Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 846

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“Damn it, don’t run away!!”

The Chaos Divine Demon was furious and swiftly entered the universe, and the detective caught the sword.

An amazing thing happened.

One of his arms protruded into the void from here, but stretched out a few million light-years away and intercepted in front of Sword of Sword. Grab Duan Yujian.

However, at this instant, Duan Yujian gently adjusted the angle, deflection at an angle of approximately zero degrees, and within one hundred millionth of a second below, the chaotic giant palm had been cut through.

However, this is not over.

Many deities clearly saw that the big hand of Chaos Divine Demon quickly weakened when he passed through the void. A large number of Primal Chaos Qi spilled into the universe.

The arm in the space channel is weakening rapidly. Become smaller.

Moreover, his body in the universe is frantically overflowing Primal Chaos Qi.

On the surface, it looks black and billowy, and gray and misty, just like a great demon, it is very powerful and terrifying, but the real gods can see that the power of this Chaos Divine Demon is sharp dissipate.

The black gas and gray gas were not released by him. It was forced to overflow. Moreover, the overflowing power is difficult to control.

“This is… there is still such a situation?”

Ye Yang pupil light flashes, a little unbelievable.

Chaos Divine Demon, into the universe, the power in the body will be greatly lost?

Chaos Divine Demon will be rejected by Cosmic Avenue, which is expected.

Chaos Divine Demon’s power is mainly “disorder”, a small amount of order, and everything in the universe is mostly “order”, the two conflict. Chaos Divine Demon must be restrained when he comes in, which is also expected.

Chaos Divine Demon’s “qi luck” in the universe will become weak, even belong to “negative value”, and its probability is quite large, which has long been expected.

But I didn’t expect that there would be such a serious loss of power. The strength is declining rapidly. In a short moment, Ye Yang estimates that Chaos Divine Demon has weakened at least 100 of 5.

If you keep this decline, and stay a few more minutes, it is estimated that it is weak.

“Interesting… The deity wanted to give it a try!!”

Without going to deal with the Duan Yujian, Ye Yang only controlled one of his own incarnations, first condensed in chaos, and then shuttled into the universe.

It can be sensed that Primal Chaos Qi is rapidly diverging, but most of them can be barely controlled.

Another incarnation condensed in the Chaos Energy fog of the universe also converged to form the Chaos Divine Demon.

He failed to snatch Duan Yujian and was about to retreat into chaos, sensing Ye Yang incarnation’s attack, and he couldn’t help but be furious: “get lost!”

Countless fists blasted into the void at the same time.

Ye Yang’s incarnation manifested, and with a wave of his hand, the chaotic sword fell. There are also chaotic thunder, chaotic fire, and various attacks quickly falling down.

But the strength of the two sides is the same, and the attack on Chaos Divine Demon is not strong.

Chaos Divine Demon’s consciousness is mostly ignorance and IQ is not high. So I’m not good at using all kinds of power. However, after surviving too long, the accumulated experience and knowledge, after 100000000 million absolutely years, no matter how stupid Chaos Divine Demon, the fighting wisdom will not be weak.

On the fist, various violent and violent forces surged, and Ye Yang’s attack blasted.

In a flash, the two sides fought countless punches.

Countless sword lights Blade Qi are blooming, mad thunder and blazing lights and flames, and various innate Law Power surges, chaos evolves a variety of different attacks, but Ye Yang is actually at a disadvantage! !

“He is desperate, I have no desperate heart. I just came with 2 incarnations, did not condense all the power, but he did his best. He is the old Chaos Divine Demon, most likely the Chaos Divinity Sovereign Level, and I Is a newcomer…”

Therefore, although Ye Yang retreated, he was not surprised.

Suddenly thoughts move, the surrounding chaotic fog turned into a white piece, and the dark color faded.

The surroundings are still gray, but before it was black and gray, but now it is almost gray.

The Chaos Divine Demon quickly flew forward, but it circled, circled around a large circle with a diameter of about 1000 light years, and traversed space. It traversed several 10000 to 100000000 million kilometers at a time, and only 1 billion kilometers at a time. Occasionally They traveled several light years again.

However, no matter how you fly and how you cross, you still circle around within 1000 light years in diameter.

“Hmph, that kid escaped quite quickly, counted as his acquaintance!” The Chaos Divine Demon murmured, suddenly yawned, opened his mouth madly, and a large number of Primal Chaos Qi around him poured into him within the body, gray The mist was inhaled within the body.

Then, he was shocked.

He was going to sleep in the sky crouched down, but at this moment his eyes widened, looking towards 4 weeks, anger and murderous intention surging: “Actually, the deity is a fool? Abominable junior! The deity knows that you are a newcomer Chaos God Emperor, you get out of this deity!!! Damn it, trifling phantom…”

Mouth sucking, sucking the power of Primal Chaos Qi and psychedelic laws around. Both illusion and mental confusion are absorbed.

