Majesty takes No matter how much the resources are available, it is also impossible comparable to a kind of grand Law’s favor…”

All the gods said the same about Ye Yang’s identity as “chaotic god emperor”.

“Interesting… It seems that I have been concealing my strength and letting the gods think that my strength is all thanks to the ancient palace, which is useful.

“Even though the battle strength that was not inferior to Divine King has been exposed, but it was shocking, and there are traces of the power of the hollow beads and the ancient palace. So, it still makes people think that I only have this with the help of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure Strength. No one knows that my true cultivation base has reached the level of the emperor.

“That’s good… low-key.”

Ye Yang chuckled.

This “rumor” crisis has successfully survived.

However, the consumption of divine force crystal is very much.

Ye Yang “rumors” is the need for resources to disguise identity. This is just a small head. The real big head was the battle with the three Chaos Divine Demon before. At that time, to disguise all kinds of light and power fluctuations, the gods in the ancient ancient palace were all concealed, and it is not clear how the ancient palace was outside. Consume a lot.

If you want to one after another to hide the gods in the ancient palace of ancient times, it is extremely difficult, but if you only use divine force to isolate the internal induction of the ancient palace from the beginning, or mislead, this difficulty is less. With the function of ancient palace in the early days, it can be done by consuming a large amount of divine force crystal.

“This matter, for the time being.”

the other side……

Ye Yang’s other incarnation has already merged with Dieyuan.

A few days ago, when other incarnations were rumored, one of the incarnations had already rushed to meet.

He was very surprised when Heyuan sensed his cultivation progress. But he didn’t say much.

Ye Yang has become a chaotic god emperor and can easily mobilize chaos. A lot of chaos hangs around, in the middle is a chaotic Star Domain, and then inside, is where Butterfly Source and Ye Yang stay. This can completely avoid being discovered by other gods.

Unless a few emperors join forces to break in, or there is the power of the emperor war to blast this chaos, or there are rules to rule in, otherwise, impossible see the situation here.

Ye Yang made the butterfly source return to its original shape, with the cute appearance of 2 butterfly wings.

His incarnation observed and studied there for a few days, and it was quite rewarding and touching.

“The essence of the rule of law… well, I got a lot of information, a lot of clues. However, this is my observation of Butterfly’s body, and then, based on the information obtained, I conducted an exhaustive method and listed 100000000 million absolutely kinds of probability.

“Most of this information is false and useless. Next, we must continue to eliminate errors before we can finally know the truth and the secret of the rule of law.

“However, this is a big project. Observing the research slowly, it will take a long time, and it needs to cooperate with the body world and the large number of computers in Divine Kingdom.

“Plus that I became the chaotic god emperor, and it is estimated that all kinds of things will have a chance to make mistakes suddenly. But sometimes it will also’obviously use the wrong method but unexpectedly get a normal answer’, this kind of “chaos touch” information, It’s not good for me to analyze the essence of’rule of law’.”

After thinking for a long time, Ye Yang made a major decision.

Upon hearing his request, Dieyuan couldn’t help but widen her eyes: “What are you talking about? Do you want to be with me…?”

Ye Yang nodded: “Yes, I will temporarily deposit my consciousness on you, and temporarily replace your consciousness to control your body… Judging from this, what are the secrets in your body that belong to the Spiritual Plane effect, Which are the effects of material level and energy level.

“And then analyze, among the effects of the Spiritual Plane, which knot is controlled by your main consciousness, which is influenced by your subconscious. And the effects of the material level, which are Law Power and energy are in effect, which are routine Matter is working…”

Dieyuan’s face turned red, and she shook her head anxiously: “No, no, no!”

“Why not?” Ye Yang asked.

Butterfly source zhi zhi Um.

Owned by Ye Yang’s consciousness, equivalent to her secret, most of them were opened to Ye Yang. As long as his knowledge and wisdom reach a corresponding level, he can know all her secrets. Including some hidden ~ private for outsiders.

Moreover, this possessive process will allow both parties to merge part of their consciousness, which is a process of spiritual fusion and intersection, and the degree of intimacy is closer than that of the body. Even if only part of her consciousness merged, she felt embarrassed.

“Don’t forget, the vow you promised… If you don’t want to be sober and temporarily add to my consciousness, you can also take the initiative to be in a coma, but be careful not to let your power out of control, and don’t mess up your Law Power. It’s explosive, then that’s all right.” Ye Yang said.

Dieyuan bit his lower lip and hesitated for a long time.

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