Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 862

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The speed of the gods is extremely fast.

After rushing out of the Foreign Domain in the cluster area of ​​the Eastern Pole League, you can also see the silhouette of Ye Yang floating in the front, so each and everyone chased in front of them.

Super light speed.

Tearing the Void.


It was soon discovered that Ye Yang turned his head, slightly smiled, and right hand gestured across the neck, making a threatening movement, and then the whole person suddenly disappeared.

“this is……”

The gods faintly felt a little uncomfortable.

“He intentionally waited for us to come out.”


“At his speed, it was completely easy to get out and leave, and it was no problem to withdraw from the whole body. It was disappeared before we chased it out, and we couldn’t see it. But why should we wait for us to come out and leave?”


“It’s not clear, but it is certain that He just waited for me to chase after a while and then left.”

“Damn, this is provocation, this is teasing!!”

a Deity is angry for 10000 points.

However, Ye Yang is gone and disappeared.

They rushed to the place where Ye Yang just flew past, collected the power fluctuations in the sky, and several god emperor peak powerhouses came to observe these forces in person, trace the cause and effect, explore the roots, and find out where Ye Yang is going.

However, it is completely undetectable.

“Cause and effect are cut off.”

“After all, it is a Divine Emperor, and it is normal to erase the cause and effect information. However, the next time you meet Him, you will be able to recognize it. The cause and effect are only temporarily cut off, impossible completely eliminated. Not to mention our cultivation base out of the ordinary , He has no such means.”

“Well, when I meet that guy next time, no matter what he becomes, no matter where he is, immediately strikes back and forth to find his body, determine his identity, and directly attack and suppress the seal. No creature can invade and provoke After my Eastern Pole Divine League, I can still be safe, just leave as if nothing is wrong, absolutely not!”

a god nodded.

At this time, another incarnation of Ye Yang is beyond 200000000 million light years away.

Eyes opened, a strange smile appeared in the corner of the mouth.

In his hand, a group of memories of light, recorded what happened before.

There are edits in some places, not in others.

However, no editing can hide the gods. Overwhelming majority The deity will not be concealed and can see if there is any editing.

Therefore, except for some special information, Ye Yang will not edit the whole process.

“Because Dongming Shenjun did not cooperate, I was forced to break into the Eastern Pole League. After a lot of fighting, the whole process, until the scolding Divine Emperor, the whole record was not edited.

“Go to Self-destruction, there is no editing here, but it is a spectator perspective, and then a message of a shuttle space. Plus my incarnation provoked loudly outside the Eastern Pole League and led them to pursue and kill, plus On the part of them chasing and killing me, these parts join the memory light group.

“This is enough.”

Why did Ye Yang deliberately provoke provocation outside the Eastern League? Why did they deliberately let them chase them out before leaving?

It is to leave evidence to prove that after Yang Yang rushed inside for a while, incarnation was chased and killed outside. This piece of information, many gods must have seen it with their own eyes in the distance, even if it was not with their own eyes, it can be calculated by various means after the event.

“Publish on the platform of the ancient palace in the beginning, and then, on the side of Mortal World, the network of major galaxies in the universe will also release this information as much as possible.”

The purpose is not to make money. Not for earning divine force crystallization, just for fame.

Soon after, as Ye Yang expected.

The released memory light group, as well as various transcribed videos, illusory shadow information images, and so on. Seen by the gods and many mortals.

And, the deity confirmed that the information is true.

“Actually, it really broke into the Eastern League?”

“The background of the Eastern League is so strong? There are 4 Divine Emperor Peaks, a Divine Emperor?”

“The Divine Emperor, in the territory of the Eastern Pole League, is the power comparable to the rule of the rule? Even if it is not as powerful as the rule of the rule, it is not far away.”

“This guy who claims to be the Chaos God Emperor, who are you? Actually so easy to enter the East Pole League, and from it?”

“Really withdrew from the Eastern Pole League? Only an incarnation.”

“Could it be that the incarnation has fallen into it, intentionally condensing an incarnation outside again?”

“It’s unlikely. After all, power fluctuations are as similar to breath. And, to be honest, a deity wants to exert his incarnation to show true battle strength, and most of the spirit willpower will be gathered in it. If that incarnation explodes, If it’s gone, it’s really extinguished. The mental damage must be serious, and it’s difficult to quickly reconcile the incarnation. Even if you forcibly reconcile the incarnation, that’s the imposing manner is not as good as before.”

