Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 855

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“Didn’t expect, after all, still have to be involved in the avenue dispute.” Ye Yang faintly sighed.

However, this is also expected.

At the moment of the discovery of this matter, Ye Yang expected that he would be involved sooner or later, unavoidable and inevitable.

However, the strength was not enough at the beginning, and it was necessary to delay some time.

In fact, as expected.

If Ye Yang jumped out early and announced to join the battle of the Avenue, I am afraid it would have been cold.

The ancient palace in the early days may not be destroyed, but the law dominates, and it is not difficult to suppress the ancient palace in the early days.

It doesn’t even need the rule of law. Just by jumping out of multiple emperors together, the ancient palace can be sent to Chaos or other places to suppress it.

At that time, Ye Yang had not yet mastered Primal Chaos Law, and the ancient palace at the time was not as well recovered as it is now, and not as powerful as it is now.

Of course, if it weren’t for Ye Yang’s secret layout, what a cosmic adventure, these god emperors, I’m afraid they wouldn’t come out so quickly.

Whether it is the High God world or something, it is estimated that it will not come out so early. Things will not develop so quickly.

However, those mutated deities may not be influenced by Ye Yang. Even if he does not take action and does not arrange interference in the dark, these mutated deities will still move in secret. Like the god of cause and effect, the god of confusion, etc.

Therefore, on the whole, Ye Yang feels that it is quite wise to admonish himself until he reaches the level of Chaos God Emperor.

It is still unsuitable to jump out, but the powerful ruler of the giant tortoise, Yuan Hao, can be said to be the most powerful defense and strongest shelter among the rulers, even if Ye Yang is exposed.

What’s more, there is no need to expose it directly, you can still shoot in secret. It’s just more active than before.

“The avenue battle… To actively promote Yuan Hao Senior’s cultivation technique and let more people contact the solidification law. This does not seem to be difficult. The other laws are not easy to say and will make people wonder whether the random cultivation technique will not be. It stands out in the camp, will it be somehow to promote a certain law.

“But the law of solidification can be combined with the law of defense, and it can even be disguised as a kind of help to save lives. As for the life-saving things, who will not be too much. As long as it is not the existence of the strength at the most peak level, other creatures, the life-saving things for the defense The demand is unlimited.

“It was a good example before the ancient palace. I was a trifling ordinary new god, and with a defense of Supreme Treasure, I made such a major event. If in the ancient palace, I promoted a A new kind of sub-divine item, defending the attribute, may be feasible.

“The one-time false god emperor jade pendant can help people hide their identities and block causal calculations. Now, they can evolve and upgrade to a stronger atmosphere, a stronger atmosphere in the ancient palace. Divine Item. You can even try to join other Attribute Power, launched the permanent Divine Item.

“And at the same time, launch a one-time defense Supreme Treasure, joined the power of this Yuanhao Senior…… It should be very popular.

“However, he only needs to strengthen the authority of the coagulation rule, and does not need to promote the reputation too much. My side is different. The name of Chaos Controller must be deeply rooted in the hearts of people, making people more and more aware that I am Chaos Controller. , Chaos Controller is me. I am the alias of Chaos Controller.

“It’s like… mentioning Demon Emperor, there were various ideas before. But now, when mentioning Demon Emperor, someone immediately thinks of 10000 Demon Emperor, if one day, mentioning the magic word, it is directly related to 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor is hooked, and the 10000 Demon Emperor is promoted to become the master of the demonic path, I am afraid it is not far away.

“Operation direction on my side…”

Ye Yang’s thoughts turned, Yuan Hao suddenly said: “You seem quite emotional, confused? Or regret?”

“It’s not.” Ye Yang said: “It’s just some doubts and puzzles, you need to ask Senior.”

“You ask.”

Ye Yang raised a lot of doubts about cultivation, but the direction of his focus is different from that of Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao, not at all gets too much advice, but there are some tips that are worth learning.

Later, Ye Yang also asked, what does Yuan Hao want the Primal Chaos Law information for? He did not believe that Yuan Hao only used the Primal Chaos Law to integrate with the solidification law and the defense law. It would not be so simple to try which ones can be merged.

“In the future, I will become the Avenue of the Universe, and the old man must protect this universe, ensure that this universe is immortal, and protect all beings. That must have a better understanding of chaos, so that the universe can better absorb chaos and transform. Be stronger and resist all kinds of dangerous shocks that naturally occur in some chaos.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang nodded: “so that’s how it is…”

Suddenly moved: “Why is Senior sheltering this universe?”

