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Ye Yang's face was solemn and he became serious all of a sudden.

"Senior is looking for Junior, is it to repay favors and cooperate?" Ye Yang repeatedly asked.

"Cooperation." Giant turtle Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang pondered.

If the other party wants to repay the relationship, if Ye Yang is shameless and doesn't talk about integrity, then it doesn't matter if he ignores it completely. at worst one more enemy. But if you talk about honesty and feel that you need to return your favors, then you will be benefited. The cause and effect will be settled, and nothing will happen.

But cooperation is different, it is a long-term thing.

It must be considered.

Yuan Hao's strength is indeed strong. When he first encountered it, he thought he would be Divine King or pseudo Divine King. Later, he disappeared inexplicably. When he met again, he discovered that his cultivation base was at least the Divine Emperor. level. Then, he claimed to be the peak of Divine Emperor. As a result, it was actually at the controller level of the law, which shocked Ye Yang quite.

Having such an ally is indeed a good thing.

Thick thighs, super thick thighs.

However, such an ally, his enemies must also be extremely powerful. To form an alliance with this Yuanhao, we must also face a big crisis.

In addition, Ye Yang itself hides a lot of secrets and does not want to inform others or disclose them.

Yuan Hao is the many secrets of understood Ye Yang, but there must be many more, which is unknown to this Yuan Hao.

Moreover, even if he does not cooperate with this Yuan Hao, Ye Yang is confident that he has great hopes for promotion to the rule of law in the future. No matter how the universe and Chaos Void change, he can be Inextinguishable Immortal, beyond.

So, why bother with this Yuanhao? Why should it be involved in the mixed water?

Although it does indeed owe human relations, it is enough to use other methods to return to the human relations. There is no need to completely tie yourself up and embark on the same boat as Yuan Hao.

However, this powerful ruler, who invited Ye Yang to cooperate, didn't seem to refuse. Moreover, it is not clear whether there will be any special benefits after the cooperation.

Ye Yang's thoughts turned rapidly, and the outside world passed less than half a second.

Na Yuanhao seemed to see through Ye Yang's thoughts and suddenly said: "Ye Yang Your Majesty, you know..."

"Don't dare, Senior would call Junior the name." Ye Yang said.

"No, it should be followed accordingly," Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang said nothing.

"You know, which rule is controlled by the deity?" Yuan Hao asked.

Ye Yang pondered for a while and asked, "The law of defense?"

The law of defense is an acquired law, but it can also be said to be a semi-innate law.

The law of defense is quite powerful.

"The law of defense is not enough to generate consciousness. The law of birth is incarnation. The powerhouse that controls the law of defense is also difficult to be promoted to become the master of defense because of innate limitations." Yuan Hao said.


Ye Yang was also surprised. He was also wondering whether Yuan Hao was in control of the law of defense, but felt that it was unlikely, so he did not want to join forces with Yuan Hao.

"The old man is in control of the solidification rule! Also called the solidification rule, it can make 10000 things solidify into one." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang eyes shined.

I remembered that when I received the cultivation technique donated by Yuan Hao, after the cultivation, Ye Yang and Divine Kingdom were completely united, and the power of Divine Kingdom was completely united. Either it would not be broken or the super power would divide the entire Divine. Kingdom is completely exploded.

This method can only be used in Divine Kingdom, and cannot be used in the ancient palace at the beginning, otherwise, the entire ancient palace will be stronger and more BT.

"Therefore, the deity is the master of the solidification law, and the defense strength is stronger than the so-called Supreme Treasure. The deity is still above the solidification law and absorbs the authority of the defense law, so even if it is at the Peak period The contrast of ancient palace in the most powerful state, in terms of sturdiness, who wins and who loses is not easy to say." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang gasped.

This is great.

At the beginning of ancient palace, but Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, known as the Supreme Treasure of the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, known as the most powerful and sturdy existence of all the Supreme Treasure of defense.

This old turtle is not only comparable to the ancient palace in the early days, it must also have considerable attack power and other abilities, which is even more powerful than the ancient palace in the early days.

This is not bragging?

Thinking about it, I heard the old turtle say: "The origin of the old man can also tell you.

"As early as the chaos is not cleared, when the universe is not born, the old man is a strange species born in chaos, and it is also a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure that defends the attribute. If it wasn’t too early, ancient palace once received many The rule of law and the ritual of the Universe Avenue, speaking of innate characteristics, that ancient palace was not comparable to the turtle shell of the old man.

"Of course, because the innate is too strong, the old man's consciousness was born relatively late, and has been asleep.

