Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 863

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“It is said that Chaos Divine Demon is also going to the vast world?”

“Yes, there are a few weak Chaos Divine Demon, who have broken into the universe from chaos to the vast world, but were killed halfway.”

“It’s strange, why do they want Hong Qiong Purple Qi?”

“It must be of great use to them too?”

“It is said that Naimeng Purple Qi is impure and is a piece of the congenital law that was born when the universe was born. Even if it is obtained, it is only the fragment of the road in this universe, Law Fragment. But the universe rejects Chaos Divine Demon , Chaos Divine Demon, what’s the use of this thing?”

“A rumor that is not sure whether it is true-if Chaos Divine Demon gets the Hongmeng Purple Qi, he can enter and leave the universe without much suppression and can show true strength. There are also rumors that Chaos Divine Demon will be chaotic Influence, the sanity tends to be chaotic. Even if it is rational, there will sometimes be brainstorming. But if you obtain the Purple Qi, you will be able to protect the sanity and not be affected by the chaotic attribute.”|


“Not sure. But the gods acted, and many Chaos Divine Demon also acted.”

In fact, there are a large number of Chaos Divine Demon at this moment, through various means to suppress strength and break into the universe.

A chaotic Divine Dragon with a length of more than 30000 kilometers quickly approached the vast world.

Outside of the vast world, there are a large number of gods incarnation, which have been flying directly into the still chaos of the vast world within the realm, some searching outside.

Seeing the Chaos Divine Dragon, the gods were furious: “Chaotic creatures, come in and wait for me to grab?”

“This is the realm of the gods, it has nothing to do with Primal Chaos Race.”

“Get out!!”

Out of interest, a god was furious and drove the chaotic Divine Dragon out loud.

However, they all screamed a lot, and almost did not.

There are also many gods who stand by with cold eyes and don’t want to be troubled. 2 In the past, some gods understand Primal Chaos Race not at all, and it’s completely unclear how Primal Chaos Race is hostile to the creatures inside.

“Hmph, shut up, a bunch of raspberries!” The Divine Dragon glanced at him, many gods felt a tremendous shock, and suffered a strong spiritual shock. Each and everyone was shocked and retreated.

There is also a suspected Divine King incarnation’s existence, rushed over, but swept away by Divine Dragon long tail, and flew out, burst in in the sky.

“Hiss~ ~really strong!!”

“God Sovereign Level, it must be God Sovereign Level!”

“The strength is suppressed in the universe, and it is still so strong. It must be said that it is the Divine Dragon of Chaos Divinity Sovereign Level.”

a divine complexion greatly changed.

The chaotic Divine Dragon grinned.

Fly to the edge of the vast world, but at this moment, in the sky a strong sword light swept down.

Bang!! !

The void burst.

The chaotic Divine Dragon withdrew his neck at the crucial moment and swept backwards, but a pair of dragon horns was still cut off by 2 small pieces.

Suddenly furious: “Where is Xiao Xiao…”

But before the words came out, a huge silhouette fell from the face, and a foot fiercely stepped on its back.

“ao !!!”

Divine Dragon screamed, twisted his body, and smashed several millions kilometers before he barely twisted his body to stay in shape.

Looking at it again, it is a silhouette of Primal Chaos Qi with a whole body overflowing.

This huge silhouette is formed by Primal Chaos Qi, but it is not solid, and there is another silhouette within the silhouette.

The powerhouse can see that this is also a powerhouse that is good at controlling the power of chaos. And with the help of Primal Chaos Qi, release similar to “Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation” Divine Ability. It became so huge.

At this time, Primal Chaos Qi condensed, revealing a handsome silhouette.

“You… actually dare start to this Venerable?” Chaos Divine Dragon was furious.

“Go away and return to chaos.” that silhouette said.

He is Ye Yang.

But what is revealed is not Ye Yang’s true face, but the image used when he entered the Eastern Pole League.

