Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 865

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“The deity once heard that there is a beast named Chaos.” the god said.

“Since today, they have either changed their names or are annihilated!” Ye Yang said.

The deity gasped.

“Since today, we can only name Chaos. The deity is chaos, and chaos is the deity. Any Chaos Creature dares to use this name, huh. Any creature in the universe dares to use this name, destroy!” Ye Yang said.

“Your Majesty is so overbearing.” the god said.

Ye Yang said: “With the strength of this deity… this level of dominance is nothing but as it should be by rights.”

The god had nothing to say.

Although I feel Ye Yang is arrogant, but at least strong, qualified to be arrogant.

At this time, a nearby god flew by, but many of them were just weak incarnations flying here. It seemed that they wanted to see Ye Yang and then by the way see the remaining power of the war.

And their truly powerful incarnation, or disguised as the body of the incarnation, flew into the vast world from elsewhere.

Of course, there are rules for the appearance of Controller level powerhouse. Carefree flew from here, and I don’t know if I really want to enter the world, or use this incarnation as a bait to attract other gods.

Suddenly, Ye Yang saw that in the realm, within the realm, a thick Purple Qi emerged, and a Purple Qi was like a Divine Dragon flying in chaos, flashing away in an instant.

“Hongmeng Purple Qi?”

Ye Yang is not sure if what he saw is true.

However, it is worth a visit.

As soon as his figure shook, he flew to the ruins of the vast world.

“Be slow!” The white clothed god suddenly stopped Ye Yang.

“How?” Ye Yang’s face was unhappy.

“The deity also intends to visit the vast world, not equal to me and wait for the journey together?” the god invited.

“No need.” Ye Yang flatly refused: “The deity doesn’t like walking with other gods.”

Ghost knows what the other party is thinking?

If you suddenly turn your face, suddenly sneak attack …… Ye Yang does not worry about falling down and so on. But if the situation is recorded and then spread, it will lose face and be detrimental to His layout.

Incarnation is not attacked by sneak, it is not to be destroyed, but to be prepared in the vicinity, you can re-consolidate incarnation at any time, let people think that Ye Yang’s incarnation has not been destroyed, otherwise, incarnation cannot be casually killed before it is ready Fall.

“Chaos Your Majesty doesn’t trust the deity?” the white clothed god said.

“Do you feel credible in your life?”

Ye Yang sneered and ignored it, he flew straight into the vast world with the realm.

The deity looked at it and flew in.

At the same time, a gray monkey in the fringe of the universe, with two wings, stick one’s head around to look for.

Suddenly, a rapid acceleration flew into the universe.

But also at this moment, a vast force suddenly appeared in the vast universe, and the monkey was exploded with a bang.


Screams came out in the sky.

However, only Chaos Energy has the monkey’s voice in the fog, there is nowhere else.

Then, at another place on the edge of the universe, a lot of chaos turned into an overcast cloud and poured into the universe.

But the sound of thunder rumbling on the edge of the universe rumbled, and a large piece of void collapsed, swallowed into the void of Morpheus with these clouds, and poured in from the gap of the collapsed void.

Primal Chaos Qi can enter the universe through other means, but if it wants to infuse just and honorable at the edge of the universe, it will certainly be rejected by the universe.

It is now the expansion of the universe, and the universe is constantly encroaching on the edge of Chaos World. Which round gets Chaos World in turn eroding the space of this universe?

“The guy who claims to be’chaos’ must have hidden incarnation in the void. Or, it is only incarnation that enters the vast world, and the real body is still in this universe. More than… the real identity of the chaos, I am afraid we are A deity in the universe is not necessarily impossible.”

Some gods are speculating.

After all, it was so strange that such a powerful chaotic emperor suddenly appeared.

Of course, it may have been vain in chaos, and suddenly appeared. But this does not explain why the deity was not suppressed so much in the universe.

a God, unable to bear to calculate the “chaos” situation, but unfortunately, nothing was calculated.

At the same time, Ye Yang flew in the realm, the turbulent energy turbulence area.

“It’s a familiar feeling… Is it the origin of the vast world? Unfortunately, I can’t sense it. Where is it.”

This is like an ordinary person staying in a bright space where there is no light source, there is light everywhere, but it is not clear where the light comes from.

Ye Yang only sensed that there are fragments of World Source, but it is not clear where they are hidden. It seems that there is a breath of them everywhere.

