Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 847

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“You are strong, that is, I am strong, if you can help you, of course I will help.” Ye Yang said.


“However, the next time you ask for possession, you must continue to cooperate.”

“Uh… yes.” Dieyuan hesitated for half a second, and then clenched her teeth nodded, adding a sentence: “Sure!”

Ye Yang said: “Your understanding of Butterfly Law and what you know, what you want to know, can the corresponding knowledge be condensed into a memory light group and give me a copy? I promise not to spread it. Of course, this is to study Butterflies are used to enhance the butterfly family.”

Ye Yang sees through, this butterfly source attaches great importance to the intelligent butterfly family, this kind of attention has exceeded the level of its own safety.

For example, there were some gods in the past who must rely on faith to survive. If they lack faith, they cannot survive. Therefore, he will attach great importance to his followers.

But if there is something else that guarantees that he will not die, then between himself and the believer, he must first choose his own interests. Keep your own interests first, and believers’ interests second.

However, some confused people will think heavier than believers.

Of course, from the perspective of the deity, it is confused, but from the perspective of mortals, it is great and loving.

Many legendary deities, even for mortals, innumerable living beings, even sacrifice themselves. I don’t know how many are true, but at least there are some.

From the standpoint of mortals, this deity regards his believer human beings as his own children, so that care is beyond his own interests and safety.

In the same way, the source of the butterfly ruled by the butterfly law may be because she was too enthralled to pay attention to the life and death of the butterfly family. It is easy to expose this shortcoming of her own. Ye Yang can easily threaten her to control her through the butterfly family. Although it is not used now.


Butterfly source nodded: “As long as it is useful for the development of the butterfly family, everything I know and understand can be given to you.”

“Butterfly Law will definitely have contact and contact with other Law Power. Although it may not be able to merge, but there should be conflicts. Can the corresponding data be given to me?” Ye Yang said.

“Yes.” Dieyuan didn’t hesitate.

“Okay, great!”

Ye Yang is pleased with 10000 points.

If these knowledge and corresponding data are obtained, then he estimates that by possessing this butterfly source at most 3 or 5 times, he must be able to figure out the true secret of the rule of law. From the promotion of breakthrough at the level of the emperor to the rule of law, all the knowledge barriers during the period will be cleared by oneself.

In the future, there will be no pauses and confusion. Even if it is difficult to promote, it is much better than no promotion. ,

“Although it is already the Chaos Divine Emperor, it is not safe enough. If one day, a real Chaos Controller suddenly appears, then the power of my Primal Chaos Law is almost abolished. It may even be by him Forcibly erase the cultivation base.

“With the ancient palace in the early days, I would not worry about being controlled, but he was never his opponent. At that time, if I didn’t want to be suppressed or abolished the power of the Divinity Sovereign Level of Chaos, I could only go around. Flex.

“Even more how, the battle of the avenue, the promotion of the new law into the avenue, will still affect me, and Chaos Divine Demon can’t avoid it.

“So, to be stronger, it is better to be stronger.”

Ye Yang remembers that there were 2 very old powerful existences who helped him before.

One is the giant tortoise, whose body occupies the interior of a small half of the planet. It is not clear what level of cultivation base is. The other party has not been exposed so far, and I don’t know where it was hidden. This guy mentioned that Ye Yang might be needed in the future.

Another mysterious powerhouse, not inferior to the giant tortoise, saved an incarnation of Ye Yang, forcibly sold good sales, and also mentioned the need to use Ye Yang’s help in the future. But that guy is still unexposed. At least they are all Divinity Sovereign Level, even stronger.

“Maybe, there will be more dangerous things that haven’t happened yet? As long as these two causes and effects haven’t ended, even if the thread of cause and effect has been cut, they will be renewed in the future. If this cause and effect is not resolved, it will eventually be a hidden danger.”

Ye Yang’s mind turned, and then Butterfly Source handed over a cluster of memories.

Ye Yang did not have any doubt, took it, quickly absorbed it, a large amount of memory fragments were acquired by the incarnation here, and then, re-replicated, with Ye Yang’s own insights, passed the information to the country of the body.

Even if there is a problem with this memory light group, it will not affect Ye Yang.

“Butterfly…Butterfly…so that’s how it is!!! No wonder there will be a butterfly!”

