Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 851

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The bodies of the two masters became slightly darker, and they retreated from 2 miles away.

“really strong !”

The gods who saw this scene nearby were quite surprised.

Even the ruler can be hurt.

Moreover, it is not a frontal hack, but only the aftermath of sword energy.

“Is this the real formidable power of the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure? Fortunately… Fortunately, this sword did not seem to be aimed at us before, but it was deliberately directed against the cage and the two laws, otherwise we could not be able to stop it. .”

The Divine Heart whispered.

There is also a deity curiosity, this Duanyu sword seems stronger than before. This is not very reasonable, because the sword is more and more used to sweep the sword and consume power, it should be weaker, how can it be stronger?

The gods were thinking, and that Duanyu sword quickly flew away.

“Damn, hate!!”

The Lord of Light and Dark Ruler complexion is gloomy.

I just wanted to reach out and grab the Duanyu sword, but the sword was too fast.

2 People stared at each other with anger and animosity, glanced at them, and instantly understood.

Hostility, that is normal. The Lord of Light and Dark Ruler are mutual enemies.

Both sides are impossible to kill each other completely, there is no darkness without light, and there is no light without darkness. But any party becomes the Universe Source Strength, and the rule of control is promoted to the avenue, which will definitely suppress the other party to a very weak level.

Moreover, as opposing forces, both instincts are hostile to each other.

As for anger, it is not aimed at each other.

But for the guy who set up the layout.

It’s just that the anger is still there, and it just looks towards the other party.

“Join them !!”

Such thoughts flashed in their hearts, but they instantly became disgusted and had a strong sense of rejection.

light and dark join forces? think too much.

However, it is okay to go ahead and not attack each other and deal with those who set traps first.

Suddenly, the entire universe became bright.

As if, count 1000 100000000 or even 10000 100000000 huge galaxies, each star with a coefficient of 1000 100000000, all bloom more intense and bright rays of light than before.

100000000 10000 trillion beams of starlight, coming from different starry sky.

But in fact, not the stars of light produced by those stars are more bright and shuttle through space. This consumes Space Power too much. It’s just that the light authority in the sky has changed, and many starlights have suddenly increased.

Light Power has been enhanced, and countless starlights shine like a fierce Blade Qi sword energy spear glow, shot at the silhouette of a nearby ruler of the throne, and at the gods who dare to siege the bright master and Dark Ruler.

At this time, in the sky, there is also a black mist appearing out of thin air.

Half of the void, the bright starlight criss-crossed, became extremely bright everywhere, as if there were 100000000 million 10000 intense light sources in the vicinity.

Including Ye Yang, the gods present couldn’t see anything else, and there was extremely dazzling glow everywhere, completely white.

The divine sense blooms, barely able to sense that there are creatures nearby, and there are energy fluctuations, but they are very weak. These forces, these laws, these fluctuations are all suppressed by the laws of light.

Ye Yang just used the means of tracing back and forth to determine the direction of his body. Use this as a pointer.

It’s just like a mortal being shrouded in dense forest, using Compass to determine the direction and know which way to go.

There is nothing nearby that can’t be seen or sensed.

Only by using the power of the law of fate, and the Power of Primal Chaos, to forcefully expel some of the Light Law around him, Ye Yang can feel that which side is more dangerous and where is safer.

This sensing is not quite correct. There is a considerable possibility of error.

“This is the strength of the Light Lord?”

Ye Yang gasped.

The other Law Power nearby is almost expelled cleanly, even if it is not expelled, it will be suppressed to almost no effect. Even, some other laws have been transformed into Light Law Power.

Here, the use of forces other than Light Law is basically to deliver food. Equivalent to holding a paper sword to deal with an opponent wearing full body alloy armor and holding an alloy weapon. For mortals, can such a cold weapon battle be won?

Applying other laws here will only be crushed.

But what if you use Light Law Power? The Light Law here is under the control of the light master.

It is like an ordinary small officer who wants to direct his own troops to attack the army commanded by his superior’s superior. The boss of the boss is still hidden in the base camp, and there are many soldiers guarding him, and even the soldiers of this little officer have been notified. May be taken away by the other party at any time,

How do you fight this? Unbeatable.

Therefore, here, we must live in a disadvantaged position and hardly see any chance of winning.

Unless it is also the rule governing the existence of the same level.