"The body of the old man, also because of his will, fell into the universe. It was once used to resist at the edge of the universe, block the chaotic erosion, and block the universe from closing.

"Later, for countless years, the universe expanded, and the old man was always sleeping. During the sleep, he was gradually recognized by the Avenue of the Universe, before he mastered the rule of cultivation.

"In the universe, it is the rule of solidification.

"In Chaos, it’s also Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, which controls the Controller level law. If it’s not Chaos Controller that can control the endless Primal Chaos Law, it can even be chaotic to kill onion on equal terms. Chaos Controller alone is not enough. Break through the protection of the old man.

"It can be said that in conjunction with the old man, it is equivalent to one more Xeon Defense Supreme Treasure, Divine Item, even if multiple rules dominate the union, the ancient palace plus the deity and your future strength , That is not afraid of everything.

"This is a good thing for you and me." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang was a little excited: "Junior felt the sincerity of Senior."

Otherwise, the other party will not reveal their huge secrets in this way.

That Yuan Hao is very optimistic about Ye Yang.

"But, how does Senior plan to cooperate?" Ye Yang asked.

"You help the old man promote to become the avenue in the universe and become one of the Universe Source. The old man will help you achieve Chaos Controller, and even help you continue to improve, with the chance to surpass the master." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang said with a smile: "There is a higher level above the lords? I dare not expect that realm."

"Tell you a huge secret." Yuan Hao said: "If the universe is destroyed, it may not be a good thing for chaos."

"Why?" Ye Yang asked.

"Chaos and the universe are the correspondence of chaos and order, and the two are interdependent. If the universe is destroyed, it is not that the universe is completed as chaos. Instead, it is doomed that there will be a Chaos Controller someday in the future, It must fall, open the sky, and turn into a new avenue of the universe, into a new source of the universe. Or its consciousness splits into a new avenue."

"What?" Ye Yang was horrified and couldn't believe the sudden secret he heard.

"The original cosmic consciousness of this side of the universe was the transformation of a Chaos Controller. Then, it was divided into Universe Source, the differentiation of Dadao, the law of the evolution of the Dadao, and the universe of the original consciousness of the source was also dispersed... equivalent to complete Destruction, even if resurrected, is another existence of another life." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang looked dignified.

He wants to have sufficient self-preservation strength, which is to be promoted to Chaos Controller level. Can it be promoted to the Chaos Controller level, it is necessary to ensure that the universe is not destroyed? If the universe disappears, Chaos Controller will be destroyed?

"Why Chaos Controller wants to open the sky?" Ye Yang asked.

Yuan Hao said: "Because Chaos Controller will control the entire chaos. Chaos is endless, then the cultivation base and strength of Chaos Controller is the endless Supreme continuous improvement. When the strength is enhanced to a certain extent, it will exceed Chaos Controller. The control of spirit willpower.

"Moreover, Chaos Controller itself is also more powerful, and the consciousness is more inclined to chaos and chaos. So, as long as it does not fall, Chaos Controller's actions must be promoted, or it will run out of control. Or, it will promote breakthrough to a higher level.

"At that time, once promoted, Chaos Controller will become a source of cosmic consciousness. Because there is only this breakthrough path, there is no other way to go. Chaos Controller's consciousness and power consolidate to form a super strong The consciousness of the original cosmic consciousness instinctively drives itself to open the sky. Even if it is unwilling, the body can’t hold too much power or the mind can’t control too much power, and it will turn into a new universe after it explodes. ."

Ye Yang's complexion changed suddenly.

Yuan Hao said: "If you want to not fall into a new universe, Chaos Controller has only one way. That is, to keep the old universe from being destroyed. Once the cultivation base of Chaos Controller is too strong, there is a danger of losing control. Transfer your own strength into the universe and help the expansion of the universe. The expansion of the universe becomes stronger and will erode chaos.

"This will make the chaos weak, but the vastness of the chaos is endless, and it can't be weakened much. It's just that the chaos on the edge of the universe is weakened, Chaos Controller resides here, and its own cultivation base can be suppressed and slowed down.

"As long as the universe does not perish, Chaos Controller will not be forced to open the sky, it can condense a stronger spirit, condense a new body, and transform. Then promote breakthrough to a higher level."

Ye Yang asked: "What is the higher level?"

"Unclear, but there are 2 possibilities to guess, one is to get rid of the constraints of chaos completely, and to detach. The other possibility is to create a new universe in the sky, but it will not fall, and it will not lead to the collapse of consciousness. A small universe changes back to a body, and it can also be changed from a body to a small universe. But these are just rumors of the extremely old Primal Chaos Abyss, true or false, unclear." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang pondered for a while, so the path of Junior: "It can only be promoted to Chaos Controller, and then keep the old universe from destruction."

