Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 850

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The two weak slag masters were in shock, and their figure faded away in the sky.

However, there are various anomalous energies and Spiritual Fluctuation circulating nearby. The faint Dark Force covers a large area, which is different from the rich Dark Force on Dark Ruler, but it is enough to monitor the entire area with the faint Dark Force.

The weak slag master wants to run away, which is extremely difficult. He wants to play some other tricks, and wants to escape from the sky and take the opportunity to escape, which is closer to impossible.

“Hmph, Hu blowing the atmosphere!”

A voice came.

Then, I saw the light.

The bright and bright rays of light converge from the void, converge and condense in one place, forming a human-shaped silhouette.

It is the Lord of Light, Goddess of Light.

“You have been staring at the deity?” Dark Ruler frowned.

“The deity has no interest in staring at you all the time. Nor is there any interest in deliberately enemies with the powerhouse. However, you have been staring at the deity secretly, aiming at the deity, then the deity finds you, traces the cause and effect, knows the situation here, what Strange?” That light dominated.

“As the mortal said, when you stare at the abyss, the abyss also stares at you?” Dark Ruler said.

“You are the abyss, the deity is not.” Bright dominated.

The Dark Ruler laughed coldly and said, “You don’t need to talk too much nonsense. Are you here to get a slice of the soup and want to monopolize these two rules?”

Bright dominates: “The deity is different from you.”

“Bah! Stink old woman, don’t pretend, want to be promoted to the road, devour the power of other laws, or control it as a help, it is a way. The deity doesn’t believe you don’t mind, what pretend?” Dark Ruler sneer.

That light dominates the head.

She is extremely beautiful and full of divine holiness, but she is still very angry when he is called as a stinky old woman by Dark Ruler. But he knew that anger was useless, but the light of Law Power was gathered here from the void, and the light dominated here was stronger.

Unlike normal deities, normal deities have noumenons, but laws dominate generally. The so-called noumenon is just that law. All other body south are actually “incarnation”, including the butterfly source that Ye Yang previously accepted, saying that it is manifested ontology, in fact, it is just the incarnation that trusts most of her spirit willpower, even if the body is destroyed. It won’t really die.

It can be said that the rule of law is an incarnation, but the strength of incarnation and incarnation are different.

This incarnation condensed Light Law is less, other incarnation condensed Light Law, and the Light Law contained in the vast universe are weak. The reverse is also true.

If it is stronger elsewhere, it may be weaker here.

The bright master gathered strength here, obviously making the incarnation here stronger.

“Are you really going to do a game with this deity here? Once I wait for a big fight, the movements will surely attract the attention of the gods in the universe. Even if the heaven and earth are in disorder, they will still be noticed by many powerhouses. Horizontal branches.” Dark Ruler said.

“What about then?” Goddess’ bright master indifferently said.

Dark Ruler said: “when the sandpiper and the clam fight each other, it’s the fisherman who benefits, such a mortal proverb, you should have heard of it. You and I will fight, and you won’t know who is cheaper.”


“If it’s cheaper, other powerhouses would be that’s all. If it’s cheaper, these weak scum queens are too embarrassed. According to the convention, you and I will first clear the field together, drive them away, and suppress the two rulers. Then, we either split equally, or fight again to decide the spoils of war. Isn’t this more beneficial to us?” Dark Ruler said.

In an instant, the gods looked ugly.

Including the 2 weak slag masters, including Ye Yang and other god emperors.

At this moment, the voice of the bright master said: “Are you misunderstanding? The deity has no intention to control them…”

“It’s ridiculous, even if it’s grasping and researching, it’s useful for the rule of law. If the deity doesn’t believe you will be indifferent.” Dark Ruler said.

The Light Lord said, “That’s all if you don’t believe, but the deity really has no interest in imprisoning them, but just doesn’t want you to get them, as long as it can stop you, whether they fall into the hands of other gods, It’s still about escape and freedom. The deity will not care. Of course, if they can be free, then it’s better.”

“You… stir the sticks!” Dark Ruler gasped.

“So, you are afraid of being exposed here, attracting other rules to rule or other gods with powerful special Divine Item? But the deity is not afraid, it is very advantageous to fight here.” Guangming ruled.

