Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 861

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“Kill Him !!!”


a Emperor Fengfeng, who has no regard for face, singles out.

The chaos here is large, it seems that the total amount is no more than the power of a god level. But now it shows a lot of internal compressive force, how specific it is, it is not easy to say.

A god emperor strikes strikes.

I saw a raging flame transformed into Golden Crow Phoenix and so on. There was a dragon transformed by thunder and a huge palace, which was crushed from the void.

There are also countless stars, turned into 4 Sacred Beast, countless sky soldiers, madly surge.

But one after another chaos erupted, transformed into each and everyone Ye Yang’s incarnation.

A ray of thought controls an incarnation, each incarnation is not strong, and it is not flexible, which is far less than Ye Yang’s full control, but it has not weak strength.

Some were in front of those soldiers, in front of Phoenix, and in front of the palaces, and some joined forces to block the emperors.

In the chaos, there was a faint sound similar to the roar of the giant whale.

All kinds of attacks around, all kinds of Law Power, sucked and transformed.


What happened to those gods most worried about.

If Ye Yang is just a lot of Primal Chaos Qi, it’s just the concentration of power, it’s nothing.

No matter how much chaos is here, is it possible that it is comparable to an entire galaxy?

Ye Yang no matter how strong it is, it is impossible to transfer so much material. These Primal Chaos Qi condensed together, and it is not as strong as the energy contained in a galaxy.

What I am afraid is that the amount of chaos reaches a certain critical point, forming Law Domain, Primal Chaos Law has a strong role, which is dangerous.

On the power and pure energy intensity of an ordinary deity, it can’t be compared to a star, but the normal deity needs to destroy the star. It takes a little time. Ten or eight are not a problem. Take a little more time to slowly wipe out a galaxy.

Not to mention the stronger deity.

At this moment, Primal Chaos Law forms a field, and in this chaotic area, many other laws do not exist.


A woman’s voice came out.

But it was the Great Emperor Yu Beixuan, who had rushed into chaos, one after another dark liquid poured out from his side. The vast ocean of water washed the chaos.

At the same time, a violent thunder surge, the roots of the World Tree out of thin air generated puncture into chaos, sucking chaos. There is also a cyan Divine Dragon rushing into it.

The Great Emperor Yu Dongyi lived in the world illusory shadow.

And Ye Yang is sucking up a lot of chaos to conserve this body, right hand a finger pointed.

In the distance, the void exploded, and a large stream of chaos spewed out.

Squinting out again, the void exploded on the other side.

One finger after another, the location is towards the void, far away, a few thousand light years away, a few thousand light years away, each and everyone The huge void hole exploded, chaos surging, and a huge Space Crack, Chaos World Chaos was faintly formed Crazy came here.

Tiannian scattered flowers, non-stop holes.

The odds are higher only if more chaos is brought in.

The concentration and content of chaos here reaches the limit, so you can adjust the power, consume a lot of chaos, make holes in the original void, and then resonate with Chaos World to resonate the channel.

However, after all, this is the territory of the Eastern League.

The flames of the Great Emperor Yu Nanyan surged in the void. One Fire Phoenix, one flame Golden Crow, one flame Divine Dragon, screaming and rushing towards the newly formed chaotic passageway of each and everyone, burned Chaos, burn the void channel.

Ye Yang keeps pointing out each and everyone hole, each and everyone is burned.

The burned-out void channel collapsed, and the void was broken into cracks, but it did not lead to Chaos World.

And the Great Emperor Xixigeng rode to the side on White Tiger, waved the silver-bladed Dualbladed Halberd, and continued to split the chaos, dozens of different weapons around him, one after another Seventh Gold Qi Light splits the void and chaos.

Kill Ye Yang here.

Ye Yang had to move quickly.

The other party approached, the halberd fell down, Ye Yang returned with a sword to block. The sword of chaos formation was forcibly opened by Seventh Metal Power.

Even Ye Yang, the incarnation, was injured. But the other party’s Seventh Gold Qi was quickly absorbed by Chaos, and part of Gengjin Attribute Power was sucked in and merged into Ye Yang’s Chaos.

Moreover, the injured body, after retreating, has recovered quickly.

“How can I recover so quickly?”

That Great Emperor Xi Xigeng was surprised

Under normal circumstances, regardless of whether the opponent is a deity body or incarnation, whether it is a Divine Emperor or Divine King or a mutated deity, the Seventh Metal Power that has been cut up will always be attached, and the injury cannot be recovered without being cleared. Seventh Metal Power follows Divine Soul and spirit strength, and it has a characteristic of tracing the cause and effect to trace the origin, and it runs automatically.

The normal Divine Emperor wants to wipe out this destructive Seventh Gold Qi, which is extremely difficult. Unless it is a special devouring god, it may be faster.