“The deity controls the law of solidification. If the universe is destroyed, the law of the deity will be weakened to the limit.”

“No, when you were in chaos, was this Law Power? The innate laws may not exist before the birth of the universe. I think that your purpose of sheltering the universe is not that simple.” Ye Yang said.

If it is other powerhouses with ambitions, it will become one of the avenues in the universe and control some of the origin of the universe. Then, it will shelter the universe, let the universe flourish, and restore the prosperity of the universe from today’s “end of the world” scene. This is normal.

But Yuan Hao has always been slumbering and slumbering again. What he likes to do is to sleep. It seems that he slept from the time when the universe was not born to after the universe was born, and then slept to become one of the rules of the universe.

After that, there were no major movements. At least I didn’t hear his message in ancient legends. There were only some legends of suspected turtle divine object actions, but it’s not him. It’s not easy to say that the ancient legendary turtle shadow didn’t even have any major movements. , Just to avoid disputes.

Then again, it is asleep, so far.

In the future, it will become one of the avenues of the universe, I am afraid it will still be asleep? For all beings, it seems to have little meaning to it.

Why actively protect the universe?

You know, sheltering a universe is not only as simple as keeping the universe from being washed away by chaos, but also resisting the threat of Chaos Divine Demon.

In the chaos of chaos, Chaos Divine Demon is countless, some have fallen and resurrected, and there are continuously new Chaos Divine Demon. Although many will fall behind and no longer recover, there is never a lack of powerful existence. There are many Chaos Divine Emperors, and the siege of Ye Yang was only a powerful existence in a large area close to the direction of the edge of the universe.

There must be a lot of chaotic gods elsewhere.

Will Divine Tortoise take the trouble?

“Hehe, the old man also has feelings for this universe. Of course, your intuition is correct, and the old man does have other major purposes.”

“Can you just say it?”

“The old man also wants to be promoted to a higher level, so that he is not afraid of the crisis, or when he will die.”

“Becoming one of the avenues in the universe, is it possible to be promoted to a higher level?” Ye Yang was curious.

According to his understanding, the Avenue of the Universe is bound by the universe itself.

The path of the universe is stronger, and it is also impossible stronger than the entire universe.

And Chaos Controller, when it is strong to a certain degree, before it is transformed into a promotion, it may fall into a new universe.

In other words, the higher level above Chaos Controller is more powerful than an entire universe.

A rule in the trifling universe rules… No, it should be called Grand Dao Lord. The law controlled by Yuan Hao became one of the avenues, and then Hou Yuanhao would become one of the Grand Dao Lord. This Grand Dao Lord slaughtered enough to be promoted to a higher level of powerhouse?

Ye Yang is not optimistic at all.

The innate pattern is trapped.

“If…” Yuan Hao mysterious smiled, the nearby space collapsed layer by layer, and there were more defensive barriers to prevent the information from spreading. There were a lot of enemies, but now there are more.

“What if…old man is not to be one of the great controllers in the universe, but to be the only great controller in the universe?” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang have one’s hair stand on end, startled, staring at Yuan Hao: “You said, you want to be the only controller of the universe? Only?”

“Yes.” Yuan Hao is nodded.

Ye Yang gasped, then shook his head: “How is it possible? Impossible.”

“How impossible?”

“There is more than one kind of cosmic avenue. Even if the Law Power you control is transformed into a avenue and becomes one of the origins of the universe, there are still other Universe Sources, there are other cosmic avenues. You have to blast all other cosmic avenues. Can’t it be completed? You still…”

Halfway through Ye Yang’s words, his eyes suddenly glared and stared at Yuan Hao in surprise: “Don’t… don’t…”

Yuan Hao mysterious smiled: “You know, why is it called the end of the world today?”

Ye Yang said: “Because, in the previous universe war, the original civilization was destroyed, and the existing civilization is not as prosperous as the original 100000000 1/10000th. It is like the survivors after the world annihilation living in the universe, so it is called the end of the world… …”

“No,” Yuan Hao said: “If this is the case, then this is not the end, but the new century. The old times have been destroyed, and a new era of civilization has been born.”

“So why?”

“Because, this universe is still declining and destroying. It is possible to slam at any time and completely scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. Even the so-called indestructible land may not continue to exist. The present universe, on the surface It is still intact, but in fact, the universe is regarded as a life or a planet, then this universe is actually seriously injured, the injury is still deteriorating, the universe will collapse at any time, this is the end of the world, the end! Hao Dao.