Dark Ruler’s mouth twitched slightly, his face dignified.

If you want to expose here, it’s not difficult. The Lord of Light condenses an incarnation elsewhere, and casually talks to other gods. With the identity of the Lord of Light, it is not difficult for Goddess to quickly find other willing to run to snatch these 2 weak spots. Dominate the powerhouse.

However, it was deliberately not exposed, that is to make the Dark Ruler’s incarnation here have some concerns.

If this is exposed, then Dark Ruler’s incarnation is not afraid that it will be discovered by others. Anyway, it’s already exposed, it’s useless to hide.

However, if it is not exposed here, then Dark Ruler will want to hide the situation here. Other emperors, etc., because they saw hope, did not want to attract more attention from other powerhouses, they also concealed the facts and tried not to expose them.

In this way, the bright ruler of this Goddess image dare to do his best, but the Dark Ruler is somewhat handy, which is interesting.

Perhaps he will mobilize the incarnation power of other places, or he will be defeated because of it. It is even possible for the light master to go through it, tracing back and forth, hurting the origin of Dark Ruler.

The rule of law can be said to have no ontology, or it can be said to have ontology. The will of the country hidden in the law, that consciousness, is their origin, their core, and their body.

If this core is impacted, otherwise not mentioned, Dark Ruler’s battle strength is weakened, and his authority will be temporarily weakened, it is possible. And this so-called temporary is understood in terms of the god’s concept of time, which may be a few hundred years, a few thousand years, or even a few ten thousand years.

“Do you think that the deity will be fooled?” Dark Ruler said: “If there is no chance, then at worst the deity also lifted the table, exposing this place, attracting melee.”

The bright master is only hehe sneer.

“Oh, hemp skin! Die!”

In an instant, he rushed towards the lord of light, waved his hand, and the darkness condensed into 100000000 10000 Black Dragon and Phoenix rushed.

And He himself has also divided into countless black Phoenix, and a sudden storm surrounded him.

However, the Lord of Light saw through his plan.

If Dark Ruler is going to fight, he should condense himself into a dark storm. Now this situation is obviously fraudulent!

Therefore, when the light master waved his hand, a mass of rays of light like stars appeared, and a mass of light blasted towards this side.

But at the same time, there were also a group of stars moved towards the two weak slag masters.

They were almost scared and stupid.

“Is it exposed? He wants to be seriously injured and then suppress us?”

The twisting master and the gourmet master suddenly fall back.

But at this time, the Heng starlight group dominated by the light hit the void in front of where they had just stood.

Bang!! !

A translucent black Phoenix was blown up.

I haven’t seen it just now, but after the energy exploded, I discovered that there was an invisible dark Phoenix in the void, which was appearing under the light.

The black Phoenix that was blown up turned into Dark Ruler in the sky.

One finger of the hand, boundless black enveloped, distant one after another star beating towards this, a group of black power transformed into a battle strength divinity creature not inferior to God, rushed towards the light master.

The light master also waved his hand, and the blazing light spread all over, and a bright creature like an angel appeared.

The two weak slag masters stepped back and forth, suddenly, and their bodies were frozen.

It was discovered that the former violent gods and devouring gods, as well as the newly emerging emperor, all blocked their way to the group.

“Two, where do you want to go.” A god emperor sneered.

“First come, then come, these two rules dominate, but the deity’s prey, you…” The God of Devour uttered.

“Hmph, ridiculous!” the violent god sneered.

However, none of them started.

Because, there are several god emperors nearby, 2 mutant gods, and their strength is very strong, this is the dragon wars, the tiger battles.

Ye Yang faintly sighed, also flew over and said, “The two masters Your Majesty, the deity can vow to protect your safety. If you don’t mind, the deity is willing to help you out.”

Involved in the melee here, Ye Yang was not sure to save the two rulers. But if they join hands and cooperate with Ye Yang, it is not without chance.

Moreover, the rule dominates almost Undying and Inextinguishable. As long as the seal is not suppressed, you can successfully escape. As long as the power is not completely disbanded, plus other major blows, impossible will fall. Even the death will come back to life again.

