Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 856

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Yuan Hao glanced at Ye Yang and said, “Not only that, Universe Avenue and Universe Source are almost one. Because the Avenue is out of position, Universe Source will also be scattered throughout the universe. It seems that Universe Source is everywhere, although Very rare but at least Universe Source, it seems to be a good thing.

“But just like the soul and spiritual consciousness of a mortal, it spreads all over the body and does not condense in the core of the brain. Is this a good thing? For this mortal itself, unless it is a special cultivation method, it is not the soul and the spirit. Mental ability can come back at any time, otherwise, it is a sign of death!

“The same is true for Universe Source. If you can return at any time, instead of being able to gather it in a moment, it will be fine. But now there is no Great Dao Palm control, the avenue is out of position, and the universe will only instinctively swallow and expand like unconscious creatures. Universe Source cannot be reunited, then this is the sign of collapse.”

Ye Yang asked: “Then there are a lot of new gods in the universe…”

Yuan Hao said: “It is because Universe Source overflows, the rules are broken, and all kinds of life are more likely to gain divinity. It is not that it is easier to become a god, but it is easier for all living beings to be promoted to divine beings. For example, that day galaxy, How many mortals have become divine creatures now? How many players in the universe adventure game have become divine creatures?

“It’s all because of Universe Source’s spillover and the loss of the road. Just like a giant whale dying or falling, there will be many scavengers on it.

“The same reason. In the universe, there are more divine creatures, and the birth of the gods and gods will be easier and more frequent.

“Before there was an organization to slaughter the gods, I just wanted to kill the gods, then destroy the gods, and use the gods and gods to fill the invisible cracks of the universe. Of course, you might want to rely on merit or other secret technique. It is also possible to gain recognition to promote the law to the avenue. At a deeper level, the old man is not very clear.”

Ye Yang pondered for a long time before letting out a long breath: “so that’s how it is ……”

Understood, I understood everything that was unclear before.

“If Yuan Hao Senior succeeds you…it is really possible to save this universe.” Ye Yang said.

Yuan Hao said: “Of course, the Law Power controlled by the old man, if it is the avenue, is the easiest to stabilize the entire universe. This is a good thing for you and me. Once the universe cannot support it, it is completely destroyed and exploded. The power is enough to destroy 100000000 million absolutely times of chaos together, even the space will disappear a lot, and then the chaos will reunite after a long time.

“Within this power, your Primal Chaos Domain, the chaotic emperor on the edge of the universe, will not be spared. Unless it is ruled by the law, it will be affected.”

Ye Yang nodded: “I understand.”

The current universe is not the renaissance of civilization, but the end.

Even more how, the avenue battle renews, which will push the universe fiercely one step further into the abyss, and the universe may die at any time.

There is an ancient palace in the early days, and Ye Yang may not fall, but as long as he is not promoted to dominate, the universe is over, he will certainly be uncomfortable, and all the foundations will be erased, and the prosperity in the ancient palace at the beginning will no longer be.

Even if Ye Yang is still alive, Divine Kingdom is still alive. In the endless years, he will be bored to death. He is not interested in doing anything other than sleep.

“You must save the universe… Hey?”

Ye Yang was startled and couldn’t help but shook his head with a wry smile.

“Regardless of whether Zheng saves the universe or helps Yuan Hao succeed, I have to speed up my steps. This is true.

“However, Yuan Hao Senior can’t believe it either. Only one kind of avenue is impossible to support the stability of the entire universe. At least two kinds, but only two kinds of avenues, then the whole universe will change. So, the follow-up will be There is more avenue reunification.

“Yuanhao Senior can bear the subsequent road re-condensation? If you don’t have consciousness, that’s all, if there is…”

Ye Yang estimated that Yuan Hao might want to take control of multiple roads alone. Or consolidate the avenue, there must be a bigger plan.

However, even for allies, these words are not easy to ask.

Subsequently, the two completed some exchanges.

For example, Ye Yang gave Yuan Hao his insights into Primal Chaos Law.

But in turn, Yuan Hao gave Ye Yang his understanding and perception of the solidification law and the defense law.

He is already the ruler of the law. Ye Yang’s perception of these two rules can never be stronger than that of Yuan Hao. As Yuan Hao, as a ruler, he can change the characteristics of the solidification law and the defense law at any time.

It’s just that it won’t change a lot. But within the scope of the solidification law, it is to speak the law and read the law, which is irreversible.

It can even prohibit any creature from using the power of the coagulation law. If you want, you can also make the material on any creature lose its solidifying effect ultra-remotely.

Of course, this attack will be offset by the divine force and Law Power of other gods. But how many powerhouses can block this Yuanhao.

