Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 845

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“What? Duan Yujian… actually so good?”

“This name is too arrogant, but if formidable power is really so powerful, then…”

Some gods’ minds turned, and their eyes also followed, staring at the sword Primal Chaos Divine Artifact over there.

In the vast universe, one after another silhouette gradually emerged.

Some hidden sights gradually reveal different silhouettes.

Obviously, the previous war did not alarm too many real gangsters

Divine Emperor, the existence above Divine Emperor. For example, dominate half step and so on.

There are also laws governing you, and you will not be affected by the previous turmoil. Even some powerhouses might think that the previous battle was just an illusion or a trap created by them.

However, as soon as the three words of Duan Yujian came out, many bigwigs were shocked.

“Interesting… This Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, was actually born?”

“Absolutely did not expect…it still exists?”

“Broken Yujian, Broken Yujian…hehe, it will be broken first before the universe is broken, but a pity…but also an opportunity.”

“The complete Duanyu sword is not available to us, but the broken Duanyu sword can still make some ideas.”

Many hidden powerhouses that were not found before, each and everyone manifest. But even if it manifests, no one can find out where they are.

Ye Yang heard these comments faintly, and his heart moved and looked at him.

I saw the “Broken Yu Sword” in the big War Zone domain. It was really weird. It wasn’t powerful and looked carefully. I couldn’t see the clue.

With the powerful strength of Ye Yang, the incarnation, if not reminded, will not find the anomaly of the sword.

“Actually a Broken Sword? Broken Sword, Broken Universe, not yourself. Not that there is a broken word, this sword will break. But now, it is just a handful…it must be beaten by someone.”

What Ye Yang saw was a sword with a handle, but the body of the sword to the tip of the sword was just the energy. The real Divine Sword body has nowhere to go. It can be said that half of the sword’s body and tip have been disappeared, but it has not been born yet.

“Duan Yujian is claimed to be the supreme killer of Supreme Treasure. In many cases, the effect is more powerful than the ancient palace. But after all, it is not a defense of Supreme Treasure. It is more likely to be smashed than the ancient palace and the Holy Night Palace. Broken. So, broken is normal.

“This divine object must be jealous. I don’t know who broke it in the first place? It’s broken before it has grown to the extreme… Well, maybe, ancient palace in the beginning, can it be suppressed?”

Ye Yang is quite emotional.

In the beginning, ancient palace slowly left the edge of the universe and left the chaotic area.

If there is an opportunity, must use ancient palace to hold this sword.

Speaking of killing and slaughtering, ancient palace was not such a sword, but when it comes to strong defense, this sword is not as good as ancient palace. Before the ancient palace was chopped off, it should be able to suppress the sword. At worst, there is another Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.

The Sky Bead is the best at swallowing, but the killing effect is not weak. It is of the cream of the crop level. With the ancient palace in the beginning, maybe…

Right now, I saw that the sword of Duanyu waved, and a god emperor screamed, his body turned into two and a half, and flew out.

The violent force shattered the two shells.

Then, after 1.3 billion 9000 8 million light years away from the void, a blast broke apart, where a god emperor spit out blood, only a small half of the head was fleeing.

Look again at the place where the screams were just issued, just a large block of blood mist and disordered energy, and a set of Divine Armor.

“It’s actually fake… This ancient god emperor, let his powerful incarnation put on the defense Divine Armor, the strength is not worse than that of the god emperor body, but it was actually destroyed by the Duanyu sword. And the power also traces the cause and effect , Trace the origin along the silk of cause and effect, and shatter the body of the Divine Emperor?”

The Divine Emperor’s body was estimated to be a little slow. Absolutely did not expect that he would be so easily exploded, so he only had time to escape the small half of the head.

I didn’t see any Divine Item, I was afraid that other Divine Items would be smashed and broken.

In the sky there are some Divine Item fragments.

“So, as long as it is not the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure level, it may be broken by this broken Broken Sword?”

Ye Yang thought secretly.

In the universe, countless line of sight became dignified, staring firmly at the sword.

However, some eyes are real, but one is false.

Because in today’s universe, the laws are disordered, and some gods who are good at Illusion Technique have created some false sights and attracted the attention of other gods. It is also possible that their own bodies are hidden elsewhere.

“Fuck off !!”

That in the sky, the god holding Duanyu sword roared, and then split a god emperor, and the shield in the hand of the god emperor was split into two and a half.

At this moment, in the sky a big hand emerged out of thin air, grabbing at the Duanyu sword.

