Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 857

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Duan Yujian’s attack was actually blocked by forcibly.

In the universe, the gods who are concerned about the situation here are shocked.

“What’s that means…”

“Is another ruler dominating the shot?”

“No, it’s not, it’s definitely not the rule of law. It looks like… powerhouse incarnation at the level of the emperor.”

a powerhouse looked at each other in blank dismay.

Trifling powerhouse of the emperor level, can actually block the frontal blow of the sword of Duan Yu?

At this moment, Duan Yujian once again blossomed into a powerful force, slashing towards the previous Divine Emperor.

The Divine Emperor had already escaped for a while, but the sword energy swept out by the Duanyu sword ran into the void, and he had to pursue it again.

The shield-shaped mask controlled by Ye Yang has not been broken yet, and moved a bit to block the 2nd Strike of Duan Yujian.

The shield is completely broken.

There was still residual power swept away, the god emperor hurriedly sacrificed one after another divine force, and turned into a different defensive barrier to block, forcibly blocking the residual power of the sword.

At this time, a number of laws ruled and killed, that Duan Yujian sent a strong roar and quickly went away.

If you don’t leave, you will be siege.

It shuttling through the void, and many rulers also shuttled back and forth, so there is no chance to cut the emperor.

The emperor who had just escaped from death was full of luck, flying towards Ye Yang and arching his hands: “Thank you Your Majesty life-saving grace.”

“No thanks, no effort at all that’s all.”

“I want it. The Duanyu sword’s formidable power is nothing, even if it is incarnation, once it is cut off, there will be traces of cause and effect to the Strength of Source, and it will directly bombard the body. The deity just nearly fell. If it weren’t for your rescue, I’m afraid…the consequences are unbearable.” That god Sovereign Dao.

Ye Yang faintly smiled.

The emperor asked again: “Dare to ask Eun Gong how to call it?”

Ye Yang said: “My name is chaotic.”

Ye Yang did not directly claim to be Chaos Controller, so the strength is not worthy, but it is not easy to be accepted.

“Chaos?” The God Emperor had a slightly different color.

“Yes, this deity comes from chaos and has chaotic wills. It is called the spokesperson of chaos. The other Chaos Divine Demon is just the servant of chaotic will that’s all. And the deity, although chaotic, is to the gods and sentient beings in this universe. I have a good opinion. I can’t see that Duanyu Sword wrestles with prestige, so I just saved you.” Ye Yang said.

The god emperor was dumb.

Many gods who are concerned about the situation here are also somewhat stunned.

At this moment, in the void, nowhere, the voice of Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao came faintly.

Only Ye Yang can hear it, others can’t hear it, it is estimated that it was communicated in the ancient palace in the early days.

“Ye Yang Your Majesty, must be in order to declare your own name? Do you want good or bad name. But you have to think about it.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang thoughts move, suddenly understood.

If you want all beings to fully connect Ye Yang with chaos, then doing good deeds is not so easy.

As the saying goes, good things don’t go out, bad things spread 1000 miles.

If you create an evil image, it will soon spread throughout the universe.

All beings in the universe know their names and all know that he is the Chaos God, and then gradually replace the concept of chaos, and then merge with the ontology, it is possible to be promoted to Chaos Controller.

But such notoriety is not a good thing. If you discover that Ye Chao, the chaotic god emperor, is the ancient Temple Lord in the future, the good names accumulated before then will be over.

And if it is a good name, it may be better, but then it spreads slowly.

Ye Yang’s thoughts turned, and it couldn’t be decided for a while. However, let the fame spread through the universe first.

“Of course, there is another important reason.” Ye Yang suddenly said.

“What’s the reason?” the Divine Emperor asked curiously.

Ye Yang said: “The Duan Yujian, the way to fight is to support the war. Killing the gods, accumulating prestige, deterring the gods and innumerable living beings, endless mortals. From this to gain faith, they have continuous power. Then it will continue to recover and continue to attack the gods.

“The deity can’t be used to this kind of killing behavior. Moreover, Duan Yujian becomes stronger and is not good for Chaos Creature, so the deity naturally wants to stop it.”

The emperor’s face was indifferent: “so that’s how it is, this deity deity wrote down. If it’s okay, leave here.”

The gods in the universe, if just and honorable collusion with the chaotic creatures outside the universe, in the past, may have little effect. However, no one knows whether the current situation is strange and whether it will cause extremely dangerous consequences.

“Be slow.” Ye Yang smiled strangely: “The deity helped you before, and the deity wants you to repay now.”

