Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 853

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This is like flying a plane.

The speed on the ground runway has reached a critical point, you can pull the joystick to fly at any time.

Of course, you can continue to speed up. But no matter how fast you run on the ground, how can you compare to flying directly, rising to high altitude, and supersonic?

Divine Emperor has reached the tipping point, and can “take off” to enter the realm of Ruler Realm, only need to have the correct way.

However, if you continue to run without “taking off” and continue to advance, it is possible to continue to become stronger. But how can no matter how strong it is, it can become a master?

Therefore, regardless of whether there is another level of realm after Divine Emperor peaks, you can ignore it and go directly to dominate.

As for the accumulation, the higher and stronger the background, the stronger the breakthrough. That’s not necessarily right.

Running faster on the ground may not necessarily make it faster after flying, and may cause the aircraft to rush out of the runway and hit something.

great realm The promotion of breakthrough at a large level, the transformation of Life Level, is not comparable to the accumulation of low-level quantities.

“If there is no correct way, it is like a car running on the ground, no matter how fast, it can’t fly, and it has to fall. If there is a correct way, it is like a car with wings, with a flying function, you can reach the critical point. Flying into a flying car or airplane.”

Ye Yang feels that in his previous analysis, the information given by Butterfly Source is very reasonable and the accuracy is quite high, which is worth a try.

Just took the risk to reveal this important guessing idea to Dieyuan knowing that it was right. Her tips are very helpful to Ye Yang.

“Let’s do that first. Anyway, I’m still some distance away from that level, and the conceptual matters need to be dealt with in a hurry, but not in a hurry. But…”

Ye Yang stared at Butterfly Source.

Dieyuan only felt a little flustered and uneasy in her heart.

Ye Yang’s thoughts flashed: “Do you know this method by other rules? It’s hard to say, maybe they don’t know, then I’m stupid to leak it out. Before I got promoted to become the ruler of Primal Chaos Law This information must not be disclosed, must be kept secret.”

Dieyuan said: “I promise to keep it secret, wouldn’t you want to die?”

A very uneasy look, apparently guessed Ye Yang’s idea.

“Oh, you are dominated by the dignified law, even if it is extinguished, right?” Ye Yang said.

Butterfly source suddenly became nervous.

Ye Yang’s heart moved, remembering that Butterfly Source was chased by King Sword God before. At that time, I was worried about being swallowed.

Therefore, although Butterfly Source is almost Undying and Inextinguishable, it may also be swallowed. Once swallowed, it may take a long time to fall asleep and cannot be resurrected.

Even if she was resurrected, she would be afraid of losing something.

Even more how, 10000 Once she fell, would the entire Butterfly clan be wiped out?

“Next, I will follow you and do my best to create the Chaos Butterfly Clan. As long as they do not destroy you, you will not destroy. Your battle strength will also increase.

“My future promotion plan requires the help and cooperation of powerhouse. You are very good. But, how can I really rest assured you?” Ye Yang said.

Dieyuan said nervously: “You… how do you feel at ease? Haven’t I made the oath before?”

“Not enough, God’s oath can be violated, as long as he is willing to pay a big price.” Ye Yang said.

Dieyuan bit her lower lip and said, “Even if I betray you, no one can turn to me. If I encounter other rulers, it will devour me and seize my authority, even more miserable, compared with , It’s better to cooperate with you and always cooperate with you.”

“Well, it makes sense.” Ye Yang said: “It’s a temporary trust, but then you have to cooperate well.”

“Okay,” Dieyuan is nodded.

Ye Yang is certainly impossible and truly trusts her.

For her character and temperament, it can be believed.

But although Butterfly Source is the ruler of the law, it possesses the thoughts and emotions of people close to it, anthropomorphic, and possesses a personality, so it will change like humans.

The change of Butterfly Source, the pollution of foreign beliefs, may make her temperament produce transformation.

If there is no change, Ye Yang believes that she will never betray. But even Ye Yang can’t guarantee that her temperament will not change, or that she won’t be influenced by chaos. Dieyuan’s will is much weaker than Ye Yang. How can she be guaranteed not to be influenced by other factors, but to change her personality and What about the idea?

“There must be countermeasures.”

After that, he entered chaos.

Ye Yang started to use different divine forces with Butterfly Source to collect inheritance information of the intelligent life of the Butterfly Girl and other butterflies.

Various information combinations.

Chaos emerged.

After spending a lot of time, in the sky appeared a chaotic cocoon of each and everyone, which contained different butterflies. Each one is a wise butterfly family. Most are the image of the butterfly girl, but in fact not at all gender.