“It’s Him?!”

a The gods recognized it and looked in surprise to this side.

There are a lot of gods nearby, and each and everyone are curiously looking at this situation. Even if there is a god who wants to enter the vast world, it also divides an incarnation to “watch the drama” here.

“You…Since you are also the Chaos Divine Emperor, why do you want to start with this deity? Are you with those gods?” The Chaos Divine Dragon stared at Ye Yang very angrily.

Ye Yang incarnation burst into laughter and flew away in an instant.

Strong fist strength Tearing the Void.

Chaos Divine Dragon dashed across, shunned sideways, but was still broken into two halves with a punch.

Ye Yang’s body fluttered, Chaos Boxing became a sword of chaos compression, shua~ shua~ shua~ cut the Divine Dragon into pieces.

in the sky Only his roar filled with unwillingness was left.

In the boundless chaos, the body of the chaotic Divine Dragon said angrily: “Miscellaneous! How dare to hurt my incarnation, you are dead!!”

“Why, why should I be the enemy of Chaos Divine Demon?” The silhouette of another Chaos Divine Dragon also emerged from the chaos, staring at Ye Yang.

Ye Yang incarnation burst into laughter: “From now on, everything Chaos Divine Demon, only the deity can walk in Yu.”


“Except for the deity, any Chaos Divine Demon dared to appear in the universe, all cut!” Ye Yang loudly said.

“What? You, arrogance!!!”

a Fiendgod was angry.

Ye Yang slashed into the nearby void.

boom! ! !

When the space explodes, you can see the chaos of large stocks.

Those chaos have long been hidden in the void, close to nearby.

At the moment, there is a Fiendgod shuttling through the void in the chaos, which is here.

One after another powerhouse that exudes a powerful imposing manner, surrounding Ye Yang incarnation.

“Too arrogant. What do you think you are? Actually wanting to dominate Yu Nei?”

“Stop it, boy!”

a Chaos Divine Demon rushed towards Ye Yang.

“haha, come well!”

Ye Yang laughed loudly, and transformed into one after another incarnation in an instant. There are also many incarnations shuttled from elsewhere in the vast universe.

With one wave of his hand, his fists and feet shot towards those Chaos Divine Demon, one after another powerful force flew Fiendgod.

The gods rushed over, Ye Yang long sword attracted, and the Chaos Divine Demon was cut under the sword.

For a time, many Fiendgod surrounded the Ye Yang group, and the bursting power fluctuated, which scared the gods watching around.

Each and everyone go backwards, and some directly let incarnation dissipate, leaving only some technological instruments in the void.

Very terrifying, so terrifying! ! “

“All at the emperor level?”

“Not all are at the level of the emperor, but at least there are nearly 1/4.”

“There are so many powerful Chaos Divine Demon in Chaos?”

“These powerhouses all have the ability to trace the cause and effect directly to the source? The deity can’t let incarnation stay here again.”

“What’s more terrifying is that the chaotic emperor under siege is also too strong? With one enemy, swept the heroes, and many Chaos Divine Demon joined forces, it was not his opponent?”

“Terrifying, too terrifying…”

Within a radius of several million 100000000 million kilometers, a god retreats.

Then, within 1000 light-years, and then within 10000 light-years, within thousand thousand light-years, only a few gods dare to stay.

Those who dare to stay in this neighborhood are all at the level of God Emperor or more powerful existence.

The incarnation dominated by several laws can’t help but look away. Even if the law dominates incarnation, it is not close to 1000 light years.

Within absolutely 100000000 million kilometers, Ye Yang and those Fiendgods are on the battlefield.

one after another great power, one after another Chaos spews. A large number of Primal Chaos Qi teleports from the chaos, making the chaos here more and more dense, but Ye Yang still presses many Fiendgod fights.

If it is not for them to join hands, one injured will have another on top, then Ye Yang can easily destroy it when heads-up.