“It makes sense…even more how, even if it was really an incarnation that fell into it, it was forced by an incarnation, and the 4 Great God Emperor Peak, under the pressure of Divine Emperor, cut off Dongming. Shenjun. This is also a remarkable record. Besides, there are other incarnations that show an imposing manner, and can easily escape under the chase of the Eastern Pole League… If several incarnations are shot together? Or the body? I’m afraid that the entire Eastern Pole League will be pierced, the four god emperors will suppress it?”

“It’s unlikely, because Divine Emperor will definitely be unable to bear hands. Zhongtian Purple Great Emperor, Divine Emperor peak, but control the power of the Lingxiao Treasure Hall and the East Pole Alliance, battle strength will not be more powerful than The rules govern how weak.”

“That Chaos Divine Emperor, horrible. Is the race in Chaos? It’s so strong.”

“I’m afraid it’s not a race in chaos. Races from chaos will be suppressed by Cosmic Avenue, and they can’t exert their true strength. If they are suppressed, most of their strength is still so strong, what is the chaos emperor? Chaos Divine Emperor peak and even Chaos Controller, just match.”

“Well, I was able to break into the territory of the Eastern Pole League, and was suppressed by the suspected Innate Supreme Treasure’s Lingxiao Treasure Hall. Even the incarnation was not damaged. It seems that it is close to the battle strength of the other masters. Shouldn’t the intruder be so powerful?”

Various discussions, some are automatically discussed by the gods when they are in doubt, and some are involved in the discussion after Ye Yang’s incarnation quietly disguised his identity. Everyone knows that a powerful god has recently emerged to control Power of Primal. Chaos.

“This is great.”

Ye Yang feels quite satisfied.

But let it cool down for a while, and when the heat drops slightly, brush another wave of presence.

“Next, cut off any other information related to chaos.”

Ye Yang pondered for a moment, and there was a decision in her heart.

Whoever wants to mention information about the chaotic region, must mention Ye Yang. At a minimum, Ye Yang was involved in the chaos-related information that alarmed a large number of gods or alarmed a large number of people.

“If I don’t participate, the relevant information will be blocked, erased, and not allowed to spread. If the blockage cannot be blocked, I will force get involved. To do so, as long as chaos is mentioned, there must be my silhouette and occupy the main role.

“So, I’m afraid it won’t take long to mention Chaos, and the secret will think of me. In this way, the road to the level of dominance is opened.”

However, before that, you still need to raise your cultivation realm to the peak of Divine Emperor.

The capacity of power is almost no shortage. Primal Chaos Qi is endless, just use it after converting it.

It is the improvement of spirit willpower, and the degree of resonance between the spirit and Primal Chaos Law needs to be improved.

The improvement of spirit willpower can also take a bit of a crooked door, but the spirit resonates, which makes Ye Yang nodded bigger.

“The characteristics of chaos include chaos. Chaos attributes often carry amusement attributes. I like to be as sensible as possible. The personality is a little out of place, and the fit is a bit problematic. If this is not achieved, you can’t meet the requirements, don’t do it. I want to advance to the rule of domination.”

Ye Yang is thinking about his promotion, and there is another news outside that he does not know is good or bad.

“The guy claiming to be the Chaos God Emperor, trifling incarnation, is so strong, is it related to that kind of weird shield? Is it the kind of cultivation technique sold in the ancient palace of cultivation? Otherwise, how could it be blocked by an incarnation of trifling 4 The body of the Great Emperor? It can be seen that what is powerful is not the Primal Chaos Law of the Chaos Divine Emperor, but the power of the solidification law and the defense law…”

Such news is good for Yuan Hao.

Because, there will be more gods who pay attention to the defensive cultivation technique and will go to cultivation. The same is true for mortals. This will allow the power of the solidification law to increase, which will benefit Yuan Hao’s next plan.

Yuan Hao and Ye Yang are also collaborators and allies, and the trust is good. That was good for Yuan Hao’s plan, and it was also a good thing for Ye Yang.

But in a bad place, Ye Yang’s strength was questioned.

“The sign I want is chaos. When I talk about chaos, I think of me. When I talk about chaos, I think of chaos. I don’t think of any defensive cultivation technique. It’s not that others think that I am prestige by that cultivation technique. This is famous for me. The plan is not good.”

However, after a little pondering, Ye Yang was not in a hurry.

Cultivation technique Everyone can cultivate, but not everyone can easily cultivate to a high level.

Let other powerhouse cultivation see if they can cultivate until the protection released by trifling an incarnation can block the full strength strikes of the body of the same level powerhouse, and can block the full strength strokes of the body of the same level powerhouse.

