Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 866

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In an instant, chaos in chaos is incomparable.

Many chaotic creatures who stayed outside the territory controlled by Ye Yang were quickly besieged.

They quickly exploded in power, and a large number of Chaos Butterfly clan were quickly annihilated.

Under normal circumstances, each chaotic creature has a strength above the level of the deity, at least a level of pseudo-god, with battle strength not inferior to that of the normal deity, and must have the characteristics of Undying and Inextinguishable similar to the deity. .

However, there are also special ones. There are many creatures that only have Demi-God or less than Half-God Level.

Because they were not born innately.

Although chaos is very vast and vast, it is much more difficult to contain birth spirits than in the universe.

There is no way to naturally create life in most parts of the universe, and life from other places has migrated. There are even many places that are Desert.

Chaos World is no different. Overwhelming majority places, there is no chaotic life inherent in nature. Within 200000000 million light years, it would be nice to have a chaotic creature born naturally. Each one has a very powerful innate talent.

However, many chaotic creatures, like Ye Yang, will create other weak Primal Chaos Race.

It only needs to be able to survive in the chaos and continue to multiply.

Therefore, a long time ago, a chaotic deity created ordinary chaotic creatures, and they also possessed divinity, and after many years of reproduction, there are all kinds of mutations that have formed the now huge Primal Chaos Race.

The strength of each one is strong or weak.

However, those who can participate in combat and can become cannon fodder are not weak, and most of them have various weaknesses.

Most of the chaotic creatures are like seeds that have been abandoned in the wild. What they grow like is different from the race created by Ye Yang’s detailed planning.

So, in the face of it, a lot of Chaos Butterfly clan has been exterminated here, but in the next moment, most members of Chaos Butterfly clan have consciously shuttling through the void and returned to the range of Primal Chaos Domain on Ye Yang. within. At the “Resurrection Point” here, the chaos is gathered, reborn, and then rushed out.

There are many chaotic creatures, lifespan is infinite, endless.

However, many of Chao Yang’s butterfly tribes on Ye Yang are limited by lifespan, which can promote reproduction. If lifespan is unlimited, it will be more difficult to reproduce. It is not easy to split.

And each resurrection will deduct life essence. The key is to deduct the life essence at the core of consciousness, such as the lifespan of the soul.

The endless life essence will become the endless life essence, and the endless life essence will deduct the life limit.

However, each of the Chaos Butterfly clan that rushed out has many lives. And, they will gather together to form a huge butterfly man, each of which has reached the level of the god general.

Moreover, some of the Butterfly people can also combine Divinity Venerable Level battle strength.

Or, a large number of gods will set up positions, and the power of formation is comparable to Divine King.

Grandiose Butterfly clan army, encirclement and suppression, killing all the chaotic creatures around them, tearing them to pieces, and throwing their bodies into the void.

In the sky, weird seeds condense, quickly engulfing the debris of these chaotic creatures, engulfing the surrounding Chaos Aura, growing quickly, and growing flowers and bones. Their essence is condensed in the flowers, sucked away by chaotic butterfly clan.

Each chaotic butterfly family becomes stronger, its strength increases, and its life span increases. In particular, the flowers transformed by Divine Soul, which devours other chaotic creatures, can supplement their spiritual loss and make up for their origin.

Many chaotic butterfly families, divided into two, suddenly added a large number of butterfly family members.

A butterfly family flew to the distance, one shuttle would travel 100000000 10000 kilometers, and another one would shuttle 100000000 10000 kilometers.

When a new alien is found, a signal will be sent, and a large number of butterflies will be rushing forward to siege.

Among the vast Chaos Void, a huge eye burst into rays of light, and looked coldly towards this side.

“It’s you?”

“You used to stop us from entering the universe? Are you still daring to expand in this universe? There is a lot of noise. Are you afraid that we know where you are before attacking together?”

Some sounds flowed through the void.

The voice is not a specific language, but a peculiar howl, but it contains powerful spiritual information that can make people understand what is said.

“If you are not convinced, you can come to fight!”

Ye Yang exudes a vast imposing manner.

Those cold eyes glanced at Ye Yang’s Absolute Domain, a large area that they couldn’t see through, but they could sense that the imposing manner exuded by Ye Yang was more than the imposing manner exuded by incarnation in the universe. Strong.

Moreover, if Outsider invades there, it will definitely be suppressed.

“Hmph, do we dare to invade your territory?”

