Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 848

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Ye Yang’s “chaotic god emperor” identity has concealed other gods, including many of his own men, but because of the previous “accident”, not at all concealed Butterfly Source.

At this point directly come out and say.

Ye Yang thought he would be shy and hesitated for a while, but absolutely did not expect, but she thought about pondering seriously, and then asked: “What are the characteristics of the Chaos Butterfly Clan? What characteristics do you want to create? What does our strength need? Can such a fusion create them?”

Ye Yang said: “The chaotic butterfly family with the power of chaos can naturally survive in chaos and can also survive in this universe. The biggest feature is its extremely strong survivability, no matter how harsh the environment is, it is better than others. Most creatures have stronger survivability.

“And, with a long enough lifespan, it is better to be as long as possible. In the end, no matter whether it is strong or not, at least the ability to escape is strong enough. If the ability to escape is not strong, then the battle strength is strong.

“As for the ability to reproduce, it cannot be too weak.

“Must have the above characteristics.”

The butterfly source pondered a little, eyes shined: “It sounds very good.”

If such new members of the Butterfly clan appear, if they are also classified as members of the Butterfly Dao civilization, as long as they do not completely wipe out the clan, can it be guaranteed that the Butterfly Dao will not be destroyed, so will the Butterfly Source be immortal?

This made her quite emotional.

“Maybe you can really try it.” Dieyuan said.

Ye Yang slightly nodded: “I have some expectations too.”

The created race needs the initial power provided by Ye Yang, the power controlled by Primal Chaos Law. So, will this race created in the end still be under the control of Ye Yang?

In their genes, in the initial brand of life, it is possible to set this race to maintain its loyalty to Ye Yang. However, once through learning and teaching, let them accept the butterfly civilization, ideological and cultural consciousness are all assimilated by the butterfly civilization. And, follow Butterfly Road, controlled by Butterfly Source. At that time, will it still be under the control of Ye Yang?

Will it be controlled by Butterfly Source and Ye Yang at the same time?

Apart from Ye Yang, can Chaos Divine Demon, who owns Primal Chaos Law, also control this race?

“And, I also want to conduct a test smoothly.” Ye Yang said.

“What test?”



“Well, the powerhouse above the Divine Emperor has the ability to trace causal attacks, and trace the origin through intangible causality. For example, to kill an ordinary god’s incarnation, even if the other side is separated by a very long distance, it can be traced back. Causal origin, ignoring the gap between the distance of space and the dimension of dimensionality, directly obliterates the opponent’s body. So, what about a race of creatures?” Ye Yang said.

Dieyuan’s face changed slightly.

“This method, tracing the cause and effect, and investigating the origin, then it is possible that if you start a mortal, you will trace the cause and effect to kill his grandfather and descendants together with the blood of the offshoot. As long as this method is strong enough. And if For a certain race, such as the golden-eyed monkey family of a certain galaxy, is it possible to kill a golden-eyed monkey to trace the causal eradication of the entire golden-eyed monkey?” Ye Yang said.

“It is possible to dominate the powerful laws. The Divine Emperor level generally does not have such a powerful means, unless it has a special curse class Supreme Treasure, or is in charge of cursing related abilities, and has a powerful auxiliary Divine Item “” Dieyuan said.

Ye Yang said: “The battle of the avenues should eventually become the battle of the masters? Will the battle between the rulers and masters of the law, if you slam it on you, you will give a member of the butterfly family behind you to Obliterate? Or, just find a butterfly family member, you can wipe out the same butterfly family members? Find several different butterfly family members, is it possible to trace the cause and effect, trace the original means , Ignoring the distance and destroying all the clan tribes? Even, through them, directly hurt you?”

According to Ye Yang, if the means of tracing cause and effect is powerful, then staring at a mortal believer, you can see the message of the deity that the mortal believer believes in. Can the force that traces cause and effect be able to attack the gods he believes in through this mortal believer? If the power is stronger, even the gods are destroyed?

Ye Yang has been able to trace the source of cause and effect, but it is only able to trace the information behind the thread of cause and effect. If you want to launch an attack through the thread of cause and effect, it is still not possible. If someone interrupts cause and effect, He cannot be traced back. Now I really want to do some implementations to find out.

“Retroactive causal attacks can be done… this is what I have always worried about the most.” Dieyuan frowned.

“So, a beautiful butterfly girl, or a member of a certain intelligent butterfly clan, was captured by other rules, then you don’t even need to know where you are, you can directly attack through the members of that race. You?” Ye Yang asked.

