Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 844

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Ye Yang is about to speak.

That butterfly source also just said at the moment: “just now…”

2 people stopped.

Dieyuan’s pretty face was blushing, and the heartbeat was aggravated again.

Ye Yang laughed, said: “How did you feel just now?”


“It’s wonderful, I feel pretty good…Shall we try again?” Ye Yang said.

Dieyuan blushed and said: “You stop thinking!”

Ye Yang hehe smiled.

In fact, his spirit was shocked, and he has not yet recovered. Now it is impossible to let him possess again, or directly meet Divine Soul.

But seeing Dieyuan’s dignified law dominate, such a great beauty, so shy and annoyed, he couldn’t help but have a mischievous mind.

Dao: “Before, I don’t know who promised to say that I should serve me well.”

“You…you you!!!” Dieyuan’s eyes widened at a sudden, helpless.

“Also, make a pledge of God’s oath, no matter what I want to do, it can be…”

“You… God, God made it clear that you must not deliberately humiliate me.”

“Which is this humiliation? You must have felt comfortable just now? I can share your feelings at the moment of contact. This is called 2 heart-to-heart, well-behaved…” Ye Yang said.

Dieyuan bit her lower lip and didn’t hum.

“Or… continue?” Ye Yang asked with a smile.

Reach out and hold hands.

Dieyuan was startled and quickly backed away: “Wait, wait, you you…”

After panicking, I took a deep breath and said: “You, you have to give me time, I have to be mentally prepared.”

Ye Yang was surprised.

She really agreed.

But… an extra concubine at the controller level seems to be good.

However, the cause and effect of her body is not light, whether or not to turn her into his princess, this has to be considered carefully.

In addition, Ji Yan is also a problem.

Ye Yang has a smile on his face, and his thoughts turn quickly.

I was about to speak, and suddenly, I felt a very strong and powerful sword intent coming from afar. murderous intention fierce.

“Not good !!”

Ye Yang’s heart jumped and quickly rushed to Dieyuan. With a hand pull, she dragged her aside and let her hide behind her.

Then I turned my head and saw that, far away, a sword intent filled with dignified and positive atmosphere penetrated the void.

At a distance of several billion light years, you can see the sword light across the space.

Ye Yang was startled.

Just subconsciously, I thought of “King Sword God”. I thought that the guy had some insidious backhand. It suddenly appeared, and the sneak attack killed Dieyuan.

If you are not prepared and face the full attack of King Sword God, Dieyuan’s situation is very dangerous.

But Ye Yang is enough to stop it. Even if something goes wrong, it is just a problem with this incarnation. With the cultivation base of his dignified chaos Divinity Sovereign Level, even if the sword Sword God came with the Divine Item of the Ancient God Sovereign Divine Emperor, there were attacks that traced the cause and effect and traced the origin, and they all hurt him.

Therefore, it is this way to protect Dieyuan.

This made Dieyuan Fang’s heart tremble slightly… There was a hint of sweetness on Honghong’s face, which was obviously a bit misunderstood.

And Ye Yang’s attention has been completely attracted by the sword light.

“What kind of sword intent is that? The attack was actually a few billion light-years away from which the deity could sense the threat!” Ye Yang’s face dignified.

Could it be that the law of kendo has changed? This is the law of the day after tomorrow.

Thinking about …

Dieyuan quietly leaned close to Ye Yang’s back and stared into the distance through his shoulders, saying, “It seems to be a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.”

“Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure?”

“Well, in addition to mastering the strong Great Divinity of the mutated Law Power, or the powerful law dominates the shot, otherwise the impossible has such a huge and powerful sword intent. Even if the God Emperor Level exists, it will be impossible. If you don’t know Wrong, no matter where you stand in the universe, as long as it is not blocked by too thick dark matter and chaos, you can see this sword light sword intent.” That butterfly source said.

“Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure …”

Ye Yang thoughts move, an incarnation condensed in the distance and hurried towards that side.

Suddenly turned his head and said, “Do you know my identity?”

“En.” Butterfly source is nodded.

Even if I made a vow to follow Ye Yang, I still don’t know the true identity of Ye Yang.

But even if the identity is not clear, God’s oath restraint also has an effect. As the rule of law, her sense of perplexity also let her know that surrendering to Ye Yang is not a bad choice.

This perception is a hunch. For example, Ye Yang used to have a “whim” when he was a mortal, while Demi-God had a “divine perception”, and the gods had the power of fate and prophecy.