Therefore, Ye Yang cannot affect Yuan Hao even if he is deeper on the solidified Law Comprehension. Yuan Hao’s authority over the solidification law is already in a state of complete monopoly.

Simply put, equivalent to a country, Yuan Hao is the supreme Leader of this country, Ye Yang can get a lot of money and wealth here, even if it accumulates more wealth, even more than Yuan Hao, as long as it is still in this country Without leaving, He can cut off the wealth that Ye Yang possesses in this country. But going abroad is different.

Therefore, in terms of the solidification law, Yuan Hao is not afraid of Ye Yang at all.

At the same time, letting Ye Yang understand this rule is also of great benefit in understanding the cultivation technique given by Yuan Hao. More conducive to promotion.

And Ye Yang’s Primal Chaos Law, even if he didn’t give it, Yuan Hao had chaotic perception even when he was Primal Chaos Divine Artifact long ago. And now even with the seeds of chaos, condensing the power of Primal Chaos Law, it is impossible to want to become Chaos Controller.

Even if Yuan Hao handed over the Chaos Seed to other creatures to let other creatures cultivate, but how can other creatures be as reliable as Ye Yang? Rather than worrying about other gods coming up later, it is better to worry about other chaotic gods Primal Chaos Demon in Chaos.

Therefore, the exchange of 2 people is very smooth, it is equivalent exchange.

Yuan Hao helped Ye Yang before, and this relationship was also cancelled.

However, as an ally now, there are still many opportunities for help next. Don’t worry about human relations and so on, sooner or later there will be more and more, and the friendship will become deeper and deeper.

“Senior, no matter where it is, is quite eye-catching. Where do you plan to go next?” Ye Yang asked.

“The deity has its own place. But incarnation, temporarily settled in the ancient palace at the beginning, can it?”


Yuan Hao said, and a silhouette became a handsome man. However, it is bald.

Very smooth and bright head.

However, obviously without half a hair, he is very handsome.

A white robe is a bit like a monk’s robe, but it is different.

To Ye Yang cupped the hands, Yuan Hao’s body gradually dissipated, and he didn’t know how to shuttle it away. And his incarnation flew in the direction of the ancient palace at the beginning.

“It is estimated that Yuan Hao Senior had already entered the ancient palace in the early years before the senior palace, but it was only disguised, and I even concealed it.

“Now, deliberately create an incarnation, it is convenient to contact at any time.”

Ye Yang’s body is still in the ancient palace in the early days, and an incarnation entered the chaos with the butterfly source.

Inducing chaos to surround this place, whether it is other Chaos Divine Demon, or the gods in the universe, including 10000 Demon Emperor, including other rulers, as long as you do not enter this area, you can not see any situation here.

“The space is big enough, let’s start next.”

Ye Yang and Dieyuan continue to create new chaotic butterfly families. Newly born, unsuitable, destroy, and then try again.

“By the way, your name is not very nice, change one.” Ye Yang said.

“Not good listen?” Butterfly source was surprised.

“Next, there will be a big change in the universe, and your name is easily reminiscent of something. So, change the name.”

“what is it call?”

“Ye Die, follow my last name.” Ye Yang said.

Next, we have been trying to create new and different chaotic butterfly families, constantly revise their genes, and let them produce faith, and worship Ye Ye, and even Ye Ye at the same time, to see which state of life is easier to produce. Faith, which kind of faith is more useful for Ye Die.

In addition, Ye Yang also continued to study Ye Die’s real body state, and from time to time she merged her spirits, and gained more insight and understanding of the state dominated by the law, and the details are increasing.

On the other side, Ye Yang’s other incarnation wandered around in the vast universe.

The speed is very fast, and many places are not carefully browsed, but Ye Yang can see some of the stars.

The development of things is similar to what He predicted in advance, the whole universe is full of battles.

The battle between mortals and mortals, the fight between abilities and abilities, the battle between evolvers and evolvers, the battle between divine creatures and divine creatures, the battle between gods and gods.

All kinds of creature melee, the game player characters created by the universe adventure game are fighting each other.

Many battles, even if the outsiders are completely unaware, are over.

apart from this, that Duanyu sword flew in the sky continuously, slaying each and everyone creatures, and continually slashing a huge crack in the universe void.

“The universe is very confusing now. I hardly need to do anything. I directly release the defense cultivation technique. As long as it is strong enough, it is easy to attract all living beings to learn. However, this requires an opportunity. And, Duan Yujian… will not Will accelerate the collapse of the universe?”

Ye Yang was worried, so she asked Yuan Hao’s incarnation.