The emperor raised his eyebrows: “How do you repay your honor?”

Ye Yang hehe smiled: “It’s not too much to give this deity 200000000 million years of deity?”

The emperor’s face changed suddenly, gritted his teeth and said, “You don’t think about it!”

“Really? Is your life less than a trifling 200000000 million years of service time?” Ye Yang said.

The emperor gritted his teeth without saying a word.

His true identity was not exposed, and he wanted to leave.

Ye Yang suddenly said: “You know, how precious is the deity you used to save you?”

At this time, the distance is empty, showing another incarnation of Ye Yang, disguised as the appearance of other gods. Then another incarnation of Ye Yang said: “talk nonsense, what you just used is nothing more than a new sale in the ancient palace at the beginning, a one-time defense divine talisman, but it is not a particularly precious thing. Even if it is compensated several times, But a few defense divine talisman is enough. Which is worth the service time of a god 200000000 million years? You are too delusional.”

“Who are you again?”

Ye Yang stared at another incarnation of his own and played an oboe.

“Hehe, don’t you know who this deity is?” another Ye Yang incarnation said.

“Are you worthy of your respect?” Ye Yang’s incarnation said proudly.

Then another incarnation said: “Oh, since you can’t recognize the deity, that’s great.”

Said, quickly turned around and shuttled towards the ancient palace, and quickly entered the ancient palace. Ye Yang’s incarnation could not stop here, and his face suddenly became gloomy.

“Humph.” Ye Yang incarnation sneered and looked around. The god emperor ran just now, but there was a ruler who divided an incarnation and was looking at Ye Yang not far away with a smile.

No other powerhouse is in the vicinity.

Ye Yang glanced lightly at the ruler, ignored it, turned and left.

“This advertisement should be played well.” Ye Yang muttered under his heart.

In the ancient palace at the beginning, it was seen that many deities went to inquire about the defense of divine talisman.

Then, on the description of the defense divine talisman, I saw the so-called production method, which was actually related to a special secret art.

This secret art is quite expensive and is divided into high-level, intermediate-level and low-level. Each level is divided into small levels.

The gods can spend divine force crystals and special materials to purchase a small part of this cultivation technique. This cost less. If you feel suitable after the exercise, you can spend more divine force crystal to buy, get the content of the later part.

Of course, if you buy this cultivation method here, you must make a vow here, and you can’t spread it at will.

Many gods are unwilling to be bound by oath. Although they are greedy and will not buy it, many gods are still unable to bear.

As soon as I saw the content inside, it was amazing.

“Combined application of the solidification law and other laws…Combined application of the solidification law and the defense law.

“Defend against fire, cold light, dark thunder, wind and other attacks with different energy attributes, defend against different physical attribute attacks, defend against various fine Divine Attribute soul attribute level attacks. Including the Illusion Technique erosion resistance.

“To the extreme, the defensive ability is not much weaker than the ancient palace at the beginning. No matter what kind of attack or type of attack can be blocked, it can be said that the defense is extremely comprehensive.

“The most rare thing is that the application of this coagulation rule can be combined with other rules quite well, and even the divine force can be directly coagulated…”

The gods couldn’t help but breathe.

Some quick-minded gods, aware of the word “solidification law” inside, quickly made judgments and guesses. Will this also be related to the battle of the avenue?

Cultivated this thing, will it increase the power of the solidification law?

Some deities will worry about these, but more deities will not worry about it.

Cultivated solidification law, equivalent to standing in line?

For some gods, yes, but for some gods, it is not.

If you support other Law Powers in the avenue battle, then the cultivation solidification law, cultivation a law participating in the avenue battle, and use this power. This means that if the position is not firm, it will cause scourge.

But if it does not specifically support any laws itself, it is just a general cultivation of various types of Law Power, and its original natural law will continue to depend on cultivation. Then, there is no problem of standing in line.

It’s like two big companies. The products are of the same kind. They are sold in large quantities. People in their own families don’t have to buy their own products to use their products. But for the broad masses of people in the market, which enterprise do you belong to? Easy to use.

It’s like two princes taking their heirs, the official~~the one side, you are not good at blowing this one, it is not good to blow the other one. Depreciating this or degrading the other means position issues. But for the 2 ordinary civilians in the country, which of the people’s argument can control so much?

The same reason. For most deities, their own safety is more important than the battle over the road.

A method that can greatly enhance your life-saving ability, even if it is separated from the ancient palace, it still has a very powerful life-saving method. How can this thing not be disturbed?

