Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 843

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Although hesitant, she had expected that this matter had to be promised.

The god vow has been made, as long as Ye Yang has a valid reason to cooperate with her, even if it is embarrassing, it is not a deliberate humiliation. Moreover, who makes her power the most scumbag among the known rules? Even if you want to fight against the oath, you can’t beat Ye Yang. Not to mention that Ye Yang has already broken through.

However, she was mentally prepared long before making an oath. At this time, she was only a little panicked, and she nodded her teeth and promised: “Come on.”

A huge force erupted from his body, and a large piece of the surrounding void was twisted, and the illusory shadow of countless butterfly girls could be seen vaguely flying.

Obviously not relying on the god of strength of Faith cultivation, there are actually countless butterflies surging around. Far away, I don’t know which starry sky many spirits and one after another planet Heaven and Earth will converge towards here.

Ye Yang is speechless.

Dieyuan stared at him for a while, then his face turned red, took a deep breath, settled, and the overflowing power converged: “Sorry, I’m too nervous.”

“I understand… try to be as empty as possible. Otherwise, once your will is condensed and repelled, my spirit willpower will forcefully repel it from you, and it will automatically counterattack because of the impact, which is not good for you and me. “” Ye Yang solemnly reminded.

The most worrying thing about possession is that the other party’s will is too strong and firm.

A strong spiritual lifeform who wants to possess an ordinary person may have problems. What’s more, Ye Yang wants to possess a ruler now?

The rule of law is itself the incarnation of one Law’s will, which is the embodiment of one Law’s will. The so-called body shell is just a carrier of the will to gather the energy of the void.

Speaking of the powerful spirit, this butterfly source is more powerful than Ye Yang.

However, she is strong in spirit and not strong enough in will. Spirit is “quantity” and will is “quality”. A strong spirit and a weak will, like a vast ocean, can annihilate many creatures, destroy boats and ships, and devour islands, but can’t stop the diving battleship made of steel essence hard iron into and out of the ocean.

And if it is a weak and firm and solid will, it can be broken like wood like stone and iron like steel. But even a strong piece of iron steel will be squashed deep in the sea.

But if the spirit is strong and the will is like steel, the vast ocean-like spirit, and the steel-like will, even if her battle strength in other aspects is weak, only the spirit willpower can crush the previous sword Sword God, Ye Yang didn’t dare to say that she had defeated her before she was promoted to breakthrough.

Although the breakthrough is now, but to be attached to her, still let her cooperate.

And Ye Yang must also empty out all miscellaneous thoughts, and the mind is empty. Nothing can be thought of, but otherwise it touches her resistance, Ye Yang’s spirit willpower conflicts with her, and both will be injured.

“Fortunately, my will is strong and strong, and I can converge my distractions. Otherwise, I am afraid that it is necessary for the ontology to find a way to enter the’sage state’, so this incarnation can calm down.”

Ye Yang turned his thoughts, and Dieyuan had closed her eyes for a while, and then slowly opened.

His eyes were clear, his emotions were calm, and there was no impurity in his eyes.

Ye Yang heart shivered with cold: “It really deserves to be the rule of the butterfly family’s way… The mind and mind are pure and natural, and it is easy to enter the ethereal.”

In this state, any Evil Thought in any nearby creature will be felt by her.

Ye Yang’s mind was calm, and the incarnation fluttered into a Chaos Aura.

All material and energy of this incarnation are scattered, but a spirit willpower is attached to the butterfly source. Her eyes gradually looked hazy.

Ye Yang’s mind moved slightly, and the spirit willpower of the body gradually shifted towards this side, and temporarily cut off the induction of other aspects of incarnation.

Then, in my heart, I suddenly felt that I had 2 huge wings on my back.

In the vast universe, there is a power that can’t tell the way, from the emptiness, from 2 huge soft wings pouring into the body.

Perceiving your body as if you have become a butterfly source, a body of a butterfly girl, feels wonderful.

Adapted a little bit, the consciousness settled in within the body.

Perceive cohesion, then gradually spread.

“Curious… It feels a bit similar to the chaos Divinity Sovereign Level when it stays in chaos…

“At that time, in the chaos, the will was imprinted in the void, creating an Absolute Domain, the Primal Chaos Domain void completely controlled by me. There, all the chaotic particles, such as the arms.

“Speak the law and follow it? No, not just speak the law, but read the law!

“When a single thought rises, the surrounding chaos will move with my will. Whatever I want, I can almost achieve it. It’s close to the “what you want”, and there is very little distance from the “what you want”.

“This is what I can do when I reach the Divinity Sovereign Level of Chaos, and the ontology stays in that Absolute Domain. Or I stayed in a small area condensed by my divine force in Divine Kingdom.

“Now this level of Chaos God Emperor, far away from Chaos outside Absolute Domain, although it can also be controlled, it is absolutely impossible to do the degree of “thinking with the law” and “thinking of things”.