The entire space is frozen and compressed. All creatures in the entire space cannot move faster than 80 meters per second.

Ye Yang expression congeals, you can see that it is the hand of a God Emperor Level powerhouse. Because, there is a power in that palm that firmly locks the holder of the Duanyu sword. The ability to lock down cause and effect and trace back to the origin allows the gods to avoid and avoid. Unless you have the means to cut off cause and effect, you will be caught no matter how you avoid it.


The deity was irritated and fiercely cut off with a sword.

However, the sword only cut into the giant palm 30 meters deep, and could not go any further.

That big palm, but the size of millions and millions li.

trifling 30 metres, nothing.

“Hmph, Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, is not something you can master…” An ancient voice came.

But he heard the roar of the sword bearer.

boom! ! !

The whole body was broken.

The essence of the sword-holder’s strength and power, countless sword intents, the understanding and knowledge of various swordsmanship laws, all actually fuse into the sword.

A sword traverses the void.

Jianguang severed the giant hand.

37 100000000 9000 4 million light years away, there was a roar, a huge silhouette appeared out of thin air with a height of 800 zhang.

It was a hidden ancient Divine Emperor, but just stood up and was cut in half by a sword light that traced the cause and effect.

Divine Emperor is very powerful and has not yet fallen. However, a dark silhouette flew by, punching the Divine Emperor with a punch.

At this moment, the whole universe was slightly turbulent, a huge voice echoed in the universe, and a whimper was heard faintly.

Galaxies counted as 1000 100000000, livable planets counted as 1000000 100000000 100000000, boundless creatures, unable to bear sadness from the heart.

“Death has fallen…but scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, the kind of eradication that the source can’t resurrect!”

“It’s so cruel. Who is it? It’s so accurate. While taking advantage of Duan Yujian’s beheading the ancient Divine Emperor, he suddenly took a sneak attack and wiped it out.”

Inwardly shiver in the Divine Heart.

“Divine Emperor is down, there will be such a vision… Yes, God Emperor Level, consciousness should have been fused with the law. Not to mention all the fusion, at least the fusion is extremely deep. Even if it is not to the extent that the master controls the law It is also enough to resonate with Law Power in the universe. If his natal law is wind, the Wind Law of the entire universe will be affected by his death. If his natal law is chaos, the chaotic law of the entire universe will be affected by his The impact of decay. All sentient beings will have corresponding feelings.

“However, just now all sentient beings were sad, and I couldn’t see what the Divine Emperor’s life law is.”

Ye Yang’s thoughts turned, and suddenly he saw that numerous silhouettes flew out, each and everyone moved towards that Duanyu sword flew away.

The sword bearer fell.

It exploded a power that did not belong to its own control, consumed a huge amount of Duanyu sword, and absorbed the flesh and all strength of the sword bearer into the sword.

Even so, the outburst of formidable power only cut Divine Emperor into serious injuries from the air. Although it is a lot of consumption to trace the cause and effect, it also shows that the true formidable power of this sword has not exploded.

“Unfortunately… Divine King, the rule of swordsmanship, should have a chance to rise, no worse than any ruler. But unfortunately… Duan Yujian is injured and damaged, and every time it is used, it will consume huge power. And it will absorb and hold. The strength of the person is cited. If the cultivation base is insufficient and the strength is insufficient, it will naturally die.

“If Duan Yujian is complete, or has grown to the limit, then… well, the lack of strength of the holder is also impossible, and the anti-shock force will shock the holder.

“So, while killing Supreme Treasure is strong, it has extremely high requirements for the cultivation base. If the cultivation base is insufficient, it will not be able to play out, and even self-protection will not work. But defending Supreme Treasure is different…”

Ye Yang is somewhat fortunate that the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure he got at the beginning is of the defensive type. If it is of the killing type, although it can run across the galaxy and then cross the universe. But there are many powerhouses staring at.

Insufficient self-protection, even if the killing is powerful, what is the use?

Can you kill a strong enemy? If it is a large number of Divine Emperor long-range siege, full-range coverage attack, Duan Yujian may be fine, the holder will also hang.

If it is a defense of Supreme Treasure, although the counterattack is insufficient, it cannot be hung up with Divine Emperor, but they can’t help but get the protection of Supreme Treasure.

I have seen some mortal works called Great Desolate before, why the treasure defense of attribute can be called “Supreme Treasure”, but it is not possible to kill the logging category. This is the reason.