And if you use Light Law here, you may be affected by the control of the light. Using the power of the law of divergence, even the slightest fluctuations in power will be noticed by the Light Lord.

“Fortunately, her opponent is not me.

“This is the true strength of the master. By comparison, the butterfly master of the butterfly source…hehe.”

Ye Yang sneered, his figure suddenly accelerated.

I found that many of the laws here still have subtle residues, and various forces can still be used, such as flying. But he can’t fly fast, wants space shuttle, can’t tear Space, and can’t use Space Law’s power. The space energy will also be severely weakened under the influence of strong light power.

Any law is like a lot of impurities mixed with energy. It looks like gunpowder is mixed with wet sand, and it is incombustible.

Ye Yang frowns, flying around in the sky.

He can sense that all kinds of violent violence pass by near him, mostly with light power, but from time to time, other Controller level powers are swept, and other Divine Item powers used by other emperors are swept.

Suddenly, Ye Yang’s figure flickered, and he suddenly rushed to the right.

In an instant, the surroundings became completely dark.

Can’t see anything.

He forcibly stimulated the chaotic power in his body, turned into Fire Law, burned, and produced light.

The light is dim, and you can barely see it within 100 meters of your surroundings. If it is in a normal environment, even if it is a dense fog blocked area, she can shine 10000 miles of this fiery artillery.

Now the light can only bloom below the normal ten 1/10000th.

Moreover, this light only reaches the range of 100 meters, and it is relatively clear only within 20 meters.

For mortals, the field of view of 20 meters is far enough, but for the powerhouse of the series of Ye Yang, in such series of battles, it is terrifying.

Not to mention his powerhouse, even if it is a mortal fighter, if it can only have a field of view and radar of 20 meters… No, even if it is 100 meters, the field of view and radar scan covering 100 meters, it is here to match other fighters. Boom, this is cracking a joke?

The radar scanned the objects shot by the other party, and it was too late to respond.

Therefore, Ye Yang is now have one’s hair stand on end. The whole body is covered with cold hair, and his scalp is blown.

He releases divine sense, but divine sense cannot reach far.

Try to sense, but can’t sense something a little further away

The essence of darkness is to contain and absorb everything. Is quiet.

Some people say that darkness is violent, evil, and a hotbed of sin.

In fact, this is one-sided.

Darkness, neither good nor evil. However, it not only tolerates all good, but also all evil. And kindness, within a certain range, is no match for evil.

Moderation and quietness are obviously less conspicuous than violent and chaotic, and in most cases, the former is not as powerful as the latter.

Therefore, the power of darkness is quiet and quiet during cultivation, but when fighting, when the power of darkness is used, various negative forces appear. Furious, chaotic, evil, bloody, etc.

This is somewhat similar to chaos, but there are many differences and differences.

In contrast, light excludes everything else, except for the power of light, no other power is allowed. The darkness is tolerant, even the light is tolerant. Only after the light is contained by the darkness, the darkness will disappear. But conversely, darkness can also cover light with containment, equivalent to a kind of engulfing absorption.

The two sides restrained each other, diametrically opposed forces.

Ye Yang shuttled through the endless darkness.

Suddenly, a strong murderous intention came.

Instantly, his hands were crossed, Primal Chaos Law Strength condensed in front of him, forming a chaotic vortex, but the whole person was still blown out by that powerful force.

“It’s a powerful ancient Divine Item…I’m not afraid of the influence of the Light Lord and Dark Ruler…If it’s my ancient palace or hollow beads, it’s also not afraid, but unfortunately it’s not here, it can’t be easily used.”

Ye Yang realized that although the power of Chaos Divinity Sovereign Level is strong, there is still an essential difference from the rule of law.

It must be retreated.

After about a moment, the surrounding light and dark suddenly converged.

Ye Yang saw the specific situation nearby.

A little further away, the Lord of Light has exploded several emperors holding ancient Divine Item, and is being besieged by two unfamiliar rules. Dark Ruler too.

Moreover, they all converged their strength, and no longer spread too much, only concentrated on the siege.

Ye Yang’s thoughts moved slightly: “I’m afraid this battle will last for a while…”

Staring ahead, you can see conflicts of laws, you can sense the discovered mystery, and you can use the opportunity to learn something. However, these Law Powers have corresponding laws governing and controlling them, even if they learn, they cannot be used at critical moments.

