Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 859

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“Divine Emperor? hehe, ridiculous!!!” Ye Yang was extremely disdainful.

“What? Ridiculous?”

“Bold fanatics!”

“Trifling little god, dare to impudent at my Eastern Pole League!!”

Each and everyone roars from those galaxies, through the divine force as a medium, showing that each and everyone cultivation base out of the ordinary.

Ye Yang indifferently said: “The deity has never heard that the Antarctic Divine League has the level of the god emperor or even the god emperor. In today’s world, you are afraid that you will not be frightened by the situation outside and hide it as a coward. You don’t dare to show up, you have to die, so what is Divine Emperor saying?

“Hmph, it’s ridiculous that you, trifling alien god, do you know that I have a deep heritage of the Eastern Pole League? Before, I didn’t want to be a target, so when the universe wasn’t chaotic, I didn’t reveal my Eastern Pole League’s cards. Change, only leaked one 2. If you are acquainted, it is best to retreat obediently, otherwise, it will be too late for you to regret!” There is a voice of gods threatening.

“Haha, you are just a group of cowards who can only talk big. Have the ability to come out a battle… What about Dongming Divine Sovereign? Let him obediently get out and die!”

“You…courting death!!”

In an instant, one after another golden silhouette flew out from inside.

Several gods next to Ye Yang also had to brace oneself to attack Ye Yang at this time.

Ye Yang burst into a smile and stood motionless, but the vast Primal Chaos Qi emerged from his body, forming a series of Divine Dragon.

Nine Primal Chaos Qi in Divine Dragon form circle around Ye Yang, circling violently.

The gods who attacked him were only blown away by Primal Chaos Qi in the shape of Divine Dragon, and they flew out with a bang, the body shattered in the sky.

The gods who just sprang out of it were furious, and the powerful Divine Item fell down towards Ye Yang.

Ye Yang thoughts move: “Too strong performance will terrify them.”

Therefore, the Dragon Qi, a god transformed into Primal Chaos Qi, swirled those Divine Item one by one, motionless. But those Divine Items were not damaged.

“Do you have this strength? The deity has not used one-hundred-thousandth of a million in strength. Hehe, you can’t even move the deity a little. It seems that the Eastern Pole is not at worst.” Ye Yang taunted.

Of course, he was impossible and did not use the power of 100000000 in 1, which is too exaggerated.

Those gods did not believe, they just thought he was talking nonsense. But it is sure, the provocator of unknown origin, deep and unmeasurable.

Many gods rushed towards this side, and each and everyone’s different powerful divine spells fell.

There are blades, spears, swords, halberds that thunder turns into. Various weapons fall down, and there are vast temples and huge mountains that thunder turns into.

There is also a sword formed by flames, a volcano formed by flames, and a lava-shaped Law Energy flow formed by flames, which scours towards this side.

As soon as Ye Yang right hand lifted, Primal Chaos Qi converged on the front, forming a huge shield shape. Pushing forward, it bounced back all the attacks.

“You… who are you?”

“Controlling Primal Chaos Qi, could it be Chaos Divine Demon from Chaos?”

“No, Chaos Divine Demon cannot be easily entered into Yu. It will cost a lot to come in once, and it will also be suppressed. You are no ordinary Chaos Divine Demon. What is the origin and why do you have to contact me? The Eastern Pole League is the enemy?”

each and everyone roared.

Ye Yang whispered coldly, “Don’t you dare to come out if you are still a guts? The deity is not here to fight you. Find Dongming Shenjun to come out and have a grudge with the deity.”

There was a silence inside.

Ye Yang’s powerful strength seems to have scared many gods. Those who did not exceed the Divine King level did not dare to come out. However, Dongming Shenjun does not have the Divine King level of strength, and even if it does, it only has to rely on the special Divine Item to barely achieve it.

So, nothing happened.

“If you don’t come out, the deity personally went in and searched. Or…dignified Eastern Pole Divine Alliance, didn’t even have the confidence to let Dongming Divine Sovereign go out to visit? Only dare to shrink into the big galaxy of your own camp? “Ye Yang taunted.

His acting level is good, one is just for Dongming Shenjun. Those gods really believe it.

There was a burst of anger across the opposite side, and another wave of scolding, and then someone called Dongming Shenjun appeared.

Ye Yang’s lips sneered: “You finally figured it out.”

“Who are you? The deity does not remember any contact with you. Is there any misunderstanding?”

In the voice of Dongming Shenjun, there seemed to be a lack of confidence. There was a hint of reconciliation and forgiveness, not toughness.

Ye Yang’s thoughts are turning, is this the Divine Emperor in the Eastern Pole League? Don’t you dare to come out and stand up for him?

Or, if Divine Emperor Dongming does not take reason, those Divine Emperor will not take action? So Dongming Shenjun deliberately likes this, and wants to take advantage, and then if Ye Yang overbearing again, the Divine Emperor on the opposite side can intervene?