“And Dieyuan’s body…has a similar instinct. It does not need her will control at all. With this body alone, it contains the mystery of the avenue and the Supreme authority of a certain rule!

“This body is created according to the power of the law she holds, and is the body that is most suitable for the “Butterfly” law. Therefore, without the blessing of will, you will be favored by the Law of Butterfly Road. Butterfly Law Resonates…”

Thinking of this, Ye Yang vaguely understood. I have to shape my own body in the future, and shape it to be able to resonate with chaos, but at the same time do not violate my own original intention, and have both.

The body of this butterfly source not only resonates with the law of Butterfly Dao, but also her longing for the beautiful things in her heart, as well as the love and favor of the Butterfly Girl family. The will and body of mind and soul are in perfect harmony with the law.

“Is this the rule of law?”

Did not explore her mental problems, just focused on this body.

Ye Yang’s perception touched slightly, allowing Dieyuan to release a little spiritual assistance.

Her Spiritual Fluctuation spreads out and extends, and Ye Yang’s induction also spreads along with it, and soon she sensed that in the vast universe, there are butterfly-like creatures that exist in the vast universe and feed on honey. Their weakness Will, can vaguely sense here.

It can focus on sensing any butterfly creature, including some butterfly girls and butterfly elves scattered around the universe that have not yet been annihilated in the distance, as well as various common butterflies and spirit butterflies that have not been born with wisdom. Even some energetic life scriptures composed of pure energy, such as light butterflies, such as fire butterflies, wind butterflies, etc., will be felt.

Even thoughts move can make those creatures obey orders.

Not forcibly command, but to influence those creatures from the subconscious mind.

The weaker the wisdom, the easier it is to interfere directly. Wisdom is strong and IQ is high-headed and calm, and the response speed will be slower. For example, it has obviously been affected and subconsciously accepted the influence here, but their brains will still think and come up with an idea that gives a “reasonable explanation” to their actions before they can do it.

However, there is no problem in controlling all butterfly life.

Moreover, there is an intuition in the midst that if the butterfly life is not extinct, then this butterfly source will not be completely extinct… but the power will be weakened.

Butterfly law is strong, she is strong, butterfly law is weak, she is weak.

The butterfly family has a firm will, and has “ethnic awareness” and “ethnic concept”. At the same time, it requires a strong “ethnic concept” to ensure her spirit willpower is strong.

Just like human beings, national thoughts and concepts of the country are strong and strong, but help each other. The country is strong. On the contrary, everyone is their own. If the concept of the country is weak and the concept of the nation is weak, it will not help each other.

Each and everyone’s consciousness of the butterfly family is equivalent to the spirit particles of this butterfly source. When they are mutually friendly and united, the will of butterfly source will unite as one. If their minds are loose and they will not help each other freely, or if they can play together and cannot face dangers and disasters together, then the will will be weak, and Will will be weak.

“No wonder this butterfly source rule dominates so weak…” Ye Yang flashed a clear comprehension.

And clearly know that once the Butterfly Clan in this universe is extinct, the Butterfly Road will no longer exist, this Law Power will no longer exist, and the Butterfly Source will also be destroyed. Even if new butterfly life is born in the future, it will take a long time to slowly produce new butterfly law, even if new rules dominate, it is no longer the source of the current butterfly.

Butterfly source, which is the spiritual willpower of the butterfly family, is also the incarnation of the civilization and culture of the butterfly family, and the incarnation of the highly intelligent butterfly girl.

Just like “Principles of Humanity ~ Dao”, if Human Race in the universe is extinct, then this rule will no longer exist.

Life in the universe disappears, the law of courage, the law of fear, the law of justice, Death Law, etc., these laws will also disappear.

Only Avenue and Origin are Inextinguishable Immortal with the universe. The rule, at least the acquired rule, cannot be done.

Innate laws, like Light Law, Dark Law, Fire Law, etc., are Undying and Inextinguishable. Even if the Universe Avenue cracks down, these laws will not be destroyed.

Compared with the law of the day after tomorrow, it is totally two different things.

Ye Yang’s Primal Chaos Law is also powerful, and this law will not be destroyed if the universe is not destroyed.

But it does not mean that Ye Yang is truly Undying and Inextinguishable. Because, His Divine Soul can not be destroyed, he will encounter too strong impact, but it will wipe out consciousness, memory, thoughts, emotions, equivalent to the computer hard disk is formatted.

Unless the strength is further promoted to the level dominated by Primal Chaos Law, then, as long as Primal Chaos Law is not extinguished, his will will never be destroyed, and eternity will last forever. But at that time, He will also be influenced by Primal Chaos Law. It is possible that his thinking will become a bit chaotic, and people may become more amused than some. The symptom is not obvious now, indicating that it is not fully integrated into the law of life, and Ye Yang has no real Inextinguishable Immortal.

“The way ahead is a little clear… But why is she not a’race god’, but a rule of law? Like the’beast god’ dragon god’ Phoenix god’ dwarf god’ elf The’God’ is nothing more than a racial god, not the rule of law.