It will be sprouting in the future.

It is not clear which Primal Chaos Race is suitable.

“The longer the lifespan, the better, it is better to survive in chaos, or must survive in Primal Chaos Domain under my control. Then, gradually replace the outside Butterfly family.

“The butterflies outside must also be under my control, and the corresponding galaxies must fall under my control. The unsuitable butterflies must be exterminated, and the suitable ones must multiply in large numbers.

“In that way, the Butterfly Clan is getting stronger and stronger, and civilization is prosperous. The strength of the Butterfly Clan will become stronger. Moreover, under the control of the Butterfly Clan, the equivalent of the Butterfly Clan’s spirit and temperament can be revised at any time.

“At a critical moment, if she reaches the point where she can’t manage it at the end, she rebelled. I can easily wipe out all members of the Butterfly Clan. Before she recreates the new Butterfly Clan, she will be exploded to suppress the seal or completely her. Obliterate!

“Of course, this is the last step. Let her be a helper, a god, a subordinate who can be truly trusted, much better than turning her face.

“Therefore, all the above steps must be taken, first villain and gentleman. With all these measures, you can truly trust her.

“By the way, with Divine Soul’s combination, I have to try a few more times. First, by sharing her perception and perspective, I can learn more about the secrets of the rule of law. 2 In the future, her degree of determination is not equal to me At that time, Hou Ding was determined that her will and Divine Soul were affected by me and depended on me instead of me.

“Even if I am affected, it is also small, and she is greatly affected.

“In this way, true security is truly credible.”

But there is a small problem, it is equivalent to an extra “woman”, Ji Yan may be a little troublesome.

But before being promoted to dominate, before Undying and Inextinguishable, it is superfluous to pay too much attention to these.

If you can’t be Undying and Inextinguishable, the Dadao competition has reached the final important juncture. There are too many ancient palaces that are not enough to keep the body protection home safe. What other miscellaneous matters are there?

“Let’s do it first.”

When the thought turns, it releases different Law Power from Butterfly Source, condenses the chaos, and forms more chaotic cocoons.

But at this time, near the edge of the universe, near the chaotic area, a huge voice similar to dragon roar was heard faintly.

“What is this sound?”

In the beginning, many gods in the ancient palace were alarmed.

Each and everyone looked out, and even released the incarnation and flew out of the ancient palace to observe.

In the beginning, the ancient palace is now located near the edge of the universe, without going deep into chaos. But it is not far from chaos.

The gods can see that a giant turtle is slowly flying in the void.

“what is this?”

“It’s huge!!”

“This powerful breath…at least at the Divinity Sovereign Level, more than beyond the Divine Emperor!”

a God, staring at the giant tortoise like a small planet. Watching it fly by slowly, and then into chaos.

Ye Yang also saw it, and his heart moved: “Is he?!!!”

Yuan Hao!

A very old giant tortoise.

At first, I slept in a planet.

Ye Yang had just been promoted to a deity not long after, and had not yet obtained the ancient palace.

Avoiding the eyes of the gods at that time, sneaking into certain planets, absorbing the power above, and transforming into your own power.

At that time Hou quickly improved.

However, in a planet, Yuan Hao was encountered.

I got a secret technique presented by it and a piece of divination.

This relationship is too big.

Because of the cultivation technique given by this giant tortoise, Ye Yang’s body and the entire Divine Kingdom can be more thoroughly integrated, regardless of each other. Divine Kingdom has since become stronger.

Although, this cultivation technique has not been used to resist many strong enemies, the promotion of Divine King and the consolidation of Primal Chaos Law are more or less benefited from this cultivation technique, otherwise Divine Kingdom cannot support itself.

Even the impact of external curses has been suffered several times, and the cultivation technique given by Yuan Hao has a certain help.

There is also the tortoise shell piece given by this turtle, which improves Ye Yang’s calculation ability and also has some help.

Ye Yang was lucky to get the ancient palace in the early days, so the benefits donated by Yuan Hao were not obvious, but at that time, the benefits given by Yuan Hao were obtained without the ancient palace at the time. 10000 did not get the ancient palace at the time. ? How much benefit does He give?

“This relationship must be returned.”

After becoming a god, I owed 2 affections, and the other was that an incarnation was saved by a mysterious deity.

And this mysterious giant turtle Yuan Hao’s relationship is heavy.

“At the beginning, I only knew that it was very powerful, but I didn’t expect it to be the level of the emperor…it may be beyond the peak of the emperor.”

Ye Yang thought, an incarnation, shuttling through the void, came to the edge of chaos.