Ye Yang flashed a lot of thoughts, and only sneered on his face: “When the deity once had insufficient cultivation base, it almost fell in your hands, and came to cause cause and effect with you today.”

That Dongming Shenjun complexion greatly changed: “You are… who are you?”

I can’t recognize Ye Yang’s true colors at all.

Ye Yang burst into laughter.

Recalling that at the time of the vast world, even the will of the vast world condensed and formed into a deity walking on the earth, united with many Demi-God pseudo-God’s Force, could not resist the gods.

The powerhouse of Dongming Divine Sovereign and the Association of Gods in the vast world has a aftermath of power, Ye Yang can only escape his life, and if he does not escape quickly, he may be wiped out by the aftermath.

All this, I still remember very clearly, as if it were still yesterday, vividly remembered.

But now?

There haven’t been many years in the past.

Ye Yang can now see the strength of Dongming Shenjun at a glance.

To be honest, if you put it down, you can completely kill Dongming Divine Monarch.

“It turns out that I am already so powerful…”

If you now return to the original world of the vastness, even if you don’t do your best, just a move of your mind and the chaos of control will be enough to submerge and burst the entire world of the vastness.

This is the God Prestige of Sovereign.

Of course, during the battle with Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse, the power will not be so dispersed, but more convergent. The absorbed power range will be larger, the attack released power range will be smaller, and the formidable power will be stronger.

“If God Emperor’s full strength attack, can it break the original vast world?”

Ye Yang vaguely understood.

The original Dongming Divine Monarch and the others must have used the power of the ancient god emperor and even the ancient Divine Emperor, otherwise, it would not be so easy to refining the entire vast world. Even layout in advance is not that simple. It’s just that something unexpected happened during the refining process.

Ye Yang turned his thoughts very quickly, and he felt emotions. In fact, only one or two seconds passed after the normal time passed.

The Dongming Divine Sovereign said again: “This Your Majesty, do you have any misunderstandings, confusing this deity with other gods?”

He could not believe that the powerhouse in front of him would be so weak that he would be destroyed by Dongming God.

“Today is a world of great controversy. There are so many amazing things. If you don’t have a destiny, you have no chance to retaliate. Taking advantage of your strength without advanced by leaps and bounds, it seems that it is only now that you have progressed to Divine. King level is the time when the Venerable Vengeance…”

Halfway through Ye Yang’s words, Dongming Divine Monarch couldn’t help but take a small step back, and the expression turned sharply: “Do you have to be an enemy of my Eastern Pole Alliance?”

Ye Yang said: “First, it is not an enemy against the Eastern League, but against you. Second, it was originally intended to fight your life and death, but in the face of the Eastern League, the deity shot, you Can take 2 moves, cause and effect, and spare your life, otherwise, you die.”

When the words fell, waiting for Dongming Shenjun to respond, Ye Yang shot slowly.

Chaos emerged.

The power of other laws such as the light and dark wind thunder-fire electricity and so on has not been transformed, it is pure chaos, and the palm of the hand exploded, and the Dongming Divine Monarch exploded with a bang.

The body was completely exploded, the golden divine blood and various Law Power shot, only one head was missing a small half, and a screaming sound was made. The remaining head bloomed golden light, wrapped in Divine Soul and fled towards the inside.

“There is 2nd move, Dongming, you stop!!”

Ye Yang took one step, 100 100000000 million kilometers, and stepped into the envelope of the Eastern Pole League.

Lord Dongming was frightened and said loudly while fleeing: “Stop him, stop him… You Heavenly Venerate, Your Majesty, save me!!”

Ye Yang quickly rushed over, but had not yet shot, only Primal Chaos Qi in the palm of his hand.


one after another golden silhouette flew by and stopped in front.

Ye Yang said: “This is the grievance between this deity and Dongming Divine Monarch, don’t stop you.”

“Dongming Shenjun is a member of the Eastern League of Gods, can you give me a face…”

“I have just given face, now you are off!”

Ye Yang broke out Primal Chaos Qi body protection, forcibly forcibly passed.

a The gods intercepted, and Ye Yang forcibly bumped into the air.

“That’s it…” Ye Yang secretly rejoiced.

Did not deliberately kill Dongming Divine Sovereign, just to take the opportunity to kill in. Afterwards, if the Eastern Pole League denounced this invader as Great Demon and so on, they could still shoot.

What he wants is prestige, and he cannot be completely biased towards the evil side. This will bring disadvantages.

So I played this move.

At this moment, many galaxies vibrate and starlight emerges.

100000000 10000 Xingmang converges towards this side, forming a huge deity illusory shadow: “Enough, stop!”

Said it was dissuasion, but actually punched Ye Yang.

The intersection of Power of Starlight and gravity in many galaxies, Law Power hidden in the void, the illusory shadow formed by the blessing of blessings, contains the power of many gods.