“How can it be?”

Ye Yang shook his head and couldn’t believe it: “This universe is constantly increasing and expanding.”

“It’s just drinking thirst to quench thirst that’s all. Now in this universe, the birth of gods is much easier than it was. Why? Also, there was a mysterious organization that prohibited the birth of any new gods, and even slaughtered the gods in order to What?” Yuan Hao asked.

Ye Yang gasped.

Owning the ancient palace and the most advanced and well-informed source of information, I thought I had a great understanding of the universe. But only now has he discovered that the true secret of the universe, he simply does not know.

I only know the surface of the universe, the real major event of the universe, except the battle of the Avenue, the rest is simply unclear!

“Why?” Ye Yang asked.

Yuan Hao said: “Do you know what kind of avenues exist in the universe today?”

Ye Yang pondered for a while, and suddenly the complexion slightly changed, becoming more and more dignified.

“Not right?” Yuan Hao said.

“Yes…not quite right.”

What is the avenue in the universe?

The avenue is the source of the law and many avenues can be derived. In turn, the law will be promoted to the avenue.

For example, the promotion of Space Law will become the space avenue. Light Law promotion, will become the Avenue of Light.

But the question is, what is the avenue of the universe today?

The law represented by Dadao must be stronger than other laws?

If there is a Great Dao of War in the universe, the law of war must be stronger than most other laws. If there is a liquefaction avenue in the universe, the liquefaction law must be stronger than most other laws.

Conversely, which laws in the universe are particularly powerful, then there should be corresponding avenues.

Like the most powerful law in the universe today, Time Law, Space Law, then there should be Avenue of Time, Avenue of Space.

Then there are Light Law, Dark Law, Fire Law, Thunder Law, Fusion Law, Gravity Law… these all are the most cream of the crop and the most powerful laws.


As far as Ye Yang knows, these rules have spokesperson appearing.

It is not as simple as observing and participating in the avenue battle. It is not as simple as looking at other laws for promotion and participating in the promotion of interference.

I have never heard of the Bright Avenue, the Dark Avenue, or the Space Avenue.

I thought there was a space avenue, but later I questioned it. It is unclear whether Time Avenue exists.

So, if the two laws of time and space have no avenue, what other law is stronger than them? What other avenue?

substance? Material Avenue was not heard.

energy? spirit?

Although they are very powerful, they are no match for the law of time and space.

“What other avenues exist in the universe?” Ye Yang couldn’t help asking Yuan Hao.

“It’s gone. The avenue is disqualified, the avenue is out of position! In today’s universe, what’s missing is not a avenue, but all avenues are broken!” Yuan Hao revealed a secret of earth shattering.

Ye Yang was almost ashen-faced.

“This big secret is just outside the edge of the universe, and only a lot of enchantment can be used to talk nonsense, and you can’t talk nonsense in the universe. But you must know that this is the fact. In the current universe, the road has collapsed. Only there are The illusory shadow left before the main road collapsed, making people think that the main road still exists.

“Apart from this, the rules of world cultivation… are incomplete and very fragmented. It is therefore that many ancient gods, Divine Emperor, cannot be promoted to be the master!

“Many laws have been broken and some have merged with other laws to form new and strange new laws. Unless the authority of the laws is recovered, they will not be complete, and the corresponding laws will not be born!

“Even, the rules now appearing dominate, and many of them have very serious flaws, which are not revealed.”

What Yuan Hao said, scared Ye Yang could hardly believe what he heard.

“Really?” Ye Yang asked shockedly.

“Old man must lie to you?”

“I’m not doubting Senior, I’m just too shocked.” Ye Yang said.

“So, the whole universe, the origin is the core, the avenue is the support, like the frame of the same house, the load-bearing beam. And the rule, equivalent to the part of the wall that is not very load-bearing. If the avenue cracks, the rule is not Complete, the entire house will collapse at any time.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang understands why the current universe is called “the end of the world”, that is really the end of the world.

The destruction continues, only from the last space war to the present. The so-called renaissance of civilization, the so-called restoration, is just a manifestation. The real truth is that the universe is still in a state of constant collapse.

“If a Heaven-supporting Pillar can be supported in this room, bearing weight, there is still room for recovery, but if it can’t support this only avenue. Now we can only build some brackets outside to support it first, using various Light and hard things are stuck on. This is the reason that the universe is about to collapse but it is still engulfing chaotic expansion. It is not actually expansion, it is not to be destroyed. But it is to drink thirst. The situation is not restored, it may be more serious.”

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