“Have seen Yuanhao Senior.”

Ye Yang respectfully gave a salute and said, “Junior has a special status. There are too many adversaries staring at the ancient palace in the early days, so it is inconvenient to leave the ancient palace at the beginning.

“Ha ha ha ha, that’s too kind. Ye Yang Your Majesty doesn’t have to be this way.”

“Hehe, when he received the gift of law and gifts from his deity, Ye Yang never dare to forget.” Ye Yang said.

Yuan Hao did not appear early but did not appear late, but now he appeared, and he flew by the ancient palace deliberately. What does this mean?

It must be to meet Ye Yang.

Even, whether it had condense incarnation before and after entering the ancient palace before, or whether other incarnation created the game characters of “cosmic adventure”, it is unclear.

But now the ontology appears, deliberately in the vicinity shows that this is likely to come to ask for humanity.

“In this way, Ye Yang Your Majesty still remembers the original kindness?”

“Remember.” Ye Yang said.

“Okay, that’s the case…”

Yuan Hao said that a vast will spread, and the nearby void was covered with a powerful and vast Law Power, and a large amount of chaos was expelled.

Within a range of 10 trillion kilometers in diameter, there will no longer be any Primal Chaos Qi.

But in an instant, the space here is compressed, and the vast space is compressed from 10 trillion kilometers to only 200000000 million kilometers in diameter.

The amazing space control ability, even the God Emperor who is good at Space Law, cannot do this as long as he is not based on Space Law.

“This Yuanhao Senior really strong!!!” Ye Yang murmured under his heart.

No wonder no one has ever discovered its true body before.

In the lost galaxy, it is unclear when this Yuanhao disappears.

“Now, there are no creatures in the outside world who can learn about our dialogue and can’t see the cause and effect here. You can talk with peace of mind.” Yuan Hao said.

“Yes. Senior needs Junior to do?” Ye Yang said.

“Fresh!” The voice of the giant turtle echoed in the void: “Since you are so open, the old man really said… The old man wants a seed of Primal Chaos Law!”

Ye Yang pupil shrink.

Looking at the giant turtle in surprise, then said: “Senior understood?”

“Nonsense, I don’t know how to ask you for it?” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang smiled bitterly.

“Relax, old man knows your situation, but it doesn’t mean that other emperors or rulers know it. You can rest assured. Of course, even if you know, they won’t care about you for the time being. You just need to answer, Are you willing to give that kind?” Yuan Hao asked.

Ye Yang hesitated for half a second, then nodded and said: “Yes.”

Yuan Hao said: “The seed of law is an inheritance seed formed by Law Power and consciousness and memory information. Mortal people can successfully seal the gods. Gods can get one Law smoothly. If you can get one Law, you can Change the cultivation Primal Chaos Law as the fate.

“Now Divine Emperor cultivation base at the peak level, you are not afraid, the deity got the seed of Primal Chaos Law… quickly learn the secret of chaos you master, and then promoted to Chaos Controller?”

Ye Yang’s heart jumped violently.

Thinking for 2 seconds, said: “Junior believes that Senior will not do this.”

“So confident?”

“Yes. Law Power controlled by Senior is not weaker than Primal Chaos Law. It is difficult to renovate. It takes a short period of time. There will be a period of vacancy in strength when it is actually renovated. It takes a lot of time to recover. Even if the background is deep Unavoidable. There is one step away from the rule of promotion. Junior is confident that you can step into that level before you promote breakthrough!” Ye Yang said.

“Hehe, are you going to compete with the deity?”

“If Primal Chaos Law seeds are given, the human relations will be paid back, and the grudges will be eliminated. The competition behind is based on ability.”

“Your court is not small. Are you threatening the old man?”

“Speak frankly that’s all.”

“Ha ha ha ha, good, good boy.” Yuan Hao laughed, the nearby void turbulent, and then, with a bang, the entire compressed space exploded.

Ye Yang and Yuan Haosi were intact, but the chaos in the neighborhood collapsed and transformed into a familiar and unfamiliar Law Power, and then transformed back.

“This feeling…” Ye Yang’s pupils contracted violently and his face was shocked: “This is the power of… the rule of law?!!!”

“Huh? Good eyesight.” Yuan Hao was a little surprised.

Ye Yang smiled bitterly: “I admire… Senior cultivation base is amazing… But why crack a joke with Junior?”

It’s already ruled by the law, and I’ve changed my hair. What is the use of Primal Chaos Law seeds?

“Look at whether you are big enough and qualified to work with old man that’s all.”

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