But if they are afraid of this situation, they might surrender to other god emperors. Ye Yang is not happy to see this scene. Even if you can’t get the goodwill or sincerity of the two rulers, it is good for them not to fall into the hands of other rulers.

However, the two laws dominated, looked at Ye Yang, and then looked at other powerhouses, and suddenly laughed.

The twisting master said: “You, do you really believe that there is such a law of distortion in the universe that generates consciousness and forms the rule of incarnation? Really believe that there will be a law of gastronomy?”

An emperor said: “The deity has been exposed to the laws of food. The power of emotion and spiritual feelings, and a variety of laws are combined to form a unique law. It was originally very weak, but the universe likes to eat and knows to eat And there are quite a few mortals who have corresponding consciousness. Various wills are enough to make the very weak food law form one of the true Universe Principles. A Fusion Law that should only be temporarily combined and dissipated at any time has become a A law of constant existence. When the deity first came into contact, he was also curious.”

That twist dominates the nodded: “so that’s how it is, but does such a law produce law consciousness, and condense the law of incarnation, does this not seem strange?”

“What’s so strange? In contrast, the attitude of the two people is strange.” The engulfing Shinto.

“Hehe, did you find it? We didn’t intend to hide it…”

The two weak rules ruled hand in hand, and in an instant, both sides bloomed brightly, and the power was all condensed into the hands holding each other, forming a huge white hole in an instant.

7 The color of color blooms from it.

“What’s happening here?!!”

Ye Yang and many god emperors are terrified and quickly regress.

The Devouring God also opened his mouth to suck up some 7-color divine light, but the color changed instantly, shut up, and retreated.

At this time, 7 colored lights have completely covered this area. An area of ​​10000 light-years in diameter is trapped.

Moreover, the 7-color cage contracted and quickly formed a cage with a diameter of less than 10000 to 100000000 million kilometers. Less than 10% of light years.

“this is……”

The light master in the war stopped with Dark Ruler.

For the time being they did not distinguish between victory and defeat.

At this moment, I saw that, outside the seven-color cage, one after another, a bright silhouette appeared. Each and everyone exudes great power.

“It’s all ruled by law? No, it is possible that Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse also controls the mutation rule, and its strength is much weaker than that of Dark Ruler and light ruler will not. That authority will become extremely strong under the control of the Divine Emperor. , The effect is even more amazing.”

Ye Yang sniffed in cold air.

At this time, has quietly retreated to the side.

Of course, he is still in a closed space, and he cannot leave, but He is not afraid. It is only the beginning of the ancient palace body and the incarnation on the other side of the chaotic area that are prepared to avoid problems with the incarnation on this side and affecting it.

Several other emperors and violent gods and devouring gods also quietly distanced themselves.

“Several, at this time, we are in danger and should work together to avoid being killed by those powerhouses!” Divine sense sound transmission of the devouring god came over.

Ye Yang sneered and ignored it.

At this time, join forces with a group of guys who may stab from behind at any time? What a joke! !

Even more how, this incarnation, Ye Yang has been psychologically prepared and can give up at any time.

Of course, in the war, enjoy the impact of the power of many laws, and collect some data from it, it will also be a good harvest.

So, calm down, not in a hurry.

“It turns out that you set the trap?” Dark Ruler’s voice came, and he stared at the powerhouses outside the cage area, saying: “Then what kind of food domination and distortion domination are false?”

“True and false, who can tell the difference? Just need to know that two of you are true, and part of the main consciousness is here, that’s enough. Next, let’s die!!”

The mutated gods and rulers who surrounded the place showed a smile on their faces.

In an instant, Ye Yang is preparing for his wife and is ready to deal with shocks at any time.

However, at this moment, all powerhouses, including Ye Yang, felt a strange sense of crisis.

As if from a distance.

“this is……”

Glancing around.

See the glowing light.

It is like the first wipe of the universe when it was born, and it is re-presented in this fixed shell.

The powerful and murderous intention, Ling’s incomparable sword intent sword energy, used to wear the void in an instant.

The Duanyu sword, somehow, actually shuttled from the void, and fiercely stabbed here. Sha then penetrated the cage.

The powerhouses were avoided, but the cage was penetrated, and Dark Ruler and the light master could not avoid it. Both were affected by the sword energy…

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