“Yes.” Dieyuan said.

Ye Yang is silent.

In this way, Dieyuan is really dangerous. Can you be seriously injured at any time? It will not be easy to say whether it will die or not, but it is impossible to say when the sudden injury suddenly burst.

“However, the cause and effect can be forcibly cut off. Moreover, although the causal thread is invisible and phaseless, it seems to be weak and can pass strong power, but in fact, different causal threads can carry different forces.

“The stronger the causal bond, such as love and hatred, the stronger, the stronger the power that can be carried. If the causal bond is weak, such as 2 human beings who have just met in a hurry, said a few words briefly, from then on No gratitude, no complaint, no love, no hate, no hatred, no connection, although it is considered to have cause and effect, but the silk of cause and effect can only carry the general curse power, not enough to carry too strong power.” Dieyuan said.

Ye Yang eyes shined: “Tell me carefully?”

“Well, first of all, the causal silk can carry different Law Power, but for the Law Div Attribute and the Law attribute such as the curse attribute and the causal attribute, the transmission effect is good, and the transmission effect to other forces is extremely poor. So it is generally passed Curse or spirit, locate the opponent through the thread of causality. If the opponent is weak, directly curse to kill, if the opponent is strong, extend the spirit to where the opponent is, and then mobilize Law Power near the opponent to carry out the bombing!” Butterfly source Road.

Ye Yang suddenly said: “It turns out that the retroactive causal attack… this is the case…”

Ye Yang thoughts move, in a chaotic area 1 billion light years away, a sudden and terrifying wave of power suddenly appeared.

His will projection can condense a chaotic incarnation there, but it does not condense, but directly ignites the chaos there and transforms it into a different Attribute Power explosion.

“Aerial attack, I can also… But this is Primal Chaos Law’s method, I can only do it in the area where the Chaos power is located. It is different from the attack that traces the cause and effect.”

One of his incarnations appeared on a mortal planet. At first glance, there were several Demi-Gods on this planet.

There are also some god-level players.

You can see some threads of cause and effect on Demi-God.

Ye Yang flicked his fingers, and invisible power poured into the silk of cause and effect.

But in an instant, the causal thread broke down, and then quickly re-solidified. Ye Yang’s force could not be traced back and forth along the causal thread.

“No, it seems that there are special skills… If it is the direct positioning of the causal thread, and then split open space to transmit power in the past, this is also a retrospective of the cause and effect of the attack, but it is too rough. If you encounter some space blockage area, you can’t tear Space transmits power in the past, what should we do? The power is transmitted along the causal thread, the spirit flows countercurrently along the causal thread, and then controls the power of the source of causality of a thread of causal thread. This can bypass the space barrier and bypass all kinds of Restricted areas and closures. This is the advantage of tracing cause and effect. It is much more ingenious than causal positioning and then spending power to break through the space for transmission…”

Ye Yang was thinking, and Butterfly source said again: “Some powerful masters are said to use other Law Power to temporarily strengthen a causal thread, enhance causal bondage, and then launch an attack. But I have never seen it. Well, good at the law of causation. Gods, gods like the Law of Fate, or some variant gods, may be able to do it. But I can’t, I’m not good at it.”

Ye Yang nodded.

She is not good at it, then there is nothing in-depth to teach Ye Yang.

“Go to the edge of chaos first… By the way, can you enter the chaos?” Ye Yang said.

“Yes, but there are a lot of Chaos Divine Demon and various chaotic species. Some chaotic creatures, although not Fiendgod, are not weaker than Chaos Divine Demon, are they dangerous?”

“Relax, there is the Absolute Domain that belongs to me completely, and the chaotic area is completely under the control of the deity.” Ye Yang proudly said.

Butterfly source nodded said nothing.

Ye Yang looked at the butterflies in this galaxy and found that there are too many types and too many of them.

For Dieyuan, these numbers are very few, far inferior to the Human Race in the universe and other large numbers of intelligent races, and are already in danger of genocide. But for Ye Yang, it was so large that he could not fully gather asylum.

impossible to protect them all, in order to prevent powerhouse from tracing them back and forth and attacking the butterfly source.

“Each powerful butterfly race needs some. Choose some to come over and bring it to chaos to study.” Ye Yang said.

“Okay.” Dieyuan had no objections at all.

With a wave of your hand, there will be different forms of wisdom butterfly life of each and everyone.