It is extremely difficult to find out their whereabouts based on this information.

Ye Yang goes all the way, avoiding the floating islands that are swiftly and turbulent.

Avoid each and everyone energy vortex.

In the sky, you can also see some strange and twisted creatures, and even occasionally see a silhouette that looks extremely similar to Ye Yang’s before.

“It’s a brand… Although this vast world collapsed, but many creatures once existed, there was a brand that was recorded, and now only a phantom is recovered.”

Ye Yang suspected that some of the spiritual fragments left over by her would merge with energy and the law to form another creature similar to Ye Yang.

This situation was met before He had escaped. It is not surprising even if I meet again now.

Of course, these creatures are two different lives that are not related to Ye Yang. They are not incarnation, nor are they any avatars.

If it is encountered, there will not be any softness in extinction.

It’s like someone who has lost hair, collected DNA by others and then reshaped a creature that looks exactly the same, and sent that creature to be the enemy, is it possible that it was beaten in vain?

“Well, it feels weird here…”

Ye Yang saw that a fan door was hidden in the turbulent flow of energy. Even if he got into it, he would be forced to send it away.

Suddenly, near the void, a huge handprint came over.

Ye Yang’s complexion changed suddenly.

“The rule of law?!!!”

It is the Thunder Ruler, and its strength is not weaker than the Light Ruler and Dark Ruler.

Ye Yang did not dare to carry it hard, and quickly flew forward, taking advantage of the terrain to easily avoid the attack.

Going further, you see purple light.

A large area of ​​purple light.

Purple Qi whirls in the void.

If a deity with insufficient strength comes, I am afraid that it will surprise 10000 points, ecstatic, and will think that there are a lot of Hongmeng Purple Qi nearby.

But Ye Yang saw through at a glance, these are just projection that’s all.

It is the light, the power and the will of the true Hongmeng Purple Qi blooming, the projection is here, merged with the energy and laws in the sky, and transformed into a phantom similar to Hongmeng Purple Qi.

If you lack strength, you will be confused.

What I saw before in the outside world is estimated to be the illusion formed by these Purple Qi projections.

Ye Yang looked at it for a while, and then continued to find that there are other gods.

There are some gods, who watched for four weeks in a dizzy eyes, reaching out to catch the strands of “Hongmeng Purple Qi”.

But more trials only ignored those so-called “Hongmeng Purple Qi” and flew all the way forward.

Ye Yang passed through the purple area shaped like an ocean.

Avoid many Space Crack.

Then, there was the invisible resistance. In front of him there is a huge and terrifying power that is incredible.

Ye Yang stood still in the void and looked at him.

“Very powerful position!”

The void in front is actually a very large mysterious mysterious Xuanmiao, even Ye Yang can’t see through it.

With one wave of his hand, one after another Primal Chaos Qi surged forward, but was blocked by an invisible barrier.

Each and everyone can’t see the divine symbol Taoism, emerged above the barrier.

Surrounded by the invisible barrier, there is a huge Purple Qi, which is like a Divine Dragon, standing up and curled up in the formation.

The void inside this formation, from time to time, sensed one after another, a special and powerful power surge. It seems that there is a powerful ruler lurking in the void of that situation.

“Is it possible that, those rules dominate enter the formation?”

Ye Yang guessed that the other side let incarnation communicate with Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao’s incarnation.

“That situation? Not simple…” Yuan Hao saw the message conveyed by Ye Yang.

“How not simple?”

“It’s a patchwork of avenue fragments.”


“If you don’t understand the correct way to lift the position, if you want to force it through, it is tantamount to contending with the half of the universe.”

“Actually so exaggerated?”

“It’s not an exaggeration at all, after all, it’s a battle of debris.”

“If I take out the main road fragments of this situation…”

“Impossible, the Great Dao Formless is phaseless. The so-called fragment left behind after the collapse of the avenue is nothing but a special substance and energy that inherits the rules of some avenues and operates, resonating with the vast universe. This It is nothing and illusory and cannot be captured. Unless the entire formation is destroyed, these fragments are one.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang didn’t quite understand. Asked many details.

Finally asked: “Is that Purple Qi, Hongmeng Purple Qi? Why is it in the battle?”