“Hehe, interesting, I was guessed… Chaos Divine Demon, the power is unstable, the will and the spirit are also unstable. Then, Illusion Technique and the power of the spirit class have a greater effect on them.

“Direct mental shock, I am afraid that it is difficult to hurt their powerful spirit willpower, but the inducing and misleading delusion-like means are enough to trick the guys with insufficient IQ. Even if the IQ is high, it is more than normal The deity is easier to play with.

“But the premise is that you must control Primal Chaos Law and use the power of chaos. The Illusion Technique and the like created by the power of chaos can infiltrate the spiritual guidance into them within the body. Using chaos as a medium to convey the spirit of illusion You can confuse them. If it is a pure illusion of Law Power, you cannot be confusing them.”

Knowing a major weakness of Chaos Divine Demon, Ye Yang was quite happy.

If, before dealing with the siege of 3 Chaos Divine Demon, Ye Yang knew this earlier, it would be much easier at that time.

Even, it is not impossible to guide those Chaos Divine Demon to attack each other and make big shots.

As for now… this eccentric Chaos Divine Demon has no other opponents, and with the Illusion Technique alone, Ye Yang feels that he can’t deal with him,

Chaos Divine Demon has an innate sense of crisis intuition, even if misled to make him attack and let him deliberately reveal weaknesses and be hit by Ye Yang, the success rate is not very high.

The point is, there must be other Chaos Divine Demon staring here in the chaos, Ye Yang does not want to expose too much now. Because, killing this Chaos Divine Demon will bring little benefit, and it will make other Chaos Divine Demon with the enemy, it is not a big deal.

Therefore, using the power of illusion to guide the Chaos Divine Demon moved towards Yuwai Primal Chaos Abyss to kill, leading him into the chaotic area, in the chaotic and violent chaos, it is difficult to divide East, South, West, North, It’s not easy to come back, and I won’t find the incarnation of Ye Yang.

When he finds Ye Yang’s stronghold in chaos, Ye Yang is not afraid of him.

“I finally got rid of this tasteless trouble… But why did He disappear so much in the universe? And my strength disappeared more slowly? Even after a certain amount of , It will no longer overflow.

“According to previous clues, the incarnation composed of chaos outside the universe dissipates power faster, and the incarnation composed of chaos inside the universe dissipates less power…”

Ye Yang vaguely guessed something.

“If I am right, the universe itself has greater rejection of things outside the universe. But the edge of the universe is expanding, and the universe itself is also absorbing the power of chaos outside the universe to enhance the universe itself.

“So, it is not a complete rejection, but a transformation.

“The chaos outside Yuyu is different from the chaos inside Yuyu. The difference is that Yuwai is more violent, and the order and rules are more disorderly. Moreover, it is estimated that there will be a special brand outside Yuyu, which has some hidden differences from Yuyu.

“In addition, my situation is special… is it because of the ancient palace in the early days? Is it because my ancient palace brought together the gods, equivalent to gathering luck? Or, is it because I was born from this universe? Or is it because of The gods in this universe were transformed by Primal Chaos Law? So are there special privileges?”

Ye Yang doesn’t know very well.

thoughts move, this incarnation dissipated.

Some powerful shrines that notice this situation, the rule of law, Uwai Chaos Divine Demon, etc., cannot track the whereabouts of Ye Yang’s body.

Ye Yang’s other incarnations are still staring at the Duanyu sword.

It was sloshing around in the universe, and it was shuttled from side to side for a while, and shuttled from side to side on the other side of the universe, and ran around everywhere.

Many gods chased and intercepted, but they did not catch up, nor did they succeed. Even, the number of times it can accurately predict its escape route is very small.

Ye Yang shook his head again and again: “This thing is not easy to take.”

In the early days, ancient palace was probably enough to suppress this thing. As long as the ancient palace suppressed it in the first place, and then there are supplementary hollow beads to complement, then the probability of conquering this broken Yu sword is not small.

However… its speed is too fast, too early ancient palace and empty beads are impossible to catch up.

If it had to escape, Ye Yang would have taken it for nothing.

Unless there are other powerful gods to help, but at least it is calculated that Divine King is at the top of the peak, and then holding a powerful Divine Item to help. Or a powerful ancient god emperor or a stronger existence. Only such a powerhouse can help Ye Yang.

Ye Yang’s current staff, the strongest have not reached God King Level, let alone the God Emperor level.

As for the gods in the ancient palace at the beginning? Only guests, although some are willing to accept “employment” and the like, Ye Yang is credible but they are.

So… for the time being, it really makes no difference with that Duanyu sword.

“That’s all, I was lucky, I lost my life. Now I have 2 Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, and I have Primal Chaos Law. I have been very lucky. No other gods have heard of a few Primordial Chaos. Supreme Treasure, in addition to Holy Night Palace, even if there is Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure will not leak out.