If it can be done, Ye Yang’s record will be greatly reduced, and the moisture is much more. But if other powerhouses can’t do it, but Ye Yang can do it, it will effectively increase his reputation.

“Let’s play ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~

Ye Yang’s attention turned to Chaos.

The butterfly source, renamed Ye Die, works well with Ye Yang.

It’s just that incarnation is fighting elsewhere, attacking the Eastern League, and the research here is naturally affected and can’t concentrate. Now and focus on this side.

time flies……

A few days later, it was reported that a deity, known as the Chaos Divine Emperor, went to the Eastern Pole League for provocation.

Many gods recognized that it was the one who made trouble the other day.

The gods in the Eastern Pole League were chased and killed.

Then, Duan Yujian dropping from the sky, killing more than ten Divinity Venerable Level gods with one sword, striking the existence of three Divine King levels, the Great Emperor Xixigeng of the Eastern Pole League was cut in half.

Almost fell.

However, it was obviously cut by Duan Yujian, but it has not yet fallen, but it was resurrected in the Eastern Pole League, and some incarnation went out to say that must have revenge.

What is even more surprising is that the Dongming Divine Monarch, who was said to have been killed by Ye Yang, the “chaotic emperor” Self-destruction, also appeared, not at all.

“what happened?”

The news quickly attracted the attention of the gods.

“Someone disguised me, provoked Dongji Shenmeng, and then Duanyu Jian shot? This means… Someone secretly joined forces with Duanyujian. They wanted to kill the powerhouse Liwei of Dongji Shenmeng by beheading.” Ye Yang made the first Judgments.

However, it was not clear that Dongming Divine Monarch had died down.

In a flash, two days later, a major news came.

Among the Eastern League of Gods, there is a Rare Item called “Investiture of the Gods”, which allows the god to pin True Spirit on it.

However, it can only accommodate 365 deities.

The gods who trust True Spirit can be Undying and Inextinguishable. The body can go out freely, even if it is beheaded by Duan Yujian, it can be resurrected.

However, entrusting True Spirit to Investiture of the Gods will have an impact on the cultivation base and its strength will be suppressed. And from then on it cannot be cultivated unless it is separated from Feng Shenbang. Moreover, after the resurrection, the cultivation base will not return to the peak temporarily, and it will take time and resources to recover.

The former Dongming Shenjun and so on were resurrected for this reason.

For a time, the eyes of the gods were hot.

“Investiture of the Gods, it is said that it is also from the Innate Supreme Treasure in the chaos. It has become the Investiture of the Gods after being condensed and refined with other gods. Therefore, Undying and Inextinguishable. When it comes to defense, it is not as ancient as it was in the early days. palace is weak.”

This kind of legend, I don’t know true or false, but it is spread that there are noses and eyes.

Then, a heavier news came out: “It is said that the four great emperors of the Eastern Pole League are the real Divine Emperor, but they are only controlled by the influence of Investiture of the Gods, and only the battle of the God Emperor Peak is retained. strength .”

However, it is not clear whether it is true.

“It seems that there are certain ancient powerhouses that are staring at the Eastern Pole League, and want to secretly help and encourage the gods. The general trend will be formed. Soon, they will start working on the Eastern Pole League. But who will it be? “

Ye Yang made many guesses, but none of them could be guessed.

Asking Yuan Hao, Wu Hao can’t be sure.

“That’s all, let’s see what happened first. Secret mastermind will definitely come out.” Yuan Hao said.

“You can’t even figure it out? The other party’s means of concealing cause and effect is extremely brilliant.”

“It is true…but it cannot be judged that it is related to the god of cause and effect. In short, look at it first.”

In addition to this side, other places in the universe have not been peaceful recently, and various big news broke out everywhere. There are so many that Ye Yang can’t fully pay attention to.

But on this day, a more powerful news came out.

The vast world, the land of immortality, the place where the universe is known to be extinct and it is immortal, suddenly appeared a plume of Purple Qi.

It is said that it contains a lot of road fragments.

Once there was a loss of the avenue, the shards of the avenue were not completely reduced to law, and some of them did not know where to go. But there are other legends, such as the avenue has become a law.

But you can be sure that Hongmeng Purple Qi contains a lot of information about the avenue, and it is said that there are secrets to achieve Law Level.

God saw with his own eyes that Purple Qi flew out of a divine object attached to a suspected Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.

For a time, the gods gathered and rushed to search.

Even Chaos Divine Demon was so excited.

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