“If you play a game, the stronger the attacking power, the better, but in reality, the stronger the defense, the better…”

Ye Yang just turned these thoughts, but saw that many gods had moved towards the direction of Duan Yujian.

But at this moment, Duan Yujian suddenly shuddered, and the void collapsed. Various forces in the previous war quickly rushed towards it, and was absorbed by it and merged into the sword.

However, this devouring ability is far inferior to empty beads, or even some powerful “engulfed” deities. Compared with the devouring ability of Ye Yang, the Chaos Divine Emperor.

Duan Yujian took the opportunity to recover some, a large amount of impurities were repelled out, the sword body bloomed brilliantly. The direction of the blade is slightly adjusted.

In an instant, several millions light years.

Not Space Jump, not space shuttle, but extremely fast.

This is a trick, a spike beyond the limit. In a flash several million light years.

Where Duan Yujian flew, a god emperor, dozens of ordinary gods watching, and a powerhouse above a god emperor killed from afar were all penetrated.

I don’t know if it is the body, but these powerhouses are all exploded, in the void.

The law is turbulent, there is a crack of several millions light years left in the sword marks, within the range of 100000000 10000 light years around, space distortion, light distortion, gravity distortion, various phantom fantasy images, one after another More small and narrow Space Wormhole is born, rolling Black gas and gray gas flowed out of it.

“Sword Spirit? There is Sword Spirit?!!!”

“Sword Spirit’s Sword Spirit recovery?”

“No, it was the Divine King who was the sword sword just now. He was devoured by Sword of Sword and all the spirit and consciousness. He was not erased, but his consciousness was branded in the sword, and his Divine Soul consciousness became Artifact Spirit! “

Many powerhouses exclaimed.

In this case, Ye Yang is no stranger. At the beginning, He was also part of the consciousness, and became the Artifact Spirit of the ancient palace in the early days.

In the negative, there is also a small amount of Divine Soul, which became the Artifact Spirit of the hollow beads.

Now, Duan Yujian, it is unclear whether the sword itself has Artifact Spirit left, but the Divine King, which had been devoured by power, turned into a temporary Artifact Spirit, but it is certain.

“With Artifact Spirit’s Duanyu sword, it’s hard to deal with.”

“I’m afraid of a hair, Artifact Spirit also has strengths and weaknesses. As long as it is consumed, then Artifact Spirit can’t support it and will sleep.”

Some powerhouses are arguing and hesitating, but some people have already shot.

“Come to the deity!!”

A dark silhouette reached out.

The Duanyu sword buzzed loudly and vibrated in the sky, but was sucked by the powerful force and flew in the direction of the dark silhouette.

“Not good, it’s Dark Ruler!!”

“Dark Law’s will incarnation?”

“Does this rule dominate Undying and Inextinguishable? Does it coexist with the universe and is not afraid of Sword of Sword Yu? If you take this Sword of Sword Yu…”

“Absolutely can’t make him succeed!!”

Many powerhouses are terrified.

The Dark Ruler is now powerful and scary enough. If you get the Duanyu Sword again, will it be? equivalent to This sword has continuous power support. What if 10000 can be repaired? If it can grow to the limit. At that time, the universe can be cut open, and chaos can be reopened.

Not to mention that other laws dominate, even Universe Source, Universe Source, cut in half.

At the moment, many gods flew over there.

But if you look closely, you will find that even the light is blooming, and the light power in them is driven.

A plain hand is blooming white light, photographed from the dark moved towards the Dark Ruler.

Under the overwhelming mental pressure, Dark Ruler had to turn around and slam.

In 100000000 absolutely, the void is distorted, the nearby stars are bursting, destroyed in large quantities, turned into a large amount of darkness, and a large number of ordinary stars become rays of light like stars.

light and dark intertwined.

It was the bright master who had just started.

Taking advantage of this moment, Duan Yujian suddenly pulled out of the Dark Ruler.

With a bang, it traversed the void and broke through several large galaxies and shot into chaos.

“Haha, God is destined that this treasure is acquired by the deity!”

A huge voice came, a monster with three and a half heads and only half of the body but with 3 arms and one leg on the back, which emerged from the chaos.

This Chaos Divine Demon, with countless divine runes and moire patterns on his body, looks full of rage and chaos, and he grabs at the Duanyu sword with one hand.

However, the broken universe violently oscillated, sending 1000000 light-years away in a flash, and then shuttled into the universe in a flash, flying jets everywhere at a very high speed in the universe.

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