"Yes." Giant turtle Yuan Hao is nodded.

If Ye Yang is not promoted and other Chaos Divine Demon is promoted to become Chaos Controller, then Ye Yang will be defeated, or he will cut back from the cultivation base to the universe, and the serious injury may take a long time to sleep. Either it will be controlled or burst by the new Chaos Controller.

Even if there is no Chaos Controller, Ye Yang as long as he enters the universe again, when his strength is getting stronger and stronger, he will definitely be suppressed by other rulers.

Therefore, we must be promoted.

After being promoted to Chaos Controller, what is to be done is not to destroy the universe and enhance the authority of Primal Chaos Law, but in turn to keep the old universe.

absolutely didn't expect ah.

It can be said that Yuan Ting revealed this important secret, and equivalent to sold another big human favor to Ye Yang, he must be grateful.

"If the law controlled by Senior is promoted to the avenue, what will happen to Senior?" Ye Yang asked.

Yuan Hao said: "That old man will become the new avenue of the universe, or one of the avenues. The old man will work to keep the old universe from being destroyed. The solidification rule, the solidification avenue, is enough to make the edge of the universe and countless stars and stars become more Stability makes the space and many laws more stable and not easily broken.

"For Chaos, for Chaos Divine Demon, who has a lot of brains, this is a bad thing and a provocation, but for Chaos Controller, it is a good thing.

"In addition, you were born as a human being, and then promoted to God, then transformed into Chaos Divine Emperor, and then promoted and changed, are you still feeling for this universe? Don't you want to destroy this universe?"

Ye Yang nodded.

He did not stay in chaos to enjoy the feeling of constantly absorbing chaos and becoming stronger, not to enjoy the feeling of secluded cultivation that has been increasing, but to stay in the universe, not only because of the ancient palace in the early days, not only It is because we have acquired all aspects of knowledge from this side, and at the same time, we are unwilling to see the destruction of many civilizations in the universe.

He enjoys the benefits and pleasures of these civilizations.

If this universe could exist more permanently. He is happy to see.

"So, we have the basic conditions for cooperation. Cooperation is two benefits." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang said: "Junior does not understand that you have to participate in the avenue battle. Junior's current strength does not seem to help you."

"What old man needs now is not battle strength, but other help, such as the ancient palace channel. There are others. Some things are too sensitive. If you don’t reveal the true purpose, you won’t get your consent. Can't help ancient palace to help complete the plan." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang looking thoughtful: "So, Senior wants to extend certain ideas to the entire universe?"

"Yes... For example, Supreme’s life-saving cultivation technique, the cultivation technique given to you before, sorted out a simplified version, which is easier to cultivate. There are also how to use the solidification law and defense law to strengthen various divine objects, how to sacrifice There are more advanced and more complicated things, more complicated than the cultivation technique given to you before. And... The image of old man also needs your power to promote. It is best not to let people know that it is too ancient Palace came forward to promote it, but successfully pushed it out. In this respect, you are more experienced than old man, and old man can trust you." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang nodded.

"In addition, your current strength is getting stronger and stronger, just like a cone in the bag, and it will soon be covered. By then, you may have more crises, and the old man can help you solve it." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang is nodded again.

"Okay, whether you cooperate or not, you have a say." Yuan Hao's voice echoed in the sky.

Ye Yang said: "If you can join forces with Senior, Junior can't ask for it."

"Haha." Yuan Hao smiled.

Ye Yang seemed quite hesitant before.

But it was not revealed.

"The old man teamed up with you. Did you benefit from it?"

"Count." Ye Yang said.

"Then cooperation, it is not your return of favor."

"En." Ye Yang hesitated, nodded.

"Well, old man asks you for something now. The Chaos Seed mentioned earlier, your perception of Primal Chaos Law... It has nothing to do with your core secret, you can give the old man a copy. The old man can guarantee, Never reveal to any other creatures."

"Senior is the master of the coagulation law, what more Primal Chaos Law do?"

"Chaos contains parts of the law of defense and the law of solidification. Well, in addition, there are other uses." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang thought for a while and nodded: "Junior needs some time, and the condense will be handed over to Senior."

As long as the opponent does not come to grab the Chaos Controller, these rules are not a big deal.

"Okay, in this case, for your sake, I am at ease. I will swear an alliance with the source of Chaos, Universe Source and myself since I am a villain, then a gentleman. I must not betray or plot against each other. I must work together, how?" Yuan Hao asked.

"it is good."

By making the god vow, Ye Yang will be more at ease.

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