Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 849

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Soon, Ye Yang came to the location pointed by Dieyuan.

However, the situation here is different from before.

A large group of very dark things enveloped most of the galaxy.

What used to look like a huge snail, a starry sky snail figure made up of countless stars, is now largely covered by the power of black.

“Dark Ruler? No, it’s a bit suspicious of swallowing the master… No, it’s a mutant god!!!”

Ye Yang affirmed that there must be a god who masters the law of mutation, and it is probably a god who devours the law.

The mutant gods are not as powerful as the ruler, at least not as long as the life-saving ability, and the Life Level is also lower than the ruler, but the battle strength is not as inferior as the ruler. It may even be stronger than the rule of law.

In front of me, the whole void was enveloped by the mutated engulfing law.

“Do you want to engulf the entire galaxy? Unlike… The law of engulfing is stronger, and it must be digested to supplement, impossible indefinitely, otherwise, while the universe is in chaos, each and everyone engulf the galaxy, then the entire universe has May be swallowed up.”

Ye Yang thought, and flew around the galaxy at high speed.

Looking at the huge black area with a diameter of 10000 light years formed by the darkness.

No entry was found.

After pondering for 2 seconds, preparing to forcibly break through a gap, I saw a black silhouette emerge.

A young man exuding black strange and unclear breath, standing in the void in front of him.

He had a black robe and long hair fluttering with the energy.

The body was still covered with a faint gray breath, and the space around him was twisted from time to time, and suddenly a crack formed out of thin air and dissipated out of thin air.

“It is forbidden to enter here.” The man stared at Ye Yang coldly.

2 eyes, extremely deep.

The image quality looks similar to Dark Ruler has several points of.

“Isn’t it under your control? This snail galaxy…” Ye Yang said.

But halfway through the speech, the man said coldly: “Now, it’s the deity!”

“Your?” Ye Yang sneered.

“The land of no lord, whoever occupies first will get.”

“Who says this is a land of no ownership?”

“Under the Divine Emperor, there is no right to control a galaxy. Without Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse, it is a land without a master.” The god stared at Ye Yang.

Apparently, Ye Yang is an incarnation of Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse.

Of course, I can’t recognize Ye Yang’s true identity, and I don’t know what Law Power Ye Yang controls, but it’s Divinity Sovereign Level.

The gods of mutations, as long as their cultivation base is not too bad, their strength is stronger than many Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse. But the emperor is often old. Since the last space war, after many many years, I have never heard of any gods promoted to emperor.

Therefore, the Divine Emperor often has a very deep background, and he may have any hidden backhand.

Recently, there are mutant gods constantly appearing. If anyone is favored by the law and suddenly promoted to the emperor, it is also possible, but such a guy, with good luck and favored by the law, will also be quite troublesome to deal with.

This black robed man doesn’t want to shoot outside the festival. Before resolving the matter here, I don’t want to offend another god emperor.

“Therefore, as long as the gods of the Divine Emperor level see that they are not occupied by other Divine Emperors, they can be encircled as a territory and forcibly occupied?” Ye Yang asked.

“Yes,” the black clothed man said.

Ye Yang sneered and was about to speak, and the man said again: “In the present universe, there are still many landless areas. This place has been occupied by the deity. Foreigners are not welcome. If you don’t want to misunderstand, please leave quickly.”

Ye Yang is speechless.

Quite hesitant.

The man in front of him is just an incarnation that’s all a mutated deity.

If you forcibly break through, the other party may not be able to stop Ye Yang.

However, after entering this dark area, Ye Yang may not be able to block the other party’s body, it is estimated that there is no good thing to grab.

Moreover, it is unreasonable to be so aggressive.

At this moment, in the sky, a silhouette came.

Ye Yang glanced sideways and saw a seemingly ordinary deity appearing here, also an image of a young man, but as soon as he appeared in the sky, the surrounding space quickly became violent and disordered.

“The God of Rage… Mutated Rage Law? This is the acquired law, but even if the acquired law is blessed to one god, his strength is not weak. The same is Divinity Sovereign Level.” Ye Yang thought.

“Open ban!” the violent god said coldly.

The devouring god stared at him coldly, silently.

At this moment, the right hand of the violent god slowly stretched out, the dark twisted power gathered in the palm, a variety of Law Power was condensed in the universe’s void, and the laws of Darkness and Light and cold air were converged in it. , Forming a mass of energy filled with violent twisting power.