Unsurprisingly, many gods soon bought this thing.

“For gods, it’s suspicious. Many self-confessed smart guys will be suspicious. If this thing is sent at no cost to Great Sect, they may be more cautious. Or do not pay attention and do not study cultivation seriously. But if needed Spend money on the cultivation technique, but pay more attention to it. As long as no real danger is found, you will try cultivation.” Ye Yang explained the charging problem to Yuan Hao.

“Of course, secretly, without charge, it also spreads the corresponding cultivation technique to mortals, and can quickly use the foreign object to mobilize the power of the coagulation law. A large number of mortal cultivation is also beneficial to the power of the coagulation law.

“As long as there is a cultivation technique purchased by the deity here, and then certain mortals under the deity have mastered the corresponding technique of cultivation, it will make people wonder if anyone has leaked it out, or use this to strengthen their own institute. The strength of the people governed.

“In short, when it is promoted then, there will be less resistance.

“If you make this announcement directly in the universe, you might face various kinds of suppression directly. Even if the cultivation technique is the best, there will be other rules to prevent it.

“It may also be blocked now, but the intensity is estimated to be less.”

Ye Yang will explain again.

In fact, He cannot guarantee that this method will work.

After all, the emperors and laws in the universe dominate, and there are quite a lot of them. What kind of thoughts and ideas do they have? Ye Yang has no way to understand one after another. But it is good to try to temporarily reduce the hostility of many competitors.

“We have successfully demonstrated the defensive effect of divine talisman before. Next, there are other gods used and benefited many times, so we don’t need to promote it again.” Ye Yang added

“In other words, the next thing is to wait quietly?” Yuan Hao asked.

Ye Yang said: “Thank you for your trouble, senior, and send incarnation to interfere with the galaxies of all parties and let wars appear everywhere. There is no need for too fierce wars, do not cause too much chain reaction, only one There are battles everywhere, and there are deities who use defensive divine talisman or corresponding defensive cultivation techniques, with the help of solidification rules, to show their powerful life-saving capabilities.

“As long as the information is not distorted and not blocked. The solidification law of the whole universe cultivation is an irresistible trend.”

Other laws may not be cultivated.

For example, according to the Attack Type rule, there is another kind of doesn’t cultivate.

As for the Law Power of recovery, as long as the life is saved, for the deity, there is no resource to recover, there is no need to use the recovery power in the battle.

The law of defense must not be cultivated, and it must be ensured that it is not spiked.

In particular, what comes out now traces the cause and effect ignoring the distance and traces the origin directly to bombard the body through incarnation. This is enough to scare many gods who are not capable. Without taking some defense divine talisman to save your life, doesn’t cultivate a defensive cultivation technique, how?

Perhaps pure defensive laws are better, but pure defensive laws are half-innate and half-acquired, which is not as wide as the pure innate potential and universality of the solidification law.

The law of defense is the power of one Law, which needs to focus on cultivation comprehend. The solidification law can solidify your original strength. Equivalent to unify the original power, cultivation is faster than the law of defense.

For example, a mortal possesses 10000 nautical miles of seawater, and directly solidifies the 10000 nautical miles of seawater to obtain a defensive improvement, which is much faster than slowly condensing the power of defense to strengthen the defensive ability of liquid water.

In addition, a god who controls the powerful Fire Law and cultivation defense laws needs to slowly gather the power of the defense laws. Then use the law of defense to defend in battle. How can this be compared with the direct integration of Fire Law and Fire Law?

Solidification is not compression condensation, it is to make the flame solidified, and its defense is more than ten times and 100 times. Moreover, if it is not directly cured, it can be converted to compression and solidification, which can double the attack power of Fire Law.

This use is much wider than the pure defense law.

Also, the most important and most important thing is that it is difficult to find the path of cultivation of the defense law, but there is the path of cultivation of the solidification law directly, and it is easier to comprehend the solidification law after cultivation, that is definitely the cultivation solidification law is better.

“The overall situation here will be settled… don’t bother too much. Forgetting to fulfill part of the cooperation agreement. The next thing is my reputation here.

“Good name, bad name…that’s all, it’s better to seek prestige. Prestige is good and evil, neither good nor evil. Fist is famous.

“Next… Use pure chaos Attribute Power to challenge the gods and swept the Uchi. The first goal, which one is better?”

Ye Yang incarnation’s gaze has focused on the direction of the abyss where the Demon Emperor is located.

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