Ye Yang’s heart jumped.

How was Butterfly Law born?

speaking of which is still related to human beings.

Mankind is one of the protagonists of the universe.

Human Race is the most fortunate group of ordinary creatures in the universe.

After the birth of the universe, after Fiendgod, 100000000 million 10000 races were born, and the final audience was concerned about God. The one that was favored by the Invisible Avenue was Human Race.

Although other races also have blessed by heaven, the potential is not as good as the existing power compared to humans.

Even if it is in the form of a deity, it becomes a human figure, and it occupies the majority.

The power of the butterfly family can form a butterfly path, which is also related to human beings.

First, there were a large number of butterflies, which gave rise to the civilization of the butterfly family.

Civilized consciousness is the common thoughts and ideas shared by most members of the entire civilized race, the common world view of morality, and the corresponding knowledge and insights. It is composed of spirit willpower and ideas of countless butterfly creatures.

This kind of civilization consciousness may be promoted to an incense deity under special circumstances. Under the influence of the consciousness of the creatures of this race, it will be transformed from nothingness into reality and an acquired god made of spirit.

A deity much stronger than other acquired gods. There are many differences in essence from normal deities.

However, the civilization consciousness of the Butterfly clan also contains a large number of spirit willpower of humans and other creatures.

Countless years ago, a large number of butterfly families were discovered by humans and gods, and other born Spirit General butterflies are regarded as beautiful incarnation. Seen as a beautiful existence like flowers. However, the flower has no soul and consciousness, and no corresponding civilization.

Because humans and other creatures have a love for this wise butterfly family, there will be a lot of spiritual consciousness of the creatures pinned on this race.

In addition, the group consciousness of this race is relatively pure and the thought is pure.

Then, gradually, there are some inexplicable changes.

It is unclear whether there is the Butterfly Path first and then the Butterfly Source, or the Butterfly Source first and then the Butterfly Path, or both appear together.

In short, this law is not extinguished, the butterfly source is not extinguished. And the Butterfly Clan is immortal… To be precise, the Butterfly Clan civilization is not destroyed. Then, this butterfly source will remain conscious and will not perish.

“The birth process is very bizarre. Other civilizations want to repeat this method and evolve into one Law, which is almost impossible.

“People~ The law of Dao is blessed by heaven. The Law of Bee Path or some other special rare laws also have other circumstances. Almost all can’t be copied.

“The situation of Butterfly Law is clear.

“And I also know that the evolution of the Butterfly Clan civilization and the Law of the Butterfly Dao will also change with it… If one day, the Butterfly Clan civilization is very prosperous, and other intelligent civilizations in the entire universe are almost extinct, except for gods and the like. There is no other kind of civilization with wisdom, then Butterfly Road can become a new avenue! Become the origin of the universe.

“As long as it is within this cosmic era, the Butterfly Clan is a well-deserved protagonist in the universe. Butterfly’s strength and level will also be promoted to an incredible level.

“But it’s a pity… the difficulty is too great. Compared to my promotion to Chaos Controller, I’m afraid it’s more difficult.

“Compared with the suppression of other rules, it is more difficult to support the promotion of a rule to become one of the cosmic avenues.”

Ye Yang shook his head slightly and sighed.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong?” Dieyuan found out that Ye Yang’s condition was not right and asked quickly.

“Nothing, I just think it is difficult to revitalize the Butterfly Clan.” Ye Yang said.

Butterfly source said: “I know that most members of the butterfly family are not wise, not part of the butterfly civilization. Only a few butterflies have wisdom, which is a wise race. And all of them are pure in mind and pure. , The strength is not strong enough. And their beauty often attracts the covetment of other ordinary races. And the combination of other ordinary human races can not create a new intelligent butterfly family, so…”

Dieyuan thinks that the future is dark.

If it is a completely closed area and develops slowly, it is possible for the Butterfly Dao civilization to continue, and it may even develop quite brilliantly naturally.

However, now that this race has been discovered by the outside world, many butterfly creatures have been chased and killed, which is not good.

“Wisdom Butterfly clan, mostly butterfly girls, is not transformed from the promotion of insects like ordinary butterflies. It is the spirit flowers and spirits of between Heaven and Earth, the elven seeds condensed out, and then the butterfly girls are born, more like Flower elf.