“You can stay in the territory without moving, but what about this strange monster species under your shelter? A race with wings similar to humans, as long as you dare to come out, I am not afraid that I will destroy them all? Trace the cause and effect again, Hit the source directly and launch a long-range attack on you.”

Another threatening and intimidating voice came.

Ye Yang laughed and ignored it.

At this time, I saw that a large number of Chaos Butterfly tribes surround the periphery of the site occupied by Ye Yang, extracting chaos, condensing into a huge pile, and laying down a pillar of chaos there.

In addition, some peculiar seeds are planted and many flowers grow, many of which are like butterflies.

Moreover, some Primal Chaos Vine vines and roots and the like are intertwined to form an altar.

Ye Yang’s will came to him, and around the altar, there was a large area of ​​chaos included in Ye Yang’s will control.

The Absolute Domain controlled by Ye Yang has expanded.

Many chaotic creatures are very displeased to see.

“Actually expanded?”

“Wild ambition.”

“No hurry, these chaotic creatures, the expansion rate is very slow. The next altar can only expand the territory of a few kilometers to several thousand kilometers. If you want to double that guy’s territory, it would cost over 100. years. This is also the result of their increasing speed of reproduction and continuous expansion.”

“Although the speed is very slow, it is expanding, which makes people uncomfortable.”

A pair of angry eyes glanced at Ye Yang, but it quickly recovered.

As they said, just looking upset.

Ye Yang is not a huge expansion here, the expansion rate is very slow. Primarily, the Primal Chaos Domain that Ye Yang can control now is almost at its limit. How easy is it to increase the envelope above the limit and expand the scope of control?

Although the Chaos Butterfly Race flies fast, the speed of building the altar is not fast.

Even if it takes a few moments to make an altar and control a huge number of 1000 kilometers, it is not a big deal for chaos.

A normal livable star has a diameter ranging from 1000 kilometers to several 10000 kilometers. A few altars can be occupied, controlling the life and death of 1 billion and 100 100000000 million people.

But in this vast chaos, the distance is calculated in light years, and the speed of expansion, no matter how fast, appears extremely slow to the entire chaos.

“The main purpose of the deity is not to allow the deity to expand its territory, but to give them a goal for the whole family to work hard for.

“They want to continue to expand their territory and increase the number of members of the race, the speed of reproduction will increase, and the aggressiveness of the entire race will also become stronger.”

Ye Yang turned to look at Ye Die, saying so.

“The ideology of the entire race of the Chaos Butterfly Clan has changed. The Butterfly Dao civilization produces transformation, which in turn will affect you, and you will also have a strong aggressiveness. The strength will be improved, and it will not be as salty as before. “

Ye Die’s dignified rule, which is so weak, is extremely rare. It is a shame to dominate.

“In addition, the Chaos Butterfly Clan is suitable for combat, but they cannot be allowed to fight too much, otherwise it will affect you in turn and make you combative.

“Expansion outside, the butterfly family in this territory, it is still good to study art and culture.”

Ye Yang pointed to the surroundings, each and everyone huge chaotic gardens, huge garden cities, forest Lin City, chaotic lakeside city, chaotic stars, etc., were slowly built, living above the chaotic butterfly family .

This is used to neutralize the aggressive will outside. Some members have a strong enterprising spirit, and some members research and develop other things.

Something like art is a bit useful, but it does not play much role in improving the overall strength of civilization.

Therefore, art is only the surface, mainly research. Involving various laws in the universe, here are also chaotic butterfly family help to study.

“This race should be pretty good. And it can evolve slowly. Next…”

Ye Yang’s cold light in his eyes is slightly flawed.

In the universe, there is also a Star Domain, many galaxies, where there are a lot of wisdom butterfly family life.

When the Chaos Stars and Chaos Garden are built here, allowing the intelligent butterfly clan in the universe to survive, they have to be migrated out.

In order to prevent those butterfly families from becoming conscious, the Butterfly Dao civilization will be distorted and affect Ye Die. 10000 Once she becomes fond of betrayal or bad thoughts, it is not good. It is better to keep the temperament pure.

Therefore, all the Butterfly clan must migrate and must not develop in the universe.

However, the Chaotic Butterfly Clan who stays here may also be annihilated, although the probability is relatively small.

“Another part of the butterfly family members were moved to the ancient palace in the early days, and part to the hollow beads. Even… there are a few beautiful and powerful butterflies who have moved to my Divine Kingdom.

“Ye Die is the ruler of the law and cannot enter my Divine Kingdom. However, it is possible that some members of the Chaos Butterfly Clan and other members of the Butterfly Clan have become creatures in my Divine Kingdom.”