This butterfly source’s strength is insufficient, but life essence is dominated by the law, and the ability to foresee is stronger. On the other hand, the deity with insufficient strength has stronger life-saving ability and ability to predict danger. It is as if weak wild animals are more likely to predict danger than powerful ones.

Even if this butterfly source is not good at danger, its intuition and hunch are stronger than many rules.

Otherwise, it is impossible to easily make a vow to follow Ye Yang. I’ve already figured out a way. I want to try it even if I can’t slip away.

But the previous accidental Divine Soul touch was still under the special circumstances of possession. Both sides had an empty mind, equivalent to completely freeing their minds and opening their hearts. At that time, they obtained each other’s part of memory fragments.

The memory of the secret core is still not available, but some of the memory fragments on the surface are enough for her to confirm the identity of Ye Yang.

“Now the universe is too dangerous. Are you going to follow me into Chaos or follow me into the ancient palace at the beginning or continue to stay outside?” Ye Yang asked.

Dieyuan thought for a while and said, “How do you think it is safer?”

“Temporarily enter the ancient palace for the first time.” Ye Yang said.

If necessary, let her enter Ye Yang’s Divine Kingdom, better.

However, Ye Yang’s Divine Kingdom can’t accommodate her now. The forces are violent with each other, and the strong impact will hurt both sides and weaken their strength.

Moreover, Ye Yang has not studied the many secrets in her.

How to enter the dominance level, Ye Yang has not really figured it out yet.

impossible to study her ontology in the ancient palace in the beginning. Insecure in chaos, the Absolute Domain in chaos will conflict with her power like Divine Kingdom. Can only find a safe place in the universe.

“Ontology is secret, don’t reveal your identity, you stay in the designated place of the ancient palace in the beginning. Incarnation can go out. After a while, your ontology will come out.”

When you have figured out the true secret of the rule of law, it is not too late for Hou to play a golden house to keep one’s mistress.

Even more how, Ye Yang has a strong intuition that this butterfly source has very strong potential. It’s just not good at using it.

The rule of dignified dominates, how could it be so wasteful? There must be a way to develop her battle strength.


Afterwards, Butterfly’s body converged, the wings of the butterfly gathered back, and her body became the image of a woman wearing a light green gauze dress, and then shrouded in a hazy light, shuttling through the void to the ancient palace in the early days.

Ye Yang’s incarnation has already rushed to the Lost Galaxy.

“It’s absolutely unexpected that… The 3rd Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure actually appeared in the lost galaxy?!!!”

“An ancient palace, a hollow bead… originally thought there would only be other ancient Divine Item or ancient Divine Item fragments, but I didn’t expect… there will be a third Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure!”

“What is this sword, Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure?”

“Unclear, but this series of Divine Item is definitely the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure level.”

“Sword-shaped Divine Item born in chaos, shouldn’t there be much?”

“But 10000. This is the evolution of Heavenly God Artifact, and the strength reaches Innate Grade, reaching the level of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure? After all, before there is no creature, simply does not have a sword.”

“Nonsense, there is also a sword born in chaos. Chaos gave birth to many things that only appeared in later generations. It is said that it is the illusory shadow that captures the time, and then the power of chaos casts the things of later generations. So, the bell-shaped Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, ancient palace-shaped Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, sword-shaped Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure. If it is not to capture the illusory shadow of later generations, how can these structures and utensils that are obviously created by creatures be born in chaos? ?The innate laws may not contain these acquired things…”

Ye Yang was approaching. He heard some gods talking and communicating. It’s just that the topic was quickly distorted.

Many gods incarnation are mostly incarnations of the “cosmic adventure”, which are scattered. The strength of these incarnations is not strong enough. The really powerful ones are the incarnation and the ontology that the gods condensed themselves.

Those incarnation and ontology that are easy to expose their identity are hidden in the dark. Only the incarnation of those game characters are communicated.

Scattered scattered, divine sense communication, it is easy to intercept information by other gods.

Obviously it’s just divine sense sound transmission, but Ye Yang sounds like a mortal standing in the middle of the square and hearing someone talking and shouting at a distance, as long as you listen carefully, you can easily hear a clear distinction.

At this moment, I turned my head towards the lost galaxy and found a very horrifying scene.

Several powerhouses suspected of Divinity Sovereign Level are besieging a deity 800 light-years away near the Holy Palace.

The god, holding a long sword in his hand, condenses the sword energy and extends it to a length of several hundred light years. However, the light emitted was enough to cover small celestial bodies beyond 100 light years.

Only strong bodies, such as some massive stars, some black holes and neutron stars, white dwarfs, etc., will not be dissected by Jianguang.