“What do you want to do?” coldly said the devouring god.

“The deity does not talk nonsense with you, open the ban, otherwise, war!” The voice of the violent god was cold. The name is violent, not only its temperament is not violent, but cold, a very calm look, but the power is violent, the laws of palm cohesion, a variety of confusion, a large number of laws break down, resulting in extremely strong power.

Although it is not chaos, it is similar to chaos.

“Ha, are you going to fight? The deity is still afraid that you will not succeed?” The devouring god was furious.

But the snail galaxy twitched abruptly.

The huge dark-black spherical protective cover exploded with a bang, and turned into a large amount of dark mist to dissipate.

A haze of mist, still devouring light, devouring light, devouring rays in the universe, devouring heat, devouring energy, space, and Law Power.

But there is a thin part between the fog and the fog, and you can see faintly that many stars in this snail galaxy have disappeared.

A piece of Star Domain in the galaxy, the body of the devouring god stands, and dozens of incarnations are differentiated nearby.

Two other gods were surrounded by his incarnation.

One of the deities, at first glance, looked like a group of slimes, constantly twisting and changing, and the image was not fixed. The nearby space is twisting and changing with His body.

Ye Yang just glanced at it and felt that there was nodded dizziness and nausea, and it was difficult for dignified Divinity Sovereign Level to look directly at this group of twisted things.

It doesn’t look like a god of Divine Attribute, it doesn’t look like a god of soul, it doesn’t emit a special spiritual wave, but after reading it, it feels weird. Uncomfortable. I don’t know what the god is.

However, this deity’s power gave Ye Yang a sense of familiarity.

“Master… is a ruler! His power has something special, plus the ruler is a higher level of life than the Divine Emperor, so I can’t look directly!” Ye Yang guessed.

If it is not the rule of law, then whether it is Divine Emperor or the ancient Divine Emperor, the half-step ruler, or the powerful mutant god, will not make Ye Yang difficult to look directly at.

Regardless of ordinary gods, gods, gods, Divine King, Divine Emperor, Divine Emperor, all are the same kind of Life Level. Even if the strength gap is too far, it is the same level of life.

Like the peerless martial arts expert and the newborn baby, the gap in strength is huge, but it is still the life of the same level.

But the rule of law, and the Divine Emperor, are never the same Life Level.


Ye Yang looked towards the twisted weird deity. There is a beautiful woman with long hair like a waterfall and thin clothes. Her skin is white, but she looks hazy and can’t see clearly. Obviously can not see clearly, but feel extremely beautiful.

Moreover, in the void of the universe, there is no air to spread, Ye Yang has a feeling of “very delicious and delicious”, staring at the woman, actually unable to bear the index finger moved.

Frightened, quickly looked away.

“Crazy, I didn’t devour hobby at all. I never eat gods with wisdom. And it’s possible to see the beauty and have another urge to’eat’. It’s also true for male gods in some ways. It’s about the same as a man. However, it feels like you have an empty stomach and want to eat. This is not right.”

Ye Yang can be sure that the woman’s Law Power is weird!

And, most likely, she is also a ruler.

Here, there are 2 rules ruled all the time, not one!

Even more bizarre is that the two rulers actually joined forces, which has not been seen before. Even more bizarre is that they have joined forces and seem to be suppressed by a trifling devouring god.

“2 weak slags… strange goods! If you get them, study them, and compare them with the information and data of Dieyuan, then…the benefits are great. For the many mysteries ruled by the law, it is likely to be solved…”

Ye Yang’s heart shook.

At this moment, the violent god rushed forward in a flash.

The violent power around me.

A plume of black devouring mist came, devouring his overflowing power, no matter what Law Power devoured.

However, the other laws and engulfing laws are Law Power, which are equal. There are strengths and weaknesses, but not at all levels. Too many other forces, the law of engulfment is impossible, and it engulfs it all at once.

A large amount of black mist was repelled, and the violent god traversed several thousand light years in an instant.

The incarnation of the devouring god ushered in, but he flew out with a punch.

The speed increased dramatically, killing the body of the devouring god.

“Why not come, join the town?”

The furious god threw a punch at the devouring god, and at the same time the divine sense sound transmission went to Ye Yang.

