Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 852

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Ye Yang’s heart moved, thinking of his ancient palace.

At the beginning, when the ancient palace was just in hand, I felt that it was very difficult to repair the ancient palace.

What was the estimated time at that time?

Slow is 1000 years and 10000 years.

As fast as a few hundred years.

If there is a special fortuitous encounter Pocahontas, it is estimated that several decades or even more than ten years will be repaired.

As a result, it has not been a few years now, and this ancient palace has been almost completely restored.

If it weren’t for the avenue dispute, many laws of promotion and variation caused a slight change in the ancient palace’s outer shell… I’m afraid it’s almost completely repaired now.

It is only necessary to forcefully extract that turbulent energy, and even restore the ancient palace to its peak state while retaining the turbulent energy.

Why did the ancient palace recover so quickly at a speed much faster than expected?

The reason is not that Ye Yang had made a calculation error at the beginning, nor was it too early that ancient palace obtained the divine force crystallization rate faster than expected, nor was it because Ye Yang’s strength increased too fast and the repair ability was accelerated.

Ye Yang’s cultivation base has accelerated. The crystallization speed of the divine force accumulated in ancient palace in the early days has been increased by a geometric multiple, which has long been expected.

At the time of the calculation, Ye Yang is also a god level no matter how he says, within the body, there are many computers, divine force blessing works, and the intuition of the intuition caused by the power of the law of fate is super strong. , Making it unlikely that He will make a mistake.

At the beginning, the time was changed from several decades to several 10000 years. The elasticity is so large, I just want to think about everything.

Now, the repair speed is far beyond imagination.

That can only explain one thing-there must be a special factor that did Yang’s expect before Ye Yang worked.

What are the special factors?

Ye Yang felt that it was related to the reputation of ancient palace in the early days.

Duan Yujian is fighting to support the war, killing the prestige of Killing Divine Sovereign in Yu, all the gods and the innumerable living beings under the god are heard, in order to obtain the common thoughts and will of all living beings, to strengthen the kind of what it represents Law, let itself be strengthened. Recovery power increased.

Although the repair has not started, the power of recovery is enough to replenish the consumption and there is still left.

In the early days, ancient palace, not a Divine Item that was good at attacking, did not need to kill Killing Divine Sovereign to gain its reputation. However, he has been challenged by powerhouse many times without losing.

Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, the strongest defense, Divine Item, the strongest defense, these reputations have long spread and been recognized. In the midst of all, the thoughts of all living beings have strengthened the concept of “the strongest defense Divine Item”.

This effect may have a positive effect on the ancient palace in the early days, making it stronger.

The approval of all beings, the approval of the gods, should have this effect.

“There’s that cosmic adventure…”

Ye Yang thought of creating multiple game servers that he created and then cut off the connection. In the early stage, try to be cautiously to avoid cause and effect, and then try to cut off the cause and effect of the 2 by crooked door.

Then it developed, and the gods and sentient beings had cause and effect with these servers. There is causation between Ye Yang and this server. It is not surprising that you can see the thread of causality and it won’t attract attention.

Now this server is so powerful that the Emperor dare not dare to invade, otherwise it will be backlashed by the power of sentient beings.

Obviously, the situation is similar to Duan Yujian and the ancient palace in the early days.

“Fame can be transformed into strength… No, it should be said that reputation can be transformed into something similar to strength of Faith, gaining the power of faith, and obtaining the corresponding divine force.

“So, the reputation is still not enough.

“If sentient beings have different opinions and ideas about this thing, and it is not pure enough, it will not work.

“But if the concept is single and it is recognized by all beings. All sentient beings have the same view, the “personal setting” and the physical setting are stable and unchanged. There is no controversy or very little controversy, and a “concept is strengthened” effect can be achieved.

“The concept of’Divine Item’ like Xuan Yujian is strengthened. The concept of’Supreme Treasure’ like ancient palace’s “strongest defense” is strengthened…the server side also has a certain quite clear concept , Has been strengthened.”

Thinking of this, Ye Yang realized faintly.

Startled, he turned around and stared at Dieyuan without speaking for a long time.

She couldn’t help blushing: “What do you… look at me?”

I thought Ye Yang had some bad thoughts.

Ye Yang said: “I suddenly suddenly enlightenment, comprehended. Why can you become the ruler of the law.”

