Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 864

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At this time, there was a surge in chaos.

The outside gods still vaguely see the silhouette inside, and gradually only see the chaos that is constantly surging, and other conditions are completely invisible.

What the gods do not know is that the battle in the chaos has temporarily quelled.

“Boy, don’t overdo it! Do you really think that with your own strength, you can block our chaotic gods?” A Chaos Divine Demon threatened loudly in the distance.

However, including him, there are many Chaos Divine Demon nearby, which have not been attacked temporarily. Each and everyone glare like a tiger watching his prey staring at Ye Yang dared not to approach.

Still others, the look of panic in their eyes, has already receded farther and farther.

“Does the deity have the power to block you, hasn’t it just been confirmed? If you are not convinced, you can try again and see if the deity can block you.” Ye Yang said.

Chaos Divine Demon Road.

At this time, there was a voice nearby: “Can you dare to guarantee that you will not retreat into the universe?”

Ye Yang also spoke.

His other incarnation, mixed into many Chaos Divine Demon, disguised as the image of others. It is convenient to say something that Ye Yang cannot directly say.

Ye Yang incarnation here said: “Do you think that the deity will be so stupid? But, it must be retreated into the universe. Here, you all feel that the deity does not have an absolute advantage. The deity is naturally not stupid and understands. This is the reason. However, when you return to the universe, you dare to follow, and it is not a problem to kill two Chaos Divine Emperors.

“Who dares to chase the deity into the universe?”

All Fiendgod were furious.

The voice said again: “So, are you with the gods in the universe? Now you want to protect that universe?”

“Wrong, the deity is laying the ground in the universe. There is a very deep plan for the entire universe. If you dare to break into it, it will most likely destroy the situation under the deity. So, starting today, any Chaos Divine Demon, Don’t enter the universe. Otherwise, one kills one and the other two cut a pair!!!” Ye Yang loudly said.


“Boast shamelessly!!!”

Everyone Chaos Divine Demon clamored.

The voice said again: “What is the overall situation you are laying in the universe? Wouldn’t it be that you want to join hands with the gods in the universe to deal with our chaos?”

Ye Yang said: “Of course it is impossible. In today’s universe, the avenue is out of position, and there will be great chaos in the future. But this chaos is not enough to destroy the universe. After all, there are still many laws dominating today, and there will be new laws promoted to the avenue. It seems chaotic, it seems there is a big chance, but it is not. Even if I wait for Chaos Divine Demon to invade it, I will definitely not get much benefit. Therefore, the deity must set the overall picture!”

The voice said again: “Are you going to destroy the entire universe?”

The Fiendgod couldn’t help discussing spiritedly.

Ye Yang hehe smiled.

Of course he cannot admit it, otherwise, Fiendgod filmed here and recorded, and then broadcast, but it is not good.

“In short, the deity has a big layout, and there is a major event to do, and you cannot be messed up.” Ye Yang only said.

“If this layout is successful, and the universe collapses by then, can I wait to intervene? By then, I will wait for a lot of Chaos Divine Demon to gain great benefits in the world of extinction. Will you stop us by then? ?” Ye Yang’s other vest spoke out.

Ye Yang said: “The deity didn’t say that it would destroy the universe, so don’t talk nonsense.”

The vest said: “Hehe, when the time comes, the universe will burst, and I will enter the universe and no longer be suppressed. You no longer have the advantages you have today. If you want to stop us for benefits, it will be more difficult.”

Ye Yang said solemnly: “The deity said, did not plan to destroy the universe.”

His incarnation vest said: “In short, what you want to do, the deity wait and see, when the time comes, whether or not you agree, the deity will start. But now, give you a face, deity and retreat, not to enter the universe for the time being .”

“What?!!!” Chaos Divine Demon was immediately dissatisfied: “He killed so many Chaos Divine Demon, just let him fail? No, I don’t agree!”

Ye Yang’s incarnation vest said: “Here, can you kill him? I am afraid, even if you want to defeat it, it will not be easy. Once He returns to the universe, will you chase into the universe?”

“But, you can’t just let him go,” the guy said.

“Then you will continue to do it. The deity will not shoot again. There is no benefit in winning here. He can retreat at any time. And when he enters the universe, he can block at any time. With him, we are impossible in the universe. Get benefits within. It might as well watch him stepping through the universe and wait until there are real benefits before picking fruits.” Ye Yang’s incarnation vest.

“Now there is a big advantage, then Hong Qi Purple Qi, you don’t want it?” Chaos Divine Demon said.

