Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 858

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Before, there were many gods, and even a large number of god emperors, who provoked the ancient palace in the early days, and started the ancient palace in the early days.

First, the gods in the galaxy are lost, and then to the Holy Night Palace, then many gods, and various powerhouses.

In the end, even the Lord of Light and Dark Ruler stared at the ancient palace at the beginning.

If it was not for them to restrain each other and be afraid of each other, they could not fight against the ancient palace at the beginning, and they felt that the strength of the ancient palace at the beginning of the palace was not weak. I am afraid that even the rule of law would start the ancient palace at the beginning.

Why do they all like to work on the ancient palace in the beginning?

Only because of the early reputation of ancient palace that’s all.

As long as the ancient palace is defeated, fame is very simple.

Therefore, as long as the strength is not weak and confident, they will come to the ancient palace.

Didn’t start with the ancient palace in the beginning, most of them are not confident that’s all.

In the same way, Ye Yang also feels that if he wants to be famous, he wants to start with a famous powerhouse.

10000 Yuan Demon Emperor, fame is big enough and loud, and has a holiday.

There are many other famous powerhouses, but those mutant gods are not easy to find and it is difficult to break the Holy Palace. Rule by all the laws…Unless it is ruled by a weak slag like Ye Die, it is also unbeatable and may be destroyed.

10000 Yuan Demon Emperor’s strength is not weak. Recently, the power of the Demon Emperor has fluctuated, which has led many powerhouses to speculate that his strength is no less than any god.

But the reputation is louder than many Divine Emperors, if the 10000 Demon Emperor is destroyed…

“Yuanhao Senior.”

Ye Yang first went to Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao and asked: “If they stand in front of other masters, will they see my true identity, will they be able to trace the identity of the deity from the incarnation of the deity? “

“Probability is not big. But if it is the rule that is good at predicting and predicting, it can definitely be found.” Yuan Hao said.

“10000 Yuan Demon Emperor Your Majesty, what is the current strength?” Ye Yang asked again.

“Do you want to fight his idea?”


“It’s better not to touch him.”


“Because, he has restored the cultivation base. If it wasn’t for the great changes in Yui, I’m afraid I would have jumped out. Why don’t I show up now? One is that the outside is too chaotic, and he’s temporarily feminine. 2 is that his strength has been restored to Divine The peak of Emperor, the road leading to the Ruler Realm world, has been opened.” Yuan Hao said.

“I’m going to be promoted to dominate? Not right?” Ye Yang asked.

“You can recall, where is there a demon in today’s universe?” Yuan Hao asked.

Ye Yang pondered for a while, his complexion gradually changed.

“There are many legends about demons in the universe, but there are very few who actually see the Demon Realm creatures. Why? Because, all the demons coming out of the Demon Realm abyss are powerful and inexplicably lost. Or, it was forced to be taken back and forced to wander outside, all of which are not powerful demons. Although it is enough to cause a sensation in an area, for the creatures above Demi-God and Demi-God, it is It’s just a little riot, it’s nothing. Moreover, the communication technology in the universe today is excellent. It’s not difficult to find out what is happening in other places. It is learned that the demons who appear are not very strong… except for 10000 Yuan Demon. Emperor.”

When Yuan Hao’s words fell, Ye Yang’s complexion changed again.

Unable to bear asked: “You mean, this is 10000 Demon Emperor intentionally controlled?”

Yuan Hao nodded: “That’s right, because of this, many of the demons in the Demon Realm want to come out of trouble, but they are suppressed by the 10000 Demon Emperor. Of course they will hate him, and they will cooperate with other gods in secret to let The 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor had to be split. Unfortunately, the 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor was so skillful that it was actually just a fake death, and took advantage of the fake death to spread the name of the 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor throughout the universe, and there are incarnations of 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor in many places. . In this way… Once the devil is mentioned, the first thought of all beings is the 10000 Demon Emperor.”

Ye Yang heard it with a sigh of relief: “He already knew the way to promote breakthrough to the level of domination? And in practice?”

“Yes. Otherwise, many god emperors were vain. At the beginning, there were only traces of Divine Kings walking in the universe. When mentioning what the god emperor said about the ancient god emperor, it can be seen that Divinity Sovereign Level does not appear in the world. Why is there still 10000? What is the title of Demon Emperor? Demon Emperor is Divine Emperor, which is claimed to be slightly lower than Divine Emperor. In fact… His strength is too strong to cover up. The other god, Imperial Capital, is imperial, only He I can’t hide it, why not come out and sweep the 4 sides?”

“Is it for breakthrough?”

“Well, he must be able to perceive that the water in the universe is extremely deep, otherwise, there is no emperor in the world, but he alone will not come out to unify the universe?” Yuan Hao said.