“Birth is difficult, lack of strength…”

A lot of problems.

Ye Yang faintly sighed: “Take this deity to take a look, but the surviving butterfly girl.”

Shuttling through the void, came to a rather remote and unfamiliar galaxy.

Here, there is a lot of energy turbulence in the periphery, and there are discontinuous chaotic regions.

There are thousands of galaxies nearby, and the overwhelming majority are very barren, lifeless, not even the atmosphere. Like a death star.

Among these 1000 galaxies, there are dozens of galaxies with life, and some planets with life.

It can be said that it is equivalent to “hidden land of peace and prosperity” in the universe.

But as soon as he came in, Ye Yang felt the breath of some divine creatures.

Here, communicating with the outside world, there used to be a powerful passageway that allowed God Emperor to come in and out, and now it collapsed. Only the creatures under Demi-God and Demi-God can enter.

There are many divine creatures, chasing and killing the butterfly girl in these galaxies. Try to capture or directly kill.

However, the butterfly girl who was chased badly can sometimes communicate with the butterfly source, gain powerful blessings, increase the battle strength, and barely escape her life.

But there are many butterflies, scattered, and a lot of chasers, and they are also very scattered. Before the butterfly source was chased and killed by the king Sword God, he was controlled by Ye Yang and could not come back. I really have no time to save these butterfly girls.

Of course, there are a few planets that have been concealed, but there are many planets, and Butterfly Source has not intervened.

“Once I do it, it may attract the feeling of other rulers. Those rulers may not mind swallowing one Law’s conscious incarnation, there will be great benefits.” Dieyuan said.

Ye Yang ordered nodded.

I thought about it and said, “To increase your strength, you can greatly increase the number of these butterfly girls, and even spread to the entire universe, but this is not a good thing.”

“Well, I have considered it,” Dieyuan said.

Ye Yang said: “The strength is not enough, no matter how much the quantity is, it will be reduced to fish meat. It will become a “gourmet” in other spiritual eyes. If you win by quantity, many butterfly creatures are scattered in the universe. Improve your strength, but at the same time, the survival form of the Butterfly clan will change.

“No longer detached from the world, can no longer be pure in mind. It must rely on other races, and even continue to multiply and increase the number, to offset the amount of oppression and killing. Among the members of the Butterfly family, the more bullied too much.

“The minds and thoughts and survival methods of many Butterfly tribes will constitute a new civilization. Your spiritual and ideological consciousness will also be distorted and changed.”

Butterfly source is nodded.

If we say that the current butterfly source looks very attractive, it seems a bit “bad”. But in fact, the mind is pure, still very pure. But if the Butterfly Clan wins by quantity, and is famous for its large number and weak strength in the entire universe, it will be hunted down by other races, then Butterfly’s temperament will also become degraded.

It’s like an angel has become a woman who has lost her foot. The nature of power will even change.

Of course, this is a slow process that does not change at once, but it is an irreversible trend.

Dieyuan is still a bit of a brain. Even if he pays more attention to the Butterfly clan, in the case that the Butterfly clan can still retain a certain vitality, he has not rushed to take this step and fell for survival.

In fact, Ye Yang was not willing to fall into the Butterfly clan, which affected her.

“What should I do?” Dieyuan asked.

Ye Yang pondered for a while: “Quality wins.”

“Quality wins?”

“Oh, for gods, it is not difficult to create new lives, even new races. What if we create a brand new, powerful and beautiful butterfly family?” Ye Yang ask.

Butterfly source eyes shined.

“As long as you have enough strength, you can be beautiful and pure, pure mind and pure mind, and have the resources to enjoy luxury innocence. And if the strength is not good, if you want to survive, then there is no way to be beautiful, innocent. There can be no coveted beauty and everything.

“Butterfly is not only beautiful, there are many, and it has great benefits in being absorbed and swallowed by other creatures. Then, it is not strong, it will not work.” Ye Yang said.

Dieyuan said: “I think so too, but what kind of new butterfly family should be created? How strong can it be? A powerful race is not so easy to create.”

Ye Yang said: “It’s still like the young and innocent butterfly family, it is not strong enough. If it is a slightly flawed butterfly family, would you like to accept it?”

“What kind of butterfly family?”

“Chaotic Butterfly Clan!! By my power combined with your power. Perhaps, feasible.”


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