One punch is enough to devastate Divine King, but you can fight with God Emperor level.

This is the previous card on the surface of the Eastern League. The strongest power without exposing the hidden Divine Emperor.

But Ye Yang just shot it with a palm, and the huge god illusory shadow was blasted out and exploded into a little starlight in the sky.


“This thief, on the face of dealing with Dongming Shenjun, actually came against our Eastern Pole League!”

“Absolutely has the battle strength of Divine King, and it is a battle with the Divine Emperor. Moreover, this is only his incarnation.”

“Everyone, no matter where he comes from, take it and take it down, press it and make it clear.”

“Yes, I dare to plot against my Eastern Pole League, it is act recklessly!”

In an instant, one after another vast power came.

With a wave of Ye Yang right hand, the vast void vanishes and chaos rushes.

The released chaos, in the dark, resonates with the chaos outside the universe, a large number of Primal Chaos Qi in Chaos World, constitutes the Transmission Array potential.

Haohao Chaos forcibly transmitted through the formation.

The transmission distance is far, it is very amazing to break into the universe and rush into the envelope of the Eastern Pole League.

100 copies of Primal Chaos Qi need to consume 99 copies as the driving force, and the remaining 1%, most of them will be consumed in the process. Only less than 0.1% of Primal Chaos Qi was successfully delivered.

However, the chaos outside the universe, boundless and endless.

Even if the consumption is large, Ye Yang is not afraid. By simply laying more temporary Transmission Array potentials, a large amount of chaos can also be transmitted.

It’s just a little loss of spirit that’s all, but with his dignified chaos god emperor’s fine divine sense power strength, it is still the spirit strength that can be restored at any time. Mass transmission is not a problem.

As long as the coordinates are correct.

What’s more, chaos is also released here, covering an area, and other laws in the area are disordered, weakened, or even ineffective, punching them, breaking the rules, breaking the boundaries, and communicating with chaos. Sending power over is not a problem at all.

There is also an incarnation with Ye Yang condensed in the chaos, and an incarnation with forced delivery, condensed into the incarnation here, to supplement the chaos here.

Ye Yang’s fist shadows are intertwined, the vast void bursts, and chaos pours.

“Damn bastard, stop it!!”

“You are trying to cause chaos to drown our Eastern Pole League? What a poisonous means!”

each and everyone roar.

But those powerful wills have just arrived, and they have been broken up before they have formed.

Ye Yang said: “The deity only came for Dongming Divine Sovereign, you protect the shortcomings of the East Pole Divine Alliance, regardless of right and wrong, the deity revenge the old revenge, only so. But as long as you will leave the Dongming Divine Sovereign, the deity will retreat.”

“You still want to retreat?”

The powerhouse was furious.

One after another Divine King-level will contains a strong murderous intention.

If you hand over the Dongming Divine Sovereign, the face of the Dongji Shenmeng will be crushed. In the future, the gods will regard this Dongji Shenmeng as a soft lazi, and anyone will want to step on it.

Even, even if you don’t surrender Dongming Shenjun and let Ye Yang leave, you will lose face.

At the moment, many Divine King level powerhouse incarnations are coming, one after another magic arts is coming here.

You can see that the divine force of grandiose turns into a giant palm, and turns into a huge eye to release the glow.

There is Mo Ming’s law, which freezes a piece of void, and Mo Ming’s law, turns both void and chaotic aftermath into stone.

But more chaos washed out.

Ye Yang pointed out that all Divine King incarnation was bombed.

Things are really big.

Starry sky turbulence.

Here, on the surface, it is a place like a business alliance. The commerce in many galaxies is very developed, and mortals and gods from all sides come here.

However, the hidden mystery is hidden.

It has not been exposed. At this moment, the void is twisting, and in the void surrounded by many galaxies, a vague time and space appears faintly.

That is a high-dimensional high-dimensional space. The creatures with insufficient strength cannot see through.

Hidden in the high-dimensional space-time are low-dimensional space-time creations, that is the huge cloud world, which houses the Heavenly Palace shrine.

The sharp eyes showed through. The powerful coercion of the God Emperor’s Peak came.

“Bold mad paradox, dare to invade my Eastern Pole League…”

The words were not over yet, Ye Yang sneered with a sneer and said, “Go away, if you have the ability, don’t write pens, just come out and fight the deity!”

The powerhouse in the Midnight Treasure Hall was irritated, and the entire Heavenly Palace was turbulent, which caused the dozens of galaxies outside to shake.

“Divine Emperor peak level?” Ye Yang couldn’t help but chuckled.

This is the other party’s will and law, and this galaxy void is merged, only one thought can cause 1000 1000000 light years to turmoil.

This power is not only a manifestation of the cultivation base, but also a long-term condensing of the void, a long-term stay in one place, and this side of the world One with Heaven and Earth, has such an effect.

Here, the opponent’s battle strength may exceed the peak of Divine Emperor, which is not easy to deal with.

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