“The god of race, as long as this race is not extinct, and no other new god of race emerges, this god of race will not die. Even if it falls, he can be resurrected. The core of consciousness can be resurrected. But if The race he cared for was destroyed, or other gods occupied his place, and then bombed him, he would perish.

“The rule of law is also similar, and the race is not destroyed, then Undying and Inextinguishable. Even if it falls, it can be resurrected. And it does not take long. The difference is that this person cannot be replaced, this person will not be like a priesthood god. Was snatched like that.

“In addition, the biggest difference… is the difference in Life Level!

“No matter how weak the butterfly source is, it can’t beat the ordinary Divine Emperor. Its life essence also surpasses the ordinary Divine Emperor. It is the same level of life as powerhouses such as Light Lord, Dark Ruler and Space Lord.

“What’s the difference between the two?”

Ye Yang feels that there is a “Butterfly Dao” and “Butterfly Dao Dao”, which are similar to the rule of “Human~ Dao”. The beast family in the universe is much more than the butterfly family, but I have not heard of “the way of the beast”, and the mention of “beast ~ road” will make people think that the wild beast has traveled.

“Is it related to civilization? Or what?”

It’s not just civilized consciousness.

There must be other special places.

Ye Yang’s spirit spreads outside, and communicates with the law of Butterfly Dao in the midst.

But it was found that unless Butterfly Source gave him the authority, otherwise, once out of the “possession” state, Ye Yang could no longer control any Butterfly Dao laws, and all the feelings now are useless.

This is an amazing discovery.

Based on this discovery, it is speculated that if the Light Lord banned Ye Yang from using Light Law, then any Light Law Power or Ye Yang would not be available. Similarly, if any other god in the universe is prohibited from using Light Law, no matter how powerful the light perception of other gods is, he cannot use the slightest Light Law Power.

At most, you can only follow the Light Law to mobilize the energy of some bright elements, but the power level is too low.

Other laws dominate, and may have similar powers.

“Awesome… I discovered a secret ruled by the law again. Well, if I became Chaos Controller, would I be able to prohibit all other Chaos Divine Demon from using Primal Chaos Law? Can chaotic forces even exclude them?”

Thinking hard.

Chaos Divine Demon is destined to be fierce.

In the universe, there is no Law Power dominated by laws, and the gods will also compete with each other. The two god emperors have the same law of life, that is not to support each other and help each other, but a dead enemy. The hostility between the “peers” who do business is many times stronger, and they are natural enemies. It is difficult to co-exist unless there is a corresponding rule of law to rule out the difference.

“Interesting… The battle of laws, the battle of highways, the battle of dominance…”

Ye Yang learned about the so-called Butterfly Law and soon became uninterested. There are too many useless things that cannot be integrated with other laws.

The key is how Butterfly Source controls this rule and how to become the master.

Consciousness and restraint, the structure, combination and sorting of the body of the butterfly source, from top to bottom, from inside to outside, every inch and every energy particle, are carefully and meticulously recorded, and a large amount of data continues to accumulate and a lot of information Keep gathering together to form a very, very, very large amount of information. Wait and then slowly calculate and slowly eliminate slowly sorting out.

At this moment, Ye Yang suddenly felt tired for a while.

The information read is too complex, a lot of useful and useless and repeated information has been collected, and the spirit willpower of the dignified Divinity Sovereign Level is disabled to support.

At this moment, all the precautions and precautions in my heart were completely dissipated and completely empty.

When the mind is empty, he vaguely feels that there is a very close spiritual body near him. 2 The crowd is crowded in a Sea of ​​Consciousness Space.

The knowledge of the sea is vast, but both spiritual consciousnesses are really strong.

2 The consciousnesses are unprepared, approaching easily and touching together.

But with only one touch, all kinds of memories, all kinds of thoughts, and all kinds of secret information are passed from Dieyuan’s consciousness.

Spiritual communication, part of Ye Yang’s spirit strength surged over, transformed into Butterfly source’s spirit, and part of her spirit flowed over to become Ye Yang’s spirit strength. Some memory fragments belonging to Ye Yang have also been transferred. Her silhouette is actually imprinted in the depth of the spirit here.

There is a feeling of closeness in my heart, as if I have known each other for countless years. A ray of beautiful thoughts, surging, the mind is rippling, an indescribable comfortable feeling emerged from the depths of the soul. This feels so strong that both he and Dieyuan are lost in the moment, as if the two spirits and consciousness will be completely fuse together in the next moment, as if they will not be separated from each other in the next moment.

“Not good !!”

Ye Yang’s heart shook, and the whole consciousness was separated from Dieyuan.

Chaos converged nearby, incarnation coagulated, Ye Yang gasped for a long time, and the breath of the body of the chaos was turbulent.

Dieyuan’s pretty face, Feifei, covered her chest with a hand, with a strong sense of shame on her face, and a huge wave of power continued to emerge from her body.

After a while, 2 talents barely settled and stabilized.


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