“The avenue that was once out of place may have a consciousness, or it may have true thoughts, but no matter how, if you don’t want to die, you will have a back road. It should be the back hand of them. In the realm of the vast world. After the collapse of the vast world, it gradually took effect. There should be a large number of road fragments and Law Fragment reorganization.”


“It’s like a lot of broken hard drives. It used to record extremely important information, but the hard drive was broken. Later someone collected the broken hard drive data, put it together in a system, and rearranged it. Because the operating systems used by different hard drives are all Different encryptions are different. After decryption and reorganization, there will be a lot of data failure. However, some data will reorganize a good system or reorganize useful programs.”

“So, will there be new laws or even new avenues here?”

“Yes, it may be the Purple Qi of Hongmeng, which will include the characteristics of some of the previous avenues and laws. Of course, it must be powerful, but what program is so powerful, it is completely unclear and cannot be guessed.”

Ye Yang stared at Na Hongmeng Purple Qi for a long time, and then observed the surrounding situation for a while, faintly sighed.

Can’t grab it.

Can’t take away.

Nearby are silhouettes of other gods wandering from time to time.

But Ye Yang shook his head and ignored it.

Only some incarnation is left here, occupying a floating island, and a lot of chaos is accumulated on it.

In this way, Ye Yang’s will can even cross the barrier of the ruins of this vast world at any time, blessed in this chaos, condensed into an incarnation, ready to fight at any time.

The vast universe is monitored by other incarnations.

“If nothing happens next, then I will chase elsewhere in the name of chaos.”

As he muttered, he saw that the two deities were fighting not far away.

Both sides have defensive amulets from the ancient palace of the early days, the anti-prediction jade pendant, and so on. The strength of the two sides is not far away.

One of them, holding a piece of suspected World Source fragments, the other attacked wildly.

“The original fragments of the vast world… Unfortunately, it is a fake.”

Ye Yang closed his eyes and stopped looking.

Drive around an island full of Chaos Energy fog, whirl around.

I saw that in the depths of the vast world, many places are gathering. Broken space fragments, matter, energy, are converging, and pieces of earth islands are formed. Some collided with each other and destroyed. Some touch each other to form stronger and larger islands.

After a little calculation, you will know that it won’t take long for this vast world to reappear.

“It’s an indestructible place…”

At the same time, the other side.

In the chaos.

Within the range of Absolute Domain controlled by Ye Yang, a beautiful butterfly flutters.

From time to time, you can see the beauty of a butterfly turned into a butterfly body.

Some butterflies turned into gray and simple images, and sometimes they turned into beautiful colorful butterflies. Or suck up chaos, or condense Law Power in chaos to generate chaotic flowers.

Many chaotic plants are planted in the void and grow many small flowers. But they are very weak, but those butterfly creatures like it very much.

“Finally, a more satisfactory butterfly race has been made. Feeding on chaos, it can countless changes in form, can be transformed into chaos overflow, can be split open space shuttle, can attract chaotic forces to fight. Moreover, the breeding ability is not weak. “

The reproduction method of these butterflies uses split reproduction.

Therefore, when you become a butterfly girl, it looks like a female figure, but in fact, all are genderless.

“The last test, measured battle strength and escape ability, if feasible, it will multiply on a large scale.”

Ye Yang glanced out of his chaotic Divine Kingdom Absolute Domain. From time to time, some chaotic creatures in the form of big fishes or birds flew away. It may seem unintentional, but Ye Yang can sense it, looking from time to time here.

“It seems that the suspicion that I am chasing and chasing the Chaos Divine Demon army in the universe? Huh, what about the suspicion? Dare to come in, the advantage I have here is no better than my incarnation in the universe. The advantage is small. Unless Primal Chaos Law dominates, how could it win me?”

Ye Yang reached out and hugged the butterfly source, which was renamed Ye Die, and sat aside, saying, “Let these butterfly clan go out and drive away all the annoying chaotic creatures around. If it works…then this one has The chaotic Butterfly clan with wisdom and power and powerful reproduction ability will gradually be transformed into the main clan favored by your Butterfly clan civilization.”

Ye Die was nodded, and did not see what she did. A large number of members of the Chaos Butterfly clan came together. Grandiose, counted 1 billion troops marching out.

There are also some members of the Butterfly clan that gather strength and converge to form a huge creature composed of rolling Primal Chaos Qi, rushing out of this territory.

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