“En?” Butterfly source was surprised.

“It’s not just the belief of the Butterfly Clan, it’s not enough. There was no such thing as the Butterfly Dao, the Butterfly Clan belief is the Butterfly Clan belief, and the Butterfly civilization is the Butterfly civilization. There are many of these things. There are a lot of creature races in the universe. Innumerable. There are so many kinds of civilizations and types, but why do those races and civilizations not produce the corresponding acquired laws, and do not produce the corresponding laws to dominate?”


“Because of the concept.”


“Yes, unification of concepts, purification of concepts! This is the most critical!”

“What?” Dieyuan didn’t quite understand.

Ye Yang is laughed.

There are many types of acquired laws, such as the law of courage, the law of fear, the law of goodness, the law of evil, the law of justice, the law of tyranny, the law of greed, and so on. But these things, impossible produced the so-called rule of law.

In the universe, apart from Human Race, there are so-called humans ~ Tao, and other races have not risen to the concept and level of Tao.

Like robot races, various Demon Race wing races, etc., why are there no machine lanes, wing lanes and the like?


There is a demonic path, but the relationship with Demon Race itself is not straightforward.

But the people are different.

Ye Yang has the intuition that the law of humanity may be born to rule the law.

“If I’m right, there must have been a very wise wise man of the Butterfly clan that united and unified the civilization of the Butterfly clan to form a concept called Butterfly Dao. The concept of a Butterfly Dao includes A lot of messy civilization information, a lot of traditions, these traditions and butterfly thoughts, merged into a unique thought, forming a concept called butterfly road.” Ye Yang said.

Butterfly source nodded: “Yes.”

“You should thank it, even if it has fallen into the river of time, you should recover it and find a way to save it. Because it is its existence that allows the butterfly civilization to rise to the concept of butterfly Dao. Only when there is a butterfly rule, will there be a rule of butterfly rule!” Ye Yang said.

“So that’s how it is, I understand…” Butterfly source instantly realized what Ye Yang said. I actually understood the meaning inside.

“The other acquired laws, like courage, some people call it the way of courage, is a concept. Why did the courage law formed not rule the courage law?” Dieyuan pointed out a doubt.

Ye Yang said: “Because of this concept, there is no support of an entire race. Or rather a support of an entire civilization.”


“Courage belongs to the human part of the Dao. See what is brave. Although not only belongs to the human part of the Tao, other creatures and other races also have courage. The concept of courage is also clear enough. But it is estimated that this concept is not really true. Being able to emerge from nothingness to reality exists, or the emergence lacks certain flaws, such as the need to integrate with the civilization of a race.” Ye Yang said.

“For example, the human thought of Tao and Human Race is fully integrated, and the civilization of Human Race is immortal, then the human race is immortal. The same is true of the Butterfly family. Is this the key to the birth of laws?”

“I think it may be.” Ye Yang said.

“Then the Light Lord and Dark Ruler, how to say?”

“They are innate laws, coexisting with the universe, Undying and Inextinguishable. They have powerful laws in themselves. Then, the infinite and infinite beings in the universe all have a bright concept, and the concept is clear, plus all kinds of worship, and The birth of Light God gradually made Light Law conscious, which is different from the laws of the acquired category.” Ye Yang said.

After a brief pause, he said: “I expect that the laws of the acquired category will be promoted to rule the rule. For example, although a cultivator like me has mastered a congenital rule, but wants to be promoted from the emperor to the ruler, That is different from the path taken by the innate master.

“Sentient beings must have a powerful concept called chaos. At the same time, there must be a concept called Ye Yang. Ye Yang is chaos, and chaos is Ye Yang. All sentient beings must have such a conceptual idea, a kind of underworld Only by the recognition can I completely merge with Chaos, completely control Primal Chaos Law, and become the ruler of the law.

“The other laws want to be promoted as well. The law of courage and the law of justice are impossible to allow Law Power to generate consciousness and condense it into a master of courage and justice. Instead, it should be a god of courage and justice. Powerful strength, integrated with the law of courage or the law of justice to a certain extent, and let all beings have a direct concept…The god of courage is courage, he is the incarnation of courage, he can represent courage, and only he can represent, Apart from this, no other gods are eligible.

“Clear concepts like this will allow the God of Courage to become a courageous master. The same is true for the master of justice.”