Thinking of this, Ye Yang suddenly turned to look at Ye Die, and asked, “Next, what are your plans?”

“Uh? What’s the plan?” Ye Die looked dazed.

Ye Yang said: “Don’t you have any vision and goals for the future?”

Ye Die was dumb for a while, and then said: “I just wanted to live a good life and live happily, now… it seems to be realized.”

Ye Yang is speechless.

If you think about it carefully, although Ye Die is the ruler, before it was only a very powerful Divine King who could kill her. Now Ye Yang surrenders, equivalent to being sheltered by Ye Yang.

The Butterfly family under her command will also be well protected, she has no security crisis. As long as Ye Yang does not die, she will basically not die.

Even in the face of the greatest dangers and difficulties, at most it was Ye Yang who was weakened at first. As long as Ye Yang Divine Kingdom and the ancient palace and the empty beads and the territory are not destroyed, she will not be destroyed.

Moreover, she is very obsessed with the Butterfly clan, and she does not have to worry about destroying the clan and so on.

A part of the Butterfly family died, she would not care too much. What I care about is the continuation and development of the whole civilization. It will be sad for the civilization to encounter setbacks and sufferings, but it will not be too sad for the trifling of a small number of Butterfly members. As long as life and death form a cycle and the entire civilization is ecologically balanced, she can ignore the birth, aging, sickness and death of some members.

Moreover, the Butterfly tribe has always been relatively salted fish, so Ye Die thinks more about the survival of this race, and as for development, it is not considered important.

“In other words, have your wishes and ideas been fulfilled?”

“Um… um, right?”

“Don’t plan to be one of the cosmic avenues? Or become stronger, truly Undying and Inextinguishable.”

“Um… never thought about it.”


Ye Yang faintly sighed, you should not expect too much from her.

However, it’s nothing. She helped Ye Yang before. Even if she is salted again, the ruler is the ruler. As long as Ye Yang has not reached that level, she will help Ye Yang. Even if she does nothing, she can help Ye Yang.

When Ye Yang was promoted to the rule of law, she didn’t have any real help. Hou was a good vase to raise. There are several singing and dancing troupes in the mortal rich.


At the same time, the vast world side.

Ye Yang incarnation suddenly opened eyes.

He found that the surrounding conditions were not right.

In front of the void, there are faintly invisible forces gathering.

Gradually revealed one after another translucent silhouette, humanoid, raptor form, raptor form, half human half beast, half human half beast, half bird half beast, and so on.

The breath of each silhouette is quite amazing.

“The rule of law?” Ye Yang frowned wildly.

All are strange.

“It’s not the rule of the rule, it should be… the remains of the road!” came a voice.

Ye Yang turned his head and saw a black silhouette.

Wherever he passed, the surrounding void became dark, and the rays of light could not penetrate the power around him.

If it weren’t for Ye Yang’s strength, you wouldn’t see the silhouette, you would only see a large, very dark space.

“Road aftermath?” Ye Yang asked.

“Oh… Dadao used to be conscious and wanted to turn into real beings. But alas… how can it be allowed?”

“Who doesn’t allow it?” Ye Yang asked.

The dark silhouette didn’t answer, only said: “The avenue is disqualified, and the remaining will will still be favored and blessed by some forces in the vast universe. It will still cause some weirdness in the universe. But why is it because of the Hongmeng Purple here Does Qi manifest the projection? Is there really a new Grand Dao Source to be formed here? Will a new Grand Dao Source be condensed from here to replace the old source of the universe?”

Ye Yang sideways.

He suddenly had an intuition that this dark silhouette was not explaining anything or talking to Him, but…as if talking to himself.

“Dark Ruler, do you think that a new source will really form?” A silhouette traveled from a distance.

Translucent fluttering silhouette.

But it is a white skirt woman, it should be very beautiful, the face is hazy and not clear. Moreover, the body is like a ghost, without touching any matter and energy in the sky, without any fluctuations, without affecting the space, without interfering with any laws, or even without any Spiritual Fluctuation.

There is a god nearby to release the divine sense sensor, or the finger to release the space wave dimensional wave and other means of detection, and the woman cannot be detected at all. each and everyone is so horrified that they dare not approach.

“It’s like it’s just an illusion. It’s like it’s just that I have hallucinations and visions. It seems that she doesn’t really exist. This is who are you again?” Ye Yang inwardly shiver.

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