“Relax, as long as Duan Yujian doesn’t recover to a certain extent, impossible really hurts the fundamentals of the universe.

“The current attack is nothing but split open space, breaking the dimensional dimension. But even if the 2 3 4 5 6 7 eight-nine dimension is punctured together in time and space, it will not affect the fundamentals of the universe.

“The universe is much stronger and stronger than you think. Only when one Law is completely broken, or the old avenue cracks, will the universe be accelerated.”

Yuan Hao explained this, and Ye Yang was relieved.

But suddenly there was a move in his heart: “No, so to speak, the battle between the great roads…”

“Well, the expansion of the power of the law will squeeze the power of other laws, and even similar laws will swallow each other. Once a certain law can’t bear and cause a big crack, the universe will be damaged at the source level.”

“Then, do you want to stop the avenue battle?”

“It’s useless. Even if you don’t do anything, the foundation of the current universe will slowly break down. It’s better to take a fight and speed up the process of the avenue battle. A new avenue will appear before you can pull strongly against a crazy tide .”

One thing, Yuan Hao did not say, but Ye Yang also guessed.

If it is to destroy Attribute Power and become the cosmic avenue, it is even harder to pull strongly against a crazy tide.

Moreover, in the course of the avenue battle, the destruction of the universe will be great.

But on the contrary, the law of defense, the law of solidification, the Law of Fusion, the law of balance, etc. If these laws grow, there are certain benefits for the universe itself. The benefits are big and small, so it is hard to say. But these laws become the avenue, and the probability of saving the universe will be greater.

“Well, things are hard to say. So, I have to keep some preparations in secret.

“For example, in the vast Primal Chaos Abyss, lay the second base, if there is any problem, you can retreat to Primal Chaos Abyss?

“Even if the universe is destroyed, the erupting power is enough to destroy my first chaotic area, Absolute Domain, but the second base will be intact. Even if you become the Chaos Controller, you will be forced to open the sky, but it is not yet Chaos. Controller? Even if you become Chaos Controller, you still have time…”

However, this matter must avoid Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao, otherwise, he may be angry.

Therefore, Ye Yang secretly sent his other incarnation to Primal Chaos Abyss. At the same time, the newly created Chaos Butterfly Clan, with many defects, was also sent to Primal Chaos Abyss.

Their role is to explore the situation of Primal Chaos Abyss. At the same time, you can also experience various environmental influences in the chaos to see if you can evolve a better form naturally.

At the same time, the ancient palace, quietly released those cultivation techniques provided by Yuan Hao, for the time being only for the simple part.

At the same time, a new “master divine talisman” is also introduced, which is similar to the “false god emperor jade pendant”, and this time, it is said to be able to obscure the ruler level plus powerhouse to calculate causality.

Of course, there are prerequisites, it must be that the body cannot be covered by the coverage of the law controlled by the Controller level, or the body is hidden in other Supreme Treasure, otherwise, the master divine talisman can not resist the master’s calculation.

In addition, “Define Divine Talisman” is also launched, which is a one-time defense Divine object.

“It can’t be placed directly on the official side of the ancient palace. It can’t take the initiative to send announcements. There are no good advertising resources here. Once too active, it will make people feel that this thing is related to me and is not conducive to future changes.”

Ye Yang pondered, and suddenly, there was a roaring sword sound in the distance.

“Duan Yujian is chasing Killing Divine Sovereign again!”

“Yes, several masters have been attacked by Duan Yujian, and now they are turning around to fake Duan Yujian, didn’t expect. When Duan Yujian fled, he still did not forget to harass and attack other god emperors.”

Some deities are talking about in the ancient palace at the beginning.

These are not major news, so they are not sold on the platform. Instead, he said casually.

Ye Yang’s eyes suddenly lighted up: “Great, the opportunity is coming.”

There are many battles in the universe, but in other battles, how can the battle of Sword-Sword and Divine Emperor come to power?

Ye Yang quickly let his incarnation carry the dominance divine talisman, which created and manipulated a “game character” incarnation.

That game character incarnation did not carry the dominance divine talisman, but it brought the defense divine talisman.

The figure became a young and handsome god, flying to the void.

“In about a few seconds, the Divine Emperor will flee here.” Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao’s incarnation said to Ye Yang.

His calculation power is also extremely strong.

“Well, yes.”

Ye Yang has seen that a black robe emperor flees towards the positive side quickly, and a Divine Item was sacrificed behind him, but they were easily cut in half by the Duan Yujian.

Seeing that Duan Yujian fell towards the emperor, he was not spared.

With a wave of Ye Yang right hand, the defense divine talisman shot and flew out. In the void, transformed into a huge translucent turtle shell shape, like energy condensing.

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