“Too strong! That Chaos Divine Emperor, who are you?”

“It’s dangerous.”

“He is strong in this universe, without much suppression.”

“However, other Fiendgods lead to chaos, the rules here are distorted, and many Chaos Divine Demons are also less suppressed, and their strength is not much worse than in chaos, but even so, will they be suppressed by the Chaos Divine Emperor? “

“It is indeed terrifying. However, as long as you are on the front line, as long as you are not completely surrounded by siege, you can’t help other Fiendgods. It’s no wonder that it was previously claimed to be able to penetrate the Eastern Pole League, this kid, great.”

The incarnation, dominated by the law of law, looked at the battle, but, although he was willing to move, no one started.

Because, none are the strongest incarnation here, just ordinary incarnation. There are even game characters incarnation.

They worry that once they do it, they will give other laws the chance to do sneak attack. Once cut and devoured part of the power, it is possible that the authority of the law will be weakened, and it will be worthless.

As a result, only Ye Yang attacked Fiendgods here.

a Chaos Divine Demon was cut off, and the remaining chaos was forcibly transported away. Not to mention, the consciousness and Fiendgod of the Chaos Divine Demon that were cut off are part of the eradication, and the body will also be weakened.

Surprised and angry, each and everyone dared not come to projection incarnation here.

“The chaos here is so rich, wouldn’t it be Chaos Divine Demon acting with that guy? Will the chaos in the chaos be deliberately transferred?”

“It shouldn’t be.”

a In the deity’s remarks, Ye Yang had already killed the Chaos Divine Demon in this neighborhood almost.

took a deep breath, the surrounding chaos converged towards Ye Yang, the body’s injuries were recovered, and several more incarnations were created, the strength was not weak, each and everyone Ye Yang incarnation condensed here.

But at this moment, in the sky, a very intense glow emerged.

The vast universe is torn apart.

Several silhouettes of Ye Yang were cut into two halves, and the strongest incarnation would be cut by Jianguang.

But just in the blink of an eye, Ye Yang incarnation, which condenses the most chaos, forcibly disappeared, avoiding the attack.

Nearby one after another Ye Yang silhouette, moved towards the sword light, while Self-destruction, one after another chaotic tentacles haunted the sword light.

in the sky suddenly presents the reality of a Broken Sword.

“Duan Yujian, I expected you would have a sneak attack to retaliate and stand up, and the deity waited for you for a long time!!”

With a loud bang, Ye Yang did not know when it had appeared next to the Duanyu sword, punched out, and Duanyujian made a stern scream, blasting out of millions and millions li.

The sword edge swept through several surviving Chaos Divine Demon incarnation and chopped them up.

Ye Yang catches up, splits with a palm, chaotically transforms the sword, and then splits the broken Yu Jian again.

Jian Ming buzzed, seeming to be extremely angry, but did not turn around and fight Ye Yang, but escaped.

The other emperors who chased after Duan Yujian were very surprised. They didn’t dare to Ye Yang, and turned their heads toward that Duanyu sword.

Ye Yang sneered: “trifling residual sword, also dare start to this Venerable? And you guys…”

With one finger, the two Chaos Divine Demon who haven’t fallen down yet: “One day the deity is in this universe, no Chaos Divine Demon will be allowed to enter!”

This is to monopolize the name of chaos.

Outside of Him, no Fiendgod would dare to name Chaos. Fiendgod, whose name is chaos, must not be known in the universe.

Involving the primacy of Primal Chaos Law, Ye Yang is not afraid of being an enemy of any Chaos Divine Demon, even if he is arrogant and overbearing.


“You trifling a chaotic god emperor and want to block the entire chaotic Fiendgod? Who gives you courage?”

“Do you think that the Fiendgod you just shot is the true powerhouse in Chaos? Wrong! Really powerful Chaos God, I don’t know how old and powerful. It is located in Primal Chaos Abyss. It will take a long time to get there. Just wait. Just come…”

Those Fiendgod were furious and shouted loudly.