But like Ye Yang, it quickly sucked up, but instead turned into its own use, so that Chaos has a stronger defense, it is amazing.

“If you come again, you won’t believe you.”

Na Geng Great Emperor pursued and killed him.

“Come here again, the deity is welcome!” Ye Yang said.

But they ignored it.

4 emperors joined forces to kill.

Frost, erosion liquid, flames, mad thunder, twisted vitality, Gengjin’s breaking power, and so on, the 4 compound Law Power exhibits various forms of lethal effects.

Ye Yang took a deep breath, and a shield suddenly floated around him.

And, this incarnation actually showed a metallic color.

The whole person looks like a puppet made of black iron. It’s just that the black is not pure enough. There is gray in the black, and there is reflection.

Many attacks around were blocked by shields, and more attacks were absorbed by Chaos.

Some attacks occasionally broke through the shield and hit the incarnation of Ye Yang, making a loud noise.

Ye Yang hit four places up, down, left, and right, but these four great emperors stopped him. Present a form of pyramid cage formation.

The four emperors are located at the four vertices of the pyramid shape, and Ye Yang seems to be trapped in the middle of the pyramid shape.

He moved, several great emperors also moved, and various attacks continued to fall.

Ye Yang’s response has little effect. The released attacks were intercepted by the attacks of these great emperors. ]

The attack of the 4 God Emperors Peak easily disbanded Ye Yang’s chaotic attack.

Even, Yang Yang compressed Flying Sword, the flying stalk halberd that compressed and condensed the chaos into a solid state, was also bombed.

However, when they attacked, they would also be blocked by the turtle-shaped shield around Ye Yang, and some of them slammed into Ye Yang without causing much damage to him.

After their attack was broken by the shield, the power was absorbed by the chaos. This absorbed part just made up for the recovery of the injury of Ye Yang.

All kinds of tricks and attacks, all kinds of exquisite fist and leg art Sword Art, but facing Ye Yang who is almost like a turtle shell, they are blocked.

The scene came to a standstill, and the faces of the 4 Emperor Peak Powerhouse were extremely ugly.

“What’s this? Trifling an emperor’s incarnation that actually blocked our joint efforts?”

When this matter was spoken, the joke became loud and the face lost.

“It’s the kind of shield, and, that kind of cultivation technique…the kind of defensive cultivation technique that has recently appeared in the ancient palace at the beginning of the universe, and is also circulated among many galaxies in the universe, is cultivated by him, and it can actually be like Primal Chaos Law. use?”

“Damn, he must break through his defenses!”

a Divine sense sound transmission divinely depressed.

Ye Yang’s voice suddenly came: “It’s really Primal Chaos Law and Power of Primal Chaos. It’s only the deity’s chaotic power that can solidify so quickly. In the beginning, ancient palace’s cultivation technique of solidifying 10000 things, only Only the Primal Chaos Law and Primal Chaos Qi of the deity can play the most effect with the most capacity…”

“Bah! You can only use Primal Chaos Law if you have the ability.”

“Oh, isn’t the deity now using Primal Chaos Law Strength? There is no defense law or solidification law, it just compresses and consolidates the chaos. It cannot be said that Primal Chaos Law uses other Law Power. Well, you will not Stupid enough to think that the deity only fights you with gaseous chaos?”


“However, your strength is not too weak. Originally, the deity can still shoot the void and cause more chaos, but now you actually suppress the deity here, terrific. trifling 4 god emperor peak level Together, the powerhouse’s body can suppress an incarnation of my chaotic emperor, and you are pretty good.”

Ye Yang was so angry that the existence of the four god emperors peaks was about to vomit blood.

“you are courting death !!”

“Boast shamelessly, arrogant!!”

What kind of emperor demeanor, the elegance of the emperor level, is gone.

Law Power is more powerful than before in each and everyone.

At the same time, you can also see that there are countless stars appearing in the distance.

It was originally just a dozen huge galaxies, and it was not surprising at first glance. But now, there are 1 billion different planets in each and everyone galaxy that bloom particularly strong rays of light. Criss-crossed, it is a super huge constellation.

One is the Xuanwu constellation, one is the Phoenix constellation, one is the Azure Dragon entangled with the World Tree form, and the other is the White Tiger constellation on the back grows a pair of wings.

Each constellation is ridiculously large, and it is completely different from the constellations that Earth has seen before.

These constellations seem to contain a very strong Law Power, ignoring the spatial distance, blessing these powerhouses.

boom! ! !

A turtle shell shield was smashed.

boom! ! !

Another turtle shell shield was smashed.

Ye Yang’s complexion changed suddenly.

Suddenly, a lot of chaos rushed in and gathered together.

Ye Yang absorbed most of the chaos around him.

Only dim Primal Chaos Qi is left here, less than 1% of the previous, and the rest is condensed into his incarnation.