At this time, the two weak rules ruled, and turned around to differentiate into numerous phantoms, both true and false, and moved towards different directions to escape.

The punch of the devouring god and the god of rage.

The powerful force blasted the Devouring God, but the power of the Raging God was also swallowed by the opponent, and his fists were also burst by various violent Law Power.

The two sides are equally divided.

Just about to fight again, the devouring god said: “Stop them first!”

Instantly differentiated one after another incarnation, and respectively stopped the two weak slag masters who fled, and said at the same time: “Your purpose should also come for them? Will you want to see them escape?”

The God of Rage was actually very calm. Instead of rushing to the God of Devouring, he also divided one after another incarnation to stop the two weak slag masters who fled.

At this moment, Ye Yang felt that he smelled a faint fragrance, like a kind of floral fragrance, but it produced the feeling of “this kind of flower is delicious”, and at the same time it was slightly dizzy.

With a wave of his hand, a Primal Chaos Qi gushed out, and all the laws around him broke down, from the orderly Law Power to the invisible Law Fragment, and together, they formed chaos, or something similar to chaos, A lot of mixing together.

Chaos covers this area.

In the sky, two figures appeared, turned out to be the two weak slag masters, and they were flying towards here with stealth.

I don’t know if it’s an ontology or an incarnation. It’s enveloped by Primal Chaos Qi transformed by Ye Yang’s Primal Chaos Law.

“Chaotic power?”

“Chaos Divine Demon?”

It was not the two masters, nor the gods of violent and devouring, but the other two emperors, who exclaimed.

I don’t know when, several incarnations of Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse come and go from the void.

They are not game characters incarnation, but the cause and effect of these incarnations are well covered, and it is not easy to see the original face and true identity.

In their fingertips, they released intense rays of light, with pure incandescent light and electric light. There is also Black Mist, various Law Power releases.

The flame is burning, the violent wind composed of energy particles is roaring, in the sky and black holes appear… not a real black hole, but the gravity vortex twisted by the law of gravity and Space Law.

Then, I saw an incarnation manifested by the two weak slag masters.

They were forced to flee, quickly gathered in one place, and became the ontology of the two masters…or suspected ontology.

They just not at all made the body disguised as an incarnation and fled with the incarnation. It seems that the body split into many shells, and then reorganized after escape, or only part of the escape can be resurrected.

“What do you want to do?” said the beautiful-looking woman: “I wait for the incarnation of the will of the law, and the immortality of the law will keep me, at the worst Self-destruction, you trifling Divinity Sovereign Level, cannot control us of.”

“I don’t know what is the rule of will incarnation of the two?” An emperor wearing a golden robe came.

It looks like a middle-aged image, like a human emperor of Mortal World. This is to disguise the original face.

2 masters did not say anything.

But at this time, another voice came: “The law of distortion, and the rule of food that’s all.”


When the gods looked around, they saw a dark and twisted creature manifested as a man, standing in the void, with a temperament similar to that of the devouring god has several points of.

“Dark Ruler?” The faces of the gods changed suddenly.

The two weak slag masters also became very upset.

Dark Ruler, once showed strong battle strength, it is no problem to wipe out a galaxy in one wave. Just a breathing time. The power that surpasses many god emperors, if He takes action, many powerhouses here join forces, I am afraid they will not be able to resist.

“The deity is the will to distort the law, but it is not the control of all distortions, but the refraction and distortion of power and light, etc., which has the power of illusion and is completely incompatible with Dark Law. If you want to devour the deity, you will make a wrong idea. The distortion law is integrated into the Dark Law, and only the Dark Law is mutated. The moved towards is not the direction of the right way, which is harmful and unprofitable.”

The rule of gastronomy also said: “The same is true of the deity.”

“The law of gastronomy…a kind of neutralization law with various laws of phagocytosis, transformation, taste and smell. Because of the existence of innumerable living beings, the acquired Power Law can actually derive the existence of a Controller level. I have to say It’s the accident of the universe’s avenue and the origin, otherwise, impossible will have your birth.” Dark Ruler looked at the woman with an appreciative eye.

“You, what do you want to do?”

“Even if you don’t devour two, the deity doesn’t mind having two more puppets or servants at the controller level. And, with your power, you can make the deity more devouring all Law Power related to darkness. So, two, If you don’t want to suppress the source after being broken up, just come over and follow the deity.”

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