However, the long sword was swung by the deity. If it was swept by sword energy, stars and black holes and neutron stars and the like would also be easily cut into two halves.

Within a radius of more than 600 light-years and a diameter of more than 1000 light-years, the area where the deity is located, all planets and all planets were cut and exploded.


The sword energy in the deity’s hand burst, countless small celestial bodies boom~ boom~ exploded, and a sword was swung away.

When the sword swept again, several nearby emperors were forced to retreat, and no one dared to brave his front.

The god waved his sword and chased down to several god emperors.

“That guy… how does it look so familiar?”

Ye Yang was shocked.

Because, this sword bearer’s breath and spirit strength fluctuate, which is too similar to the previous sword Sword God king.

I almost thought it was the back of Sword God, such as another incarnation, etc.

But looking closely, it is only extremely similar.

It is a Divine King who is trained by mortals all the way and is good at kendo.

The cultivation base may be slightly weaker than the previous sword Sword God, but its strength is much stronger than the previous sword Sword God.

It is estimated that by holding this chaotic Divine Sword, the power of Divine Sword is blessed, which greatly increases his own battle strength. Even if the Divine Sword’s sword energy is not used, it is just the power of Divine Sword’s blessing, and his fists are enough to shake the ordinary Divine Emperor.

With the benefit of Divine Sword, the horror Law Power contained in the sword energy can cut through the holy palace, which also belongs to the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, and can also retreat several god emperors to chase Killing Divine Sovereign.

Ye Yang saw that there was a blurry image in the sky. There, there was once a god emperor who was cut off, leaving behind a large group of divine blood and body fragments.

However, the Divine Emperor did not die, and successfully took away the residual body. Now a lot of light and images are left. Ye Yang can see what happened before.

In addition in the sky, there is also some blood of the emperor, broken bones of the emperor, and a huge white hole.

That was the head of a god emperor.

This head is constantly erupting with white light and fewer 7 colors of light. All kinds of Law Power form light training, surround around, and will not be scattered for a long time.

The void is distorted, forming a special ruins faintly.

Ordinary deities are afraid to approach.

It’s not even clear whether the god emperor really fell completely.

“There was a god emperor who was chopped… It is indeed Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.”

Ye Yang looked again and found that this lost galaxy destroyed many planets. Many of them were caused by the devouring of hollow beads before, and the gods forcibly “mined” and destroyed them.

There are also many territories that have disappeared.

For example, the previous dark god system, ruined extinguishing soul department, and Light God department, these are gone. The territories of other gods are also dilapidated. The pseudo Divine King of several great lines, as well as the gods, have nowhere to go.

There are many divine corpse floating in the void, but all are afterimages. The real divine corpse is destroyed, it is some remnant will, which induces the convergence of matter and energy, and forms the imitation of the god body. There is no divinity, but it is a rare good for mortals. For gods, it’s just waste.

This lost galaxy is tattered, the gravity field here is already unstable.

The core area of ​​the lost galaxy, the place where countless fiery stars condensed, where a huge gap was cut out, resulting in the turbulence of the gravity field here.

It is estimated that it won’t take long for the entire lost galaxy to collapse. However, the core area of ​​the galaxy is much larger than the mass of the outside world, and there will still be a lot of residue even if it disintegrates.

“It’s really terrifying… how long has it been, the battle made this look like this…”

Ye Yang gasped.

In the sky, you can also see the remains of Divine Crystal creatures, some broken divine force crystal fragments. Scattered pieces of Divine Item. Ancient Divine Item that was cut open.

“All made by the chaotic Divine Sword?”

“No, there may be some misfortunes created by the previous gods, but more of them were just created by the chaotic Divine Sword.”

Ye Yang thought, when he saw it, he saw that the sword was waving, and in the sky, numerous Space Crack appeared and destroyed.

Sword energy is only a few hundred light-years long, but with a sword stab, it can actually penetrate the space into the void, and then shuttle out from 100 light-years away, piercing a fleeing emperor.

“Terrifying… so kill Divine Item, so Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure… what kind of sword is that?”

Many gods are horrified and excited.

“So Divine Sword, by no means trifling a Divine King can control it. If it is used for defense, that’s all, so wantonly slaughter, there must be a lot of consumption…” The gods are playing bad ideas.

“The deity remembered it, it was Duanyu Sword!! When it was claimed to be intact and growing to the limit, it could cut off the universe with one sword! Legendary Xeon Killing Supreme Treasure, there was an accident that did not grow to the limit A taboo Divine Item!!!” A voice came suddenly.

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