Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 860

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I thought that the powerhouse would slap Ye Yang off here, so as to establish its prestige.

But unexpectedly, the other party could actually estimate Ye Yang’s true strength.

Very strong, but, it can’t be compared to the real god body.

The reason is very simple, Ye Yang’s ontology is nothing but Chaos Controller. In chaos is stronger than any other emperor in the universe, but in the universe, at most it is the same level that’s all as the old emperor in other universes.

After all, Ye Yang’s new god emperor is not long before, and those Old Guys are not knowing how many years it is.

Moreover, they still have a lot of cards, Ye Yang, in addition to an ancient palace, that is, all kinds of things sold in the ancient palace.

What’s more, now it is necessary to stand up, Ye Yang is really not easy to use external forces unrelated to chaos.

Here belongs to the local site, Ye Yang is just incarnation here, without the help of external force, and the god emperor body here, it should be almost on par.

The Divine Emperor peak level, the will resonates with the void of 10000000 million light years here, many stars and many time and space are under the control of his will. Really fight, crushing Yang Yang this incarnation is no problem, he must be forced to use external force.

However, that powerhouse is so good.

“Your Majesty !!”

Next to a powerhouse suspected of being at the peak level of the god, stepped forward and bowed down, completely without any dignity of the powerhouse of the god at the peak. I could not see at all that this was a half-step Divine King level that could be a king at any time. Existence is not weaker than the former Dongming Divine Monarch.

“Your Majesty, trifling alien clown, why do you have to do it yourself? This is too much to give him a face. The outsider understood will also say that we dignified the Antarctic Divine League, we must actually sit in the strongest town to win the card to deal with the incarnation of an invader. , The other party only trifling the realm of the emperor, it’s not good to say.”

The god who bowed his knees, assaulted golden robe, golden-bright and dazzling, but the color of white light in gold is more, but it is not taboo. There are stars circulating in his body, like a robe squeezed and condensed into stars.

“Well, what you said makes sense.” The aloof and remote Divine Emperor’s peak level exists, and it is actually recognized and nodded.

It seems that I really don’t want to fight with Ye Yang, and I am forced to fight.

“Your Majesty, the comer is of great strength and cannot be taken lightly.” A deity next to him was wearing gold armor and supported a tower-shaped powerful Divine Item in his hand. However, this is also a powerhouse at the highest level of the god, not a god.

In that tower, he still accumulated the power to condense it, and it burst out, fearing that it would be stronger than Divine King. Of course, durability is hard to say.

“Hmph, be bold! As the so-called main humiliation died, a trifling alien god emperor incarnation, you are going to make our Purple Ji Your Majesty fail? Then what about the courtier?

“If Your Majesty doesn’t shoot, who can surely win this child?”

“There are 4 royals.”

“4 Royal…”

“Yes, any of the 4 emperors can be suppressed. If you want to prevent him from escaping, make 4 Yu Your Majesty fight together and you can do it alone.”

With that said, the golden robe deity said to the powerhouse of Divine Emperor at aloof and remote: “Your Majesty, your servant dare to ask Your Majesty to order the mobilization of 4 emperors and enemies.”

“Well, sure!”

The Divine Emperor said the powerhouse, there will be orders spread all over the sky soon.

There was a faint voice turning back in the void level where the Lingxiao Temple was.

“Ziji Your Majesty has orders, Xuan, Yu Beiyi Great Emperor, Yu Xigeng Great Emperor, Yu Nanyan Great Emperor, Yu Bei Xuan Great Emperor…”

The voice grandiose spread.

Strangely, apart from Ye Yang, only a handful of gods can hear the galaxy here. But in many galaxies, there is hidden divine force turbulence.

These stars and starlights placed on the line constitute a large array of starlight, and the position seems to be stronger than before.

Then, I saw a huge portal in the sky.

Each and everyone is full of sacred breath, the power fluctuates majesticly, just and honorable.

East Tianmen, three large characters appear above a portal on the east side.

The portal opens in the middle of a galaxy to the east.

There are a lot of black holes, a lot of white holes, neutrons with high density of each and everyone, and even various Divine Items deliberately embedded in the gods. Divine Item is playing a role in guiding the rules to make these galaxies have cloth. The effect of blocking the enemy.

Today, Dongtianmen apocalypse, inside came out of a middle-aged man wearing azure robe, very handsome, with a rich vitality on his body, a huge World Tree illusory shadow on his back.

“Life divine force ……Life Law is the main…No, is it a separate law?!!!”

Ye Yang was surprised.