And the screaming continued, the nearby chaos gathered uncontrollably, condensed into a huge chaotic vortex, and the nearby void violently turbulent.

A huge Divine Dragon flew out of it.

Ye Yang approached, and the chaotic Divine Dragon, which was 100 to 100000000 million kilometers long, spewed out vast chaos and forced Ye Yang to force it to fly.

But Ye Yang came and went in an instant, slashing the chaotic vortex with a sword.

Divine Dragon shrank suddenly, compressed and transformed Small Accomplishment into a middle-aged powerhouse of a leading person, and killed it.

“go to hell!!”

Ye Yang rushed close and punched.

The middle age person slapped it in one paw.

boom! ! !

The chaotic shields appeared out of thin air, but they were smashed and shattered.

However, falling on Ye Yang, he was only slightly injured.

Ye Yang’s punch hit the middle age person’s body and easily used to wear his body.


The middle-aged powerhouse’s longan stared, staring at Ye Yang in disbelief: “Insidious!!”

Just about to roar out, the whole body exploded.

Ye Yang sneered.

In his hand, but holding a “empty bead”, it is also Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.

In the universe, He has the power of the terrain, dare to be sure to challenge any chaotic god emperor, even if he is invincible, he will not be defeated.

But if he wants to win, and he wants to win beauty, he has to use some means.

The defensive talisman has long blessed itself, the surface is not visible, but the skin is much firmer. A lot stronger than before. He was also holding a hollow bead that had recently been successfully compressed to become smaller than a fist.

This card was not used just now. Until now, the nearby chaos is chaotic. Even if Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is used, it will not be noticed by other gods. Except for the Divine Dragon, no gods noticed.

“You guys, die too!”

Ye Yang hurried towards the remaining Chaos Divine Demon, who quickly turned around and fled. The speed is extremely fast.

Ye Yang chased the past.

Soon, approaching the edge of the universe, there was another Chaos Divine Demon pouring out.

In chaos, the overwhelming majority of creatures are all powers above the level of ordinary gods.

Many guys who have no IQ can only be cannon fodder, have battle strength, and at this moment, each and everyone is mad.

Behind is the suppression of several Chaos Divine Emperors, and in front is Grandiose’s Chaos Army, arranging the formation, uniting the forces, one after another, the vast Chaos Pillar scoured towards Ye Yang, and the Chaos Divine Demon approached. -destruction.

If under normal circumstances, Ye Yang is stronger, trifling a chaotic god emperor incarnation, at the edge of the universe close to chaotic area, can not resist so many powerhouse. Many ants are dead.

However, holding a hollow bead, it bloomed Primal Chaos Qi condensed sword, disguised as a sword with a particularly strong swallowing strength.

The force that blasted to the surface of His body was also sucked by the hollow beads.

In the early days, ancient palaces could inhale the surrounding power and gods into the temple. It is not surprising that the hollow beads sucked the power within a few kilometers or even a few hundred million kilometers.

Ye Yang only sucks the power within the range of several hundred meters. It looks like a powerful sucking divine magic, a Primal Chaos Sword method that sucks the power. Fiendgod in Chaos cannot see, the rule of the universe cannot see Primal Chaos Abyss.

Even more how, Ye Yang pre-bears a kind of anti-prophecy means, including the hollow beads themselves also have anti-prophecy means, which can naturally hide from the sky.

Of course, Yuan Hao helped design.

At this moment, the gods saw that at the edge of the universe, Ye Yang himself carried the Fiendgod with 10000 counts, and easily killed the chaos gods, and killed several chaos emperors and a large group of Chaos Divine Demon, forcibly killed back In chaos, and chase into chaos.

“really strong !!”

“The Chaos Divine Emperor is too strong. No wonder he could penetrate the Eastern Pole League before…”

The gods were horrified and could hardly believe what they saw.

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