“In the universe, most creatures will love, Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure I hold, the number is the most? If you get one more, maybe the powerful creatures of the entire universe will be anxious and will join hands together It’s not good to come to repel the ancient palace in the early days and deal with the ancient palace in the early days.”

The rejection and suppression of several dozen emperors, not afraid, afraid of the rejection of many gods in the universe. Those gods may not be strong, but the number is large, and they are one of the main “customers” of ancient palaces in the early days. As long as you want to operate ancient palaces in the early days, you must pay attention to them.

“Unless you have a real grasp to win the Duanyu Sword, and you can control it and exert powerful battle strength, otherwise, you can’t shoot.”

If the crystal of divine force can support the operation of Duanyu Sword, if this sword can be ruled against the law in hand, it is indispensable. But if it can’t be done, Ye Yang thinks it’s better to be cautious.

“Quick, stop that Duanyu Sword!”

Divine sense of each and everyone divine creature in the universe burst into chaos.

Unfortunately, these clues are too messy. Some divine senses do not know true or false, and deliberately carrying deceptive information is possible. After all, the information in the present universe, a little further away, is difficult to judge the authenticity, and the power of the prophecy system is not accurate.

“Duan Yujian is strong, but consumes a lot of energy. Although there is Artifact Spirit in it, how long can it support? As long as I wait, I will be able to catch it. As long as it consumes almost the same power, it can’t support it, and it slows down. It’s my chance to wait!”

A god shouted blindly. Many gods who didn’t intend to shoot again, were attracted and continued to chase them.

“In the end, either the sword escaped, hid, or became weak and fell into the hands of these gods. However, the latter’s probability is relatively small. As for the anti-kill… before it recovered, impossible .”

Ye Yang thought, and surely saw that Duan Yujian flew near the 10000 Demon Emperor “Lao’s Nest” and flicked near the entrance of the abyss. Then, the big hand of 10000 Demon Emperor reached out and had not grasped Duan Yujian, It entered into chaos in the universe.

There, only Ye Yang incarnation can project past, there is no other Chaos Divine Demon.

However, in addition to chaos, there are also various messy amounts of Inner Strength. Therefore, Ye Yang incarnation’s role there is not great, not as great as elsewhere, and the range of sensing is limited.

Many gods chased the Sword of Sword of Yuyu, slashed into the chaos, and some guards were outside.

Ye Yang shook his head slightly: “It is estimated that it can’t be grasped. The divine object is obscure, as long as it can hide well, enough to shuttling through the void and escape to other Chaos Energy fog. How do the gods pursue it?”

I’m worried that this Divine Sword will be recovered one day in the future, and then, I don’t know how many gods are going to die.

Ye Yang only asked one incarnation to pay attention to this situation, and did not participate in the idea of ​​being too deep for the time being.

Other boiling incarnation, condensed one, and then merged with butterfly source again.

Her body has entered the ancient palace in the beginning, while incarnation is outside.

Incarnation returns to the shape of a body, a pair of beautiful butterfly wings flutter gently behind him, wearing only a apron, it looks not as bold as many swimsuit beauties on the beach, but in fact, it is more heart-shattering and difficult to hold. .

Ye Yang pondered for a while and suddenly said: “I think your strength needs to be improved.”

“Improve strength?”

“Um… than the improvement of strength, the deity thinks that you are more important, first keep yourself.”

Ye Yang does not think that this butterfly source temperament is pure and different from most deities. It is an object that can truly cooperate for a long time. If her strength improves, she is a good assistant. However, her situation is not very optimistic.

“Today, in the universe, how many butterfly clan creatures with wisdom?” Ye Yang asked.

When I was attached before, I could sense some, but it is not clear whether it is all.

“Not much, and many of them are continuously dying.” Dieyuan said.

Ye Yang said: “This is normal, even if it is a mortal on a planet, if there are several 1 billion people with an average lifespan of 80 years, there will be many mortal deaths every minute, but there are also new mortal births.”

“However, most of the wise butterflies in the universe are not too long in life, and they are not easy to be born. This is also that’s all. Now the butterflies in many places are being hunted. In 100 years, I am afraid it is really on the verge of extinction.” Dieyuan said.

100 years, it sounds like there is still a long time. But for the deity, it is extremely short-lived.

Even more how, before the extinction of the Wisdom Butterfly Clan, Butterfly’s strength was constantly weakened and weakened.

If she is weak, her authority decreases, if she is strong, her authority increases. Even if she does not use her power to fight against other gods, it is only used for research and observation, so that she is stronger as possible.

“Well, are you planning to help me and save the Butterfly Clan?” Butterfly source suddenly thought of something, and asked Ye Yang with some surprise, a little rejoicing and a little unbelievable.

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