A truly powerful deity, a condensed law of life, is a congenital law in the universe, and it is universal. It has a natural corresponding force in any corner of the universe. Such a law is strong.

For example, flames are everywhere in the universe. For example, Thunder, wherever there is atomic matter in the universe, Thunder’s Law will work. For example, bright, the overwhelming majority of the universe has light. Darkness, too, can be dark everywhere in the universe.

But what if it’s the law of water and fire?

Only a few places exist, and many places do not have this compound rule.

The water-fire composite law is not necessarily stronger than Fire Law, even more how, even if the composite law is stronger than the single law, it is useless. If the law of water and fire in the universe is only one, Fire Law is 1,000,000, 200000000, or even more,

How does that compare?

For example, in the previous Earth, some people have the ability to control titanium, and they can easily extract rare titanium from the earth, which is very rich.

The other has abilities and can control steel. Iron’s practical value, hardness and other aspects are much worse than titanium. And selling money is not so profitable.

But if one side controls the global titanium and the other side controls the global iron, who is stronger?

It must be stronger to control the iron.

Creatures within the body may not have titanium, but overwhelming majority within the body has iron. What is the global titanium content? How much steel is there? Rolled by quantity, the advantage is too great. There are many places that need to be measured in all aspects. How much major event can steel make of titanium?

Of course, this analogy is not very appropriate, but it is similar.

In the universe, it’s not that the more remote and special the stronger the rules. Rather, the more widely it exists, the wider the scope of the law, the higher the practical value.

Fire Law may not be more than a variety of other composite laws, but there are too many types of Fire Law in the universe. In this way, the domination of flames is easier and stronger than other compound rules.

Don’t feel weak because one Law is “very earthy” and “very ordinary”. In fact, the more common it is, the more soil it appears, indicating that the wider the scope of this law, the greater the authority, and the true cultivation will be deeper and stronger.

Time, space, light, darkness, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, etc., are much more powerful than life, soul, spirit, etc.

“It’s actually the compound rule of Life Attribute… also cultivated to the level of the god emperor? With the compound rule as the life, this is not what the wise man did.”

Ye Yang was a little surprised.

However, when the mind was surprised, when the thought was turning rapidly, a new portal was formed on the other side of the void.

In the core area of ​​a western galaxy, the West Tianmen appeared. Inside came a white robe powerhouse, riding a starlight condensed White Tiger, and there were countless white sword lights rotating around the body.

To the north, a black gate appeared, inside which was a beautiful emperor, a black robe, a white skin, and Xue Xue, with a good appearance and perfection. Extremely beautiful, no flaws can be found with the eyes of ordinary gods.

Glamorous world.

However, she possessed an invisible majesty on her body, and her gaze had a sharp meaning.

Although the female emperor was beautiful, she looked at her, even when she saw her for the first time, she felt strong coercion or danger. This Emperor Wei makes it easy for any creature to ignore her beauty beautifully.

Unless it is stronger than her, she will suppress her power.

“This empress…terrifying.”

At the same time, in a galaxy in the south, there are countless red flames converging, and 100000000 million 10000 stars blooming red light, meeting at one place. The terrible white flame burned, and then a huge portal of golden light emerged from it. There is a red shadow in the gold.

The portal is written in South Heaven Gate in 3 large letters.

The portal opened, and a deity burning with flames came out of it.

Wearing a bird’s head mask, blocking the eyes and face, only the eyes can be seen through the mask hole, and the lips under the nose.

A red flame appeared in his eyes, and the flames on his body were like rays of light blooming like Phoenix’s feathers.

“Divine Emperor Peak!!

“The four great emperors are all at the level of the Divine Emperor’s Peak…More than, it is also called Divine Emperor!”

Divine Emperor and Divine Emperor level, not at all is too obvious difference, but it is only to trace the cause and effect of the original attack, but some gods can also trace the cause and effect.

Therefore, the difference between the two levels is not far, and the battle strength is not very far away.

“4 Great Divine Emperor…” Ye Yang pondered for a second.

“Junior, Dongji Shenmeng, this is not a place where you can come to the wild.” That solemnly emperor Yu Nanyan Great Emperor who burned the flames all over the body.

“Hand over Dongming Shenjun, the deity can be retreated, otherwise…”

“Hehe, junior, do you know what you’re talking about?” The god burning red flame stared at Ye Yang coldly.

“Your purpose, I waited very clearly, not for Dongming Shenjun.”

“And, look at your current situation, besieged by 4 great emperors like me, you can be pinned to death at any time…”

He was talking, Ye Yang sneered: “Then try it.”