“I want it, but I can’t take it. Moreover, compared with the luck that the universe collapsed and the various benefits, what is Hongmeng Purple Qi now? And, there is only a wisp. There are many rules that rule in the snatch, In the universe again, we are suppressed in it. The deity does not look at you at all. Whoever wants to go, go, the deity does not care.”

Ye Yang’s incarnation vest said, quickly escaped into chaos, and soon disappeared.

Even if it is the existence of the chaotic god emperor level, tracing that silhouette can not keep staring. Because, further ahead, there will be the power of Ye Yang’s other incarnation and Ye Die.

Butterfly law rules, even if the strength is not strong, but the level of strength is not weak. It’s too easy to cover up various retrospective monitoring.

“Damn, this guy …”

A lot of Fiendgod looked at the silhouette away, not feeling well.

But gradually, more Chaos Divine Demon retreated.

However, before leaving, they are at the edge of the universe, setting eyeballs condensed by each and everyone energy and laws, or other monitoring methods to observe the situation in the universe.

The diameter of the universe is far more than 100 100000000 million light years, but the speed of transmission of many information is beyond the speed of light, such as spatial fluctuations, such as certain quantum resonance information, such as certain gravitational waves caused by the expansion of the universe, and so on.

This allows you to keep an eye on the situation in the universe at any time.

It seems that each and everyone Chaos Divine Demon are waiting for the so-called cosmic upheaval. Of course, it was a drastic change in the collapse of the entire universe, not the “trivial thing” that the gods of the great battles fell.

However, most Fiendgod will not know that the so-called collapse of the universe is just their speculation. They were misled by Ye Yang’s incarnation, and it is not really such a thing.

Ye Yang has a big layout, but the purpose is to achieve Chaos Controller, not to destroy the universe.

“Next, do you still want to continue the battle with the deity?” Ye Yang asked coldly.

Chaos Divine Demon exudes a violent and angry atmosphere.

“Huh… In short, from today, any Chaos Divine Demon will dare to enter the universe, the deity will cut it!”

Ye Yang said, his figure slowly retreated into the universe.

This is not to counsel, but to not cause trouble again.

If you stay here, there is a Chaos Divine Demon that causes stupidity, even if the strength is not enough, it will come over for the sake of face and fight desperately.

This is not great.

Beheading these guys, Ye Yang doesn’t have much benefit.

If you want to stand up, it’s over.

Taking a step back now, these Fiendgods will not feel too embarrassed.

If Ye Yang has been standing here, even if everything is good, it is equivalent to “sneering” and pulling hatred.

“This guy is so arrogant!! Hum, the deity will revenge this day!!”

Some Chaos Divine Demon put down the cruel words and turned around and left.

Ye Yang returned to the universe, stood in the void, gazing at the edge of the universe.

There is no Chaos Divine Demon daring to break in.

But on the other side of the vast universe, chaotic waves suddenly appeared, and several silhouettes broke into the universe from chaos.

Ye Yang right hand pointed, and those silhouettes were shot.

“What is he doing?”

Some gods who are concerned about Ye Yang incarnation are not sure why.

Because, only seeing the situation on this side, and seeing Ye Yang pointing fingers towards the distance, I don’t know what it means.

They cannot see the situation at the other end of the universe.

But some powerful deities were horrified: “He… killed Chaos Divine Demon on the other side of the universe every second.”

“Wh … what ?!”

“With more than 100 million light beams, directly burst Chaos Divine Demon on the other side?”

Many gods are frightened and unbelievable.

In fact, Ye Yang’s current strength, even if it is very powerful, how can it be possible to directly bomb the god-level creature from the other side of the universe?

This is done by a strong rule of law. And it requires that there are not too many other laws in the universe to interfere.

If there are other laws governing interference, or mutating Law Power interference, or the effects of other Law Power flowing naturally, it is not enough to kill the gods on the other side of the universe.

Ye Yang is nothing more than Primal Chaos Qi, which controls the other end of the universe, forms power, travels through the universe, and then turns into an attack, killing those Chaos Divine Demon, that’s all.

They are weak enough, Ye Yang is enough to mobilize the chaos over there.

This condition, the two are indispensable.

If you let Ye Yang kill an ordinary deity in the middle of the universe, even if it is only a few billion light years apart, it can’t be done. Not even if it is separated by more than 1 billion light years. After a few hundred million light years to kill a mortal or below-level creature, it makes sense.