However, in this way, the remaining chaos in the vicinity has no enough cohesive force to form a situation, unable to communicate with Chaos Void, and can no longer lead chaos over.

Although this body of Ye Yang has become many times stronger, the Primal Chaos Law contained therein is not much stronger than before.

It’s just a little more supportive. The strength is stronger and weaker than before, but it’s hard to say.

At this moment, Ye Yang felt that he was extremely strong, and there was a feeling that he could explode these emperors with just one punch. I wonder if it was an illusion.


With the sound of a long sword tearing the Void, Emperor Geng Daichan slashed Ye Yang’s tortoise shell shield, and the remaining Blade Qi on this body tore a wound.


The shields were released one by one, but they were weaker than before, and they were exploded with a punch.

But when the shield was exploded, Ye Yang punched out the Great Emperor Xixigeng.

The attacks of several other emperors landed, and Ye Yang’s pieces shattered, chaos spilled, and he spit out a large mouth of blood, but the liquid of chaos liquefied by chaos, the figure flew.

At this moment, Ye Yang sensed that a huge invisible pressure condensed, and his body was stagnation.

“Shameless, actually hit one in five…you are finally unable to bear!”

Ye Yang flew towards the front quickly, and moved towards the midnight finger of the midnight treasure in the void.

There is no abnormal power fluctuation in the treasure hall, but it must have been done in secret, otherwise, Ye Yang will not feel that much pressure.

“Joke, if I want to do it, I will crush you easily. And, to suppress the invaders, no one can make mistakes. How can I not do it? Do I need to start secretly? Dignified is just crushing.” Divine Emperor ‘S voice came from the Lingxiao Treasure Hall.

“Oh, are you so anxious to justify? You just want to keep a face, so you don’t have to talk about it, and let people know that the dignified background of the Eastern Pole League can’t suppress the incarnation of a trifling god emperor. So you No action, just leave a face to the East Pole God League. Even if things go through in the future, it can be said that you haven’t done so, otherwise you can easily crush the deity.” Ye Yang ruthlessly revealed the Divine Emperor’s thoughts.

That Divine Emperor’s face was as black as iron.

4 The Great God Emperor Peak powerhouse has been chased and stopped again to Ye Yang.

Ye Yang laughed, has a strong intuition, he wants to penetrate the Eastern League, today, it is impossible.

However, the goal is almost achieved.

Bang!! !

A violent chaos exploded in all directions, and a ray of chaos shot fiercely. Compressed and condensed solid chaotic flying needles of the size of cattle hair, piercing the 4 great emperors.

They didn’t think of Ye Yang Self-destruction, and each and everyone quickly retreated and swept the flying needles.

But the next moment, I saw that another Ye Yang appeared not far away.

There, I don’t know when, there was a mass of chaos.

Ye Yang had absorbed 99% of the chaos before. In the sky, there were a few Primal Chaos Qi. At this moment, they gathered in an area. Ye Yang’s incarnation shuttled past.

However, breath, strength, and Spiritual Fluctuation are much weaker than before.

But this is not the point. The point is that there is a huge planet and all are livable stars nearby. That planet has a strong formation protection, and there are many beautiful buildings on it.

Moreover, the power fluctuation of Dongming Divine Monarch is in it.

Ye Yang, this incarnation, took a shot at the protection here.

This is a raid. The power of the surrounding stars is blessed on several god emperors. The protection of these stars has not been strengthened. The power has been mobilized.

Therefore, easily into it.

Bang!! ! !

The entire Star Explosion is gone.

“How could it be… so easily exploded?”

Look again, the stars are not destroyed, just the surface is blown up, but a scream is heard from it.

“Dongming Divine Monarch…Dongming Divine Monarch fell?”

“Not good, only Remnant Soul…”

The gods are both shocked and angry.

However, what shocked them even more was that in the sky outside the territory of the Eastern Pole League, in the sky, I do not know when there was chaos.

There quickly condensed into chaos, turning into Ye Yang’s appearance.

He laughed heartily: “The Eastern Pole League, also merely this. The deity incarnation breaks into it and fights against the 4 Great God Emperor Peak, then destroys Dongming Divine Monarch, and retreats from the whole body. If you have the guardian Divine Formation to protect, it is not broken today The Eastern Pole League is not allowed.

“It’s all fun today, come again in another day.”

Say, go away.

If it’s an outside god who doesn’t know the inner feelings, I really think that Ye Yang killed it and sent it out smoothly. I don’t know that Ye Yang is another incarnation. After all, condensing so fast, this incarnation is so strong, it is no different from when it entered, who will not think of it.

I just thought that Ye Yang was killed from it again.

The gods of the Eastern League of Gods heard that they almost vomited blood.

“shameless !!”

each and everyone roared and killed out of the territory of the god alliance.

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