Dieyuan pondered for a while, nodded.

“As you said before, the law of courage is impossible to become the master of courage, but if someone cultivates the law of courage, it can be promoted to master of courage, does that mean?” Dieyuan asked.


“Then you are going the Chaos Controller?”


“That must be careful, it is much harder to take than other roads. It is difficult to let all beings and countless gods subconsciously treat you as a consciousness of chaos, and it is a consensus. And chaos gives birth to countless creatures, Primal Chaos Law may produce a sense of chaos and automatically generate Chaos Controller, maybe.” Butterfly source said.

“Yes, therefore, more information and knowledge reserves are needed, and there must be allies. Then, find a way to deepen this concept and let this concept penetrate into the hearts of the people.” Ye Yang said.

Butterfly source nodded: “That way, you have to reveal your identity.”

Ye Yang’s face was also tangled.

What he comprehends is very important.

He felt that this realization was correct.

However, there is no certainty.

Therefore, this important information should be kept secret, and even Dieyuan cannot reveal a little bit of it.

However, he must also have a powerhouse with rules governing the cultivation base, standing at the height of this level of life dominated by the rules, to help him analyze and study to ensure that his conjecture is correct, and not to go the wrong way behind.

Once the road is wrong, the harder you go, the worse it goes.

“You can only discuss with her. However, the restrictions on her must be strengthened. The Chaos Butterfly Clan must be created. This race and other members of the Butterfly Clan must be under my control. To avoid the sudden rebellion of this Butterfly Source .”

Despite the Divine Oath, and her temperament is pure, there is no betrayal in Butterfly Law. But the butterfly race is impossible without betrayal. Any intelligent life will not be infinitely loyal.

Therefore, Ye Yang is still a little upset, so be careful.

“Perhaps, the rules of promotion dominate, there is more than one road.” Nai Yuan said.

Ye Yang pondered for 2 seconds, and listened to Dieyuan said: “As long as there is a complete and huge race dedicated to a’concept’. Or a large number of sentient beings, although they do not belong to a full-year race, these creatures have all aspects of characteristics, If they are superimposed, they can just make up the things that a complete civilization should have. Then the’concept’ they all abide by should be enough to promote a Divine Emperor to become the ruler of the law.

“You may try, first use a fake identity to prestige the universe, and let all beings know that you are the strongest Primal Chaos Law controller. And, cut off the information of other Chaos Divine Demon, all beings do not know the other Chaos Divine Demon, as long as Primal Chaos Law and Chaos Divine Demon are mentioned, you will immediately think of you. Then, this should also merge you with the concept of’Primal Chaos Law’.

“Your false identity may be directly promoted to dominate. If not, then reveal your true identity.

“It’s just that the layout must be carried out before this, so that Ye Yang’s identity and your pretended identity are getting closer and closer in concept. Even if the identity is exposed, it will not collapse. The concept will become one. .

“Like Ye Yang Your Majesty can influence the power of chaos through ancient palace interference. Like your fake identity, it is also to create an Absolute Domain to protect all beings from the gods. It is similar to the ancient palace of the early days. Like Ye Yang Your Majesty can control 2 Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure and other chaotic objects, and your fake identity can also control multiple chaotic objects… These 2 personal settings and concepts are getting closer and closer.

“Finally, even if exposed, the fusion probability will be great and will not collapse. In this way, it should be feasible. By setting the moment of fusion, the concept is strengthened, and then with the cultivation base of Divine Emperor, it should be possible Step into the domination level.”

This clear source of butterfly source makes Ye Yang’s eyes bright.

No loss of information he revealed before.

Butterfly source is really awesome.

“You can give it a try, it’s worth a try…”

After a brief pause, he said, “Oh, by the way, above Divine Emperor, is it definitely the dominant level?”

“Unclear. There may be other levels, such as half-step dominance, or other levels. But, Divine Emperor is at its peak, and its integration with the law has reached a kind of extreme. Take it one step further and step directly into it. Master, why not? It shouldn’t be heaven. At least, with the help of the consciousness of the sentient beings, it is possible to go directly to help with the concept, no matter whether there are other realms, it seems that it doesn’t matter anymore.” Butterfly source said.

“Well, it makes sense… as long as the basic conditions are met, you should be able to give it a try…” Ye Yang nodded.

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