Unless there is Chaos Energy fog in the universe, where the chaotic power is not weak, Ye Yang can instantly incarnation there, pretending to be a common gas, and killing the gods. That’s it. Otherwise, it cannot be done.

“Is this Chaos Divine Emperor from Chaos? Why should we protect our universe and be an enemy of Chaos Divine Demon?” Some gods were surprised.

“Talk nonsense, how does He protect our universe? It’s just overbearing. The entire universe is regarded as his territory, and no other Chaos Divine Demon is allowed to enter.”

“What? Actually?”

“It’s like a tiger entrenching a mountain forest and not letting other beasts enter, not because it is to protect the ordinary animals of this mountain forest, but to treat this area as its hunting ground and its territory, not to other beasts. Close.”

“Damn, how dare to treat our universe as his territory? Can he swallow it?”

“Of course I can’t swallow. There are so many rules in the universe. But neither the rulers nor the other gods are like him. The Fiendgod in chaos is like him. Even if he can’t cross the universe for a while, It is also necessary to first stop the same kind of entry. This is a domineering idea and unreasonable.”

The gods whispering, analyzing Ye Yang’s temperament.

It’s just that Ye Yang motionless didn’t hear it.

Only incarnation still sits there still.

For a moment, stand up, moved towards the direction of the vast world.

Suddenly, a black strange cat with 2 heads and 3 tails with dragon wings on its back came out of the chaos.

Looked around, it was normal.

Then, fly into the universe.

It took less than one light-year to fly out, and in the sky suddenly there was a force condensing.

boom! !

Most of the strange cat was shattered and screamed and fled back out of chaos.

Even if only a few body fragments remain, it can turn into chaos and condense other forms. This is a Chaos Divine Demon, but failed to enter the universe.

“It should be the Chaos God Emperor again? Isn’t it amazing?”

“Indeed, very amazing strength.”

At this time, Ye Yang has flown to the vast world.

Gaze at it.

The vast world is still chaotic.

It can be observed that the vast world that exploded at the beginning is now slowly condensing, and it seems to be reborn from destruction. Known as an indestructible land, it is not so easy to truly destroy. It can be restored if destroyed.

However, it will take a lot of time to fully recover.

Moreover, there is one after another vast power fluctuations, obscure and obscure, confusing the cultivation base of those power fluctuation masters.

Both are disguised powers, but each and everyone are not weak.

Suddenly, a ray of purple light flickered past.

“Hongmeng Purple Qi?” Ye Yang eyes froze, but pondered for a moment, but did not shoot.

This thing is not easy to take.

Moreover, His real purpose is not Purple Qi. Even without this thing, as long as his plan is successful, he can become Chaos Controller. If the plan is unsuccessful, getting Hongmeng Purple Qi is not enough to directly promote the lord, but it will also cause great trouble and will be besieged by many god emperors and lords.

Now, it is too early. There should be no masters.

“However, must participate in the war. As long as this side has a great impact, must will do it.

“If Hongmeng Purple Qi appears and the gods snatch it, the heat will be very high. Innumerable living beings in the universe, countless deities, all talk about Hongmeng Purple Qi. Then there will be little discussion about the previous chaotic wars, no Will mention me this chaotic emperor. Or less mention. This is the hot spot is covered.

“But if, when the gods snatched Hongmeng Purple Qi, I also shot, and it has a very significant impact. Any deity mentioned Hongmeng Purple Qi in the battle, can not bypass me this chaotic emperor. What will happen to this I can’t completely circumvent the chaotic god about the topics related to the battle. Then, the previous chaos battle will definitely be mentioned from time to time.

“No matter what they talk about recently, it will be related to me. My image, the powerful characters of Chaos God Emperor, will become more and more clear and more and more popular…”

Ye Yang is for reputation.

Therefore, it is ready to shoot at any time.

Nearby, a deity, in and out. Anyone who saw him deliberately bypassed and avoided.

Suddenly, a white clothed snow-like male deity flew over, and there was a stream of Law Power in his body, suspected of being a caregiver of some kind of mutation law, a mutant deity.

“This Your Majesty, please.” He bowed his hands as a gift.

“En.” Ye Yang nodded.

“Ben Zun Minghao, dare to ask Your Majesty how to call it?” the god asked.

Minghao, it doesn’t sound like the name of a deity, nor is it true or false.

“The deity is’chaos’.”


“Not bad.”

“In the name of chaos?” The deity was really surprised.

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