“If he is promoted to the master of demonic path, then…”

“The power is definitely very strong, and it is at a strong level among the many rulers. It may not be Peak, but it is stronger than most. The demonic path does not refer to the Demon Race way, and the magic word is also Alluding to the many negative forces and negative forces in the universe is not as simple as the acquired laws.” Yuan Hao explained.

Ye Yang got it.

Yuan Hao is not optimistic about Ye Yang.

He did not approve of He going to start with 10000 Demon Emperor.

“Abyss Demon Realm, known as 10000 Abyss, Demon Emperor in it, the strength will exceed Divine Emperor, right?” Ye Yang asked.

“Well, if he hasn’t fully recovered, then it’s the power above the Divine Emperor or Divine Emperor peak. If it has been completely restored, in the realm, speaking the law follows, the law follows, and the rule of law is nothing. The difference. However, He will also be limited to the abyss, and it is not so simple to get out of it. After coming out, the cultivation base will be weakened and suppressed. But it becomes the master, and the law of demonic path spills into the universe and merges into the void, then He In the universe other than Demon Realm, there is no difference from the real master.” Yuan Haoduo explained.

Ye Yang is speechless.

“Are you looking for a goal and making a name?” Yuan Hao asked.

Ye Yang nodded.

“The first thing to look for is not to have to be strong enough, but to have a good reputation. Then, attract attention and raise your reputation.” Yuan Hao reminded.

Ye Yang pondered for 2 seconds and nodded again.

Indeed, what is to be considered now is to let as many creatures as possible know the reputation of Ye Yang, the incarnation’s fame and title, and every move is attracting attention, and then it is time to brush prestige.

There is no need to directly kill the special powerful existence and gain high reputation for the first time.

“However, which one is better to choose?”

Ye Yang was lost in contemplation.

Ask Ji Yan and Ye Die separately, the others didn’t.

Even the most beloved gods, they still don’t let them know that Ye Yang is already a powerful Chaos Divine Emperor, without the ancient palace, it is enough to hang the level of many Divine Emperors. Even if the incarnation is out, it can compete with the body of many emperors. Unless it is particularly strong, this incarnation will retreat.

“This time, I am looking for a target that is very famous and not very strong. Because, if I want to destroy them, I can’t use too much effort. Once I show a more reluctant look, then I leave it to others. The impression is that’the strength can be destroyed by a certain powerhouse, which is slightly stronger than a certain powerhouse’. This limit is even greater.

“All we have to do is to eliminate a powerful existence, and it also makes people feel that I can’t see through my strength, and I feel deep and unmeasurable.”

Soon, Ye Yang had a decision.

There is a big enemy who has long wanted to start.

Eastern Pole League!

To be honest, the friction between Dongji Shenmeng and Ye Yang is not too intense.

However, at the beginning, the East Pole Divine League had to work on “the vast world” and refining the other side of the world, but Ye Yang almost fell on that world.

After that, the Gods Association came to cooperate with the ancient palace in the early days. Because of this, there were some conflicts with the Eastern League, such as the spread of various rumors on the Internet.

In addition, Yin Ziyun and Yang Hao are friends of Ye Yang. Although he has disappeared without knowing where he is now, he has always had enmity with Dongming Divine Monarch of the Eastern Pole League.

The other party secretly plotted against Yang Hao, and then Yin Yin had to serve them. Until later, Yin Ziya and Yang Hao joined the Ye Yang side, which also caused the Ye Yang side to attract the hostility of Dongming Shenjun.

Dongji Shenmeng is very big and very powerful.

There are many people, and all members are powerful.

However, as one of the leaders of the Eastern Pole League, Dongming Divine Sovereign, the strength is nothing but a false God King Level, which is not much stronger than Divine Respect.

There are some cards in the entire Divine League. For example, the real headquarters does not know where to hide. According to legend, there is an ancient god emperor or ancient Divine Emperor in this god alliance.

There is Supreme Elder, there is a powerhouse hidden behind the scenes.

Due to various reasons and trivial matters, Ye Yang has not been involved in the Eastern League.

“With my current strength, it is not the rule of Controller level, all can battle. Even if a group of god emperors come, no need to be too early, ancient palace, only use incarnation, it is also not afraid. Fight again.

“So, the strength can beat the Eastern Pole League!!”

All kinds of hate excuses are false.

There is no grudge against the Eastern League.

Therefore, the key lies in interests.

Now, the Eastern Pole League is available.

Ye Yang does not use the ontology and does not reveal the identity of the ontology. Then, you can do things that are not suitable for you.

The thought flashed, Ye Yang’s incarnation shuttling through the void, and soon reached the Eastern Universe.