“It’s like a packaging program fabricated by a large company. The manufactured products have backdoors and can’t be blocked. The holes left at the hardware level. Once used, they are usually okay. The key moment It may be controlled by the opponent through backdoor control…”

Ye Yang thought: “There must be a force that is completely unaffected by them. For example, Primal Chaos Law, which is currently being cultivated, such as the Butterfly Dao Law on Butterfly Source. Also, some of the universe is quite biased and impossible was born. The acquired laws governed by the law. The combination of many Law Powers is by no means weaker or even stronger than the innate laws controlled by any one law.”

Therefore, he is more determined to help Dieyuan become stronger.

Her law authority has been strengthened, and Ye Yang can also learn and use the power of the Butterfly Dao law. In the future, if she wants to fight against the ruler of the law, she can have some more means.

Just when Ye Yang thought so, a sudden exclaim came.

I only saw the vast and gleaming light, sweeping from the void.

No, it should be the nearby void. Several god emperors were all slashed by a powerful force, and even the god emperor divided into two was slashed before seeing the glowing light.

Faster than light, faster than normal through space, this attack is faster than powerhouse dive sense.

Nearly reversing time, reversing cause and effect in general, as if chopping to the opponent first and then shooting, rather than chopping to the opponent first, this near reversal of causality is a sword that scares Ye Yang to have one’s hair stand on end.

The bright ruler and Dark Ruler in the war are also fluctuated by the power, and they will not be injured after a little retreat, but they are also startled.

I saw that Duan Yujian flew by.

The incarnation dominated by several laws chased Duan Yujian, turned a blind eye to the bright master and the others, only perseveringly stared at Duanyu Jian to pursue.

Ye Yang saw that the unfamiliar lords who had battled with the lord of light and the Dark Ruler suddenly shook their bodies and retreated into the void.

“Hmph, is this gone? The account is not clear yet!” Master Guangming said, and hunted down.

“Two places, winning and losing points. Now is not the time to win or lose. Why haven’t the real great decisive battle yet, why?” The ruler of the escape rule said.

But the content that followed, Ye Yang did not hear. Because several masters are far away.

Of course, the light master and Dark Ruler also divided the weaker incarnation, chasing the Duanyu sword far. Neither did not snatch ahead. It should only be used for positioning. Once there is a looting war, their bodies can come and come at any time.

“Duan Yujian… is not normal. How do you feel this sword, this Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, not only did not become weak, but became stronger? Wasn’t it used more and weaker before? Very unreasonable.”

Ye Yang was puzzled and couldn’t understand it for a while.

In the early days, there were a lot of information in the ancient palace, a lot of knowledge, a lot of papers, but there is no corresponding knowledge and information on the platform. This is a blind spot.

At the beginning of the ancient palace trading center, although there are many things on it, it is like the Mortal World network. It seems that there are many things, but the most critical and core cutting-edge information cannot be found on the Internet. Accurate, accurate and useful. The key data cannot be found online.

The ancient palace was the same in the beginning.

Some new frontier information is available, but ancient secret information is difficult to find. This is different from the mortal network.

“You said, why? Duan Yujian, the stronger the battle, the stronger?” Ye Yang asked the butterfly source.

She has a lot of knowledge and a lot of information. Although the memory light group is condensed to Ye Yang, it takes time for Ye Yang to absorb and consume. Moreover, not all information is left to Ye Yang. It’s just some important information related to Butterfly Road.

As a ruler, even if the battle strength is weak, it is also the ruler. His vision and certain analytical skills are much stronger than Ye Yang.

“Duan Yujian is Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure. There are several ways to repair or strengthen it. One is to enter into the cultivation of chaos. 2. It is to absorb faith and strengthen the corresponding authority of the law!” Dieyuan said.

Ye Yang heard, eyes shined: “You mean…”

Butterfly source said: “Yes, Duan Yujian is everywhere, constantly consuming waste of power, this will become weak. However, it will become famous. The belief of mortal is born, even without faith, only the powerhouse knows it , Chanting its name, generating strong desires and ideas to get it, these may all enhance its power, provide it with power similar to faith, and even provide the authority of its corresponding laws!!

“The principle is similar to that of the ancient flame gods and the like, which spread the secrets of the flame cultivation law everywhere.”

Ye Yang suddenly understood.

When the increased power is greater than the consumed power, then, the stronger the battle, the more powerful the consumption. Because harvest is greater than consumption.

This is a real war to support war! !

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