“I can be different from the gods outside.”

“Hehe, come.”

Ye Yang ticked his finger.

The emperor’s face was cold and cold, and the flames on his body were completely white, and the pale blue gradually appeared in the white. There is lightning in the flames.

“Luo Nanyan Fellow Daoist shot, I’ll wait for you to raid.” Naxigeng said.

They still did not lay siege directly.

At this time, the flame god flew towards Ye Yang at a rapid speed.

Ye Yang split into multiples in a flash.

Multiple silhouettes animate 4 sides, and on each hand, Divine Sword condensed by chaos falls down.

The Fire God Emperor is also divided into multiples, and multiple silhouettes are killed towards Ye Yang.

The part of Ye Yang’s sword of chaos is transformed into ice and cut into the god emperor.

In an instant, the sword was melted in half, and the other party slammed in.

boom! ! !

The silhouette of each and everyone Ye Yang’s silhouette flew upside down, but the sword was also cut on each other’s each and everyone silhouette, leaving the other person with a deep scar.

It’s just that it will be repaired in a moment.

But injuries are injuries, impossible is completely intact.

“You…” The Flame Lord failed to perform the first shot, and actually flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“Sure enough, it’s stronger than the God Emperor outside.” Ye Yang said.

This is the truth.

But the other party heard it in his ear, but felt sarcasm, and in a rage, rushed towards Ye Yang.

Ye Yang greeted with a sword.

In an instant, the two sides fought.

Primal Chaos Qi on Ye Yang is rolling out, no longer transformed into cold Ice Attribute, but compressed and condensed into chaos into blade, spear, sword, halberd, various Blade Technique Sword Art Halberd Art. The artist is fighting in the battlefield, but the speed is many times faster, and the force is countless times faster.

With each blow, there is no other Law Power, just Primal Chaos Law.

Chaos collided with the flame. For a time, the flame ignited the chaos. For a time, the chaos extinguished the flame.

The strength of the laws of the two sides is actually difficult to separate.

The bird mask’s flame god’s killing technique is not weak, and various fists, palms, knives and kung fu are constantly being displayed, but it is not weaker than Ye Yang. But it is no better than Ye Yang.

At the beginning, Ye Yang was weaker.

But soon, he exhibited what he was good at.

What Ye Yang has learned is very confusing. There are so many Law Fragments absorbed, so even if the power of other laws is not used, things related to other laws all play a role. For example, the rule of kendo is not used, but the sword technique is extremely strong. The rule of knife is useless, but Blade Technique is extremely strong.

Learned the essence of solidification and defense from Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao. The chaos contained in the sword in this hand is very solid. When it cuts into the opponent, Primal Chaos Law will erode into the opponent’s body.

Learned the defensive way from Yuan Hao.

Coupled with all the lessons learned in the past, now the horizon is high, and so on. Then he trifling an incarnation, fighting with the flame god for a long time, and then slowly fell into the wind.


The Fire God Emperor was annoyed and was unable to take down Ye Yang all at once. It felt embarrassing. The Fire Law used was more powerful and burned in the void. The other Law Power nearby would also burn if not controlled by the God Emperor.

What Thunder Law, Light Law, Dark Law, and even Time Law and Space Law, all burn and assimilate. As long as there is no will control above the level of the god emperor, they will be rejected, destroyed, or assimilated.

With a sword swept away, the void burned with flames everywhere.

Ye Yang not to be outdone, sword sweeping, chaos rushing.

But at this moment, the black clothed empress in the north suddenly said: “Be careful, he cheats!!”

“What?” The Fire God hasn’t reacted yet.

The emperor shot strikes in the void, and the continuouss of strikes poured out of the chaotic area.

Chaos continued to emerge there, but there was no spread, and the situation inside could not be seen clearly from the outside.

A lot of chaos compresses here, almost liquefying. There are constant chaos coming through the void.

Because of the nearby wars, this power fluctuation was masked.

At this time, the accumulated chaotic power is very huge.

“Actually… so insidious!!”

a God Emperor and other gods have discovered the mystery, big horror, regardless of singles and so on, one after another shot at the chaos.

Ye Yang laughed heartily: “I just found out now? It’s late!”

The figure instantly plunged into the rich chaos, and the liquefied chaotic power quickly merged into it. His incarnation instantly strengthened to a level beyond the normal Divine Emperor’s body, and was still rapidly increasing.

Moreover, Chaos exploded, Chaos Aura overflowed, wherever he went, Primal Chaos Law shrouded, authority increased…

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