The universe originally had no up, down, left, and right directions.

However, the Eastern Pole League contains more than 1000 galaxies, and the gods born in it divide the universe into Eastern, Southern, Western, Northern, Central 4 sides. Their location is called the Eastern Universe.

Why is it called Eastern Universe instead of Middle Universe? It is because there is no central area of ​​the universe.

The central area of ​​the universe has undergone drastic changes, and it is still a white energy frenzy area. The gods, including the rulers, are difficult to enter. Chaos cannot penetrate.

Therefore, the place where the Eastern Pole League is located is called the Eastern Universe and the Middle Universe.

At this time, upon arriving, Primal Chaos Qi felt invisible suppression.

“really strong !”

Ye Yang glanced at it, and found that more than 1000 galaxies formed a simple formation.

Galaxies and the core of galaxies emit different Law Power, extending above other galaxies. Let Law Power share it.

The role of this formation is simple, it is to suppress the Divine force of Outsider, and can form a Divine force barrier.

Therefore, as soon as he broke into here, there were many gods’ illusory shadows coming down and blocking Ye Yang.

At first glance, it is the incarnation of several gods who will rank deities.

“Who are you? Stop!”

A male deity wearing a golden-bright and dazzling Divine Armor stepped forward, holding a Dualbladed Halberd-shaped Divine Item with a right hand.

Ye Yang swept coldly and stared forward: “Here, but where is the Eastern Pole League?”

“Good. Dare to ask Senior who are you, what do you intend to come here?” The gods will stare at Ye Yang alertly.

Ye Yang smiled: “East Polar League is here, right.”


“Dongming Shenjun, come out and die!!”

Ye Yang’s voice instantly spread across dozens of galaxies in front, but in the sky was blocked by an invisible force field. The sound contained in the divine force is blocked.

However, under the impact of this sound wave, Ye Yang discovered that the void in front was distorted.

He saw a very large Heavenly Palace suspended in the void.

I also saw the endless God World Immortal World.

“High dimension… parallel space-time?”

The voids of more than 1000 galaxies are only appearances. Hidden in multiple high-dimensional space and time.

In the 4 5 6 7 8 dimensional space-time hierarchy, there is a mezzanine, which contains a 3 dimensional space parallel to the space here.

To get there, you must break into high-dimensional space and time before you can enter.

The 3-dimensional space-time is the land of millions and millions of li.

In the center of the earth, there is a boundless sea of ​​clouds. Above the sea of ​​clouds, there is a huge jade palace.

“Lingxiao Treasure Hall?”

Ye Yang couldn’t help but think of the Eastern Celestial Court in the previous Earth mythology.

Unexpectedly, here actually saw the Legendary Midnight Celestial Court.

However, the void in front was distorted, and soon the real scene could no longer be seen.

Only a large cluster of more than 1000 galaxies converged. A large area with a diameter of more than 3600 and 10000 light years.

In every galaxy, there are many gods occupying.

Many of these gods have never been seen. Never seen their incarnation going to the ancient palace at the beginning, as if it was isolated from the outside world.

Of course, it is also possible to pretend to be out.

“This Eastern Pole League, the water is deep. The number of gods is a little weird. The core area here hides some powerful existence. But as long as it is not ruled by the law… Oh, even if it is ruled by the law, and What are you afraid of? Can you trace the cause and effect to break my body?”

The body is hidden in the ancient palace in the early days, where Yuan Hao stared.

Even if the attack that traces the cause and effect blasts past, it will not expose Ye Yang’s identity.

“Dongming Divine Monarch…what coward? The deity came to you today to revenge on your old revenge, but you have the courage to show up?” Ye Yang continued to shout.

divine force transmits sound through.

“Big, bold!!”

Several gods nearby, expression greatly changed.

“How dare you call the name of Divine King directly? So mad…”

Several gods will be a little trembling, but they still point Divine Weapon to Ye Yang.

Ye Yang stared at it, and was shocked.

These gods, actually not incarnation here, but the body came. However, the core of consciousness seems to be hiding elsewhere.

Generally speaking, the core of consciousness is the ontology. But Ye Yang is sure that the core of their consciousness is weird, and this may be the ontology.

If they are exterminated by Ye Yang, they will definitely have a great injury, and they will not be able to reappear in a short time. These gods are much more dangerous than other gods whose bodies are hidden in Divine Kingdom and their incarnation goes out.

“Dongming Shenjun, why not appear at first sight?” Ye Yang said again.

There was a coldly snorted sound from the galaxy ahead.

“Bold fanatics, this is where the Eastern Pole League is located. There is more than one ancient Divine Emperor sitting here. If you are acquainted, you will quickly retreat, and you will be noisy, otherwise, you will be in trouble!”

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