For example, the butterfly girl mentioned earlier. She has a beautiful image of a woman, wearing rare clothes, and behind her are two pairs of beautiful butterfly wings.

The clothing on them is mostly made of energy, or simply a natural film. Derivatives of its own. Moreover, these butterfly females all look like females, and there is no such thing as a “male butterfly” that looks like a male creature.

There are many types of butterflies, such as different hair colors and different eye colors. There are also different patterns of the wings on the back, etc. For example, some butterfly wings are extremely gorgeous, and the butterfly girl’s temperament is also relatively pure. Some butterfly wings have pupil-like textures, while the butterfly’s temperament is a bit enchanting and evil.

This can be divided into many categories, but in Ye Yang’s eyes, it can only be regarded as a category. Choose up to several different ones.

In addition, there are some with 6 wings and 8 with wings and antennae on the head without ears. These half-human and half-butterfly life forms are similar.

But some are special. For example, a butterfly with 7 colors of light blooming through the energy that can shuttle through the universe.

For example, the whole body is red, but the golden light spots are constantly overflowing, and the butterfly is born with a weak space-time travel power.

For example, certain natural powers can manipulate special Law Power to form illusion illusions, some natural powers can become larger and smaller, and some have the spirit strength of bystanders. Ye Yang has collected some of these special energy butterflies.

There are usually those that look like butterflies, but they can be transformed into human beings without wings. There is also a Void Insect that usually looks like a Void Insect. It will create a “cocoon of space and time” in the interdimensional space. .

Those who do not have a powerful special ability, nor those who are wise, do not accept them. You must have special ability or wisdom to charge.

“Okay, start!”

With a wave of his hand, Ye Yang condensed the butterfly-clan creatures sealed in the town into a temporary space cage formed by Space Law, earning this incarnation within the body.

“Wait!” Dieyuan suddenly stopped him.


“I seem to have found… the rule is dominating the war.” Dieyuan said.

“That level of powerhouse wars has nothing to do with us. We can’t intervene.” Ye Yang said.

“No, it looks like a ruler is chasing a very weak ruler, not much stronger than me…”

“Huh?” Ye Yang was shocked: “In the universe, there is still a rule dominated by your strength?”

Dieyuan’s face turned red: “Are your strengths based on this deity at the bottom of the rules of the universe?”

Ye Yang is speechless.

Be regarded as the default.

There are many kinds of laws in the universe. But the overwhelming majority rules are all branches of stronger rules.

Want to have the law of will, and condense the law of will incarnation, easier said than done?

Only some laws that are inherently powerful and do not exist for a long time are possible to condense the rule of incarnation and rule the rule of incarnation.

For example, Light Law… For countless years, even in the world without Light God, mortals would believe in light and worship the light. It can even sort out the characteristics of the light-related power, and equivalent to have a certain understanding and research on Light Law.

The will of all beings merges with Void Light Law, or is absorbed by Light Law.

Well, even if there was no Light Law dominance before, after countless years, it may make Light Law conscious and give birth to Light Law dominance.

What about other rules? How can there be such a condition of blessed by heaven?

Unless there is a powerful deity once, cultivation has reached the level of rule of law, and the incomplete part of the universe is “combined”, but instead of becoming a avenue, it becomes one Law in the universe. Awakened…but the god who cultivated like that might have stronger strength.

It is completely different from the half-bucket of water in this butterfly source.

“I really felt…Forget it, that powerful ruler is dangerous…” Dieyuan shook her head.

“Wait, you tell me, where is it probably? You don’t want to go over and avoid being stared. But I can send another incarnation to see it. We’ll hide it into chaos first, to ensure you won’t be caught I traced the cause and effect to find it, and my incarnation went to see it.” Ye Yang said.

Received a butterfly source, and he was interested in another ruler who was said to be less powerful than butterfly source.

“Maybe I can conquer another ruler?”

Although the probability is not great, Ye Yang still thinks about being unable to bear.

“Probably there…” Butterfly source pointed to a certain position of the universe in the sky.

White and flawless fingertips bloom a little rays of light, condensing into a galaxy like stars. This picture looks like a snail carrying a shell just showing a head.

This “snail” galaxy looks very vivid.

“Well, okay, let’s rush to chaos on the one hand, and inquire about the news on the other, let my other incarnation see it.”

Ye Yang couldn’t hide his curiosity, and quickly condensed another incarnation, and hurried towards there.

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